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Presa Canario Feeding Chart: The Best Diet For This Big Dog

Presa Canario Feeding Chart: The Best Diet For This Big Dog

The Presa Canario, or the Perro de Presa Canario, is a large, strong dog that was originally bred as a livestock guard. It originated from the Canary Islands in Spain, and was created by crossing several breeds, among which was the English Mastiff.

Many people call this dog the Canary Mastiff.

In addition to being a guard dog, this dog was also used in dog fights in the past. Hardly anyone would remain immune to the appearance of this robust, muscular dog. These dogs are 24 to 26 inches tall, and weigh 90 to 110 pounds.

This is not a dog we would recommend to people who intend to become dog owners for the first time. A dog of this size needs an experienced and determined owner.

However, if it is in the right hands, with proper socialization, the Presa Canario can be an extremely sweet and friendly dog.

So, we are talking about a big and fearless dog. Can you imagine what the nutritional needs of a dog like this look like? You don’t have to bother since we’ve already done it for you!

Nutrition is one of the most important parts of caring for any dog, especially for large dogs like the Presa Canario. Below, we present you with the Presa Canario feeding chart explained in detail.

Let’s find out how much this dog should eat, what kind of food is the best choice for him, and which food is not recommended for this dog breed.

Presa Canario Feeding Chart

So, we know that the Presa Canario is one large breed of dog. Many people compare this dog to a Cane Corso. The truth is that these two dogs really look similar, and you might confuse one for the other.

Dogs that are big like these two have special nutritional needs, and they should eat food that is designed for dogs of their size.

So, let’s look at the Presa Canario feeding chart.

Dog’s Age Amount Of Food Per Day Number Of Meals Per Day
2 months 0.5 cups 3
3 months 0.75 cups 3
6 months 1 cup 3
9 months 2 cups 2
12 months 2.5 cups 2

As it can be seen in the Presa Canario feeding chart, the Presa Canario puppy will eat smaller amounts of food, but will need more meals per day. An adult Presa Canario will need more food, but it will be distributed in one less meal per day.

Presa Canario Puppy Development Chart

To get better insight into how the Presa Canario dog develops, let’s also look at the chart of its developmental stages. In accordance with developmental changes, the nutritional needs of this dog also change.

Dog’s AgeMost Important Features Of Development
2 monthsThe puppy is ready to be housetrained, starts eating solid food
3 monthsThe puppy receives vaccination shots and gets de-wormed
6 months It is time for basic obedience training!
9 months Presa Canario should start eating adult food
18 months Presa Canario is considered an adult dog

If you just brought home your Presa Canario puppy from a kennel, he is most likely around eight or nine weeks old. Up to this time, he has probably been fed exclusively with mother’s milk.

Its further growth and development begins the day you welcome this dog into your home.

The descriptions given in the previous chart are general descriptions, and they can be used as a guide in your care for the proper development of your Presa Canario.

In order to make sure that you are doing everything right, the first and foremost thing is to take care of your dog’s quality nutrition.

What Are The Average Weights For A Presa Canario?

presa canario dog in the park

A two-month-old Presa Canario should weigh around 12 pounds. In this period, the Presa Canario should eat puppy formula.

When they are around three months old, this dog should weigh around 30 pounds. A six-month-old Presa Canario puppy will weigh around 60 pounds, while at the time he is nine months old, he should weigh around 80 pounds.

A one-year-old Presa Canario usually weighs around 100 pounds.

These are some general standards for this dog breed. In accordance with their weight, it is necessary to adjust the diet of this dog.

A slight deviation from these values does not mean that your dog is not progressing exactly as it should. Also, females are usually slightly lighter than males.

At What Age Does A Presa Canario Reach Full Size?

The Presa Canario is considered to be a fully-grown dog at the age of around 18 months.

When these puppies are around two months old, this is the best time to include solid food into their nutrition. At the age of nine months, Presa Canario dogs can be transferred from puppy food to adult dog food.

These dogs are of a larger size, but this does not mean that some steps in their nutrition should be skipped. Nutrition needs change as the dog grows up, and an adult dog has different food requirements than a young puppy.

What Food Should I Feed My Presa Canario?

dry dog food in a metal bowl

Presa Canario dogs should be fed with dog food of top-quality that is especially designed for large dog breeds.

Well, it’s mealtime! What is the desirable food that meets the Presa Canario’s needs?

Dry Dog Food

The basic food for these dogs is dry dog food and canned food. This food should be rich in protein, and should not contain too much corn or grain.

However, it is a good idea to add some fresh food or raw food to this pooch’s diet. The best dog food for all dogs, including the Presa Canario, is varied food!

So, the nutrition should be balanced, and it should not consist exclusively of one type of food. With some dogs, you will probably have to change the brand of food several times in order to find the one that suits your dog best.

Food Rich In Proteins

Dog food for Presa Canario dogs should be rich in proteins in order to give them enough strength for everyday activities. So, desirable ingredients are vegetables, fish, and lean meat.

When buying food for your Presa, always pay attention to the ingredients listed on the product.

Also, respect the instructions that you are advised for daily consumption, and give as much food as is necessary for your dog’s current weight.

Additionally, do not leave food available to your Presa Canario throughout the day. The sooner this dog gets used to a certain feeding schedule, the better.

Can Presa Canario Eat Raw Meat?

Yes, these dogs can eat raw meat. The benefits of feeding your dog with food like this include a smaller risk of an upset stomach and a smaller probability of kidney and liver disease.

Is raw meat better than other dog food? Well, the dog food we can find in pet stores or on sites such as Amazon contain processed meats.

Many people believe that this kind of meat is not good for dogs, so they find raw meat to be a better option for their pets.

There are enough nutrients in raw meat – the nutrients that your dog needs to stay healthy. Also, this kind of dog food will be easy for your Presa Canario to digest.

One thing that certain people warn about is bacteria that can be found in raw meat, such as salmonella or Escherichia coli. So, if you choose to feed your Presa Canario raw meat, the first thing you should take care of is hygiene.

It is necessary to keep the surface where your dog eats and the dishes you use to prepare his food clean at all times. Of course, the person who you buy the raw meat from should be a person you trust, and who only sells top-quality dog food.

Raw food might be more expensive than kibble. So, we can say that there are some good and some bad sides to this kind of dog nutrition. It is up to you to pick the one that will fit your Presa the best!

For more information on this topic, read our article on how much raw food to feed a puppy.


slices of ripe sweet papaya in white bowl

We all know how fruits are beneficial for our health. But, what about our furry friends? Are veggies and fruits supposed to be a part of your dog’s diet?

Well, yes! This kind of food is a great option to give your dog as a snack. Instead of buying some commercial snacks, any fruit would be a better option.

Of course, your Presa Canario will probably not like all kinds of fruits, but you should try finding the one that fits him best.

What fruits are a good option for your dog?

A papaya might be a great option as a healthy treat for your dog to enjoy. This fruit contains calcium, which is good for your dog’s bones and teeth.

Also, it contains magnesium, which is a good aid in attempting to keep your high-energy-level dog active.

Furthermore, eating this fruit will provide your dog with more Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which are awesome for improving the dog’s immune system. When giving papaya to a dog, it is necessary to cut this fruit into small pieces and remove the seeds.

With fruits and any other food of this kind, it is necessary to pay attention to the way your dog is reacting to this healthy treat. If your dog develops digestive problems, it is best to stop giving him that specific fruit.

Also, you should never exaggerate with these healthy treats – fruits should just be used occasionally, and should definitely not be used as a supplement for the dog’s food.


Just like fruits, certain vegetables are also a great addition to your dog’s nutrition. Of course, while some dogs might find a certain veggie delicious, some others might hate it from the start.

So, the key is finding the one that your Perro de Presa Canario will approve of.

One vegetable that is very beneficial for a dog’s health is artichokes. This vegetable does not contain many calories, and therefore, it makes a great choice for your dog to have as a healthy snack.

Furthermore, artichokes are rich in dietary fiber and antioxidants, which is a great help in your attempt to give your dog food of top quality that will make him a strong and healthy dog.

These vegetables are completely safe for dogs, but you should still keep a record of your dog’s reaction since any new food could cause digestive disorders in dogs. So, you should start with a small portion and see how your dog reacts.

Another vegetable that is safe for dogs to eat is brussels sprouts.

This food is good for keeping your dog’s blood sugar level in control, it is good for their bones because it contains a lot of calcium, and it helps improve the dog’s immune system.

Although vegetables such as artichokes and brussels sprouts are beneficial for dogs, you should not feed your dog with these foods too often. After all, dog food is the only food that contains all the ingredients that are crucial for your dog’s health.

Should I Feed My Presa Canario Human Food?

Human food should never be used as a substitute for dog food. Dogs have different nutritional needs, and their diet should be balanced. However, there are certain foods that we use in our diet, which can be useful for dogs as well.

Of course, this kind of food should not be given to dogs too often. Likewise, there are some foods from the human diet that dogs should never eat.

One human food that is safe, and also beneficial for your Presa Canario is tuna. Eating tuna is beneficial for your dog in a sense that this food only contains small amounts of harmful fats, and it is rich in lean protein.

Also, tuna contains many minerals and vitamins that will help you keep your dog one big, healthy dog. Furthermore, eating tuna from time to time will be good for your dog’s bones and muscles.

So, what about the amount of tuna that a Presa Canario dog should eat? Well, the amount of tuna will depend on the dog’s weight. Some smaller dogs should not eat tuna more than once a month.

However, dogs that are as big as the Presa Canario are okay with eating tuna once a week.

On the other hand, some of the ingredients that should not be a part of your Presa Canario’s diet are alcohol, chocolate, and coffee.

Also, you should avoid garlic and onions. Furthermore, this dog’s food should not be too salted, and your Perro de Presa Canario should not eat spicy foods.

Is A Food Diet Related To A Presa Canario’s Health?

healthy diet for a dog on a table

A balanced and regular diet is important for the Presa Canario to be a healthy and happy dog.

If this dog does not have a feeding schedule, and if you do not pay too much attention to the type of food you feed it, this could have a very negative effect on the dog’s health.

Let’s see what health problems are associated with bad eating habits in dogs.


Many dog breeds are prone to becoming overweight. The Presa Canario is a large and heavy dog in itself (check the Presa Canario growth chart to find out more info!), but this does not mean that you should exaggerate the amount of food for this dog.

If you notice that the dog has become quite fat, it would be good to pay attention to how much your dog eats, and how often he actually has meals. Make sure that food is not available to him throughout the day.

Also, if you notice that your dog refuses food, but wants to eat treats, do not indulge him by giving him additional treats, but try to change the brand of dog food. You may find that your dog just doesn’t like a certain type of food.

Obesity can significantly impair the quality of life, lifespan, and overall health of the dog.

The sooner you react, the more time there will be to correct the dog’s eating habits. In addition, it would be good to increase daily exercise and provide your dog with some extra playtime.

Digestive Problems

You noticed your dog has diarrhea, but he is acting fine. Most likely, the food you are giving your dog is not adequate for him.

Also, yellow dog poop or any other change in your dog’s poop color or consistency might indicate that your dog has eaten something not good for his stomach.

Also, vomiting could be a sign that there is a need for a change in your dog’s nutrition.

If you are not sure as to how to choose the best dog food for your Presa puppy, the best solution is to ask a vet for advice.

Summing It Up

We hope that this Presa Canario feeding chart has cleared your doubts about the type of food and the daily amount of food that this large dog requires.

The choice of food for this dog will again depend on each individual dog and its owner. In any case, it is always a good idea to consult a veterinarian, and to check if the current diet of your dog is the best option for him.

What every Presa Canario owner should keep in mind is that the food he chooses for his dog should be of high quality.

Also, the amount of food and the feeding schedule should be adapted to the age and body weight of the dog.

Special attention should be paid to not overfeeding, so that the dog does not develop an obesity problem. Some human foods can be safe and even desirable to dogs, but the key is balance.

Also, dog treats should only be given occasionally, and should not be a supplement for dog food.

In any case, a balanced and varied diet is a prerequisite for the health of the Presa Canario, for its long lifespan, and for its overall quality of life.

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