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Goldendoodles LOVE These 9 Things

Goldendoodles LOVE These 9 Things

There are a plethora of things Goldendoodles love. This designer breed is known for its broad spectrum of qualities, which is why Goldendoodles are one of the most popular mixed breeds in the world.

They’re easy for first-time dog owners, which is why many enthusiasts chose these pooches exactly to be their first pet. 

But, what do they love the most? How do you make them happy? And, what do you focus on when getting a Goldendoodle? All of these things should be priority number one when deciding on whether to make a Goldendoodle your new pet or not.

This way, you will know exactly what to expect out of your new puppy, and whether or not this is the right breed for you.

Things Goldendoodles Love

goldendoodle puppy playing with a ball

Goldendoodles come from what appears to be the best family dogs in the world. Both Goldies and Poodles are known for their impeccable character and affectionate nature. 

Consequently, their offspring, the Goldendoodle, happens to be the same or even better, given the fact that the intention of breeders was to combine only the best out of these two breeds.

Due to their high-energy temperament and, at the same time, kind and friendly nature – we can say with certainty that these pooches love owner-related activities. But, how many activities can you handle is the right question prior to purchasing one for yourself.

Check out this list and see whether this hybrid dog is the right choice for you!

1. Spending Time With Their Family

There’s one thing Goldendoodles and lap dogs have in common – both just love spending time together with their family! That’s right. These pooches are designed to serve, work, rest, train, and even sleep next to their owner.

Neglecting their indoor lifestyle is one of the worst things that you can do. This breed doesn’t do good as an outdoor dog, which is why you should never buy a Goldendoodle if you’re not planning on keeping it indoors.

Otherwise, you can make things worse and deal with separation anxiety, stress, trauma, self-destruction, and even aggression.

2. Being Mentally Challenged

It is no secret that both of the Goldendoodle’s parents qualify among the smartest dog breeds in the word. That being said, you can expect your puppy to be extremely intelligent and intuitive.

Due to their exquisite intelligence, these pooches just love being mentally challenged. They don’t enjoy simple paw-to-hand tasks, which is why you need to be extremely creative and committed while making the best out of your Goldendoodle.

Mental stimulation can be done throughout various activities. Dog games are the number one activity any first-time Goldendoodle owner should try. Hide and seek, dog puzzles, frisbee fetching, and chasing prey are just some that you can try at home or in a dog park.

An interactive dog playground is another tool to help you challenge your dog. Additionally, you can use various dog toys to spice the game up!

3. Going On An Adventure

goldendoodle dog in the park

You’ve read that right! Both male and female Goldendoodles are extremely adventurous dogs that just love accompanying their owner in all sorts of activities. In fact, being on an adventure is one of the most common things Goldendoodles love.

That being said, it is no surprise for this breed to enjoy an occasional trip outside the house or even outside the state! These pooches are true wanderers that just love making new friends or having new experiences.

They are not necessarily attached to one place, which is why having a Goldendoodle as a pet allows you to move frequently and not to worry about their anxiety.

If you’re planning on visiting a new city or a new country soon – don’t hesitate… hurry up and get your new Goldendoodle a passport!

4. Hiking

Neglecting their sporting character is a mistake as these dogs are a highly active breed by default. They just love spending time outdoors (possibly on an adventure), which is why taking them hiking with you is an excellent choice!

Aside from using interactive dog toys or dog playgrounds at your home – you should always bear in mind that Goldendoodles are not made to be full-time stay-at-home dogs.

Instead, always bear in mind that these pooches will prefer to accompany you on a hike rather than laying down on a couch the whole day.

5. Dog Parks

Aside from their athletic potential, one of the things that makes these pooches the best Doodle breed is their friendly attitude. Having a Goldendoodle in your home is the last thing to prevent you from getting another dog as these pooches just love having company!

That being said, going to a dog park is probably the favorite part of their day. While meeting a new dog is such a traumatic experience for many dog breeds, this isn’t the case with Goldendoodles.

Quite the contrary – these dogs easily adjust to all kinds of circumstances, which is why having one, two, or three dogs aside from your Goldendoodle in a house won’t be an issue.

By the same logic – these pooches love spending time in dog parks where they can interact with new dogs. However, you should be careful when introducing your Doodle to another dog as these canines generally don’t anticipate a hostile attitude and they easily get in trouble.

6. Complex Tasks

young goldendoodle bitting and playing with a toy

Not only are German Shepherds bred for complex tasks! That’s right! This is also the specialty of Goldendoodles, even though these pooches are not naturally search-and-rescue nor police dogs.

Taking into account their high intelligence, these pooches are perfect for complex training, such as army crawling, waiting, standing tall, or spinning.

It’s not the thrill of complexity that makes them drive, though! They just love being rewarded for a successfully performed task, which is why we can say with certainty that they love performing complex tasks in order to bond with their owner even more!

Positive reinforcement techniques in this regard are highly encouraged. Instead of using harsh training methods, try to pet, praise, and reward! Trust me… it will work!

7. Babysitting

You would be surprised by how much these dogs are attached to small children and newborn babies! Yes, they and their parents are naturally labeled as the least aggressive dogs in the world, but it is the bond between children and them that we are talking about.

Given their natural parental instinct, Goldendoodles are perfect babysitters! They love spending time around babies and taking care of them. On the other hand, they show zero jealousy around babies, which is why they are free to even sleep close to them.

However, prior to leaving your baby alone with a Goldendoodle, you still need to socialize and obedience train your dog just to make sure.

8. A spacious Home

Unlike some lazy dog breeds, these pooches will most likely be frustrated with a small home. They don’t do well in small apartments or studios, which is why Goldendoodles are perfect for families that live in the country.

These puppies just love having tons of space for free movement. They like exploring things, running around, jumping, and frolicking, even by themselves. 

That being said, you should rethink buying a Goldendoodle if you don’t have a spacious home to offer. Or, you can compensate! 

9. Dog Sports

goldendoodle playing with a toy in the park

If you have purchased a Goldendoodle that comes from a working line instead of a showline – you’re on the right track to making a sporting machine out of your dog!

These dogs are easily trained for dog sports as they are naturally intelligent, active, and adaptable. All these things are required if you’re planning on competing with your Goldendoodle.

This, however, is not an easy job, despite this dog breed’s qualities. Training a dog for competing in AKC competitions or in other dog shows requires plenty of time, sacrifice, commitment, and patience.

Otherwise, it’s a lost cause, even for extremely smart Goldendoodles!


There are a plethora of things Goldendoodles love. But, not all of these dogs are universally attached to the same things. In order to get to know your Goldendoodle in depth, you need time and experience.

Still, these nine things are a proven recipe for first-time Goldendoodle owners. You can try each of these things on this list (or at least some) to see whether your puppy is a true Goldendoodle soul. If yes – good! If not – don’t be discouraged! You still have a long way to go, and the fun may be just around the corner!

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