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English Bulldog Price – The Cost of Little Bullies

English Bulldog Price – The Cost of Little Bullies

Despite originally being bred for bull baiting, English Bulldogs, also known as British Bulldogs, are laid-back, cute dogs that everyone seems to love! They are a great choice for dog owners who don’t love the idea of having to exercise heavily with their dogs.

If this type of dog breed sounds appealing to you, then you should definitely spend more time learning about this amazing pooch!

One of the first things many aspiring owners wonder about is the price of their desired purebred dog. Of course, many other things come into play, but if you cannot afford your dog, everything else falls apart.

Many people who don’t own a dog (yet) or any other pet don’t realize that the price of buying a puppy is only the initial cost. There are many other expenses you need to be ready for during your dog’s lifetime.

To help you understand what this means, I have gathered a list of all expenses and costs you can expect when being an English Bulldog owner. I hope this article can help you realize the full English Bulldog price and not just the money you’ll spend on your purchase.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Price of an English Bulldog

Before I start talking about English Bulldog price in detail, here is a chart that will let you know what costs you can expect:

English Bulldog Price Chart

Puppy cost$1,500 - $4,500
Dog food$100 - $360 a year
Dog treats$115 - $335 a year
Food and water bowls$5 - $40
Dog collars and leash$15 - $60
ID tag$5 - $20
Small dog bed$20 - $85
Dog crate$30 - $120
Dog toys$30 - $100
Poop bags$15 - $110
House training pads$15 - $45
Stain and odor removal spray$5 - $20
Dog brush$5 - $45
Dog shampoo$5 - $20
Toenail clippers$5 - $30
Tooth-brushing kit$5 - $15
First-aid kit$15 - $50
License$10 - $20
Microchip$30 - $50

How Much Are English Bulldog Puppies?

English Bulldog in park

If you want to become an English Bulldog owner, you need to prepare: English Bulldog prices are very high. These dogs are anything but cheap.

On average, you will spend $1,500 to $4,500 on your purebred English Bulldog puppy.​

However, it’s important to know that there are several things that will influence the English Bulldog price. For example, the price will greatly depend on the type of breeder you’re buying your pooch from – but I’ll talk more about this a bit later.

Coat Color And Price

Another thing that can influence the price is the English Bulldog color. Yes, the coat color can have a significant impact on the dog’s price. If the color is rare, a dog will cost more.

With that being said, there’s one important thing to note: Just because a dog of a certain color is expensive, doesn’t necessarily mean he is better. Quite the opposite – there is a reason why American Kennel Club (AKC) might not recognize some rare colors.

The main two reasons are these:

• If a color is extremely rare, it usually isn’t naturally found in the dog breed’s genetics, which means the dog is likely a mixed breed.

• Some rare colors are connected with specific health issues. This is usually the case with white coat color.

English Bulldogs come in a variety of colors. According to the AKC, these little Bullies can come in:

• Fawn

• Red

• White

• Fallow

• Fawn and brindle

• Fawn and white

• Fawn brindle and white

• Red and white

• Red brindle

• Red brindle and white

As for the markings, AKC recognizes ticked, brindle, piebald (or pied), black tips (sable), black masks, and white markings.

English Bulldogs that are in these standard colors usually fall within the same price range. However, some colors are not on this list, yet you can still find puppies in this color at a very high or, quite the opposite, discounted price. This includes blue, lilac, champagne, and others.

I won’t go into detail about all of these rare colors. Instead, I’ll explain how the price might vary in a few examples.

Here’s what they are:

Blue English Bulldog Puppies Price

blue english bulldog

Photo from: @sonnyblueenglishbulldog

Blue is a very rare color in English Bulldogs. This is because it is the result of a diluted gene that will turn the black Bulldog’s coat into a bluish, dark gray color.

Now that I’ve mentioned that, you might have noticed that black isn’t among the standard colors in English Bullies, as well. So how come the blue color exists in English Bulldogs?

Most blue English Bulldogs are, in fact, mixed with French Bulldog dogs. Blue is a common color in Frenchies, and as such, you can find it in this breed without problems. However, this is not the case with English Bulldogs.

​While there is nothing wrong with crossbreeds, it’s important to be aware of what kind of dog you’re buying, even if a breeder won’t disclose this.

Despite this, due to its rarity, the blue English Bulldog price is much higher than the cost of Bullies in standard colors. In fact, the average price of blue English Bulldogs is $8,500 to $14,000 – even though these pups might cost even more.

English Bulldog Puppies Gray Price

Gray is just another, less fancy name for blue coat color. Most gray dogs are simply pups in light blue color. The same is the case with English Bulldogs.

Most breeders who will call their pups gray instead of blue will sell these dogs at a somewhat lower price than blue English Bulldogs, as this exact shade isn’t as sought after as blue one. As such, you can find these dogs costing around $4,000. Of course, there are exceptions.

English Bulldog Merle Price

merle english bulldog

Photo from: @merleenglishbulldog

Merle is another rare coat color in English Bulldogs. The specific merle pattern is the result of a merle dilution gene that dilutes any color that is present on a puppy.

Unlike the blue dilution gene, however, the merle gene only partially dilutes the color, leaving dogs with a fun, tri-color pattern that makes it seem as if the pup has splatters of colors.

Merle is considered an exotic color, and it will cost according to its reputation. As such, most merle English Bulldogs will cost around $9,500. However, if the pattern is truly exquisite, the dog might cost as much as $35,000, making this one of the most expensive patterns out there!

One thing to keep in mind: The merle gene is very controversial. This is because it is connected with a large number of health conditions.

Most of the time, the English Bulldog with a merle pattern will be just as healthy as the English Bulldog of any other color. This is because they contain only one merle gene.

However, if a dog has two merle genes, or rather if he is a homozygous merle, the chances of defects increase. These dogs usually come in a pure white color, with bright, blue eyes.

While this might sound like an attractive color, many of these dogs will be born with eye deformities that might even require their eyeballs to be taken out of their skull. Others might be born blind, or with impaired vision.

Their hearing is also likely to be impaired, and the dog might be entirely deaf. There is also an increased chance of many cardiovascular and bone deformities.

Because of this, most reputable breeders will refrain from intentionally breeding merle dogs. While there are ways to avoid creating a double merle, the risk is just too high.

As such, don’t let the high price tag of these English Bulldogs fool you. Not only will you pay a lot of funds at the initial price, but you might also end up paying thousands on medical bills.

Blue Merle English Bulldog Price

Blue merle is likely the rarest color in English Bulldogs. As we’ve mentioned before, black color is usually not found in most high-quality English Bulldog bloodlines, and the chance of it being combined with a merle gene to create a blue base color is even rarer.

If you happen to run across a blue merle, be prepared to pay as much as $35,000 for this amazingly rare puppy! This is likely the highest English Bulldog price you can find.

Teacup English Bulldog Price

The rarity of a dog will influence the price of a dog. This can include not just rare coat colors, but dog sizes, as well.

In the latest year, teacup versions of many dog breeds have become increasingly popular. This is mostly because a huge number of people are moving to large cities and living in small apartments and condos. When you live in confined spaces, you need a small dog.

Miniature English Bulldogs are a rare and small variety of this dog breed. They rarely grow to be taller than 14 inches, compared to 16 inches which is the average size of a standard English Bulldog.

Despite their rarity, you’ll be pleased to know that these dogs rarely cost more than standard Bullies.

The main reason behind this is due to the fact that most teacup English Bulldogs are not purebred. Instead, they are an English Bulldog x Pug crossbreed.

Not only are they not purebred, but they are usually even more brachycephalic than standard English Bulldogs. This gives them lots of potential health problems. Because of all of this, the miniature English Bulldog price isn’t overly inflated.

English Bulldog Breeders Price

Three English bulldog on a leash

Finally, I’ll talk about how the breeder influences English Bulldog costs. Truth be told, this is what makes the biggest price difference between two dogs of the same breed that fall into the same price range.

When looking for English Bulldog puppies for sale, you can buy dogs from three types of breeders:

• Reputable breeders.

• Backyard breeders.

• ​Puppy mills / commercial breeders.

These three types of breeders all have different breeding practices, which also means their English Bulldog prices will be greatly different.

I’ll explain this in detail.

Reputable Breeder English Bulldog Price

The first place where you can buy your new family pet is from a reputable breeder’s kennel. Actually, this is where I would recommend you buy your English Bulldog from. Let me explain why.

Reputable breeders are a rather expensive option. Their English Bulldog price is usually $2,000 – $4,500, but depending on factors such as bloodline, coat color, or location, the cost can be even higher.

However, this price isn’t for no reason.

Adorable English bulldog poses in the autumn in the park

Reputable breeders consider their dogs their four-legged family members. As such, they invest lots of money in them.

For example, they conduct expensive health tests on their dogs to rule out any genetic defects. These DNA tests are costly, but they will ensure they are breeding healthy dogs only.

If there is a health defect of any sort detected on these tests, the breeder will remove that dog from their breeding program. This will help them ensure all of their puppies are in the best health possible, but it will also mean that financial losses are very common.

Not just that, but reputable breeders will help by providing all puppies with early socialization and dog training. Fortunately, English Bulldogs are calm and social pups, so they will usually be on their best behavior regardless of this.

All of this means that a good breeder will have invested lots of money and time in their puppies. All of this will have to reflect on the price, which is why you can expect it to be really high.

Backyard Breeder English Bulldog Price

Backyard breeders don’t literally breed dogs in their backyard (although this can happen). Instead, these are people that breed dogs but don’t necessarily have the experience or knowledge of how to do this properly.

Often, these people are dog owners that have ended up with a litter of puppies by accident that they now want to earn some extra money on.

In theory, there is nothing wrong with this. If you have a litter of English Bulldog puppies you don’t want or cannot keep, it is better to sell them to someone who’d take good care of them.

However, the problem is that backyard breeders don’t know how to provide adequate care to their puppies. This means that they might not give proper medical care to the young dogs that need it.

Not just that, but they won’t conduct any health testing. As such, the puppy might appear healthy but it will develop some genetic condition in a few years or even months.

As they don’t have almost any investments, backyard breeders sell their dogs at a much more affordable price. You can find English Bulldog puppies costing no more than $1,500.

Puppy Mill English Bulldog Price

Puppy mills are, as their name would suggest, places with the purpose to produce as many puppies as possible. The goal of puppy mills is to profit, and dogs are simply a way for them to achieve it.

Puppy mills don’t care about their adult dogs or puppies. They don’t provide good care to them, and their English Bulldogs are often kept in unsanitary conditions.

Also, these dogs aren’t given the socialization they need, which can lead to many behavioral problems later on.

In fact, if you look at puppies sold at puppy mills, chances are you could notice that the pups appear sickly or scared.

These are the same puppies that might get sold at pet stores, which is why large pet shop chains are able to keep their prices approachable.

In fact, puppy mills are the most affordable locations when it comes to finding English Bulldogs for sale. The typical English Bulldog price at a puppy mill is $700-$1,000.

Should You Get English Bulldog Puppies For Cheap?

Three english bulldog puppies sitting on the grass

After we’ve listed all the locations where you can find English Bulldogs for sale, you might still think that the type of breeder isn’t the big deal. This is understandable. Not many people are happy about having to pay thousands of dollars for something.

However, there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t want to save on your dog.

First of all, the main reason why puppies are cheaper at puppy mills and backyard breeders is that there are no health screenings. As such, you have no way of knowing whether these dogs have some hidden health problem you know nothing about.

In other words, what you save on the initial price you might end up paying in vet bills. In fact, these medical costs can end up being much more expensive than you’d expect.

In the long run (or even not so long one!), you might end up spending a lot more than you would if you had bought a healthy puppy from a reputable breeder.

Not just that, but these expensive breeders will usually provide you with lifetime support. They’ll care about their dogs even after they go to their new home. In case any problem arises, they’ll be there to provide you with a helping hand.

By buying a puppy from a reputable breeder, you won’t just be spending money on a purebred dog. You’ll be investing in a healthy dog that will stay with you for a very long time – all the while reducing the number of additional expenses later throughout your dog’s life.

English Bulldog Puppies For Rescue

Two pretty puppies of a bulldog lying on a soft chair

The only place where you can get an affordable English Bulldog that I can stand behind is to adopt a dog from a rescue shelter or some humane organization.

Many dogs end up abandoned every single day. Some of them are purebred. If you go to a local shelter, you’ll be sure to find at least one purebred dog waiting for his new home.

If you happen to find an English Bulldog placed for adoption, you’ll only have to pay adoption fees. They usually cost $50-$500, depending on your area and the shelter in question.

Still, there are a few things you need to be mindful of. Most importantly, you can never know whether a dog you’ve adopted has a high chance of developing some genetic condition or not.

Also, many abandoned dogs have been neglected or abused. Even calm pups like English Bulldogs might have some temperamental problems after going through something like that.

These aren’t arguments against adoption. However, you need to understand what you’re getting into and the additional care you might have to provide.

Why Are English Bulldogs Expensive?

By now, you have probably noticed that English Bulldogs are expensive dogs. There are a few reasons behind this high price tag. I’ll name the most important ones:

• English Bulldogs are very popular dogs nationwide. When a dog breed is popular, the demand rises, which means the breeders can raise their prices and know they’ll still have plenty of customers.

• These dogs can be challenging to breed. Many females will be unable to give birth to puppies, and a cesarean section will be necessary instead.

• English Bulldog litters are fairly small. Most females will give birth to 3 or 4 puppies, and for them to stay healthy they shouldn’t be bred more than once or twice a year. This means the breeder will produce a limited number of puppies yearly.

• As they are brachycephalic dogs, they are prone to many health problems. As such, they’ll require plenty of expensive health screenings and tests.

The Cost Of Feeding Your English Bulldog

fat english bulldog standing on green grass and drinking water

The English Bulldog is a small dog breed. He doesn’t require lots of food, so one bag of dry kibble can last you for a very long time. This is very cost-effective.

However, as English Bullies are prone to a variety of health conditions – most notably, obesity and orthopedic problems – you’ll still need to buy them high-quality dog food. Fortunately, there are many good brands that sell their products at an affordable price on online websites such as Amazon.

While the exact dog food price will depend on the brand, you can expect to spend $100 to $360 per year.

Keep in mind that puppies require a different type of food. Because of the puppy food price, first-year expenses might differ a bit.

Don’t forget about treats! Treats shouldn’t make up more than 10% of a daily calorie intake, but they are still an important part of dog ownership – especially when you need positive reinforcements during obedience and potty training.

Dog treats will likely cost you $115 to $335.

If you’d like to save some money or just to make sure your doggie is as healthy as possible, you can replace store-bought treats with some food you likely already have in your home.

For example, brussels sprouts, pepper, and carrots are veggies that are commonly found in our storage unit, so you don’t have to spend additional money on them. Many dogs will love them, and they are a healthier alternative to sugary sweets from stores.

Overall, dog food is something that should be included in your yearly and monthly costs. As the average lifespan of an English Bulldog is 8 – 10 years, you can expect to spend around $6,000 or more on dog food and treats throughout his life.

Cost Of Supplies

White English Bulldog standing on the dock

Every dog requires some supplies. From Chihuahuas to Golden Retrievers, chances are your beloved family dog needs some items in order to live a normal, happy life.

For example, every dog needs food and water bowls! Using plastic ones can be quite unsanitary, so you might want to invest in some higher quality options, such as ceramics or metal.

These can cost you anywhere from $5 to $40 – with the lower part of the scale being reserved for products that might not be too safe or durable.

Even though English Bulldogs are couch potatoes, they’ll still require regular walks. This means they also need at least two dog collars and a good dog leash. All of this can cost you $15 to $60.

Together with collars, you’ll need an ID tag in case your pup gets lost and there is no vet that can check his microchip quickly. Fortunately, ID tags are not expensive and they’ll cost you $20 at most.

While we’re at microchips, you should also microchip your English Bulldog. In fact, most states and breeders will require you to do this. The entire microchipping procedure will usually cost $30 to $50. This includes vet visits, microchip itself, and implantation.

Most states will also require you to have a license on your dog. The cost of a license usually varies on whether your pup is intact or fixed. Fixed dogs can usually get their license for no more than $20.

A dog will need to sleep someplace (that is not your sofa). A proper dog bed is essential for any dog. Luckily, due to their size, English Bulldogs require small beds that are usually on the more affordable side. You’ll usually be expected to pay anywhere between $20 and $85.

Of course, there are some more luxurious options. You can find dog beds online costing several hundred dollars! It all depends on what you expect from your pup’s bed.

You might also want to put this bed in a dog crate. This will cost you an additional $30 – $120. A dog crate isn’t a necessity, though, especially not for such a calm dog.

Dog toys are also an important supply your pup should have. English Bulldog’s toys don’t need to be extremely durable, but it is smart to look for an item that will last for a long while. Such a toy usually costs $30 – $100.

Before you potty train your English Bulldog, you’ll probably need some house training pads. A package of around 100 pads will cost you $15 to $45.

Even when your doggie knows where to potty, you’ll still need some plastic poop bags or a pooper scooper. These will have a price range of $15 – $110 and $10 – $30, respectively.

Toilet accidents can still occur, even with the best-behaved dog. Intact male English Bulldogs put you at a high risk of having dog urine everywhere! To keep the smells away, you might want a stain and odors removal spray that costs approximately $10.

Most of these items are one-time expenses, or rather, you won’t need a new product until the old one breaks. As such, some of the more durable ones can truly be worth the somewhat high initial price, especially if you don’t have to repeat it afterward.

Dog Grooming Expenses

dog grooming - bulldog getting ears cleaned by woman

English Bulldogs are short-haired dogs that don’t require extensive brushing. However, you should still consider investing in the best brush possible, and they usually cost no more than $15.

However, they are wrinkly, and these wrinkles require weekly care. Fortunately, you will rarely need a special product to clean them, and some common household items will do the trick.

Still, this also means they have sensitive skin. While you mustn’t go overboard with baths, you should still use a high-quality dog shampoo that won’t irritate them. Expect to pay $5 – $45 for this.

Many owners forget dental hygiene, but it shouldn’t be that way. It is estimated that 80% of adult dogs have some type of gum disease. Gum issues can lead to many severe conditions – including cancer.

A good tooth-brushing kit will cost you $5 to $15. Brush your dog’s teeth at least weekly using it.

You might also want to take your English Bulldog to a groomer who can do a professional job of not just brushing and bathing your pooch but also ensuring his wrinkles and skin are in good condition.

Most Bullies should have 4-6 grooming sessions each year, and the average session cost is $40-$55. This means you’ll spend up to $330 yearly on a professional groomer.

It’s important to disclaim that you do not need to take your English Bulldog to a groomer if you have the time and knowledge on how to keep their skin and coat in a good condition on your own.

Dog Training Costs

English bulldog puppy of red and white color

While English Bulldogs are not overly active dogs, this doesn’t mean they don’t require extensive dog training. In fact, a professional trainer’s help is recommended, as these doggies can be rather stubborn.

You can enroll your English Bulldog at private or group sessions, but I would advise a combination of both. Private dog training can help with teaching your dog to recognize authority, as well as potty training.

On the other hand, group sessions can help with obedience and socialization. They can also provide your English Bulldog puppy with new experiences they might not have experienced otherwise.

Group sessions are usually affordable, and they cost $30 – $40 per class. Your dog will usually need 5 group lessons.

As for private lessons, they are more expensive and you can expect to pay $100 – $150 per session. Your Bullie should have 5-7 group sessions to ensure he has gone through everything with their trainer.

Medical Expenses

dog health control by vet at the animal hospital

Now we come to the biggest concern for many dog owners: Medical expenses.

Medical expenses will depend on many things. The most important one is the breeder you’ve bought your pup from. However, other things can affect this, such as even your dog’s gender.

On average, you can expect to spend up to $800 for the dog’s first year, then $400 yearly. This doesn’t include treatment costs.

I’ll elaborate:

First-Year Expenses

An English Bulldog puppy should have at least three vet visits before his first birthday. The first one is usually covered by the breeder, as the puppy is too young to go to his forever home at this time.

These exams are needed so the puppy can have his vaccinations, deworming medicine, and standard health checks.

Depending on what will be done on the exam, you can expect it to cost up to $170.

Some additional prices that might not get into the standard vet visit price include flea and heartworm prevention medication that will cost you $10-$15.

Next to regular vaccines, you might want to give your puppy some additional ones depending on your lifestyle and your dog’s activities. This includes vaccines against:

• Lyme disease. Dogs that spend lots of time outdoors are at risk of getting ticks that can spread this condition. This vaccine costs up to $80 – a booster shot is included in the price.

• Influenza, a dog flu. If you have to leave your pooch in a kennel or daycare often, you should consider paying $70-$90 for this vaccine.

• Leptospirosis, a disease that can affect dogs that are commonly taken on trips in nature. This vaccine is affordable, as it usually costs $15-$25.

Spaying/Neutering Expenses

If you’d like to spay or neuter your dog – something that might even be required by your local regulations – you’re likely going to do this in the dog’s first year. However, I’ve decided to separate this expense so I can explain it thoroughly.

Neutering a male dog is an affordable procedure that will usually cost you $150 – $250. When you neuter your English Bulldog, his recovery will be quick. You’ll usually only have to go to one or two visits to remove the stitches and check the wound.

Spaying is a bit more difficult procedure, although it is routine. Also, as it’s more invasive, your female dog might need more time for rehabilitation. As such, you can spend up to $450 on this procedure. This includes aftercare costs, as well.

english bulldog puppy outdoors

Yearly Expenses

If you have an adult dog, taking him to yearly vet visits is sufficient. The price of these visits should be around $125 to $270, depending on what will be done during the appointments.

Most appointments include a general examination, test for heartworm, and regular vaccines. If you have an older dog, the vet will also suggest doing blood work.

If you give your dog additional vaccines I’ve mentioned before, you might need to count on booster shots each year.

Your vet might also suggest a fecal examination. This is a standard procedure, especially for English Bulldogs that are known for their sensitive tummies.

Treatment Expenses

The largest medical costs are, unfortunately, treatment expenses. This is why it’s so important to buy from a reputable breeder and to pay a somewhat higher English Bulldog price at first.

English Bulldogs are brachycephalic dogs which brings plenty of issues on its own. Due to their small, bulky build, they are also prone to many orthopedic issues. The treatment for these conditions can end up being very costly.

Here are some of the most common health problems English Bulldogs might deal with:

Elbow and hip dysplasia: This is one of the most common orthopedic issues in small dog breeds. It occurs when the dog’s joint falls out of its socket. This is a painful condition that might lead to arthritis. Dysplasia can be treated in various ways, depending on its severity. Your dog might be given pain medication, something that will usually cost no more than $300 a month. However, if surgery is required, you might need to pay $3,500 – $7,000 per affected hip!

Brachycephalic syndrome: A combination of many different abnormalities that affect the dog’s breathing. This includes the elongated soft palate, stenotic nares, and everted laryngeal saccules. The treatment can cost $250 to $3,000, depending on the condition in question.

Cherry Eye: Also known as prolapsed third eyelid, this is a painful condition that requires surgery costing $300 – $500 per eye. It’s possible to keep this condition under control with medicine, but this will likely cost you at least $100 each year.

Entropion: Another eye condition that needs surgery. This can cost you anywhere between $1,000 and $2,000.

Dry eye: This eye condition is treated with medication. This can cost you $50 – $150 per month for as long as your English Bulldog has this condition.

Allergies: English Bulldogs are very prone to allergies. The treatment and its cost will very much depend on the severity of your pup’s allergies. Some dogs have one flare-up per year. Others might have breathing issues all day, each day. Most antihistamine medications will cost $20 to $150. However, if your doggie requires allergy shots, these can cost as much as $1,200.

Additional Expenses

Next to the expenses we’ve listed, there are some costs that are entirely optional but might make your and your four-legged family member’s life easier.

These costs include the costs of a professional groomer and dog trainer I’ve already talked about.

Here are some other additional expenses that you might want to pay:

Pet Insurance

cute english bulldog in nature

Pet insurance is a good idea if you didn’t get a health certificate with your English Bulldog puppy. While you might not want to have an additional monthly expense, pet insurance can be of great help when it comes to your dog’s health.

Overall, the average price of plans that cover illnesses and accidents is $565. This insurance will help you pay for treatment expenses if your pup ends up having some genetic health condition or gets sick in any other way.

If this sounds like too much, you can also get the accidents-only plan at a much more affordable price. On average, these plans cost $190.

Some pet health insurance providers can also give you complete treatment coverage, but they’ll be much more costly.

But, do you really need pet insurance? It depends, but it’s wise to have one.

While dogs bought from reputable breeders will have health clearances, this doesn’t mean that they’ll never get sick. For example, many forms of cancers cannot be fully predicted.

Unfortunately, you can never know if and when your four-legged companion might get injured or sick. The worst thing that can happen is not having enough money for the treatment. Pet insurance can help you with this.

Pet insurance is a great option for dogs bought from reputable breeders or puppy mills, as well as adopted dogs. As these pups are much more likely to end up having some health problem, insurance will certainly be more than tossing your money away.

Dog Walking

Even fairly lazy dogs such as English Bulldogs should have daily walks. Otherwise, they might become obese, which increases the chances of hip dysplasia and arthritis.

It’s understandable that, in the busy world we live in, you might not be able to give your dog enough walking time every single day. This is where professional dog walkers come into play.

For a price of $15-$25, a professional dog walker will give your pooch half an hour of walk. This should be enough for an English Bulldog, but if you want more, there are usually discounts for hourly walks.

These walks are mostly done in group settings, so make sure your English Bulldog is properly socialized. If you think this will upset your doggie, you can arrange a private walk – but be prepared that these will be much more expensive.

Traveling And Boarding Costs

If you’re someone who loves to travel and plan on bringing your dog with you, you need to consider the costs of having your pup on a plane with you.

Most companies require dog owners to write a formal request months in advance, and you might be faced with limited options.

In fact, the cost of flying with your English Bulldog varies on so many factors that it’s impossible to give an estimation! This is something you’ll need to discuss with your travel agency.

If you don’t want or cannot take your pooch with you, you might want to pay for dog boarding services. Depending on the time of the year (certain months are busier than others), location, and requested services, this can cost you $25 to $85 per day.

Of course, you can always ask your friends and family to take care of your pup while you’re not there. This is an affordable or even free option, and you’ll know your dog is in good (and familiar) hands.

Is English Bulldog Price Justified?

cute english bulldog

Some people give up on owning these cutie-pies when they hear of how high the English Bulldog price is. This is understandable. Not everyone has the necessary funds or even wants to spend them on a dog.

If you truly want to become an English Bulldog owner, I would advise you to do proper research and buy from a trusted breeder that will make sure you get a healthy dog.

An important thing to keep in mind is that the expenses surrounding your pet don’t end once you buy it. Your dog will need to eat, play, and sleep, not to mention potential medical bills!

If you can afford to own an English Bulldog, you’ll be rewarded with an adorable companion that will love to cuddle with you on the couch all day long.

However, this isn’t where the good sides of English Bulldogs end. These little dogs can be great watchdogs and make sure your home is safe from intruders.

But most importantly, English Bulldogs will be your best friends for as long as they live.

Understanding the full scope of the English Bulldog price is very important. And if you think you can afford to own them, you will not be sorry.

Just remember, a dog is not a toy and he will cost you money each month. Make sure you can give him what he needs for healthy development and a happy temperament.

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