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7 Shocking Reasons Behind Your German Shepherd’s Watery Eyes

7 Shocking Reasons Behind Your German Shepherd’s Watery Eyes

Did you know that the German Shepherd breed is prone to watery eyes? 

As much as we adore their expressive gazes, those shimmering droplets can sometimes leave us wondering why.

In this exciting adventure, we’re about to uncover the 7 reasons why your German Shepherd’s eyes are watery.

From serious causes that require a closer look, like allergies and infections, to the silly and heartwarming tales that tug at your heartstrings, we’ll leave no watery eye unexplained! 

#1 Doggie Allergies

german shepherd dog lying on the floor

Allergies in German Shepherds can be a common occurrence and a source of concern for us pet owners. While not all GSDs experience allergies, they are more common than one might think.

You see, when your dog encounters an allergen that doesn’t sit well with his immune system, it triggers a reaction. Just like humans, pups can get watery eyes as a result of allergies.

One obvious sign of allergies is dry and flaky skin, which can cause serious discomfort and affect the GSD’s overall well-being. Not to mention the itchiness he will feel! 

Aside from skin problems, doggie allergies can turn your pup into a furry little waterfall!

While watery eyes may seem like a scene from a doggie drama, addressing allergies in a proactive way will help your pup stay comfortable and ready to conquer the world with his dazzling puppy eyes! 

#2 Blocked tear ducts

cute german shepherd dog with watery eyes

Blocked tear ducts can sometimes be the culprit behind your German Shepherd’s watery eyes. 

You see, sometimes the shape and size of their head and muzzle can play a role, creating a roadblock for those tears.

Most of the signs are mostly cosmetic in nature, with some overly watery eyes or reddish tear stains on the face. In rare and severe cases, bacteria reproduce in the moist hair around the eyes and cause trouble. 

But, our resilient German Shepherds are known to be less prone to these blockages compared to other breeds, such as brachycephalic dogs.

In case you notice excessive tearing and believe that it is due to lacrimal duct obstruction, it’s always wise to seek guidance from a trusted veterinarian! 

#3 Sad Movie Night

sad german shepherd dog lying on the bed

Grab those tissues because it seems that your clingy German Shepherd is crying his eyes out over a heart-wrenching movie!

As the movie begins, the waterworks kick in. You can practically hear the tiny violins playing in the background. 

And there’s your pup, giving you the most empathetic gaze, as if to say, “I feel your pain, hooman!” 

As the heart-wrenching scenes unfold, your GSD’s soft whines join the chorus of sniffles and sobbing. Oh what a night! 

#4 Foreign Body In The Eye

dog's eyes looking watery

Our German Shepherds love the outdoors, but there are times when being outdoors drags along some problems. 

Sometimes a tiny, irritating foreign body finds its way into your beloved GSD’s eye.

Now, a foreign body doesn’t have to be a menacing object. It can be something as innocent as a grass blade, a pesky seed, or even a small dirt particle.

If your observant eyes catch your German Shepherd squinting, it may be a sign of his eye being affected by a foreign body. He might be trying to minimize the pain and protect the affected area from further irritation by squinting or even rubbing his face. 

Excessive tearing can also occur as the eye’s natural defense mechanism attempts to flush out the foreign body, leading to watery eyes and a noticeable increase in tear production.

A worrisome sign to watch for is a mucoid or pus-like ocular discharge. It can indicate inflammation or a bacterial infection. Therefore, it is best to call your trusty vet and ask them all about it! 

#5 Bacterial Or Viral Infections

german shephed eye

Oh no, it seems like your puppy’s eyes have turned into leaky faucets, with tears flowing more than usual. And wait, is that a yellow, green, or white discharge

Looks like they might be dealing with an eye infection! 

When your German Shepherd’s eyes are battling an infection, they might exhibit a few obvious signs such as: 

Bacterial or viral eye infections a.k.a “Conjunctivitis”, are often known as pink eye. They can affect both eyes, but sometimes only one eye bears the brunt of the infection.

Conjunctivitis can come with some additional company. Your GSD pup might experience nasal discharge, sneezing, or even an occasional cough. 

It can be triggered by viral infections like canine distemper virus or canine herpesvirus. Bacterial infections can also be culprits, with sneaky Staphylococci bacteria taking center stage. 

If you suspect your furry friend is dealing with an eye infection, it’s essential to seek veterinary care! 

#6 Eyelid Abnormalities

brown german shepherd dog with watery eyes

Our beloved German Shepherds sometimes experience unique eye conditions that make them stand out from the pack. These abnormalities can arise from hereditary eye diseases that affect them in various ways.

One peculiar quirk that can be associated with eyelid abnormalities is the occasional phenomenon of German Shepherds sleeping with their eyes partially open.

This behavior can be attributed to certain eyelid conditions that affect the closing mechanism, resulting in a partial or incomplete closure during sleep.

Remember, regular eye exams and proper management can help maintain the overall health and well-being of our furry GSDs! 

#7 Tear-Jerking Dog Stories

dog's eye looking watery

German Shepherds are known for being affectionate, and they know just how to tug at your heartstrings.

Try telling him a heartwarming dog story! You will notice your GSD’s gaze intensify. It’s as if he understands every word, feeling the emotions within the narrative. 

His eyes lock onto yours, as if to say, “Tell me more, human! I’m all ears and paws.”

You read about a brave and noble German Shepherd who finds himself stranded on a tiny rock in the middle of a river with treacherous currents. 

As you share this incredible story, your GSD’s eyes well up with tears! 

Oh, this pup is so moved by the heroism of his fellow furry comrade that his own emotions spill over.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of reasons for your German Shepherd’s watery eyes: from allergies to blocked tear ducts, from touching doggie tales to the quirks of eyelid abnormalities.

While we may try to find answers or remedies on our own, a professional veterinarian is the best ally in ensuring the well-being of our GSDs.

Remember, each problem can be solved, and with the help of a professional, your pup’s watery eyes will be back to normal in no time!