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Giant Poodles Are Giant-Hearted Canines For All Family Types

Giant Poodles Are Giant-Hearted Canines For All Family Types

You have probably seen the video, or the pictures of a little Japanese girl Mame with her adorable, giant Poodle, Riku. That’s right. That’s the picture you’re looking at right now!

While many people would assume that Giant Poodles are just another intimidating, giant breed given their looks, that’s far from being the truth.

They’re nothing but sweet, gentle and considerate dogs whose presence is highly appreciated in all family types. 

But how big are we talking about here? Are giant Poodles, indeed, giants? And what else do they do besides being nice and fluffy doggo pillows on Sunday afternoons? 

Don’t worry! If there’s one thing I’m certain about, it’s that these pooches have multiple purposes. Here’s a little peak!

Have You Ever Seen One?

a man sits on a couch with two Giant Poodles
Source: YouTube

Before we cut to the core, let’s make a brief clarification. These giant pooches can’t be considered as a separate breed, as they belong to the standard group of Poodles by default. 

Typically, giant Poodles are not the most popular type. In fact, as a subcategory of the standard Poodle, these gentle giants appear rarely, and their unordinary size exclusively depends on genetics.

But how big do they get?

An average giant Poodle reaches up to 25 to 30 inches in height, while its size varies between 85 and 95 pounds

The good news is that they’re actually not that hard to distinguish, as giant Poodles are easily separable from their standard counterparts, even by the untrained eye. In other words – they’re pretty big!

Still, this particular subcategory doesn’t qualify among the tallest breeds in the world, so don’t expect a giant Poodle to be as intimidatingly tall as a Scottish Deerhound, a Borzoi or an Irish Wolfhound.

Royalty, Circus And Water-Retrieving, But Family Comes First

Giant Poodle sitting on the couch
Source: Pinterest

They might be giants, but they still do what all Poodles do. Throughout history, these German/French canines were mostly used as water retrievers and hunters. Okay, not typical hunters, but rather hunting companions that were helping in retrieving shot “trophies” from water.

After all, their original name – “Podelin” is a German word that stands for “a splash in the water.” And if we really dig deep into their history – we will see that they’re also called Caniche in France, which originally means “a duck dog”, according to the American Kennel Club.

But that’s not even the most interesting thing about them. Did you know that Poodles also serve as circus dogs, even today? That’s right! They might be hunting buddies, but they sure know how to have fun. And how to obey!

Still, at the end of the day, all they think about is their family. Sure, they can be about glamour and spotlights when needed, but giant Poodles are nothing but sweet, loyal, and carrying family dogs. And that’s where they belong.

They Don’t Mind Being Fashionable, Too

Giant Poodles pose
Source: Pinterest

Let’s be honest. Have you ever seen a non-fashionable Poodle, because I know I haven’t. These dogs are just born to be stars, and that’s how they behave. 

Both solid-colored and parti-colored Poodles have a naturally exquisite body posture, which isn’t the result of some hard work. Quite the opposite – it comes with the breed.

You can have your own fun in this regard, too. Given that Poodles have a curly, medium to long-haired coat, they’re susceptible to various haircuts

You can either subject them to professional groomers, which will probably take a lot of money, or try fashioning them on your own. But I would rather choose the first option, especially if you’re not quite sure how to handle them.

Giant Poodles Are No Amusement Ponies, Or Are They?

The Giant Poodle sits next to the boy
Source: Pinterest

If you have a big family with small kids around, let me give you some amazing news! Giant Poodles are perfect nannies. One of their greatest traits is their natural tolerance, which is why they won’t mind being occasionally mounted by a toddler, or even pulled by their tail.

Poodles know perfectly how to handle kids. They enjoy their company as much as they enjoy simple walks in dog parks or playing mind games. In a way, kids represent a solid mind game for these giants, which is why they enjoy them so much.

And the cherry on top – they’re not aggressive towards their family, even for one bit. According to Blackshaw1, this breed rates relatively low on the list of aggressive breeds. In comparison to Rotties, Heelers or even Labs, Poodles are practically harmless.

Need A Walking Companion – You Got One

a man walks with Giant Poodles on a leash
Source: Pinterest

If you have a sporting spirit or you just happen to love occasional city walks, or nature hikes – you’re gonna love giant Poodles! They may not be as durable as some other German breeds, but their stamina is quite respectable.

A Poodle will never say no to a walk. In fact, if you miss out on giving your pet its daily treat exercise-wise, it will protest! To avoid self-destruction, I advise you to take them out for at least forty minutes every day.

That doesn’t necessarily have to be a walk. Poodles will settle for some frolicking in a dog park or in your own backyard. That’s really up to you!

Bring Your Friends Over, Hooman

Giant Poodle is sitting at the table
Source: Pinterest

The good thing about these four-legged giants is that Poodles love company! Aside from being one of the easiest breeds to potty train, Poodles are also easy to socialize. They love spending time in big crowds and getting a lot of attention on a daily basis.

That’s why you don’t need to shy away from bringing your friends and family over, as Poodles will love them! 

Still, the best thing that you can do for your pet is to provide it with early socialization training. That way you will make sure your puppy doesn’t get stressed out from loud noises or improper human approach.

They Will Therapize For Free

A Giant Poodle sits on the floor while a man hugs him
Source: Pinterest

Who needs a therapist next to a Poodle, right? Well, this statement is not so far from the truth. As much as they love hanging out when times are good, they will definitely stick around when times are bad. They’re not categorized among the best family dogs without a reason!

Nowadays, we have a plethora of Poodle dogs that help people with difficulties. Some are even used in hospitals as regular service and therapy dogs.

Rethink Having A Giant Poodle If…

You Live In A Studio

Giant Poodle stretches to the window
Source: Pinterest

No matter how enthusiastic about having this dog you are, having a giant Poodle in a small apartment or a studio would be a huge mistake. They’re simply not made for living in narrow places or small homes.

It’s not always about their size, but about their physical needs. Like all standard Poodles, these giants love spreading their legs and having space for themselves. And they can’t do that in a studio.

You Don’t Have Time To Properly Plan Their Diet

They’re big boys and girls, but giant Poodles do require a carefully designed feeding chart. Without one, they easily gain weight and develop conditions like gastric dilatation volvulus.

Excessive weight gain can go in other directions, too. Puppies that have a natural tendency of developing hip dysplasia might deal with obesity a lot harder than properly fed canines. 

Inability to move at full capacity, lethargy, or total loss of energy could be just some of the symptoms. 

You’re Away Too Much

a woman holds a Giant Poodle in her arms
Source: Pinterest

The thing about giant Poodles is that many people think that they’re a lot more independent than their miniature or toy counterparts.

That’s just not the truth. These gentle giants require as much attention as all other Poodles. And they can get pretty clingy, too! 

So, if you’re thinking about getting one for yourself, my honest advice would be to revise your daily schedule first. If you’re just way too busy or you’re away a lot – it would be the best to try with a more independent breed.

Final Thoughts

They might be rare to see, but falling in love with giant Poodles is quite easy. These big-hearted dogs are simply made to be loved, as they give tons of love in return.

If you don’t already have one in your home, getting this breed would be a great choice if you’re planning to go to distance. 

Singles and families, sportsmen and people who prefer a casual lifestyle, first-time owners and experienced ones – it really doesn’t matter. Giant Poodles adapt in no time.

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