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Japanese Spitz Price: How Expensive Is This Cutie?

Japanese Spitz Price: How Expensive Is This Cutie?

This is not a Pomeranian, nor a Samoyed, but it is equally cute and loving; this dog’s name is the Japanese Spitz.

This dog was bred in Japan, but originally descended from white Spitz breeds from Europe and North America, such as the German Spitz and the Samoyed.

This adorable Spitz dog is becoming more and more popular in Japan, Europe, and around the world, but so far, it is still quite difficult to find it in the United States. This is a dog of small size, with pointed muzzle, square body, and a fluffy coat.

This little dog is gentle but also lively, he is loyal to his owners, and loves to protect his loved ones and his home. For all people who are looking for a family dog, the Japanese Spitz puppy is one of the most desirable options.

Now that we know how special and irresistible this puppy is, you must be wondering what is the price for this cutie.

We have found out all the information to give you a closer look at the Japanese Spitz price, so, enjoy the rest of the text.

What Is The Japanese Spitz Price?

japanese spitz puppy

The average price for a Japanese Spitz puppy goes from $1500 to $2500.

But, these small dogs can cost even more. There are many factors that might affect the price of this pooch, and we will explain each of them.

All potential dog owners should be aware that the initial price is not the only cost for Japanese Spitz dogs, nor for any dog in general. There are additional life costs, and potential veterinary expenses everybody should consider when choosing a certain dog breed to welcome into a home.

This companion dog is not a cheap dog for sure, and a Japanese Spitz is still a rare breed in many places, and this also dictates the dog’s price.

This adorable small dog is recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club), but it is still not considered as a separate dog breed, since it is so similar to other Spitz dogs, such as Samoyed and the American Eskimo Dog.

Still, the UKC (United Kennel Club) recognized this dog as a separate breed in 2006.

Now, let’s see what are the main factors that affect the Japanese Spitz puppy cost.

What Factors Influence The Cost Of A Japanese Spitz?

white japanese spitz puppy walking in the forest

You might be surprised by researching a certain dog breed and finding out that there are some huge differences in the dog’s cost at different places.

This is due to several factors that dictate the dog’s price, but this, however, might not be the case with the Japanese Spitz.

This dog is a relatively new and rare breed, especially in the United States. So, there are not many places where you can find this puppy, and they cannot certainly be found in shelters.

Still, there are some vital factors that form this dog’s cost. Let’s look at each of them.

1. Age

Like with all other dogs, age is an essential factor for the Japanese Spitz’s price. Adult dogs are usually cheaper than newborn puppies, but the truth is that all of us would like to have a puppy from a young age.

This way, you can make a special bond with your puppy from the start, and you will be the responsible person for the puppy’s socialization and its adjustment to the new environment.

When you buy an adult dog, it is more likely that the dog will already have its personality shaped. So, there is a higher demand for newborn puppies, and this is why a young Japanese Spitz costs more than an adult Japanese Spitz.

2. Breeder’s Reputation

Not all breeders out there are reputable and trustworthy. Unfortunately, there are many breeders that undertake unethical breeding, and that only produce dogs to earn some money quickly.

This is something you should be especially careful about regarding Japanese Spitz puppies. Since these dogs are rare, you can only find a couple of reputable Japanese Spitz breeders in the United States.

In general, the more reputable the breeder, the higher the price of the puppy. How can you recognize if the breeder is reputable and responsible?

A breeder you can trust will immediately show you the dog’s pedigree, health tests, and the confirmation of genetic tests on the dog’s parents. Also, the breeder that puts a lot of effort into its breeding process will be glad for all interested dog lovers to come to its kennel.

Furthermore, a reputable breeder would like to stay in touch with you after the purchase is done.

Responsible breeders breed their dogs following the breed standard, invest a lot of their time and money for their dogs to become top-quality dogs, and do everything for their dogs to be healthy and happy.

Finally, a responsible breeder ensures all of its dogs will have a new, loving home, and make their own verification of future owners.

As you can see, there is a lot of hard work for breeders to gain a certain reputation. This is why breeders with reputation will highly value their dogs, and these dogs are likely to have a higher price tag.

3. Bloodlines

If a breeder raises dogs of exceptional bloodlines, the price will get a lot higher than average. So, a Japanese Spitz with champion bloodlines might be more expensive than $2500.

Why is the bloodline such a vital factor of a puppy’s price? Well, if a puppy has a champion bloodline, this means that its ancestors were outstanding dogs in temperament, behavior, and general characteristics.

Also, a bloodline can determine any genetic disorders in dogs.

Japanese Spitz Living Cost And Expenses

japanese spitz on a leash

Together with the puppy’s initial price, all future owners should also consider the living expenses of owning a dog. Let’s take a look at some of the basic items your Japanese Spitz puppy will need when you welcome it into your home.

1. Food

First of all, your puppy will need dog food! You’ll need to spend around $50 on average for the food for this dog of small size per month.

Of course, there are also dog treats that this dog will enjoy for sure, and you might also spend a couple of dollars two to three times a week to buy some delicious snacks.

Your Japanese Spitz puppy will also need food and water bowls, and you can expect to pay around $15 for each item.

2. Toys

Every dog needs toys, and many of them soon get tired of using the same toys, so you will need to buy a few different toys to keep them stimulated and entertained.

Not only dog toys will entertain your Japanese Spitz – they will also be helpful with the puppy’s teeth. Excessive chewing is one of the puppy teething symptoms, so buying a quality chew toy can help a lot to your puppy struggling with teeth pain.

There are many different dog toys available today, but, in general, these toys can cost you from $40 up to $100.

3. Beddings

Just like we have our beds to rest and enjoy the piece, our pooches also like to have their beds which are their safe places.

Crate training is one of the essential parts of dog training, and once your Japanese Spitz gets used to its crate, it will spend most of its time there, especially when you are away!

The cost for a dog bed or dog crate is around $50 or higher. Some dogs will also enjoy having a warm blanket inside their beds.

4. Grooming

beautiful japanese spitz being combed

Seeing a Japanese Spitz with its fluffy double coat could make anybody think this dog’s grooming needs are high. However, this is actually not true. Their outer coat is straight and long, while their undercoat is super soft.

These dogs do not have that specific dog odor, so they don’t need baths too often. Also, it will be enough to brush their coats two times a week, which is great in comparison to some other dog breeds that need daily brushes!

Despite this dog being easy to groom, you will still need to buy a quality dog brush that will cost you around $15 to $20.

Even if you are probably not going to bathe this dog too often, a dog shampoo will still need to be inside your toilet cabinet. The average price for a dog shampoo is around $10 to $15. Find your favorite in our list of best smelling dog shampoos.

5. Collar And Leash

When the first couple of weeks pass by, your puppy will be ready to start going for walks with you! How often you will walk your dog will be important for your dog’s health in general. What all dog owners should ensure is that their dog, and all people around, are safe during their walk.

For this to happen, you will need to buy a dog collar and leash, which will cost you around $30 together.

Once your Japanese Spitz gets used to walking with a collar and a leash, your walks will be enjoyable and safe!

6. Veterinarian Care

If you buy a dog from a reputable breeder, the dog will certainly have received the first vaccinations, and will be dewormed and microchipped. Once you take the dog home, you will be the person that is responsible for the dog’s further veterinarian care.

Japanese Spitz dogs are generally healthy, but they are prone to few health issues:

• Dry skin problems: These dogs have sensitive skin that might dry out if you bathe them too often. Frequent bathing is not recommended with these dogs, since it might strip off the natural oils from the dog’s coat.

Runny eyes: Japanese Spitz might have runny eyes, which will make their dog owners think that the dog is crying. There are several causes of this condition in dogs, such as eye infections, allergies, tear duct blockage, etc.

Patella Luxation: This condition occurs when the dog’s kneecap is displaced from the trochlear groove, and it is particularly common in smaller breeds.

You’ll probably need to spend from $50 up to $250 for a regular vet check-up. There might be additional costs if a veterinarian determines a certain medical condition in your dog.

One thing for all dog owners to consider is pet insurance, that might cost $50 to $100 per month, but, this way – you will be safe if your dog gets seriously ill in the future.

Where Can I Buy Japanese Spitz?

three japanese spitz puppies in a basket

As we have already mentioned, the Japanese Spitz might not be so easy to find. With other dog breeds, just googling puppies for sale near my location will provide you with a lot of places to find a dog.

But, this is not the case with the Japanese Spitz puppies, since there are only a few of reputable breeders of this dog in the States. If all of these breeders are far away from you, you might need to go to their place and pick up the puppy, or you’ll need to pay additional shipping costs.

So, this dog makes a wonderful companion, but you might go through some trouble until you get to be a Japanese Spitz puppy owner!

Also, you might find many different dog breeds in shelters, both purebred and mixed dogs. However, finding a Japanese Spitz in shelter is unlikely.


Is Japanese Spitz A Good Pet?

This puppy is a good pet, and makes an excellent choice even for first time dog owners! This dog is loyal, loving, and affectionate, and adores being with its family members. It also gets along well with children, so it will be a great pet for families with kids.

This fluffy dog is made for cuddles and joint activities, but its loyalty goes so far that it might easily develop separation anxiety when its owners are not around them.

Is Japanese Spitz Noisy?

This dog might be quite noisy; it will usually bark at strangers or at any other sound they hear on their property. Although a Japanese Spitz is a small puppy, it makes an excellent watchdog who loves to protect its family.

Having a watchdog sounds great, but excessive barking might get to be quite annoying. 

This is why it is essential to train and socialize this puppy from a young age. Otherwise, you might end up with a loud barker who won’t let you, nor your neighbors, ever get a good-night sleep!

What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Japanese Spitz?

The average lifespan of a Japanese Spitz puppy is estimated at 10 to 16 years. This dog has good health, and there is a high chance that the owners will enjoy many years with this adorable puppy.

For a dog to be a part of your family for a long time, it is vital to take care of the dog’s diet, amount of exercise, socialization, and regular vet check-ups.

It is inevitable for every dog to have at least a minor health problem during their lifetime, but, with regular veterinarian visits, your dog will get help on time, even if he develops a certain medical problem.

What Are The Colors Of Japanese Spitz?

The Japanese Spitz is a white dog breed, so their coat is purely white – none other color is accepted with this dog.

So, if you see a Japanese Spitz with any other coat color, this is not a purebred dog, but rather a crossbreed.


Everybody looking for an adorable small pooch with awesome traits of a family pet will for sure fall in love with the adorable Japanese Spitz. This dog looks a lot like a Samoyed or an American Eskimo Dog, but it is a separate dog breed with its own breed standard.

However, this dog is still not recognized by the American Kennel Club as a separate breed. As we have seen, the Japanese Spitz price is quite high, and finding one of these dogs is quite a challenging task.

We believe this dog is just about to become more popular in the future, and that there will be more than just a few of this dog’s breeders in the United States.

When a future dog owner makes a decision to buy a particular dog breed, he must consider not only the initial cost for a dog, but also additional costs, such as the basic items for dog’s care, and veterinary costs.

Chances are you will not easily get a Japanese Spitz and you’ll need to spend a larger amount of money, but still, don’t get discouraged.

Maybe one of the Japanese Spitz breeders is just about to produce a new litter, and you will soon become an owner of the adorable fluffy Japanese Spitz!

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