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Tips And Tricks On How To Get Dogs Unstuck During Mating

Tips And Tricks On How To Get Dogs Unstuck During Mating

Dogs getting stuck? I know, it is quite an awkward topic to talk about! Imagine how awkward it is for the two dogs that got stuck. Embarrassing, right? Embarrassing or not, dogs getting stuck is a common part of the mating process. It does not have to happen every time dogs mate, but once it happens, everyone becomes worried.

So, even though it is a natural process, many owners and breeders get worried when their dogs are tied together for a while. The first question that pops up to mind is How to get dogs unstuck after mating?”. There are many answers to this question, but there are many split opinions on them.

Some professional breeders say that you should help your dogs get unstuck, while others urge you to leave them be and let them untie naturally.

If you are a dog owner or a breeder who is having second thoughts about how to get dogs unstuck, we are here to help you out.

We are going to shed some light on this awkward, yet interesting topic.

How To Get Dogs Unstuck: Uncovering The Mystery

Before we dive into explaining how to get dogs unstuck, let’s ask ourselves “how do they get stuck in the first place?”

I mean, this seems so odd that many people can’t even believe that two dogs get stuck during the mating process.

The copulatory tie often happens during the first time mating, but it can happen in any other mating attempt.

When male dogs show signs that they want to mate, then there is little you can do to prevent them from mating (if they run away). The next thing you see is your male dog stuck to the neighbor’s female dog. So, what to do now?

First thing’s first, you should read more about why dogs initially get stuck together when mating. Understanding this natural process will help you take action if necessary.

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Why Do Dogs Get Stuck Together When Mating?

two cute chihuahuas are mating

The answer is very simple. Similar to human reproductive organs, a male dog’s penis is made out of cavernous tissue. This is described as hollow tissue that is filled with blood vessels.

When the male dog’s penis gets filled with blood, it swells up. Once it is inside a female dog’s vagina, that swelling causes it to get stuck. This is a short explanation.

If we were to go into details, we’d have to describe what happens in both female and male dogs during the copulatory tie.

How Does The Copulatory Tie Happen?

When you think about it, the copulatory tie is a pretty interesting natural process that occurs in dogs. It may look silly at first, but it is a very complex process in which various metabolic and physical activities take place.

For example, for the copulatory tie to happen, both dogs must show signs that they want to mate. That said, female dogs must be in the right phase of their heat cycle. Moreover, for the copulatory tie to happen, both dogs must be intact, of course.

In general, dog behavior is very complex and as a dog owner, you must know your dog’s body language to figure out whether or not it is ready to mate.

Additionally, paying attention to its tail position around other dogs will help you understand if it is searching for a mate.

What Happens In Female Dogs

Let’s begin with female dogs. When in heat, female dogs exhibit specific behavior, very different from their usual. Some may be reluctant, reserved, and even aggressive towards male dogs because they are not ready for fertilization. In other words, such female dogs are in their proestrus phase., which is the first stage of your female dog’s heat cycle.

Contrary to that, other female dogs won’t cause much ruckus. It all depends on which stage of the heat cycle a female dog is in.

If the female dog is in her estrus phase, then her chances of pregnancy are higher because she is ovulating (fertile period).

You see, when female dogs are ready to mate, not only does their behavior change, but their reproductive organ (vagina) also goes through changes. From swollen vulva, and frequent urination, to clear discharge, an intact female dog’s vagina is “preparing” for mating.

In addition to changes in vaginal tissue, the female dog may start to hump all of a sudden.

Note that after mating, female dogs in heat may change their behavior and become either lethargic or a bit feisty.

What Happens In Male Dogs

When it comes to male dogs, their mating behavior is more pronounced than that of female dogs. In addition to them losing their mind to canine ladies, male dogs tend to jump off fences to search for love! When he meets the love of his life, the male dog does not waste a second — he gets straight to the business.

The tie phenomenon or commonly known as “knotting” is a final stage of the mating process when the male dog’s penis is inside the female dog’s vagina. As we previously described, the male dog’s penis swells and gets stuck inside.

There is a part of the male dog’s penis, called “bulbus glandis” which is the main culprit behind the copulatory tie. Bulbus glandis are glands that are located on both sides of the male dogs’ penis and they can swell up.

When bulbus glandis are swollen, mating dogs get stuck together in this copulatory tie.

Now, the swelling does not happen until ejaculation. Male dogs don’t get stuck straight away, in the first stage of the mating process. It happens after 10 or 25 minutes and marks the final stage of the mating process. That said, it can take more than 25 minutes for dogs to get unstuck.

How Long Does It Take For Dogs To Unstick?

two dogs stand glued to each other

Okay, let’s not panic here. The copulatory tie in dogs is a natural process — it can happen even if you supervise the two dogs mating. For the most part, mating dogs can be in this tricky, knotting situation for as little as 5 and as long as 45 minutes.

In some cases, this can last up to two hours. It depends on the health of both dogs, as well as whether or not there are any environmental stressors that may be causing them anxiety.

It also depends on whether or not the dogs are mating for the first time. First-time mating can be quite tricky for a male dog, as well as for a female dog.

So, when you have two inexperienced dogs that are not sure what they are doing, chances are that they will get stuck during the mating process.

Again, don’t worry too much about it. Most of the time dogs are able to unstick on their own. If you notice that the pair is stuck even after an hour or two, then it is time to intervene.

What Should You Do If Two Dogs Are Stuck Together?


The best and safest thing you should first do is watch over both dogs that seem to be in a copulatory tie. Don’t make a fuss about it. Just stay calm and see what will happen.

There may be another reason why dogs are tied like this: environmental changes, stress, anxiety, and hormonal imbalance.

But, most of the time this is not the case because the copulatory tie is a result of two dogs in heat. Prior to mating, you may have noticed your male dog humping the air or showing other signs of arousal. These are usually some of the first signs your dog needs to be neutered.

Remove Stressors

Female or male dogs may become anxious or scared because of their surroundings. So, they get stiff and their muscles constrict making the copulatory tie even stronger and harder to untie.

Make sure to remove all environmental stressors (if there are any) that may be causing your dogs to feel this way.

Depending on how both dogs are feeling, you may pet them to help them relax. But, it is best not to interfere and let it go away naturally.


Aside from observing, it is best to wait for mating dogs to get unstuck naturally. You can do a lot of damage to both dogs if you try to separate them by force. Not only can you rip the reproductive organ’s delicate tissue, but you can also frighten the dogs which can make them stiffer.

Be patient and wait, the copulatory tie in dogs usually subdues on its own, within the first 45 minutes after ejaculation.

How Do You Get Dogs Unstuck?

You don’t! No, seriously, you don’t.

You can not pull two mating dogs apart. Unless you want to hurt your dogs which I know you don’t want to.

The copulatory tie is as strong as their love, and there is nothing that you can do about it! Well, at that moment at least.

But, you can take some preventive measures such as spaying or neutering procedures. It is better to prevent the copulatory tie by preventing the two dogs from mating. However, once it happens, the best thing to do is to simply leave them alone.

What Do You Need To Do Before You Pull Apart Stuck Dogs?

two dogs stand on the sidewalk glued to each other

You need to call your vet and ask him or her for advice. Every professional and experienced veterinarian will tell you that you should not pull apart stuck dogs because you can cause them a lot of pain.

Alongside tissue trauma, there is no guarantee that you will prevent unwanted pregnancy from happening. Also, the copulatory tie does not guarantee that the dog’s pregnancy will occur.

What Is The Best Way To Get Dogs Unstuck?

If you notice that your dogs are stuck for longer than an hour, then it is time to intervene by calling your veterinarian.

I can’t say that there is a “best way” to get two dogs unstuck, because you can really hurt both mating dogs if you try to intervene.

But, they can hurt themselves too if the copulatory tie continues over an hour or so.

Experienced dog breeders have probably been through this a couple of times so they will tell you how they get two dogs unstuck. However, it is best that you seek advice from a reliable veterinarian.

Can You Pull Apart Stuck Dogs?

Technically, you can, but you should not. Due to the fact that the copulatory tie is a natural process and it serves to assure that fertilization occurs, there is no need to interrupt it at all costs.

So, the copulatory tie between two dogs has a natural purpose as it increases the chances of pregnancy.

When two dogs get stuck like this, it is the last stage of their mating process, so it is not recommended to try to pull them apart.

Even if you are not into dog breeding or if you are simply not planning to have puppies, pulling apart stuck dogs increases the chance of them getting seriously hurt. In this case, it is better to leave them be and deal with unwanted pregnancy later on.

Yet again, the copulatory tie does not necessarily mean that fertilization will occur and that the female dog will become pregnant. Especially if the female dog is not in her fertile period.

What Should You Do In The Meantime?

Take a chill pill and stop panicking, really. When you notice that the two dogs are stuck together, don’t rush to separate them. Just observe them and call your veterinarian to explain the situation. Trust me, all vets know about this “problem” all too well and they will let you know what to do.

You can try to calm your dog to help it loosen up a bit, but it is best to leave both of them alone.

But, don’t keep them out of sight. If your female dog suddenly flips out, she can tear herself from the male dog and cause both of them genital injuries which can lead to reproductive disorders. Make sure to be there if it happens, so you can call your veterinarian immediately.

That said, let’s get you prepared for possible dangers that can occur if two tied dogs are suddenly pulled apart.

Dangers Of Pulling Apart Two Stuck Dogs

two dogs are mating in the garden

Okay, so we know that dogs can get hurt if you try to pull them apart. But, how do they get hurt? What happens if you try to pull them apart?

Well, there are a couple of genital disorders that can occur if you forcefully try to pull apart two dogs. I know that these medical terms seem difficult to read, but they are very easy to understand.

Moreover, all of these can occur in humans as well, so I believe that it is going to be an interesting read.

Orchitis And Epididymitis In Male Dogs

Or- what? Epididy..What?!

Alright, let’s make it simple. Canine orchitis is a term for inflammation of testicles A.K.A. family jewels, A.K.A. balls. Now, one or both testicles can be inflamed, depending on the cause.

Epididymitis in dogs stands for inflammation of the epididymis, which is a tube that is located at the back of the dog’s testicle. Its main purpose is to store and transfer sperm.

So, orchitis and epididymitis in dogs usually occur after genital injury, which can be caused by pulling apart two dogs. In addition to injuries, inflammation of testicles and the sperm-transferring tube can also be caused by a bacterial or viral infection.

In most cases, the male dogs are in pain and their scrotum is inflamed, red, and swollen. You may also notice a bunch of wounds or cuts. The permanent solution for this problem is castration/neutering because you are getting rid of the inflamed tissue.

However, if you want to keep your male dog intact, then the best option is to administer antibiotics if the inflammation is caused by bacteria.

If it is due to an immune response, then dietary changes, supplements, and immunosuppressants should be administered. Because this treatment proved to be often unsuccessful, the best solution to this health problem is to have your dog neutered.

Balanoposthitis In Male Dogs

Next up, is another funky word “Balanoposthitis” which is basically when a male dog’s penis and preputium (the skin surrounding it) get inflamed. A fancier way to say this is:

“Balanoposthitis is the inflammation of the male dog’s penile and/or preputial mucosa”. It can result from penile trauma, as well as from bacterial overgrowth.

Balanoposthitis in dogs looks pretty bad and it is quite painful. The penile tissue is bright red and swollen, which causes a lot of discomfort to the male dog.

So, it is no wonder that Balanoposthitis is one of the major concerns why breeders and dog owners don’t want to separate two dogs that are stuck in a copulatory tie.

Paraphimosis In Male Dogs

Perhaps the most common injury when suddenly separating two stuck dogs is paraphimosis in male dogs.

This condition usually happens after a male dog’s erection persists after ejaculation. So, what happens is that a male dog’s penis can not get back into the preputial cavity which literally leaves it hanging. Alongside pulling apart the male dog during the copulatory tie, the reason behind paraphimosis can also be genetic, because the preputial opening can be too small in some dog breeds.

The main culprit is the preputial skin which does not let the male dog’s penis get back inside the preputium. That way, the skin surrounding the male dog’s erect penis disrupts the blood flow because it basically traps the blood inside the penis, leaving it erect.

Because the male dog’s penis is exposed for extended periods of time, it can become dry, swollen, and inflamed. That said, paraphimosis in male dogs requires immediate veterinary care.

Don’t ignore this issue because the longer you wait the more serious it becomes.

Vaginal Bleeding In Female Dogs

Vaginal bleeding in female dogs is a natural occurrence during the proestrus stage. But, I want to talk about abnormal vaginal bleeding in female dogs after they get unstuck from the copulatory tie.

Female dog vaginal bleeding after mating can be profuse and extensive. It is most likely due to vaginal trauma and injury when the female dog suddenly unsticks from the male dog.

Additionally, vaginal bleeding in female dogs may be caused by canine vaginitis which is the inflammation of the vagina. However, this may not occur straight after the mating process.

It is important to pay attention to your dog’s vaginal health and seek veterinary care if you notice that your female dog is bleeding profusely after mating.

What Are Some Tips To Help Dogs Get Unstuck?

The best way to help dogs get unstuck is to prevent them from getting there in the first place. If you are wondering “How can I stop my dog from getting stuck?” here are a bunch of helpful tips and tricks:

• Neuter your male dog. If you do not want to have your male dog go through a surgical procedure, then you can ask your vet about chemical castration.

• Spay your female dog to prevent unwanted pregnancy, as well as decrease the chances of ovarian, and breast cancer.

• If you are planning puppies, check your female dog’s progesterone levels regularly to ensure higher chances of pregnancy.

• Purchase dog panties in your local pet store. This way you will prevent your female dog from getting pregnant — dog panties are the physical barrier! But, you will still have to deal with weird dog behavior.

• If you see two dogs stuck in a copulatory tie, do not intervene immediately. See if they will separate themselves. If the copulatory tie lasts more than 45 minutes, call your veterinarian.

• Do not try to physically separate the two dogs, you will only hurt them.


Whether you are a professional breeder, a first-time dog owner, or an experienced dog owner, you have probably heard or seen two dogs getting stuck together.

You may have not put much thought into this natural process before, but once it has happened to your dog, you rushed to find the answer to how to get dogs unstuck“.

That’s what good dog owners do — they strive to find the solution to every problem their pooch gets themselves into.

As a dog owner and a veterinarian, I would advise you to stay calm and let your dogs get themselves out of this.

Only intervene if the copulatory tie lasts longer or you notice that one of the dogs forcefully separated themselves. And that’s how to get dogs unstuck!

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