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10 Most Reputable Parson Russell Terrier Breeders In The USA

10 Most Reputable Parson Russell Terrier Breeders In The USA

Parson Russel Terrier (PRT) is one interesting breed. They were bred in the 1800s by a Reverend John Russell. This man loved his hunting dogs and created the best of them all according to his needs. These small pooches used to lure foxes out of the ground and then hunt them.

In 1990 this dog was brought to the United Kingdom and was known as the Parson Jack Russell Terrier. 1997 was the year when this dog was introduced to America, but they were known as the Jack Russell Terrier.

In 1999 they were known as the Parson Russell Terrier and by 2008 many international kennel clubs recognized this breed by the name Parson Russell Terrier.

This may be the reason why many people to this day confuse the two dog breeds. It certainly does not help that they look quite similar and have many similar characteristics.

If you are in search of this specific dog breed, we have prepared a list of the best and most reputable Parson Russell Terrier breeders for you. You never know, one of these breeders may hold your future furry friend.

Parson Russell Terrier Puppies For Sale

Parson Russell Terrier standing on grass outside

When you get to the point in your life where you really want a four-legged friend to bring home to your family, there are a lot of big decisions that need to be made. The first one of course is doing a lot of research to figure out what dog breed is the best fit for you and your family.

We are guessing that you have already figured that part out or have at least made a small list of breeds that you like. Now the next part of getting your new puppy home begins, and it can be as overwhelming as looking for a breed.

This step is finding a reputable breeder. But before we start with the list of Parson Russell Terrier breeders we want to go through a couple of things.

What You Need To Know Before Getting A Parson Russell Terrier

We are sure that you have done your research when it comes to this breed, but we always like to point out a couple of facts about a breed before listing the breeders. These things are just points so you can be completely sure that this breed is for you.

Some of these things you may already know but there might also be some things you don’t. Here are a couple of things you need to know about this breed before you bring them home.

– They are energetic dogs. These doggies love to be on the go, as almost every dog in the Terrier group does. They have a lot of energy that they need to burn off during the day. Since they were bred to be working dogs, that DNA still roams through their blood. If you don’t plan on using them as working dogs but just as pets, you need to make sure they get enough exercise during the day.

They excel in sports. Since they have a lot of energy and are dogs that are focused while they are working, a lot of dog sports almost seem like they’re made for them. Agility and flyball are things they enjoy the most and are the best at.

– Focused workers. When these working Terriers are on the field doing their work, there isn’t a single thing that can get them out of focus. Their main goal is to do the job right so their dog owner will be pleased.

– Playful and loving pets. They might be fierce workers but when they are home after a productive day there is nothing they love more than cuddling and playing with their owners. You could say that these dogs have two personalities that are balanced in a perfect way.

They can get along with horses. This might be a strange thing to single out but these doggies are known to develop a friendship with a horse. This might be an unusual pairing but over the years they were owned by people that lived on farms and that owned horses. Meaning that this kind of friendship comes naturally to them. They of course get along with other dogs as well.

– Not the best dog for kids. They can get along with kids if they are introduced to them as puppies, but the problem is their energy. They can get too excited around small kids, and the dog may accidentally injure the kids while playing. You need to supervise every playdate between this dog and young children.

– Shyness is not in this breed’s description. It may be hard to differentiate shyness from submissiveness. These dogs cannot be shy, and it is even considered a fault by the American Kennel Club (AKC). However, they should be submissive to their owners so that way they do their job as well as possible.

Adopt VS Buying A Puppy

Once you are set on the breed that you want then comes the part of finding the place where you will get your future furry best friend. The first dilemma that can pop into your mind is whether to buy or adopt a dog.

Adopting may be the moral option but there are a lot of factors to consider. The first thing is whether or not you are willing to get a grown dog. The second thing is that some breeds are easy to find in shelters, but others can be much harder.

If you don’t mind getting a dog that has already had some life experience, then adopting is a good way to go. But here is the catch. This breed is not wildly popular and there are not a lot of them in shelters. People that get them are usually people that have in mind what they want to do with these dogs, whether it is hunting or some sort of competition.

Because of this, it’s super rare to find them in shelters. One will pop up from time to time. But don’t get discouraged. If you are patient enough to keep looking around in your local shelters, one Parson Russell Terrier may just come along and be waiting for its forever home.

If you are someone who wants to get a new dog that is a puppy and do everything with this dog from scratch, that is perfectly fine. A lot more people tend to decide on getting a new puppy.

Now that we have decided on the breed and the option of buying a dog, we can start with the list of the best Parson Russell Terrier breeders we have hand-picked just for you.

The List Of 10 Parson Russell Terrier Breeders In The USA

Here is a list of the best breeders we found. We have made sure to only pick the ones that love what they are doing, love their dogs, and do everything according to rules and morals.

1. Fox Valley Parson Russell Terriers

Parson Russell Terrier posing for camera while standing outside

The Fox Valley Parson Russell Terrier is owned by a woman called Julie Felten. She has always been in love with dogs and eventually decided to breed her own. She actually started by breeding Labrador Retrievers.

She will always have a love for this breed, but she figured out that she needed a smaller dog that is full of personality. This led her to the Parson Russell Terrier, and she decided to start breeding them, and she has done so successfully for many years.

They produce top quality dogs. The main thing that they are focused on is their personality, show quality, and ability to excel in any type of work and sport. They are proud to be able to say that since they started until now, they have bred or owned almost 90 AKC Champions.

Since these dogs are equally good as working dogs as they are family pets, Julie Felten is proud of both her champion dogs and her dogs that are leading a nice and calm family life.

Whatever the reason you are getting a puppy from them, they need to make sure that you are a perfect match for their puppies. Getting their dogs into loving homes that will take good care of the dog is the priority.

You can contact them by sending them an email and then they tend to send you their phone number, so you can ask all the questions that you may have. They are open to conversation and love people that are interested and ask anything that pops into their minds.

This way they can be sure that you may be a serious potential customer.

Fox Valley Parson Russell Terriers Details

Website: Fox Valley Parson Russell Terriers

Location: 27984 N. Forest Garden Rd. Wauconda, IL. 60084

Email: [email protected]

2. Posey Canyon Parson Russell Terriers

Parson Russell Terrier walking outside

Posey Canyon Parson Russell Terriers is a small hobby kennel that is owned by a woman called Jennifer Johnston. She started this kennel in 1994 and is still going strong. She has a lot of love for this breed, and this is one of the reasons she wanted to start breeding them.

She has become an expert on this breed and has dedicated her life to producing dogs that are champions and have amazing and loving personalities.

She is a member of the Parson Russell Terrier Association of America (PRTAA) and was a member of the PRTAA board of Directors. She was awarded as the Versatile Breeder of the Year in 2007, 2009, and 2010.

Many of her puppies have become champions in various fields and all of her breeding dogs are champions. This proves that she has spent a lot of time researching and getting only the best bloodlines out there, so she can produce some of the best puppies.

Her goal is to produce puppies that are as close to the breed standard as possible.

All of her puppies and dogs have gone through every necessary health test. If you have any questions and are serious about getting one of her puppies, she is more than happy to get an email or a call from you.

Posey Canyon Parson Russell Terriers Details

Website: Posey Canyon Parson Russel Terriers

Location: 11007 North Road, Leavenworth, WA. 98826

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (509) 548 6382

3. Wendover Terriers

cute Parson Russell Terrier

Wendover Terriers was founded in 2001 and they are still going strong. During the many years they have been working, they have shown exceptional quality and love for their dogs and puppies. They adhere to breed standards and conduct BAER, CERF, and DNA tests for LOA, DM, SCA, and PLL.

Their Parson Russell Terrier puppies are bred in the best conditions. All of their dogs and puppies are living with them in their family home which is located on a horse ranch. All of the puppies are surrounded by kids, livestock, and other dogs.

This is amazing when it comes to the socialization of the puppies. They will be used to different people, animals, and sounds when they come to you. This will make raising your puppy much easier, but they recommend that you continue their socialization training until they turn 1 year old.

Before they breed their adult Terriers, they send them for many tests to prove that they have the best bloodline that will produce the best puppies for you.

They want to make sure that their puppies will be treated as family members, even if you decide on showing and breeding your pooch. If there is ever a situation where a buyer cannot take care of the dog anymore, they are willing to help you rehome the dog.

They would rather you contact them and tell them the situation so they can help than you take the doggy to a shelter.

Their website is full of information that will be very useful and interesting to you, so we advise that you take a look. You will also be able to see all of their puppies, male dogs, bitches, and any possible future litters.

Wendover Terriers Details

Website: Wendover Terriers

Location: Southern California

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 951-473-9501

Facebook: Wendover Terriers Facebook

4. Rosewood Parson Russell Terrier

Parson Russell Terrier standing on grass

Rosewood Parson Russell Terrier is owned by a lovely couple called Carol and Steve Howton. All of their dogs are tested for:







Their puppies are raised in their home. They care deeply about the breed standard, their health, and their temperament. You can expect from your puppy that you will be getting a 3-in-1 package since their dogs are top-notch working, show, and companion dogs.

An interesting thing that you can see on their website is that one of their dogs, called Rosie, is on the cover of Milk-Bone.

If you want to learn more about the breed, there is an amazing segment on their website where they cover everything there is to know about this beautiful dog breed. You will also be able to see many beautiful pictures of their doggies and puppies.

If you are thinking about getting a dog from them we advise you to contact them as soon as possible. This way you can secure your place on the waiting list. They will be more than happy to hear from you and answer any questions that you may have about them, their dogs, their breeding program, and anything else generally.

Rosewood Parson Russell Terrier Details

Website: Rosewood Parson Russell Terrier

Location: Portland, Oregon

Email: [email protected]

Phone: ​503-581-1648

5. Thunder Hill Terriers

Parson Russell Terrier sitting outside

Thunder Hill Terriers have been around since 1990. They are really serious about their breeding program. They pick only the best bloodlines that they can find in America and Europe. They take their time to find the best bloodlines so they can produce the best puppies.

The most important thing is that their puppies are the best companions for you and your family. However, their dogs are also proven to excel in the performance ring, the conformation ring, and they are amazing hunting dogs.

Whatever you decide to do with your puppy when it comes to contests or hunting, they want to know that you will give the dog all the love you possibly can.

Socializing their puppies is something they take seriously. They believe that the socialization process can determine the quality of your dog’s life, as well as yours. Dogs that don’t get enough socialization can become aggressive and anxious and that is a problem for both you and the dog.

If you visit their website, you will be able to see some of the families that have bought a puppy from them. They don’t mind staying in contact with you and love it if you send them a picture from time to time of the pooch you purchased from them.

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Thunder Hill Terriers Details

Website: Thunder Hill Terriers

Location: Northwest Georgia

Email: [email protected]

6. Cher Car Kennels

two Parson Russell Terrier dogs playing

Cher Car Kennels breed Parson Russel Terriers that come in different shapes, sizes, and coats. There is plenty to choose from depending on your preferences. Some people might think that some of those pooches are not within the breed standard but that is not correct.

Parson Russell Terriers do come in different sizes and coats but all of them are considered to be small dogs with the same temperament. Even though they care about the appearance of their dogs, personality is more important to them.

These pooches are small dogs with big personalities and this is what they want to maintain within their breeding program. Because of their big personalities, they want to make sure that you are a good match for these pooches.

On their website, you can see a couple of pieces of advice on what to consider when getting a Parson Russell Terrier. You can also see their stud and breeding females.

During the 40 years that they have been operating, they have managed to create a bloodline that will make excellent working dogs that are focused on the duties they have to fulfill, but on the other hand, are also amazing family dogs that get along with kids and other animals.

Their puppies are $1,500 and you can see that on their website. If you want a puppy from them the best thing would be to contact them to get a spot on the waiting list.

Cher Car Kennels Details

Website: Cher Car Kennels

Location: 4215 S. Lowell Road, St. Johns, Michigan 48879

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Cher Car Kennel Facebook

Instagram: Cher Car Kennel Instagram

7. Heart-Songs Haven Parson Russel Terriers

Parson Russell Terrier posing in woods

Heart-Song Haven Parson Russell Terriers is owned by Lorrie and Randy. They are AKC Earthdog Judges, AKC CGC Evaluators, AKC Breeders of Merit, Conformation instructors, Rescuers/Foster Home for Almost Home Rescue, and members of The Parson Russell Terrier Association of America.

By all of this, you can tell that they are really invested in this particular breed and that they truly love their jobs.

They have a horse ranch which is 100 acres big. Pooches have a lot of space to roam around. Since they are surrounded by many animals and people you can be sure that your puppy will be used to a lot of things. But you will also need to continue the socialization process when the puppy arrives.

You will get an amazing pedigree and all the necessary health tests will have been done by their regular vet. Besides health, the dog’s temperament is very important to them.

You need to know that they breed only one litter a year and have many people on the waiting list. If you want a puppy from them, it is best to contact them as soon as possible so you can get a spot on the waiting list.

They welcome you to visit them any time you want, just make an appointment beforehand.

Heart-Song Haven Parson Russell Terrier

Website: Heart-Songs Haven Parson Russell Terrier

Location: Pinellas County, Florida

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

8. River Glenn Terriers

close shot of Parson Russell Terrier

River Glenn Terriers is led by people that care more about quality than quantity. They will never follow any trends. Their focus is breed standards, the health of all of their dogs and puppies, and personality.

All of their dogs are approved by the American Kennel Club, and you will get a certification of that when the puppy comes to your home. You will also get all the health certificates because they go above and beyond to make sure that you receive a healthy puppy.

From time to time, they will also have some adult Parson Russell Terriers that need a home. You can check their website to see if there are any available adults if you are interested in that option.

You can also see if there are any available litters. If there aren’t any there is a questionnaire you can fill out. After that, they will contact you if you are a good match and if the waiting list isn’t too big already.

River Glenn Terriers Details

Website: River Glenn Terriers

Location: Weiser, Idaho

Email: [email protected]

9. Brillwood Farm Parson Russell Terriers

happy Parson Russell Terrier running on grass

Brillwood Farm Parson Russell Terriers was founded in 2001, and since then they have been producing AKC Parson Russell Terriers with amazing personalities. Many of their dogs have ended up being champions in conformation and performance.

The personality of this breed is what made them fall in love with it and eventually the reason they started breeding them.

They have a lot of clients from all over the world because their dogs are known for their temperament, extraordinary movement, and excellence in different types of competitions.

If you want to be sure to get on their waiting list, you can either contact them via email or fill in the application that is on their site. They will contact you back and schedule a meeting where you can both figure out if you are a match for each other.

They pride themselves on breeding one of the best family companions and they want to make sure that you t will provide a loving home to their puppy.

Brillwood Farm Parson Russell Terriers Details

Website: Brillwood Farm Parson Russell Terriers

Location: 10287 Pleasant Renner Rd., Goshen, OH 45122

Email: [email protected]

10. Jacks Or Better

Parson Russell Terrier walking outside

Jack Or Better has operated for 18 years. During those 18 years, they have sold 221 dogs and based on their quality and commitment, there will probably be many many more puppies sold to happy families.

There is a long process that they go through before they breed their dogs. Some of the things they do when searching for the perfect bloodline are:

– Hours of research

– Joining the breeds parent club

– Talking to other breeders

– DNA testing

– Vet consultations

– Health studies

The main thing that they put into finding the perfect breeding dogs and into all of their puppies is their immense love for the breed.

When it comes to Parson Russell Terriers a lot of people would say that they are not for everybody and can be quite difficult to handle for people that have not had a dog before. But Jacks Or Better do not agree with that statement.

Yes, this breed is not for people that are couch potatoes but almost everybody is able to handle this dog breed. All you need to know is that they are adventurous and love to play and be active. When you provide them with that plus a lot of love and attention you will have a best friend in dog form.

There is much more information about this breeder on their site, so we advise you to visit it. If you have any more questions, you can always contact them. When you go to the contact part of the page you will see all the information you need to provide on the application.

Some things might be a deal breaker for them but they truly appreciate honesty.

Jacks Or Better Details

Website: Jack Or Better

Location: 9330 Sandy Valley Rd., Hillsboro, Missouri, 63050-2071

11. Draytogo Parson Russell Terriers

Parson Russell Terrier sitting on grass outside

Draytogo Parson Russell Terriers is led by a woman called Sarah Porter. She and her team are truly passionate about breeding the best of the best Parson Russell Terriers. Sarah has an amazing story and you can see how much she loves dogs.

She started with rescuing dogs that were near euthanization in the shelters. After that, she started training Rottweilers that were considered difficult to handle. After being successful with that she started looking for a smaller dog that could be her pet, and that is when she fell in love with the Parson Russell Terrier.

She loved the breed so much that she decided to breed them. Even though she might have only 4 years of experience, which is not very long compared to some other breeders, she for sure compensates for it in her quality.

The thing that she likes the most about this breed is their loving and passionate personality.

When you visit their website, you can see all the pictures and names of her team, and her team being all the pooches. You can also read testimonials of many of their happy customers.

Draytogo Parson Russell Terriers Details

Website: Draytogo Parson Russell Terriers

Location: Reading, Berkshire

Email: [email protected]

Sites Where You Can Find A Parson Russell Terrier

Now that we have gone through some of the most reputable Parson Russell Terrier breeders there are some other options where you can find a puppy of this breed. This may be a bit scary and overwhelming, but we are here to help.

Before we list some of the sites, we will tell you what you need to look out for.

What To Be Careful About

Some of these sites may have some potential scammers and you should avoid them at any cost. You can never be 100% sure that a person is genuine and wants to provide you with the best puppy.

On these sites are people who don’t consider themself as a breeder but may have a litter from time to time. It is also possible that someone got an accidental litter and they want to sell the puppies. This does not mean that these puppies are worse than the puppies from a breeder.

All of them care about these puppies and are doing everything in their power to make sure that the puppies are healthy, happy, and loved until they come to their new homes where they will receive all of that from their new owners.

Here are some of the things you should keep an eye out for:

– Some of the pooches might be cheaper. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Some people don’t want to overprice the puppies because they do not consider themselves experts.

– They should be willing to show you the puppies. If you are not close to them, you can request a video call. If they refuse it might be a red flag.

– Puppies should go through all the basic vet checks. First shots and mandatory vet exams are necessary, and they should be able to provide you with the results.

– Stay in contact with them before deciding on buying a puppy. This way you will be able to see if they are genuine and take good care of the puppies. If they refuse to answer or take forever to reply, something is probably off.

– It is a good sign if they have a longer description on their ad. If they straight ahead give you a lot of details, you can be sure that they are genuine. You can always ask anything else you want to know when you contact them.

The best advice we can give you is to be in contact with them. You can tell a lot about people by communicating with them, especially if you book a video call which we advise you do.

The Sites And How They Work

All of these sites work in the same way. You will have a bracket where you can put in the breed that you want and the location where you live.

When you enter all of that, any available litter will pop out. If there are no available litters in your area, you can always try and enter an area near you.

You can also find some of the breeders on f these sites but mostly the litters are from people that are not breeding for a living.

Here are a couple of sites that have proven to be safe:

Good dog

Next Day Pets


Parson Russell Terrier looking up

What Is A Typical Price For A Parson Russell Terrier?

The price depends on a couple of things. The main thing is the certificates that the puppy comes with. If they went through all the health tests, pedigree, and if the parents are champions. When it comes to breeders the prices are usually roughly the same.

If you decide on getting a puppy from one of the sites we mentioned, where the people that are selling them are not professional breeders, you may get them for cheaper.

The average price of a Parson Russell Terrier is anywhere from $1,200 to $2,000.

What Are The Most Common Colors For Parson Russell Terrier?

Parson Russell Terrier can have a couple of coat types but mostly they have rough coats. The coats can be short or medium length, but they are the same texture.

When it comes to colors, the main color is white. They can be pure white, or they can have some markings that are commonly based on their face, and sometimes on their bodies. The colors of the markings can be brown, tan, black, cream, or tri-color.

What Are Some Of The Health Issues They Are Prone To?

When it comes to health problems every breed, including the Parson Russell Terrier, has some that they are more prone to than the others. This does not mean that your pooch will for sure get any of these.

This is just something we will list so you can keep an eye out for them. With regular vet checks, you are good to go. Here are some of the health issues that a Parson Russell Terrier is prone to:

– Deafness

– Lens Luxation

– Spinocerebellar ataxia

– Late onset ataxia

To Sum It Up

white Parson Russell Terrier running outside

Deciding on the breed is a difficult task, but once you are sure about the breed, finding the right breeder is difficult as well, if not even more so. A reputable breeder can be hard to find, but luckily, we are here to help you out.

All of the Parson Russell Terrier breeders that we have listed are top-notch quality. They all care about their dogs and puppies and love the job that they are doing.

All the health tests are done and taken very seriously by all of them. Sometimes it can be hard to find a breeder, but we think that we’ve made it hard to decide on which out of all of them is the best, because they all have amazing qualities.

We hope that our list of Parson Russell Terrier breeders has made the process of getting your puppy home easier and quicker. We wish you and your puppy many happy years together that will be filled with lovely memories.


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