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12 Jack Russell Terrier Colors And Patterns For Everyone

12 Jack Russell Terrier Colors And Patterns For Everyone

Jack Russell Terriers are small dogs with big, loving hearts, and fun personalities. They are outgoing and playful, fearless and loyal to the bone! What makes Jack Russell Terriers so sweet and charming are not only their beautiful puppy eyes but also their incredible coat colors.

Vivid, abundant, and bright, Jack Russell Terrier colors and patterns make this small pooch look cute as heck! They come in all sorts of shades and patterns that can be located anywhere on the body.

Jack Russell Terrier colors are important because they help you to know if a Jack Russell Terrier is purebred or not!

While major kennel clubs recognize Jack Russell Terriers in white with tan black, and/or brown markings, there are some other coat colors that we want to talk about.

It is time to dive into the brilliant world of Jack Russell Terrier colors!

Standard Jack Russell Terrier Colors

Jack Russel Terriers are purebred dogs that are lucky enough to be recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), as well as other major kennel clubs like the Canadian Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club.

These standard Jack Russell Terrier colors are not only described by the AKC, but they are found among JRT standards of the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America (JRTCA).

With great recognition come great breed standards. Jack Russell Terrier breed standards show how this dog is supposed to look, and that includes all the colors and patterns its coat is covered in!

1. White

white jack russel terrier

Photo from: @umka_blanco_jack_russell

Pure white JRT dogs may resemble Westies, and many paw lovers may mistake the two, but they are obviously not the same breed. White Jack Russell Terriers are super-rare though!

Pretty much every white Jack Russell Terrier inherits a cute black nose and very dark eyes. If you still don’t believe me, a white Jack Russell Terrier’s coat is completely white — it lacks the black and tan markings that all Jacks have.

When they are little puppies, white Jack Russell Terriers are as white as snow, but as they grow older their solid white coats change color to creamier, even yellowish shades.

Funky coat color patches can appear on white Jack Russell Terrier puppies as they grow into adult dogs.

Are Pure White Jack Russell Terriers Deaf?

A very common concern of aspiring dog owners who are searching for white dog breeds is whether or not these dogs are deaf. Well, truth be told, solid white Jack Russell Terriers may inherit deafness as most white dog breeds can.

If you are not sure why white dogs inherit deafness, I’ll give you a simple reason.

Congenital deafness in white dogs is known to occur in white Jack Russell Terriers. This health condition in all white dog breeds seems to be linked with no pigmentation in their fur and skin.

The fact that these genes are not transferred to all white Jack Russell Terrier puppies, aspiring owners should not be discouraged from getting their new pup.

If you plan to get a solid white Jack Russell Terrier puppy, then you should request a BAER test (hearing test) from your breeder or veterinarian.

Are Pure White Jack Russell Terriers Albino Dogs?

Let me just answer the question real quick — no, white Jacks are not albino dogs.

But, here’s the thing, white Jack Russell Terriers and any other colored Jackie can be born as an albino dog but it won’t have the same physical features as the white JRT.

Albino JRT puppies have pink noses that are as pale as their skin between the eyelashes and the eye. We can also see pink paw pads that look super cute. Well, they may look cute, but albino Jackies may suffer from health issues.

Albino Jackies have either no melanin or very little melanin. As a result, they are more likely to develop canine skin cancer and they should avoid long-term Sun exposure.

2. Tri-Colored

Tri-color Jack Russell Terriers

One of the most common coat colors of Jackies come in three shades which is why we call them Tri-color Jack Russell Terriers.

Tri-color Jack Russell Terriers can come in three different colorful coat variants that include combinations of white with tan or black/brown.

You may notice that many dogs from the Jack Russell Terrier breed come in tan and black coat colors. This coat color pattern has another name it goes by, that is “tan-point”.

Coat color patterns aka tan points are randomly dispersed on different parts of the Jack Russell Terrier’s body which makes each pooch unique!

Tan-point patches in Jackies can also be brown, depending on the tan-point patches of both Jack Russell Terrier parents. That said, the Jack Russell Terrier puppy can inherit the tan-point coat color pattern only if both of its parents carry that color gene.

3. Black And White

black and white jack russel

These courageous little hunting dogs typically have white bodies with black patches and markings.

Even though they are not among the spotted dog breeds like the Dalmatian, black spots of various sizes can be found on different parts of the black and white Jack Russell Terriers bodies. Comparison-wise, a Jack Russell Terrier Blue Heeler mix breed usually has a speckled or mottled coat pattern.

But, here’s a plot twist — even though we generally call them “black and white,” these Jackies are actually tri-colored pups.

I was surprised to realize that no Jack Russell Terrier puppy is going to inherit only black and white hair genes! So, are they black and white or not?

Well, they are black because the brown patches are well-hidden underneath these black patches of hair! Next time, take a closer look at a black and white Jack Russell Terrier and you will notice that brown or tan color patches are underneath the black patches.

Non-Standard Jack Russell Terrier Colors

Alongside standard Jack Russell Terrier colors, there are also the non-standard ones that are, of course, not described in the official AKC Jack Russell Terrier breed standards.

If you happen to have a Jack Russell Terrier that is colored in any of the following coat colors, then it may not be allowed to participate in AKC shows.

Chestnut And White

chestnut and white jack russell

Similar to previously described Jack Russell Terrier colors, this funky energetic dog is white with patches or markings of chestnut color.

Wondering how shorty Jack got this pigment? Well, the chestnut and light to dark brown shades in Jackies derive from black pigment genes.

For those who adore Jack Russell Terriers, brown is a very popular coat color because it can be light, dark, or chestnut in shade, so we might as well call these “brown Jack Russell Terriers”. The thing is, Jackies rarely come in a single color which makes it kind of incorrect to call them this.

The interesting thing about the chestnut pigmentation is that even the different Jack Russell Terrier mixes are going to inherit these shades.

These brown patches are frequently found on Jack Russell Terrier’s heads, but can also be found anywhere on their bodies — shoulders, back, abdomen, limbs, and so on.

Red And White

red and white jack russell

Photo from: @koda_the_jackrussell

The red color in most dog breeds is described as a shade of brown.

Red and white Jack Russell Terrier’s base coat is white with bright brownish to red coloring patches that can be found practically anywhere. But there are two signature large red patches over Jackie’s eyes that we are going to describe in depth later. Most Terrier breeds have this distinguished patch in red, brown, or black.

The red and white Jack Russell Terrier’s nose holds a signature trait — a white blaze that spreads all along the nose.

What makes this Jackie coat color pattern so distinctive is that none are an exact replica of the parents’ patterns.

Tan And White

tan and white jack russell

Photo from: @paws_with_bruno

Tan and white Jack Russell Terriers inherit signature tan markings on their cheeks and brows, similar to those in dogs that look like Dobermans.

They may also have the cutest small tan spots above their eyes which make a fancy pair of eyebrows!

The culprit behind this Jack Russell Terrier color is a red color-producing pigment that is diluted when combined with other genes, giving the skin and coat a tan hue.

Lemon And White

lemon jack russell terrier

Photo from: @lapepa_elpancho

On very rare occasions, Jack Russell Terriers like to dress up in white coats with lemon-colored patches or markings!

As with other Jack Russell Terrier colors, the majority of lemon and white Jackies have a white base coat. But, unlike others, these fox-hunting canines have lemon-colored patches that resemble golden/cream pigments. This unique JRT lemon color is similar to the one that lemon Dalmatian has!

Aside from eyes and ears, lemon-colored spots can occasionally be seen on Jack Russell Terrier’s muzzle, shoulders, abdomen, or other body parts.

The pigment that gives Jack Russells their distinctive lemon hue produces a wide range of color shades, from deep red to yellow. They include tan, tan, cream, orange, and gold.

The reason why lemon-spotted Jack Russell Terriers look like this is that they inherit a gene that weakens the primary color determined by this pigment.

What Are The Markings Of A Jack Russell Terrier?

cute jack russell terrier

We have been talking about the Jack Russell Terrier colors and markings all this time, but haven’t actually realized that some of their colored markings are located on distinctive parts of their bodies.

The time has come to describe each Jack Russell Terrier patch in depth!

Over-Eye Patches

Jackie’s over-eye patch can vary in size and shape, but it usually covers one eye or the other. Most over-eye patches in these small Terriers have an oval or round shape, but they take on any shape and form.

The color of Jack Russell Terrier’s over-eye patches is solid and usually lacks dots and spots.

Face Masks

Another type of marking is a fully colored mask on Jack Russell Terrier’s white colored face. Jack Russell Terrier’s face is colored in one color (usually white) and the rest of the body will be also white.

Jack Russell Terriers can also have streaky, multicolored face masks. The term “mask with a streak” describes a marking where the head is fully colored with a central white streak, or as some like to call it “white blaze”.

Besides Jackies, dogs like Border Collies and Boston Terriers often have this white blaze across their cute noses.

Due to their genetic makeup, Jack Russell Terriers can have dark/light brown, light/dark gray, and black face masks that are identified by a color pigment known as eumelanin.

Saddle Markings

Jack Russell Terrier dogs with saddle markings have a white body with a colored patch around the back and sides that resembles a saddle. We see these saddle markings often in German Shepherds.

Jackies with saddle markings frequently have large spots on their backs that can be of any solid color. These unique coat patterns come in a variety of sizes, forms, and hues.

If the Jack Russell dog is tricolored, the saddle markings may be one color or several different colors.

Because of large areas of white spotting, saddle markings in these high-energy dogs are not always visible.


The perfect example of a dog with a ticking coat pattern is the Bluetick Coonhound. Compared to that dog breed, ticking in Jack Russell Terriers is quite uncommon, and the majority of them don’t inherit this coat color trait.

A ticking pattern in Jack Russell Terrier’s coats is caused by a particular color gene that causes pigmentation on solid white areas of the dog’s coat.

But, here’s the catch. As Jack Russell Terrier puppies get older, the size of their ticking spots changes, and so does the shape and consistency.

Tail Spots

Tail spots are pigmented spots and markings on a Jack Russell Terrier’s tail. Jack Russell Terrier’s tail is, therefore, partially pigmented and the pigment may extend to the end of the dog’s tail.

These spots don’t only occur on the hair of Jackie’s tail, but they also color the dog’s skin. Tail spots are pretty common in Jack Russell Terriers and the color and size as the dog grows older.

What Are The Three Types Of Jack Russell Terriers?

Even though this is a small dog, the Jack Russell Terrier is a fierce fox-hunting and working Terrier that has been around for ages. What makes its hunting skills and swift movements easier is its coat type.

Jack Russell Terriers inherit short double coats that do a great job of keeping these dogs warm and snug. Their coats are not fluffy, but they provide a good amount of warmth during cold days.

Jackies are moderate shedders and most of the time, their shedding amounts can be maintained with regular grooming and a proper diet that consists of high-quality dog food.

A lot of paw lovers are not aware of the fact that Jack Russell Terriers come in three different coat types, and each serves its purpose. Here’s what I’m talking about!

Smooth Coat Type

smooth coat jack russell running

Smooth-coated Jack Russell Terriers may look smooth and sleek, but in reality, their smooth coats are a bit rough.

Smooth Jackies require only a few weekly brushes to prevent their loose hair from sticking to your clothes and furniture.

Perhaps the only downside of a Jackie with a smooth coat is that this coat type easily absorbs sebum, oil, and dirt. But, most of that buildup can be brushed away from Jackie’s smooth coat.

Like other small dog breeds, smooth-coated Jack Russell Terriers should not be bathed frequently — a bath once in a month or two is perfectly fine unless the dog gets really dirty while playing outside.

Tips On Grooming A Smooth-Coated Jack Russell Terrier

Good news for aspiring JRT owners — grooming a smooth JRT is as easy as ABC!

It is because its short coat grows in one direction.

First, do some brushing with a good ol’ brush, your JRT is going to love it! This is an important step in grooming the smooth-coated Jack Russell Terrier because it sheds its hair frequently. That said, when your smooth-coated Jackie gets into its shedding season, you must make sure to brush it every day.

Although the smooth coat type of a Jack Russell Terrier is easy to maintain, it does not easily warm up the JRT pup.

Compared to other Jackie coat types, the short smooth coat does not provide this high energy level pooch with warmth during colder days and you might want to invest in a fancy Jackie sweater.

Rough Coat Type

rough coat jack russell terrier

A rough-coated Jack Russell looks a bit wiry, similar to wiry Rat Terrier mixes.

These funky canines are distinguished by their long, wiry hair, which is typically rough to the touch.

The wiry hair of a rough-coated Jack Russell Terrier can grow in all possible directions which makes this pup even cuter. It can also grow to different lengths which is why some JRT owners trim excess fur.

Due to the fact that rough-coated Jack Russell Terriers have longer hairs above their eyes and on their head in general, a tiny bit of trimming will do the trick to keep your JRT’s eyes safe and ears clean.

You can call rough-coated Jack Russell Terriers wire-haired due to their wiry coat type.

In contrast to smooth-coated Jack Russell Terriers, wiry Jackies are lucky because this coat type serves as a barrier against harsh weather conditions.

Tips On Grooming A Rough-Coated Jack Russell Terrier

Although Rough-coated Jack Russell Terriers do not require much brushing, they are long-haired JRTs that require yearly fur stripping, something we see in big dogs with wiry coats like Irish Wolfhounds.

Other than that, rough-coated Jack Russell Terriers require minimal trimming and snipping. You must pay attention to long hairs that can grow over rough-coated Jack Russell Terrier’s eyes.

Broken Coat Type

broken coat type jack russell

Both the smooth coat and the rough coat can be found in a broken coat. However, they might have a beard and eyebrows! A broken coat in JRT is short, unlike that of a rough-coated JRT pup.

The easiest way to describe the broken coat type — it is a combination of smooth and wiry coat types.

Now, the broken-coated Jack Russell Terrier pup inherits a very sturdy coat that protects them from the elements. Additionally, the broken coat is shorter than the wiry one which gives the appearance of a smooth coat.

However, the length of a broken coat can vary from one Jack Russell dog to another, depending on genetics.

Tips On Grooming A Broken-Coated Jack Russell Terrier

When compared to grooming a smooth-coated and rough-coated Jack Russell Terrier, grooming a broken-coated Jack Russell Terrier requires extra effort.

Alongside hand stripping, rough-coated Jackies require regular brushing and occasional visits to the groomer’s.

Is The Jack Russell Terrier Recognized By The AKC?

The Jack Russell Terrier’s popularity exceeds all borders because this pup took the United States by storm! And yes, it is recognized by the AKC but this breed has a history of changing names!

With its roots set in England, the Jack Russell Terrier is widely known around this country and it has been recognized by the United Kennel Club (UKC).

The Parson Russell Terrier was the modern JRT’s name that was used in England before it was recognized by the AKC.

In 2016 the UKC decided to change the Parson Russell Terrier’s name to the Jack Russell Terrier.

Do Jack Russell Terriers Come In Black?

Technically, no, unless they are mixed with other dog breeds. Purebred Jack Russell Terriers have a solid white coat base with various patterns, but none come in solid black coat color.

Who could have guessed that the first breeder to develop the Jack Russell Terrier breed was called Reverend John Russell, right? Yeah, the name gives it off!

He figured a hunting dog needed to have a striking appearance so that it can be easier to distinguish this dog from prey while out hunting.

That said, black Jack Russell Terriers would not be suitable for the hunting environment like those with white coats.

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Jack Russell Terriers are versatile working dogs that have the ability to do all kinds of tasks. What helps them in achieving their doggie goals are their coats.

Besides various Jack Russell Terrier colors, their coat types add to their unique appearance and serve to protect them from various weather conditions.

To maintain the intensity of Jack Russell Terrier colors, as well as the density of its coat, owners should invest in high-quality dog food because that’s what makes Jackie’s coat shiny and healthy. Other than that, frequent grooming is a must because even though their coats are short, they can get tangled.

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