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10 Reputable English Labrador Breeders In The States

10 Reputable English Labrador Breeders In The States

Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide. When you think of a perfect family pet, there is a high chance you will imagine exactly the Labrador Retriever.

This log is loyal, intelligent, affectionate, and eager to please. But, what is an English Labrador? Is this dog somewhat different from the American Labrador?

These dogs can be considered as the same dog breed, but they have some slight differences, such as the one that the American Labrador is more successful as hunting dogs, while English Labs are more laid back and calm.

Also, English Labs are slightly shorter than American Labs. English Labradors are a wonderful choice for all families looking for their new pet.

We are here to help, and we gathered 10 reputable English Labrador breeders in the United States.

English Labrador Puppies For Sale In The States

The first thing you should consider when buying a new dog is finding a reputable and responsible breeder. Only these breeders will provide you with a healthy dog of top quality.

What you should definitely not do is to buy a puppy from pet stores or some backyard breeders that will try to sell you a dog online. All reputable breeders will offer you to come to their kennel and see their puppies in person.

Now, let’s see where you can find breeders that are not scammers and that care for dogs’ well-being. Keep reading and find out which breeders got to our list of reputable English Labrador breeders in the States.

1. Creekside Labradors, Medina, OH

English Labrador puppy sitting in the forest
Photo from: @ottoandbaby

Creekside Labradors is a dog kennel located in Medina, Ohio. These breeders are focused on health, temperament, and conformation in their breeding program. They have been in the breeding business for over 25 years.

Breeders from the Creekside Labradors pay special attention to health testing of their Labradors, so, they test all of their dams and stud dogs they plan to breed for genetic diseases.

Also, they socialize their Lab puppies with their children and other pets from an early age.

These breeders strive to raise Labrador puppies that will be a favorite family member for many people. Their puppies come with a health guarantee, AKC registration, and confirmation of vaccinations, deworming, and microchipping.

To reserve a Lab puppy from Creekside Labradors kennel, you will need to pay a $500 non-refundable deposit.

Breeder Info

Location: 4049 Ridge Rd, Medina, OH 44256

Website: Creekside Labradors

Phone number: +1 330-608-0296

2. Family Loved Labs, Sandstone, MN

English Labrador puppies sitting in a field
Photo from: @charlottethetherapylab

Family Loved Labs is located in Sandstone, Minnesota. The breeders behind this kennel, Randy and Rosie, have been married for 40 years now, and they have been raising English Lab puppies since 2002. They have 4 children that are also included in the breeding process.

They raise English Fox Red, English Black, English Chocolate, English Yellow, and English White Labradors, which are all registered with the American Kennel Club.

The main aim of breeders from Family Loved Labs is to raise intelligent, gorgeous, and well-tempered Labradors that will make excellent family dogs.

Many of Randy’s and Rosie’s Labrador have become extraordinary service dogs, therapy dogs, and hunting dogs.

If you decide to buy a puppy from this kennel, you will need to pay a $200 deposit, while the total price for an English Lab puppy from Family Loved Labs kennel is $2200.

The puppy comes with a confirmation of its first vet check, it will be vaccinated, microchipped, and de-wormed, and will have a health guarantee.

Breeder Info

Location: Sandstone, MN 55072

Website: Family Loved Labs

Phone number: +1 320 245 0235

E-mail: [email protected] 

3. Iowa Pointing Labs, Knoxville, IA

English Labrador puppy running in the field
Photo from: @diego.labradiary

Iowa Pointing Labs is a kennel located in Knoxville, Iowa. These breeders produce American and English Labradors of top-quality. These breeders stand out from the rest because they are AKC Breeder of Merit.

These breeders raise Labradors to be excellent in the field work, and as family pets. They raise their puppies on a 40-acres large farm with a lot of space to run, play, and hunt.

If you visit Iowa Pointing Labs official website, you will see photos of their amazing dams and sires which they use to breed their new puppies.

These breeders’ Labs come with a 26-month guarantee, so, if any buyer is unsatisfied with their puppy, they can replace their puppy with another one from this kennel.

If you decide to buy a puppy from Iowa Pointing Labs, you will need to pay a nonrefundable $250 deposit. 

If you are located anywhere in Iowa, we suggest you go and check if there are any available puppies in this kennel – maybe this is the place where you will find your perfect Labrador Retriever!

Breeder Info

Location: 1754 Jesup Dr, Knoxville, IA 50138

Website: Iowa Pointing Labs

Phone number: +1 515-805-5927

E-mail: [email protected] 

4. Kenya Labradors, Santa Margarita, CA

English Labrador puppy lying on the floor

Kenya Labradors is a kennel in Central California Coast, owned by Christina Valdez, who is raising her beautiful English-type Chocolate Labradors, Fox Red Labs, and Black Labs pm her 20-acres large farm is Santa Margarita Valley.

If you are located in any nearby places, such as Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, San Miguel, or anywhere in Central, Northern, or Southern California, we suggest you check this breeder!

Christina breeds her Labradors as champions in field such as agility, obedience, conformation, and hunting. This breeder explains how she has chosen English Labradors among so many dog breeds because they are intelligent, eager to please, affectionate, and easy to train.

Christina states her Labradors are great swimmers, love to retrieve and play catch, but they also enjoy spending an afternoon being lazy with their owners on the sofa.

This breeder does not sell her puppies via the Internet or through pet stores – all future dog owners that would like to purchase a puppy from Christina will have to come to her kennel personally. Also, Christina does not crossbreed Labs to make Labrador mixes.

Her English-type Labradors are raised following the AKC standards and are very versatile dogs; they thrive in dog shows, as hunting dogs, therapy dogs, and, of course – as favorite human companions.

Breeder Info

Location: 4750 Santa Margarita Lake Rd, Santa Margarita, CA

Website: Kenya Labradors

E-mail: [email protected] 

5. Loyal Labradors, Mora, MN

English Labrador puppy is playing in the garden

Loyal Labradors kennel is located in Mora, Minnesota. They are AKC certified, highly experienced breeders that raise English Labrador puppies to be humans’ loyal friends.

Their puppies are raised inside their home as a part of a family, and all of them come from health-tested, top-quality Labrador parents.

Many of their Labrador puppies became excellent therapy dogs, service dogs, and family dogs. The breeder behind this kennel, Jennifer, belongs to the third family generation of breeders raising English Labrador Retrievers for a long time.

Jennifer is a small, family-oriented breeder that focuses on quality rather than on quantity in her breeding business. She tests all her Labradors for elbows, hips, and eyes.

The price for an English Lab pup from Loyal Labrador breeder starts from $4000.

Jennifer and her family put a lot of effort into breeding and training their puppies, and many of her Labradors have champion bloodlines – this is why the price for these puppies is higher than some other breeders.

Breeder Info

Location: 810 Howe Ave, Mora, MN 55051

Website: Loyal Labradors

Phone number: +1 763 258 9323

6. Redwood English Labradors, Sheridan, MI

English Labrador puppies sitting in a trailer

Redwood English Labradors is a kennel located in Sheridan, Michigan. People behind this kennel, Dan and Savanah Wood, are both English Lab fanciers who have been in the breeding business since 2009.

These breeders specialize in superior quality AKC English Fox Red Labrador puppies. Also, they raise chocolate and black Labradors, but their initial focus is on the Fox Red English Labradors.

Dan and Savanah emphasize how they care for all of their puppies, have a lot of love, cuddles, and socialization with children from the moment they are born.

Redwood breeders select all dogs in their breeding program very carefully, and ensure they are tested for genetic diseases.

These breeders strive to raise English Labradors who meet the breed standard. They focus on producing quality rather than quantity, so they have a limited number of litters per year. Also, if you decide to buy a puppy from these breeders, you will need to apply to their waiting list.

Breeder Info

Location: 6628 Waldron Rd, Sheridan, MI 48884

Website: Redwood English Labradors

Phone number: +1 989 763 6943

7. Summerland Labradors, Phelan, CA

english labrador puppy sitting on the carpet
Photo from: @belrose_english_labradors

Dave and Julia Bunker are owners of Summerland Labradors kennel located in Phelan, Southern California. They have been breeding English Labrador puppies since 2008. This place is a short distance from Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Santa Barbara.

These breeders raise English Labrador Retriever puppies of top quality, and they come in black, chocolate, and yellow color. They started breeding in 2006 when they adopted their first Labrador Retriever named Belle.

Dave and Julia strive to raise English Labrador puppies that will be successful in the field work, look good in the conformation ring, and will also make wonderful family companions. All their Labs come from excellent pedigrees and have champion bloodlines.

Dog health testing is one of the essential parts of Dave’s and Julia’s breeding program. All their Labradors have their heart cleared, as well as their elbows and hips cleared through the OFA, and their eyes are checked before these breeders include them in their breeding program.

These breeders usually have 1 to 3 litters per year, so, don’t wait – go and check if any litters are coming up soon!

Breeder Info

Location: Phelan, San Bernardino County, Southern California

Website: Summerland Labradors

Phone number: +1 760 792 9636

E-mail: [email protected] 

8. Texas Faith Labradors, Willis, TX

an english labrador puppy lies on the tiles
Photo from: @diego.labradiary

Texas Faith Labradors is located in Willis, Montgomery County, Texas.

Debbie Owen is the breeder behind this kennel and most of her dogs are English Labradors, while some are ¾ English and ¼ American Labradors.

Debbie’s kennel is a small family kennel where she raises premium black and chocolate Labrador Retriever dogs. She has been raising Labs since 1990 with her main goal to raise this wonderful breed for conformation, disposition, and intelligence.

There are no known genetic faults in Debbie’s dogs bloodlines. All of her Labradors are AKC registered, and the cost for a puppy is $1600. All puppies are microchipped and declawed before they are ready to leave with their new owners.

Debbie’s dogs come with a 1-year hip guarantee. Her dogs are healthy and happy dogs that will be successful as companion dogs, hunting dogs, and agility dogs.

Breeder Info

Location: 11125 Tanyard Rd, Willis, TX 77378

Website: Texas Faith Labradors

Phone number: +1 936-537-4557

9. True Labradors, Syracuse, NE

cute english labrador puppy
Photo from: @lil_henry_pup

True Labradors kennel is located in Syracuse, Nebraska. Gene True, the owner of this kennel, has been breeding English Labrador Retrievers for decades. His dogs are intelligent, eager to please, and loving; you can see the confirmation of these traits in many testimonials available on this breeder’s official page.

Gene has many champion show dogs in his dogs’ pedigrees. This breeder raises Labrador in their standard colors – black, yellow, and chocolate. His dogs are raised as a part of the family and enjoy a 20-acre large farm where they can run and play as much as they want.

Gene has been breeding Labradors since 1995, but, initially, he was focused on American Labradors. When he purchased his first English Labrador in 2012, he found these dogs are the real Labrador Retrievers and decided to breed them exclusively.

Gene has just welcomed a new litter and plans a new one in January 2023. So, don’t wait and go apply to True Labradors’ waiting list!

Breeder Info

Location: 561 S 26th Rd. Syracuse, NE 68446

Website: True Labradors

Phone number: +1 402-269-0393

10. Utah White Labs, West Haven, UT

cute english labrador puppy lying in the forest
Photo from: @ottoandbaby

Utah White Labs is located in West Haven, Utah. These breeders only raise a limited number of top-quality English Labrador puppies per year. They have been breeding English Labrador with a lot of love and affection for over 10 years now.

These breeders do their best to thoroughly socialize their Labs before they leave for their new homes. They believe Labrador Retrievers show their wonderful character traits the best when they are treated as a part of a family.

They breed Labs in a way to preserve and to improve the breed standard. Their Labradors are not only great family companions, but also excellent hunting dogs, agility dogs, and service dogs.

These breeders ensure all their Labradors are OFA and CERF examined, and that their hips, elbows, and eyes are tested.

If you want to purchase a Lab puppy from this kennel, you will need to pay a $200 deposit. The full price for a Lab puppy with full AKC registration is $4500.

Breeder Info

Location: 4780 W 4500 S, West Haven, UT 84401

Website: Utah White Labs

Phone number: +1 801 430 3478

E-mail: [email protected] 


What Are The Colors Of An English Labradors Coat?

Three main Labrador colors are chocolate, yellow, and black; these are also the only officially recognized Labrador colors.

However, there are some other Labrador colors that have become common in recent years, such as red, silver, and white. Some other colors are quite rare, but you might still see a brindle, merle, or a Dudley Lab.

What Does It Mean If A Dog Is Pedigree?

Pedigree indicates that the dog is purebred, therefore, that it is not a mixed dog breed. Pedigree dogs are dogs whose parents are the same dog breed.

Pedigree is a document that confirms that the dog to which the pedigree was issued really comes from parents with the qualities listed in the pedigree. This information is essential for further mating, for all dog owners who intend to mate their dogs.

What Are The Average Heights Of English Labradors?

According to the Labrador growth chart, the average height of an English Lab goes from 21.5 to 22.5 inches, while American Labs can be up to 24.5 inches tall.

There is also a slight difference in the weight of an English Labrador and an American Labrador. English Labs usually weigh 60 to 85 pounds, while American Labs are slightly heavier and weigh 70 to 120 pounds.

What Do You Need To Know Before Getting An English Labrador?

English Labradors are wonderful dogs that will get along well with everybody, even with strangers. But, all dog owners should be aware that these dogs, no matter how well-tempered they are, still need proper socialization and training.

If you are looking for a dog that will mostly lie around your house or in the yard, an English Labrador breeder is not a good choice for you! This dog is anything but a lazy dog breed.

An English Lab needs a lot of different kinds of exercises, such as running, hiking, playing fetch, or even swimming. English Labs love to swim!

Regular exercise, as well as high-quality dog food is especially vital with English Labradors, since many of them might be prone to obesity.

Also, be prepared for a lot of grooming. Labradors shed a lot, and you will have to brush their fur quite often to keep their shedding, but also your home, under control. If you don’t brush this dog regularly, you will have to clean its hairs from the floor, furniture, and your clothes all the time.

Is there something else you should know before getting an English Lab? Well, we want to emphasize how this is a loving, affectionate, and gentle dog that will make a wonderful addition to any family.

With proper care, exercise, and socialization, this will be the best family pet you could have dreamed of!


Buying a new dog is exciting, but might also be quite challenging. First, you need to find a trustworthy breeder who raises top-quality healthy pups.

After that, you need to see whether the breeder has any dogs available at the time, and you might have to wait as long as a couple of months.

But, it is all worth it when you know you will get a purebred, healthy, and well-behaved English Labrador puppy.

If you choose any of the breeders from our list of reputable English Labrador breeders in the States, we are sure you will not go wrong.

Now, wait no more, and choose the breeder closest to your location. After that, you will be blessed to enjoy a new life together with one wonderful family dog that has been one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide for many years.

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