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Jindo Breeders: Top 3 Places To Find A New Pet in the U.S.

Jindo Breeders: Top 3 Places To Find A New Pet in the U.S.

It seems like an impossible mission to find any trustworthy Jindo breeders in the U.S. , but that’s why I’m here to save you from an endless search for your new puppy .

Jindo dogs come from the island of Jindo, which is a part of the “Land of Morning Calm”, which is essentially South Korea .

As you can see, the name of the country is just as beautiful as the breed that comes from it!

If you’d like to own a Jindo pooch and you’re located in the U.S. , keep on reading this article and discover the best Jindo breeders in the United States!

Korean Jindo Puppies For Sale In USA

1. Kkeokjin Jindo

jindo dog lies and rests

This is one of the rare Jindo breeders that is committed to the preservation of the Jindo dog breed and its characteristics , including temperament and looks .

The owner is completely devoted to breeding and raising Jindo puppies in such a way as to keep their traditional traits, and train them to become the best furry friends for the whole family!

How Did It All Start?

The owner of the breeding kennel has been a Jindo enthusiast for a long time. However, she decided to start breeding her own pups just a few months ago.

Natasha Brown, the owner, was in fear that Korean Jindos might become extinct from the U.S. as there were almost no Jindo breeders around her area, and only two or three in the whole country.

She loves Jindos just the way they are. Most people confuse Jindo dogs with Shiba Inus , which isn’t a surprise as they are similar, but with certain genetic modifications , they’re becoming almost the same, at least when it comes to their looks.

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For her, it’s crucial to preserve the historical personality , trainability , and agility of Jindos . On the other hand, she wants people to enjoy having Jindos in their family just as much as she does.

Purchasing Process And Pricing

One of the things I love the most about Kkeokjin Jindo is that the owner puts the puppy’s well-being before profit .

What led us to this conclusion is the fact that the breeder doesn’t distribute puppies according to the price that someone pays for them.

She prefers to go through each application form and decide which puppy is suitable for each future owner and their living conditions.

A $500 deposit is obligatory, but it also means you’re completely committed to getting a dog once you make the payment .

The average price of the Jindo puppies is around $2000, depending on the JIndo ’s gender , size , and temperament .

It’s important to mention that each pup from this kennel is vaccinated and microchipped with the breeder ’s details. Once you make the final payment , the Jindo pup will be yours.

Breeder Details:

Address : Lawrenceville, Georgia

Email address : [email protected]

Official website : Kkeokjin Jindo

2. YooShin Kennels

a white jindo lies in the snow

Small breeders have proven many times that they can produce some of the best canine breed representatives . The same goes for YooShin Kennels – the place where only the highest-quality Jindo canines are bred and raised to become the best family pets.

The main focus of this breeding program is to enhance the traditional traits of this amazing hunting dog, and to bring them closer to the people in the U.S.

They want to preserve all the qualities of the Jindo breed , including temperament and looks .

This spitz-type canine shares certain traits with other breed group representatives, although it’s far less expensive than Akitas , Chow Chows , Samoyeds , Siberian Huskies, and other Spitz breeds.

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How Did It All Begin?

The owner of this breeding outfit, Ann Kim, has roots in both Korea and the United States .

Her first experience with this dog breed was when she was a little girl. Her father owned several Korean Jindos almost sixty years ago when he was stationed in Korea .

The production and raising of this beautiful breed of dog have been their passion, but they didn’t start the family business in the U.S. until thirty years ago , although they moved there in the 1970s .

Ever since 1996 , the owner of this kennel has been completely devoted to raising this type of breed, and she was awarded by receiving deserved titles from the American Temperament Testing Society, and the American Kennel Club’s CGC program .

Puppy Quality

The owner of this breeding program spends a lot of time and effort breeding and raising Jindo canines that’ll become great guard dogs and best friends to their new family.

Health is the primary concern , of course, which is why each pup from the kennel is vaccinated , dewormed , microchipped , and regularly taken to the vet for checkups.

Training is an important aspect of the process as well, which is why the YooShin pups go through these training programs and methods :

• Introduction to the wobble board and dog tunnels

• Introduction to different surfaces

• Noise tolerance

• Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS)

• Crate training

• Socialization with other breed groups and humans

• Introduction to various scents

• Puppy Culture

• Grooming training

• Early adaptation to different environments, etc.

Purchasing Process And Pricing

The owner is devoted to finding the perfect match between the new owner and the canine because the dog doesn’t become just a pet to someone – it becomes a family member, and it should be treated that way .

That’s why it’s important for you to fill out the application form and sincerely answer all the questions, which will help the breeder choose the perfect Jindo for you.

After the completed form, you’ll be able to make a advanced payment and reserve a pup. The price of the Jindo canine is about $2000, and it includes an AKC-FSS (Foundation Stock Service) registration certificate , vaccination , and a six-year-health guarantee for hereditary illnesses (regular health tests performed on parents).

If you have any questions regarding the kennel or the purebred Korean Jindos , you can contact the owner via email.

Breeder Details:

Address : Southern California

Email address : [email protected].

Official website : YooShin Kennels

3. Kwest Malamutes And Jindos

the jindo puppy sits and looks at the camera

This is a small-scale breeder of Alaskan Malamutes and Jindo dogs , and they have been in the business for many years.

Her love for both of these breeds was so strong that she decided to breed them so that others can experience the same type of joy of having such a canine in their life.

The owner of the breeding program loves outdoor activities, and takes every chance to spend some quality time with her pups outside. They go hiking , carting , lure coursing , and hunting together, among other activities.

Hunting is one of the crucial activities for Jindo canines since they naturally have a high prey drive as a part of their genetic background.

Nichole Royer, the owner, thinks that it’s crucial for both Alaskan Malamutes and Jindo canines to preserve their true nature while adapting to the life of a family pet.

Puppy Quality

The owner of the breeding kennel is deeply devoted to the production of Malamutes and Jindos, training them in order to keep their hunting skills intact while teaching them to socialize with other animals and humans .

As the pups get bigger, the breeder starts adding more features such as ramps , wobble boards , and other equipment for agility , strength , and obedience training .

The owner also employs training techniques such as:

• Early Neurological Stimulation

• Puppy temperament evaluation

• Noise tolerance training

• Crate and door training

• Basic commands

• Potty training

• Car training

• Socialization training

• Introduction to different surfaces

Purchasing Process And Pricing

All canines in this breeding program are health tested for common health issues regarding both breeds . That’s why the owner offers a six-year health warranty for hereditary diseases that might deteriorate the pup’s quality of life.

Every puppy from this breeding outfit is dewormed , vaccinated , microchipped , and regularly taken to the vet, just like any other canine from a reputable breeder .

The cost of a Jindo dog is up to $2000 (there might be slight chances that the price will be lower or higher depending on the type of canine).

The price includes UKC and AKC certificates for limited registration , health records , a written guarantee , vaccines , etc.

Differences Between Jindo Dogs And Alaskan Malamutes

This is an interesting combination of dog breeds to raise together because they share quite a lot of similarities , but a few significant differences as well.

The main difference between the two breeds is their origin . The Jindo canine comes from South Korea , while the Malamute has roots in the U.S .

Jindo Dog

The Jindo is a spitz subtype canine breed that is described as a medium-sized dog , although it may be anywhere from small to medium in height. They have upright ears and a tail that is positioned above the pup’s back .

This type of canine can grow up to 26 inches, and weigh up to 51 lbs .

The Jindo canine has a double coat that consists of a soft, fluffy undercoat and a more wiry top coat . It comes in several shades, including tan , brindle , black , white , red fawn , gray , or black and tan .

This pup has a life expectancy of between 11 and 13 years , which is almost the same as for the Malamute .

Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute comes from the United States, and it has almost the same height as the Jindo canine ( 24 to 26 inches ), but a big difference in weight . Male and female Malamutes can weigh up to 85 lbs , which is 40% more than a Jindo’s weight.

They also have a thick, double coat covered in several shades such as black and white, sable and white, gray and white, and seal and white .

The life span of these beautiful pups is up to 12 years , which might be prolonged if the pup is healthy.

As you can see, even though they’re from different breeds , these two have quite a lot of similarities, and also several crucial differences that make them easier to distinguish.

If you’d like to become the owner of one, just contact the owner of the breeding outfit who’ll give you more information and details regarding the available litters, costs, etc.

Breeder Details:

Address : Southern California

Email address : [email protected]

Official website : Kwest Malamutes & Jindos

What Are The Common Health Issues Of Jindos?

jindo walks in the park

All reputable Jindo breeders take great care of their canine’s health, and they know what kind of symptoms that each of the common Jindo health issues are so they can react in time.

Also, they try to produce only healthy puppies for sale by health testing the adult canines.

Some of the most frequent health problems that a certain number of Jindo canines might deal with are:

• Hypothyroidism

• Hip Dysplasia

• Obesity

• Stomach issues

Pemphigus foliaceus

Obesity is probably one of the most serious conditions that can affect this dog breed because it causes a string of other diseases, including metabolic disorders and joint pain .

Obesity can also shorten the life expectancy not only of Jindos, but other breeds as well such as Pugs, Beagles , Cavalier King Charles Spaniel s, Shih Tzus , etc.

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Some of these conditions do not appear immediately during early puppyhood. That’s exactly why it’s important to get a pup from a reliable breeder that breeds Jindos up to the UKC and the AKC breed standards .

Just because you’re not planning to take your pup to dog shows doesn’t mean there’s no need to produce and raise them up to certain standards.

Jindo Breeders: Wrapping Up

Finding reliable Jindo breeders in the U.S. is quite a challenge , but I’m happy to see that there are some new and fresh faces that will keep this breed far from extinct in the U.S.

It’s not difficult to guess why these beautiful canines are considered a national treasure by the Korean government ! They have great temperament , a working canine nature , and adorable looks .

If you’re a potential first-time owner of a Jindo pup, I’m sure you won’t regret your decision of making this canine your new family pet!

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