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Top 5 German Shepherd Breeders In New York

Top 5 German Shepherd Breeders In New York

There comes a time in the life of every dog lover when they decide to adopt a pet. If you’re like me, and care about German Shepherds a lot, you probably have thought about adopting one in the future.

Let’s be honest: German Shepherds are superstars of the canine kingdom in many ways. But, it’s not about finding a puppy. It’s about finding a good breeder who takes care of their litters properly.

Finding good, reliable German Shepherd breeders in New York is pretty hard. I’ve come across many puppy mills, pet shops, and unreliable people during my search for the best of the best.

The pool of breeders in this state may be shallow, but at least we’ve got several excellent sources!

Want to see which are the top breeders in New York? Let’s dig into the matter together!

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In New York

Your struggle has come to an end! Instead of spending days, maybe even months searching for the right breeder, you can simply go through this article and find the best reputable breeders in the state of New York.

1. Vom Haus Schutz German Shepherds K9.

cute german shepherd puppy

In a shallow pool of GSD breeders in New York state, one name stands out the most. Of our five chosen breeders, Vom Haus Schutz German Shepherds is my number 1 choice for their extraordinary approach to breeding working-class GSDs.

All of their doggos are from European imports. The breeder has been loving and handling German Shepherds all of his life. In fact, the entire family participates in raising top-quality pups.

This ensures that the puppies are socialized completely. What’s curious is that Vom Haus Shepherds all live together no matter if they’re fixed or not. The point is, all dogs are under control, and there are no behavioral issues or unwanted pregnancies.

Vom Haus GSDs have a really high alert drive, making them the finest guardians in this state and wider. They will protect the breeder at all costs. The breeder trains them so they can be put under control with one simple command. It’s like there’s a button to push in order for them to behave nicely.

Since this is a breeder whose dogs have a lineage from Europe, Pohranicni Straze kennel, in the Chec Republic, to be precise, you can expect a high price. For pups without breeding rights, you will need to pay $2,800.

Dogs with full breeding rights cost more. You will need around $3,500 or even more.

Vom Haus has five to seven litters every year. Their puppies are ready for adoption when they turn two months old.

I’d say it’s pretty worth waiting to get a Vom Haus German Shepherd puppy. They cost more, but they offer more, too!

Breeder’s details


Address: Pine Bush, New York 12566

Phone: (845) 283-3229

Email: [email protected]

Social media: Facebook

2. Stoverhaus German Shepherds.

four german shepherd puppies looking over the fence

Noel, from Stoverhaus German Shepherds, will make sure you’re matched with your new best friend, not just a family pet. At Stoverhaus, they strive to make each new litter a whole lot better than the previous one.

This breeder is proud of their European imports. And, let me tell you something: buyers, supporters, and dog lovers really appreciate their bloodlines.

Stoverhaus German Shepherds aren’t only good working dogs, they’re also exceptional examples of the breed that are ready to compete in dog shows. So, no matter what you need, you’ll find it at Stoverhaus.

Noel is always open for questions about her puppies. They all live together in a family home surrounded by nature where they spend lots of time playing and exploring.

I wouldn’t dwell on this breeder for a second as they’re considered one of NYC’s finest sources for our puppies of the day – German Shepherds!

Breeder’s details

Website: Stoverhaus German Shepherds

Phone: +1 516-250-5269

Email: [email protected]

Social media: Facebook

3. New York Canine.

german shepherd and its puppy

I love small, home-based breeders. I always recommend checking them out first. That’s why this breeder has found its way on this list of the best German Shepherd breeders in New York.

Generally speaking, this state has plenty to offer. It isn’t only about the Big Apple. How familiar are you with New York’s nature? Once you see the wonderful Hudson Valley, you’ll want to move there.

Jeanette, from New York Canine, sure appreciates where she lives. Hidden in the Valley, on several acres, lies her home, which she shares with her favorite pups – German Shepherds!

For her entire life, Jeanette has been focused on this dog breed. The love for dogs was transferred to her from her father, who was a well-renowned dog trainer ever since 1934.

Jeanette is focused on raising high-quality imports from Europe. Her dogs belong to a working line, which means they’re more than capable of executing tasks with the highest possible quality.

Besides breeding puppies, Jeanette is an expert in dog training and rehabilitation. Even if you don’t get a puppy from her, you can still bring your GSD in for training lessons. You will leave completely satisfied.

Jeanette’s German Shepherds are not only hard workers, but they’re also tremendous therapy dogs. Just imagine how good of pets they are!

Breeder’s details

Website: New York Canine

Address: 945 Rt 211 W, Middletown, New York 10940

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (845) 386-5005

Social media: Facebook

4. Peakes Brook Shepherds.

german shepherd in a field

Ever since the mid 1990s, Peakes Brook Shepherds has been breeding GSDs with one purpose only: to improve this wonderful dog breed!
Their lifetime commitment to German Shepherds has resulted in their title of being the AKC Breeder of Merit.

Peakes Brook is also a member of the German Shepherd Club of America.

What’s interesting about this breeder is that they breed only show-quality German Shepherd dogs. This means you will have to pay some more, even though you want only a buddy. Still, I wouldn’t mind saving up some extra money in order to get their paws in my hand. They’re really worth the wait!

Peakes Brook German Shepherds come with a puppy starter package, which is always a lovely touch. You will get their pedigree certifications, as well as American Kennel Club registration paperwork and some photos of the GSD puppy growing up.

You don’t have to worry about health issues with these pups as they all come with certifications; for example, OFA.

The Peakes Brook breeder also offers useful information on dog socialization, and insists that each puppy passes their obedience lessons. In addition, the pups are crate trained and checked by their vet before being put up for adoption.

Whether you want a conformation-quality GSD or simply a family companion, Peakes Brook is the way to go.

Breeder’s details

Website: Peakes Brook German Shepherds

Phone: 607-746-8182

Email: [email protected]

5. Gale I. Dinces LLC.

german shepherd lies in autumn wood

Lastly, we’ve got Gale I. Dinces LLC. – a breeder quite unlike other breeders on this list.

When choosing a future family member, especially a purebred German Shepherd, you should pay attention to those breeders who have special breeding programs. The Gale I. Dinces’ Shepherds come from such a program.

This breeder focuses on the dog’s structure and health primarily, followed by their intelligence and temperament. The best example of their breeding practice is the kennel’s matriarch, Bonnie von Wilhendorf.

Bonnie was the star girl of all dog shows and the recipient of many blue ribbons. Her puppies don’t lack remarkableness at all!

These days, Gale I. Dinces strives to produce top-quality German Shepherds for Schutzhund service.

Of all the listed breeders, their website offers the most useful information on the German Shepherd dog breed, along with their history and puppy development.

Breeder’s details

Website: German Shepherd Dogs & Puppies

Phone: 914.649.0485

Email: [email protected]


german shepherd puppy wearing a collar

How Much Should A German Shepherd Puppy Cost In New York?

The German Shepherd breed is a pretty usual one. They’re not as rare as Irish Wolfhounds, for example. That’s why we’ve got so many of the lovely Shepherd pups all across the states.

The difference in the price of GSD puppies in New York is affected by several factors. The biggest price-affecting factor is the location. The price won’t be the same in upstate New York as it would be in New York City.

So, if you don’t mind a little drive, head to upstate NY.

On the other hand, the difference between lines of German Shepherds also alters the price. Depending on the breeding program, whether you’re getting service dogs from working-line German Shepherds, or a pup from a show bloodline, you should be prepared for a wide price range.

German Shepherd puppies in New York can cost you as little as $800. But, the price can go way up high, reaching almost $4,000.

Most reputable breeders will ask for more money. Still, you can find pet-quality pups for around $1,500. If you’re not interested in dog shows or don’t need special abilities, this is the best you can get.

Watch out for puppy mills that sell pups for as low as $500 or so. A detailed interview with the breeder should help you determine if you should buy from that breeder.

How Do You Recognize A Good Breeder?

As I mentioned, recognizing which breeder is a good one and which one is not can be determined in a few short steps.

It’s really not that hard, but you need to be careful and detailed.


The biggest tell-tale sign of an unreliable breeder is their unavailability. Let’s be honest – everyone has a website these days. So, why shouldn’t dog breeders in New York also? If you can’t find their website, email, or phone number, they’re most likely pretty unsafe to buy from.

Having social media pages where supporters can leave comments or reviews is a blessing because you get the best insight into the breeder’s quality.

During this research of German Shepherd breeders in New York, I’ve come across several breeders whose websites have expired. This only tells me that they’re not devoted enough to pay attention to their pages.


Another sign of the breeder’s quality is their price. Too low of a price always means something’s wrong. Along with the price comes the dog’s health status. Puppy mills and backyard breeders don’t run health screenings for genetic defects.

Such dogs often have mobility issues, as well as hereditary health problems. Breeding dogs with hip dysplasia, for example, is considered unreliable. This is a painful condition for dogs, and transferring it from parents to puppies and even further is pretty curel.

Ask questions

If these signs weren’t enough for you, then you need to conduct a little interview with your chosen breeder. It’s important that you make a list of questions regarding their breeding practice, the parents, health screenings, conditions, the puppy’s temperament, etc.

Expect some questions in return because a good breeder wants to make sure their puppy goes into a safe new home. If a breeder believes you’re not a good fit, or your living conditions aren’t satisfying, he won’t allow you to adopt no matter how much money you’ve got.

Meet and greet

Lastly, ask to meet the puppy in person a few times before the adoption. If the breeder doesn’t allow visits and won’t provide photos of the puppy, its parents, and their facility – run.

Sure, the whole pandemic situation has got us locked down. Many breeders don’t allow visiting anymore, especially when their puppies are still little. But, if a breeder is a reliable person, he will find a way to update you.

I’ve seen many breeders offering Zoom calls or Skype interviews where you can talk in person, see their puppies, and have a little online tour of their breeding facility. Also, they all seem to offer photos from day one up to the day of the adoption.

This is lovely memorabilia for when your puppy grows up.

Why Should I Get A German Shepherd?

I have to admit something: I’m weak for German Shepherds. I find them very remarkable and stunning dogs. You will, too, once you go through these reasons why German Shepherds are awesome!

Their intelligence

German Shepherds are known as some of the smartest dog biscuits in the bag. They come in third, right after Border Collies and Poodles.

Their high intelligence means that you can give them a task and they’ll master it within seconds! Training isn’t an issue with this dog breed, so that’s one less worry.

Their loyalty

It is no wonder why German Shepherds are considered terrific guard dogs! Their loyalty is never questioned. Once a German Shepherd creates a bond with its owner and the rest of the family, he will do whatever it takes to keep the family safe.

Just make sure you train him the right way, so he’s not too protective, which could result in a situation you wouldn’t like at all.

Their friendliness

Whether they live surrounded by kids or other pets, German Shepherds are very affectionate and caring. You may think they’re tough, dominant, or even aggressive, but that’s really not even close to the truth.

German Shepherds can be very sweet with the little ones. There were even some cases noted when a GSD mom adopted a lost kitten! She took care of it like it was one of her own pups.

If this doesn’t prove how friendly German Shepherds are, nothing will.

Their health

We all know that every dog is prone to a certain health condition. There’s simply no dog breed that is 100% free of health issues.

However, German Shepherds are very healthy, but they, too, have some minor health problems that may or may not occur. With proper care, German Shepherds can live a happy and long life of up to 13 years!

Their adaptability

German Shepherds should live in a house with a fenced yard. But, even if you have a place in the city, you can still own a German Shepherd, of course, if you exercise regularly.

German Shepherds do well on stairs – they’re not afraid of elevated grounds like some teacup pups.

Also, German Shepherds are okay in all weather conditions. They have a nice, double coat in various colors, which sheds when they need extra coolness, and fluffs up when they need warmth.

Why Shouldn’t I Get A German Shepherd?

german shepherd resting

Despite being so amazing, German Shepherds may not work for all dog lovers. There are some downsides of this dog breed that might be big issues for potential dog owners.


German Shepherds are not dogs for you if you’re suffering from allergies. They’re not considered hypoallergenic dogs as they have a double coat that sheds all year round.

The shedding gets worse in the spring and fall when dogs like GSDs experience a seasonal blowout.

Even if you’re not allergic, you should still keep in mind that German Shepherds need a lot of upkeep and cleaning. Their dog hair will go everywhere – really everywhere!

Activity level

It’s great that German Shepherds are active dogs, but this can be an issue for some dog owners. You may either lack the time for proper exercise, or simply be a couch potato. That’s why the GSD’s activity can be a problem.

These dogs need at least an hour and a half every day of extreme exercises. A light stroll won’t do for these pups. I’m thinking of hiking, swimming, playing ball, throwing frisbee, etc.

Their size

German Shepherds are large doggos. Don’t expect them to stay small forever. The only puppy thing they keep forever is their playful personality.

If you’re looking for a small lap dog, maybe you should consider some of these pooches.

German Shepherds can be pretty hefty. Don’t expect them to sit on your lap forever.

Guardians, but not alarms

German Shepherds make excellent guardians and watch dogs, but they’re not meant for protection like Rottweilers or Dobermans.

These are working dogs that love to protect what’s theirs. To put them in a fenced yard in order to keep a facility safe would be just cruel.

German Shepherds are sociable dogs that need interaction. They’re not fire alarms.


As I said, German Shepherds are sociable dogs. They attach quickly, and it’s beyond stressful for them to change owners or living conditions.

If you’re not ready to devote your life to raising a German Shepherd puppy, then you shouldn’t get one in the first place. All dogs need attention. Some love being alone more than others, but not our GSD!


two german shepherds in a field

German Shepherd breeders in New York are finally all here in one place.

That is – only the best GSD breeders in this state and the area.

I exclude unreliable breeders and puppy mills from my lists. I will never recommend you buy puppies from such people. Yes, they cost less, but just imagine how many health defects these pups may have!

You will end up spending a lot on vet bills, which could’ve been stopped in the first place by buying from someone who actually cares about the dog’s health and conducts health testing.

Always put your dog’s health in first place. German Shepherd puppies in New York can often be found in a local mall’s pet shop. But, think about it: do you really prefer easy access to puppies over their general health?

Up above, you have some tricks to help you with finding a good dog breeder. Use them wisely and don’t get fooled.

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