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7 Labradoodle Haircuts You Won’t Be Able To Resist

7 Labradoodle Haircuts You Won’t Be Able To Resist

This dog breed, considered to be the best dog breed of the 21st century, is stealing the hearts of dog lovers world-wide.

This highly intelligent dog breed has inherited the looks of the Poodle parent, which is one of the characteristics for the doodle breed’s standard.

It has a Labrador’s love of swimming and retrieving and, most often, a Labrador’s color, but other than that, the doodles are Poodles look-alikes.

This dog breed, a descendant of the Labrador retriever and the standard Poodle, has many varieties of looks that can be achieved by the haircut style.

I will introduce you to the 7 most popular and, honestly, the best labradoodle haircuts, but also the best goldendoodle haircuts.

Best Labradoodle Haircuts

There are many options for your dog’s haircut style. Especially when it comes to the doodle breeds, they have a really fine dog’s coat that is the dream of every dog groomer.

Labradoodles can come in a variety of colors. There are around 16 Labradoodle colors to choose from, and we cannot decide which haircut fits what color the best. They all look cute in their own way, it’s just a matter of your preference of grooming styles.

Labradoodle haircut styles depend on the time and effort you want to put into your labradoodle grooming, your wallet, the groomer, and/or the type of coat your doodle possesses.

Some haircuts that you can style your Labradoodle with are known as great Goldendoodle haircuts too!

A professional groomer will know which cut would fit your doodle the best, depending on the type of coat. However, Labradoodle owners can sometimes opt for other types of doodle cuts, which are a better fit for their lifestyle.

Nevertheless, we have prepared a list of Top 7 Labradoodle cuts for you to choose from.

1. Teddy Bear Cut

Labradoodle sitting on the couch

This type of dog’s hair style, also known as the ‘teddy bear’ look, is the cutest when you still have a labradoodle puppy, or the goldendoodle puppy. Why? Because it makes your pet look just like – you guessed it – a teddy bear!

This is also known as the ‘basic cut’, because many dog owners opt for this cut. They do so, because they think and feel as if this cut fits their pet the best. That partially is true, because this grooming style follows the natural lines of a Labradoodle’s body.

The Teddy Bear cut is one that comprises the same length of fur all around the body, except the head and tail, which are also included, but just with a shorter trim rather than the uniform 5/6 clip all over the body.

A Teddy Bear cut is considered to be among the best ones, because it prevents tangles as the hairstyle is so short.

This hairstyle only needs to be brushed once a week, so it is definitely considered a low-maintenance haircut style.

2. Puppy Cut

The Puppy cut is known as the second most popular hairstyle when it comes to Labradoodles and the Goldendoodles.

The difference between the Teddy Bear cut and the Puppy cut is very minor, but does exist. The Puppy cut is actually slightly more high-maintenance, since it is a bit longer.

You will have to brush your dog every day, to prevent matting and tangles. These can be very nasty when they appear, so it is best to save both yourself and your dog from possible future problems.

This dog grooming style will help your Doodle with regulating body temperature, as well as making it easier for you to maintain.

As every grooming requires grooming ear hair, so does this hairstyle, together with paw trimming.

However, Puppy cut is not called a Puppy cut for no reason: This hairstyle is not too short, meaning that puppies will still be able to be warm when they have a coat of this length.

This is actually the natural length of their coat until they reach adulthood. If you want to trim around your dog’s ears and eyes yourself, you can use the thinning shears.

3. Short Clip Cut

Labradoodle standing on a rock

The Short clip cut is actually the most popular Poodle dog grooming haircut! It is, amongst dog owners, known as the best dog hair style, because it is actually the most low-maintenance amongst them all.

This is more of a slicker hairstyle, and the one that is most adaptable for any grooming routine. If your Doodle is a fan of swimming, you should totally go for this hair styleas it dries effortlessly fast.

This is a very good hair style for the summertime, since your pooch won’t experience overheating from longer hair. However, as with any other hair style, this one also needs regular brushing!

Though it is short, it still doesn’t mean that it won’t get messy sometimes. It does need regular haircuts to stay this length.

4. Long Clip Cut

The Long clip cut is the exact opposite of the short clip cut. This is a great hairstyle to opt for if you are living a more peaceful lifestyle in urban surroundings.

This pooch hairstyle is also great if you are living in a colder area, or in areas where winters tend to be long or extremely cold. It is always good to have a jumper whenever it is cold, right?

However, this hairstyle does need extremely regular brushing. Since this hair style is considered a long hair one, you will need to go to your nearest groomer for some at home brushing and grooming tips.

This one is the exact opposite of the low-maintenance types, because it is considered a high-maintenance one, especially if your doodle has a thick, spiral curly coat.

5. Lion Cut

Labradoodle standing in a field

A Lion cut is one of the funniest cuts out there. It is exactly what it says it is – it makes your doodle a Lion look-alike.

This hairstyle includes trimming ear hair and paws, but it does have something that other hairstyles don’t have –- the lion mane and the lion tail.

The lion mane is achieved by cutting the fur down with a short clip almost to the skin, leaving only a quarter of inch of dog fur on the body (torso) and legs. However, the head isn’t trimmed, but shaped in a circle to make it appear as if it is a lion’s head.

The tail is all trimmed, except for the tip, to make it seem as if it looks like a lion’s tail.

Besides the head, chest, and tail hair, the paws are also left with a bit of long hair.

This might be a good cut if you are living in a not-so-friendly neighborhood because, from a distance, your dog looks just like a lion!

This hair style requires regular brushing, especially around the head and chest area, where the long hair is prominent.

6. Kennel Cut

This Kennel Cut is one of the most simple hair styles for doodles. It is very similar to the Short clip, as both are great for dogs that live in warmer areas and are active.

This is also a great option if you are living somewhere near the shore of a sea, lake, or river, and in the case of your dog being a swimmer. The Kennel cut is among the best labradoodle haircuts because of its simplicity.

The name of this cut is connected to the kennels, not by accident. This type of hairstyle is the easiest to achieve because you use the same clip all over the body.

Kennels also use this type of cut because it is the easiest to maintain, together with the Short cut.

7. Summer Cut

Labradoodle lying in front of the house

Summer cut is the most popular summer season cut for doodles.

The Summer trim is practically a razor cut, where the dog’s coat is almost entirely removed, leaving just half an inch or less of hair, including the hair on the dog’s ears. Dogs with significant matting and tangles are best suited for this type of clip.

At the beginning of the summer when the temperature starts to rise, as well as if the dog is much more prone to overheating, short hairdo options are frequently chosen. Pet owners typically let their animals’ fur grow out during the summer because then, by the time the winter months roll around, they have longer, thicker fur.

Different Labradoodle Coat Types

There are three main coat types that apply to labradoodles. The mix of DNA that each puppy receives from both of its parents determines the sort of coat it will have.

Hair coats are rather straight coats that look more like a Labrador retriever father in appearance. Typically, a puppy’s hair coat type doesn’t become apparent until the animal is about 12 weeks old.

These dogs’ muzzle hair will be straight, silky, and wiry to the touch and will not have the popular Labradoodles’ fluffy Teddy Bear appearance. Since they don’t mat as easily compared to the other two fur types, hair coats are usually simpler to maintain.

There are three types of Labradoodle coat. Those are: Hair coat, Fleece coat and Wool coat.

Wool Coat

A labradoodle sits while a woman pet it

“Curly” Labradoodles are a common name for Labradoodles with wool coats. The curl’s tightness is determined by the dog’s genetic composition and can range from bouncy curls to soft waves. All wool-coated Labradoodles, on the other hand, are classified as mild shedders that are safe for dog owners suffering from allergies.

Daily brushing is advised for wool-coated Labradoodles, since their coats can soon develop major matting and knots if not thoroughly groomed at least once every six weeks. You may, however, keep your dog trimmed and pick a short, or the type of cut if you prefer.

A wool coat is typically thick, voluminous, exceedingly velvety, and feathery to the skin, and resembles those of sheep. Once appropriately styled, the fur will have tubular curls. However, the majority of owners usually cut their dog’s hairstyle really short to skip potential problems.

Fleece Coat

The most typical and well-liked variation of the breed is the one with fleece coats, which are frequently referred to as “shaggy” Labradoodles.

Given that Labradoodles usually shed little, maintaining their fleece coats is not too difficult. So, once or maybe two times a week, you normally need to take extra time combing out this sort of coat.

Although the dog’s face and eyes are frequently covered in very coarse hair, its fuzzy coat is surprisingly velvety to the touch.

Hair Coat

Essentially, straight coats have more of a resemblance to the Labrador retriever parent dog, since the genes for straighter hair are inherited from it. Typically, a puppy’s hair coat doesn’t become apparent until the animal is about 12 weeks old – which means that you will see the true version of the dog’s coat after a few months.

A hair coat is thought to develop in 89% of F1 Labradoodles, which is interesting. The less-shed, curlier-coated breeds are preferred by breeders and allergy sufferers.

These dogs’ muzzle hair will be straight, silky, and wiry to the touch and will not have the popular Labradoodles’ fluffy Teddy Bear appearance. Considering that hair coats don’t mat as easily as other two coat varieties, they are usually simpler to maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions

To give clarity on some questions that you may have around the topic of the labradoodle haircuts, I will present you with the FAQ.

The FAQ or the Frequently asked questions, which can be of a great help to you as a future doodle owner, or as a fresh doodle owner deciding upon the haircut of your furry friend.

What Is A Labradoodle?

Labradoodle is lying on the couch

The Labradoodle is a recently made crossbreed of two purebred dog breeds. The Poodle and Labrador Retriever cross produces the Labradoodle. Multigenerational breeding (Labradoodle to Labradoodle), as well as Labradoodle to Poodle or Labradoodle to Labrador Retriever breeding, has increased to some extent.

There are size variations of this dog breed, which means that this dog breed comes in at least two sizes: the standard and the miniature doodle size. The best size for you is up to you to decide.

The Australian Labradoodle Association, as well as the Australian Labradoodle Association of America are working to establish a breed standard and bring together breeders even though the Labradoodle is not a recognized breed.

Due to their intelligence, labradoodles require mental and physical stimulation. If not, they risk becoming destructive and challenging to control.

Dogs and other animals get along well with labradoodles, as well as children of all ages. This active dog is not the best fit for apartments, since they have high-energy levels and need a fair amount of exercise every day.

However, if you really want a labradoodle, but you are not living in an apartment, you can always opt for a mini doodle! They are miniature sized Labradoodles, which don’t have any major differences to the regular sized doodle, except the size.

How Short Should You Cut A Labradoodles Hair?

The length of your Labradoodle’s hair can only be dictated by your lifestyle.

Depending on the climate of your country/state, you can opt for the short clip cut or the Kennel cut if you are living in a warm to hot area. Also, this is a great choice if you are living near the shore because doodles love swimming. If you are the type of person that does not have much free time to comb your doodle’s fur every day, this is also a great solution for that.

If you live in a colder climate, the long clip cut would be the most suitable for you and your dog. However, this hairstyle does need regular brushing, which will need to be implemented on a daily basis.

The shortest you are to cut your doodle’s hair is about three quarters of an inch. That length is not ‘bald’ short, but is however considered being the shortest cut.

Therefore, we can conclude together, that you should cut your dog’s hair not according to your liking, but according to the lifestyle that you share with your dog, together with the climate you live in.

How Often Should You Cut A Labradoodles’ Hair?

A thorough weekly brushing will keep a lengthy fleece coat in good condition. More care will be required for a curly fleece than a wavy one. If kept shorter, naturally curly coats will become quicker to maintain.

In many cases, owners clip their labradoodles between two and five times a year, depending on their personal preferences, way of living, and how wavy and thick their coats are.

Every 5-8 weeks, I recommend taking your Labradoodles to the groomer for a clean (brushing and combing together with nail cutting) and bath, if required. Twice a year, they need a full treatment with a 1.5–2 inch clip.

Talk to the groomer about your preferences if you want your doodle not to appear somewhat like a poodle. Images of a well-groomed labradoodle may be useful. Bathing frequently is generally unneeded. Even if your dog gets dirty, such as with mud around its feet, the mud will fall off eventually after it dries, or you can use a comb and brush it away when it hardens,

Also, it is highly recommended that you use a good dog shampoo for your canine friend. We recommend some of the best shampoos for Goldendoodles, since they have the same types of coat.

What Is A Labradoodle’s Shedding Level?

Since we have discussed this dog breed’s hair growing constantly, and needing a grooming session every few weeks, that means that this dog’s hair doesn’t fall off, but it grows just like the human hair.

Just like human hair, the Labradoodle’s coat type sheds occasionally, but just a few hairs. However, it needs to be trimmed regularly, just like human hair. They have an extremely low shedding level.

You will be happy if you suffer from allergies but you still wish to become a dog owner – this dog breed is hypoallergenic. That means that they shed minimal hair and dandruff, therefore, you won’t have problems with sneezing, runny nose, or heavy breathing around this dog breed.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed many Labradoodle haircuts today, and we can conclude together that every one of them looks so beautiful!

However, the final decision about the hairstyle of your best friend is up to you, your habits and your way of living. If you are a person that visits the shore a few times a week, you will definitely have less to worry about with a short clip cut.

But if you are someone who lives in a colder area, besides buying cute pooch jackets and jumpers on Amazon, you can let your furry friend grow their own jumper.

For whichever haircut you opt for, bear in mind you will have to do regular brushing. For shorter coats, it is okay if you brush them one to two times a week. But for longer coats, daily brushing is mandatory in order to skip the painful matting and tangles.

We can agree that it is hard to decide which haircut is the cutest! If you want your Labradoodle to look like a Teddy bear – you got it. If you want it to look like a powerful lion, you can also do that. The decision is yours!

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