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English Bulldog Price: The Puppy Cost And All Other Expenses

English Bulldog Price: The Puppy Cost And All Other Expenses

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The price of an English Bulldog puppy can be difficult to pin down. If you are looking to get one for yourself, you will need to account for a variety of expenses, such as the cost of the puppy or adult dog, veterinary fees, food, supplies, training, and grooming. In this article, we aim to help you estimate your costs when it comes to buying, raising, and maintaining your newest family member.

An English Bulldog puppy is likely going to cost you between $1,500 and $4,500, with the average price being $2,500. For first-year expenses, you can expect to pay around $5,175, and for each year after that, plan to spend about $1,370 per year or $114 per month. Throughout your pup’s lifetime, the average cost of ownership will be around $16,135.

We based these figures on a comprehensive list of essentials, such as supplies, training costs, treats, dog food, grooming costs, medical expenses, microchip implantation, and license registration.

Note that optional costs such as certain medical procedures that may be necessary, insurance, and services like dog boarding and dog walking are not included.

If you choose to neuter/spay your dog, buy pet insurance, hire a dog walker every working day, and send your pooch to a boarding facility one week every year, the total English Bulldog price could rise between $46,720 and $93,115. In that case, the overall average cost of owning an English Bulldog will be $68,190 throughout its lifetime.

Bear in mind that the prices in the higher range are relevant to owners who buy high-end services and products and those living in expensive areas. The lower range will be more accurate for cheaper services and products and people living in a less expensive area.

English Bulldog price range

White English Bulldog standing on the dock

After scouring through more than 1,500 ads from sources that include PuppyFind and American Kennel Club (AKC) websites, we have found that the price of an English Bulldog puppy (six months old or younger) ranges from $1,500 to $4,500. This puts the average price at $2,500, with more than 80% of prices found falling within the previously mentioned range.

Like their French Bulldog cousins, English Bulldogs are some of the most expensive dogs out there. For a purebred dog of this breed with documents, you can expect to pay as high as $15,000. On the other hand, adoption prices are significantly lower, with adoption and rehoming fees typically ranging from $50 to $500 across the board.

How much are English Bulldog puppies: factors that affect the price

Three english bulldog puppies sitting on the grass

Mixed-breed or purebred: In most cases, English Bulldog mixes are sold at a lower price than purebred dogs of this breed.

Bloodline and the breeder’s reputation: If the parents of your English Bulldog puppy are purebred show-quality canines from a reputable breeder, the price will be substantially higher. Good breeders also tend to invest more money than others in taking care of their breeding stock and puppies.

Registration papers/pedigree: Some of those reputable breeders are members of various kennel clubs and can have their breeding dogs and puppies registered with those clubs. The most famous is the American Kennel Club (AKC), and registering a pup at their organization will surely add to the breeder’s fees.

Medical expenses and health screenings: Serious English Bulldog breeders will probably have their breeding stock and puppies tested/evaluated for different health conditions. Moreover, some breeders will take their puppies to the vet for an exam, necessary vaccines, deworming, and microchip implantation before they put them up for sale. This does drive the price higher, but it also reduces the risk of getting an unhealthy dog.

Socialization and training: You can come across breeders who sell their dogs only after they are trained and socialized. This also increases the puppy price but generates savings as you probably won’t have to invest more money and time into training. Also, this gives you a far better chance of getting a well-behaved puppy.

Breed popularity and the buyer’s location: Local supply and demand will greatly impact puppy prices. For instance, small dogs tend to be much more popular in metropolitan areas and other areas where people live in smaller spaces. Some dog breeds are more in demand in cold climates, while others are sought-after where hunting is popular, etc. This is why it can be worth a shot to look for prices in different locations. However, it can be rather risky to buy an English Bulldog puppy without having seen it first or at least meeting the breeder or checking out the kennel.

Age: As most dog lovers want to get their puppies as young as possible, prices tend to be higher when the dog is younger. For instance, on average, a six-month-old English Bulldog puppy is likely to be less expensive than an eight-week-old one.

Coat color and markings: Coat color, pattern, and markings trends can change quickly. For any dog breed, some colors are more in demand than others, sometimes temporarily.

When the public’s interest in specific coat colors, patterns, or markings grows, puppies with those traits become more expensive as an increase in popularity leads to a higher market price.

Additionally, for purebred canines, only specific coat colors, patterns, markings, and color combinations are accepted by kennel clubs. Lastly, English Bulldogs with rare colors or color patterns can be quite expensive as well.

The English Bulldog colors accepted by the American Kennel Club are the following:

• Fawn

• Fawn and brindle

• Fawn and white

• Fawn brindle and white

• Red

• Red and white

• Red brindle

• Red brindle and white

• White

• Fallow

• Brindle and white

Why do Bulldog puppies cost so much?

Two pretty puppies of a bulldog lying on a soft chair

The English Bulldog price varies depending on its color and quality. A Bulldog puppy has such a high price tag because of the following factors:

• A Bulldog stud service usually costs a whopping $650. Artificial insemination typically ranges from $200 to $600, plus additional fees for containers, shipping, and storage.

• Pre-breeding preparations are very expensive.

• Most English Bulldogs are born via c-section, which typically costs between $500 and $3,00 per birth.

• The average litter size of British Bulldogs is four to five puppies.

Bulldog breeders face a lot of problems during the breeding process. These dogs have been tagged as an unhealthy breed because they are prone to numerous health issues, which we will discuss later on.

Reputable Bulldog breeders have a hard time because they ensure that their dogs have proper health screenings for certain genetic disorders before deciding to breed them.

Prior to artificial insemination or mating, responsible breeders also make sure that the female pooch is up to date with their scheduled vaccinations, deworming, and heartworm prevention.

Bulldog stud services and artificial insemination also come with a hefty price tag. A few weeks after artificial insemination or bringing in a stud service, the female pup undergoes different prenatal procedures, including ultrasounds and x-rays to determine if she is pregnant. If the tests are positive, the pup needs special nutrition and lots of vitamins.

Most English Bulldogs cannot deliver their offspring normally, and a c-section is required because of the following reasons:

• These dogs have large heads and broad shoulders, and there is a higher chance they won’t pass through their mother’s birth canal.

• They also have a high incidence of cleft palates and water puppies.

• Normal labor can be tiresome for the mother because she cannot breathe properly.

How much is an English Bulldog: supplies cost

Adorable English bulldog poses in the autumn in the park

We have filtered over 250 items across bestsellers lists on PetSmart, Walmart, and Amazon to help calculate your expenses when it comes to the supplies needed for a medium-sized dog like the English Bulldog. We have estimated that the cost of supplies for your pup’s first year of life should fall within the $185 to $790 price range, with an average cost of $410.

Here is a comprehensive list of all of the necessary supplies when welcoming an English Bulldog into your home:

Supplies priceAverage cost
Food and water bowls$15
ID tag with phone number $10
Two dog collars$20
Dog crate$55
Dog bed $50
Pooper scooper$20
House training pads$25
Plastic poop bags$55
Stain and odor removal spray$10
Toenail clippers$15
Tooth-brushing kit$10
First-aid kit $30

It goes without saying that you will spend more on supplies for your British Bulldog in the first year of ownership. Each year after that, you can expect to spend between $75 and $300 on supplies or $185 on average. This includes items that need replacement, such as hygiene-related products, toys, and a dog bed. Note that prices will vary from store to store and depend on location and quality as well.

Also, you should know that we have not accounted for things like harnesses, muzzles, shoes, clothing, fences, doggy playpens, and anti-chew sprays as the need for these products varies from pup to pup. Finally, if you are on a budget, consider checking out second-hand stores and websites to save on the essential supplies.

How much are English Bulldogs: training costs

Three English bulldog on a leash

Most dog trainers and animal behaviorists agree that professional training is recommended for this breed. Private training lessons will help with positive leadership and potty training. On the other hand, group training classes should be considered for basic obedience and socialization with other dogs and people outside the home experiences.

You can expect to pay anywhere between $750 and $1,000 for five to seven private classes and $150 to $200 for five 1-hour long group lessons, depending on your locality.

You can train your British Bulldog yourself, but you will need some help. Reading a dog training book and educating yourself on canine behavior and psychology before welcoming your pup will ease the process.

There are training guides that will help you learn everything you need to know to raise, train, and care for your English Bulldog. They include tips on choosing the right dog, picking supplies, training techniques, selecting the right food, handling behavioral issues, and much more. There are even audiobooks available, so you can listen and learn so much about raising a dog while running errands or going to work. Pretty neat, right?

How much does an English Bulldog cost: medical expenses

Most licensed vets estimate the medical costs for a British Bulldog puppy to fall between $400 and $800 for the first year and $380 to $725 each year after that. These costs are based on their experience and may, of course, vary depending on several factors such as location, the clinic taking care of your pup, and your Bulldog’s health condition.

A one-time $50 to $450 expense should be planned for neutering/spaying a dog if the Bulldog owner decides to go down that road. Most vet clinics will charge $150 to $450 for these procedures, but it is possible to find low-cost alternatives that will do them for as little as $50 to $100. Also, you should know that neutering a male dog is generally less expensive than spaying a female one.

How much are English Bulldog puppies: vet costs

dog health control by vet at the animal hospital

Through the first year of your pup’s life, it is suggested to make at least three trips to the vet, with the first being around eight weeks of age. Each of these vet visits should cost you anywhere between $65 and $170, and they will probably cover essential vaccines, necessary exams, a fecal examination, as well as the first three doses of flea and heartworm prevention.

Besides, most vets advise owners to pursue flea and heartworm prevention for the whole year. Each of them costs roughly $10 to $15 every month for an English Bulldog pup. Heartworm prevention, as the name suggests, helps prevent the development of heartworm disease, which is a huge problem, especially in the Southeastern United States.

Furthermore, your British Bulldog may require vaccines that depend on your lifestyle and activities:

Lyme: if your canine companion is often exposed to ticks, you can expect to pay between $60 and $80 for this shot.

Leptospirosis: This is mostly for dogs exposed to wildlife, pups who love playing in lakes, puddles, or rivers, and those pooches who are often taken on hiking and camping trips. The cost of a leptospirosis vaccination is around $15 to $25.

Influenza: The cost of this vaccine is around $70 to $90 and is mostly for doggies that frequently stay at doggy daycares or kennels. These facilities usually require your pup to have an influenza vaccine due to intermittent influenza outbreaks.

How much does an English Bulldog cost: vet costs

For an adult dog of this breed, one annual trip is recommended by most licensed veterinarians. The yearly checkups should range between $125 and $265 and should include necessary vaccinations, a general examination, heartworm test, and for middle-aged and senior canines, some blood work to detect any hidden health problems.

The recommended flea and heartworm prevention will go for about $175 to $200 and $80 to $100 for every adult year, respectively. Optional booster shots for the lifestyle vaccines we mentioned above (Lyme, leptospirosis, and influenza) may also prove to be necessary, and each can add between $15 and $45 to your dog’s vet bills. In some cases, a fecal examination might be necessary, especially if your English Bulldog shows an inconsistent stool quality.

English Bulldog health issues

English Bulldog outdoors

The English Bulldog price can vary depending on your dog’s overall health. Not every British Bulldog will suffer from the health problems we are about to explore, but, as a new owner, you should be prepared for all of them. Here are some of the most common health issues of the Bulldog breed:

Health problemTreatment cost estimate
Brachycephalic syndrome$250 to $3,000
Allergies$80 to $2,000 per year
Cherry eye $75 to $100 per year
Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (dry eye)$55 to $150 per month
Entropion $800 to $1,500
Allergic inhalant dermatitis$3,600 annually
Prolapsed nictitating membrane$800 per eye

Brachycephalic syndrome is a combination of different deformities associated with the breathing apparatus. Some can be surgically corrected, such as an elongated soft palate ($1,000 to $2,000), stenotic nares ($250 to $800, the low end of the price range is applicable when done on an English Bulldog puppy as a preventive measure before it develops breathing problems), and everted laryngeal saccules ($1,000 to $3,000).

Allergies involving the ear and skin itchiness and infections: this depends if your pooch has allergies throughout the year or just one to two flare-ups annually. It also depends on your decision to proceed with allergy injections and testing. Note that your British Bulldog may also need to be fed prescription food, which can easily cost between $75 and $100 per month.

Treating cherry eye (aka a prolapsed third eyelid) will probably cost between $300 and $500 for surgery or $75 to $100 per year for medical management with veterinary visits and medication alone (no surgery). Note that if both eyes are affected, the price of surgery can be up to $800.

Entropion: The cost estimate above is for surgical correction of inverted eyelids.

The English Bulldog breed is one of the most expensive to own due to its numerous potential health issues, including skin fold infections, allergies, heart disease, obesity, and joint abnormalities.

Also, these pups are more at risk for heatstroke due to their abnormal breathing apparatus and airways.

English Bulldog price range: pet insurance cost

English Bulldog in park

As the North American Pet Health Insurance Association reports, the average price of illness and accident coverage plans for British Bulldogs starts at $565. If you want to enroll your pooch in an accident-only plan, the average yearly cost will be significantly lower and fall around the $190 price tag. Pet insurance can be an ace up the sleeve as it is impossible to predict some medical expenses, especially when it comes to English Bulldogs.

It might be possible to find complete health coverage with some insurance companies but be prepared to spend a hefty amount. Make sure to check with your local pet insurance companies to get a quote and know more about coverage. If you are wondering whether or not you should get health insurance for your pup, just take a look at the treatment costs we listed above, and it will give you a pretty good idea of why it can come in handy.

As you might have deduced by now, some English Bulldog health conditions can be quite expensive to treat. Although purebred canines may have a higher incidence of some genetic ailments, mixed-breed pups are also prone to suffering from health conditions such as cancer and heart disorders. As an English Bulldog owner, you should not have to make critical decisions about your pet based on your ability to afford care. That is why pet health insurance is becoming more popular every year in the United States.

If you decide to enroll your Bulldog in a pet insurance plan, make sure to consider the following:

• Reimbursements percentage and limits

• Deductible type (per year or per incident) and amount

• Services included (cancer treatments, pre-existing conditions, emergency visits, hospitalization, medications, surgery, specialists, etc.)

• When the plan will start

Keep in mind that the cost will vary depending on several factors, including your British Bulldog’s age, location, and the plan you choose. You can go to websites like PetInsuranceReview for a quick and easy comparison of pet insurance prices.

English Bulldog price: feeding costs

fat english bulldog standing on green grass and drinking water

When trying to determine the English Bulldog price, we have to take into account feeding costs. English Bulldogs grow to be 45 pounds on average (usually 40 to 50 pounds). As a Bulldog owner, you can expect to spend between $105 and $220 a year for a puppy and $115 to $360 a year for an adult dog of this breed.

A puppy will eat around 140 pounds of dry dog food during its first year, and adult British Bulldogs can be expected to consume around 230 pounds annually, so make sure to take this into account when planning your finances. These cost estimates were based on the prices of some of the most popular food brands, including Purina, Purina One, Blue Buffalo, and Pedigree.

Most canine owners will also feed their furry besties treats daily. These can be expensive, if not more expensive, than dog food itself. The cost estimates for treats are based on prices from Amazon, PetSmart, and Walmart bestsellers and range from $115 to $335.

The average cost of treats is estimated to be $240 for the whole year. But, this cost estimation is based on the premise that your English Bulldog gets one big treat every day. If you plan on giving your pup a treat every other day, you can divide this amount by two. If you plan on treating your pup once a week, divide it by seven, and so on.

Five popular dog food brands compared

The following table compares the price of 140 pounds of dry puppy food from five popular brands. The total price is calculated by looking at the number of bags your pup needs throughout the year, the quantity of dog food per bag, and the unit price of each of the five popular food brands.

Puppy food brandsTotal price
Purina – Puppy Chow$111.12
Purina One – Smart Blend Puppy$197.82
Pedigree – Puppy$103.32
Blue Buffalo – Puppy$220.40
Royal Canin – Medium Puppy$329.95

An adult British Bulldog owner will need to buy around 230 pounds of dry food every year. So, using the same metrics from above, we have calculated the total price of adult dog food from five popular dog food brands.

Adult food brandsTotal price
Purina – Dog Chow$114.90
Purina One – Smart Blend$242.16
Pedigree – Adult $129.15
Blue Buffalo – Adult $359.84
Royal Canin – Medium Adult $519.52

Bear in mind that even though dog food is perishable, it can be stored for extended periods of time. This means you can consider bulk-purchasing food for your English Bulldog to save money.

How much do English Bulldogs cost: grooming expenses

dog grooming - bulldog getting ears cleaned by woman

Most certified dog groomers believe that British Bulldogs can be groomed by their owner at home as their coats are pretty easy to maintain. However, you can opt to take your Bulldog to a professional grooming salon six times a year on average if you don’t mind paying between $45 and $55 for each session.

The price of grooming services will vary depending on your Bulldog’s size, health and age, coat condition, behavior, and the services requested. Most professional groomers will bathe and shampoo your British Bulldog, remove hair (if needed), style and brush its hair, clean its teeth, ears, and eyes, and trim its nails as part of their offer.

A DIY grooming kit allows you to groom your dog at home, and it can be found for anywhere between $25 and $290 on websites such as PetSmart, Walmart, and Amazon. The average cost of grooming equipment is $75, depending on the tools you require.

Additional costs to consider

English bulldog standing outdoors

If you thought that the things we mentioned above are all there is when it comes to English Bulldog price, you have another thing coming! There are additional expenses you should budget for if you wish to own a dog of this breed:


It is highly recommended to license your English Bulldog as it can be illegal, depending on state and territory legislation, to own an unlicensed canine. Moreover, licensing your pup makes identification in the case of an emergency a lot easier. Licenses usually fall in the $10 to $20 range in the United States but can be a bit more expensive if your pup is not neutered or spayed.


A microchip is a great way to identify your British Bulldog. Microchips are also required in many US states and will cost you anywhere between $25 and $50. These implants make it much easier to identify a stolen or lost animal and quickly notify its owner. Furthermore, they allow pups to be on some medical and emergency databases.

Dog walking

Dogs of this breed are not extremely active but would still benefit from a daily walk to make sure they stay healthy. After all, English Bulldogs are prone to becoming obese if they are left to slouch around the house all day. So, if you are unable to cater to your dog’s needs and don’t have the time to take it outdoors during the day, you should hire a dog walker to do it for you.

On average, a dog walker will charge $15 to $25 for a 30-minute walk, which should be more than enough for a Bulldog. Additionally, you can pay $20 to $50 for 1-hour long ones, but it is really not necessary. Depending on your location, professional dog walkers can be found on apps like Wag or Rover.

If you are planning on having a professional dog walker cater to your Bulldog’s needs on a regular basis, make sure to include this expense in your budget. You might also need to pay for private walks if your pooch is not well socialized, and these are obviously more expensive.


Dog boarding services are a viable option in the case of extended travel plans. Plan on spending $25 to $85 a day, depending on the time of the year, location, and services offered. Also, make sure to book in advance, especially during particularly busy stretches of the year such as holidays, to increase the chances of getting the best rates and finding an available spot for your Bulldog.

If you can’t afford these prices, try asking friends or family to host your pooch while you are away. This is a great way to save some money and give your pup a chance to hang out with other people as well.

Taking your Bulldog with you is also a possibility as some train companies and airlines offer this option. Planning is key as you will have to submit a request in advance, and available spots can be limited. The cost of bringing your pup along will vary depending on so many factors that it is quite impossible to estimate it and can only be determined on a case-by-case basis.

The yearly and monthly costs for an English Bulldog

The cost of a puppy during its first year

English bulldog puppy of red and white color

If we add all of the things we listed above, the first-year costs associated with buying and raising a British Bulldog puppy are around $5,175 on average. You can realistically expect your expenses to fall anywhere between $3,235 and $8,240. Moreover, most of the major expenses will be necessary early on during your puppy’s first year.

With additional services, including medical procedures such as neuter or spay procedure, pet insurance, and other services such as dog walking (five times a week for 50 weeks) and dog boarding services (assuming your Bulldog is boarded for a week), these amounts can add up easily. In this case, your expenses can go up to the $6,960 to $15,315 range through the course of your Bulldog’s first year of life.

Adult English Bulldog yearly and monthly costs

The English Bulldog price will go down after the first year. For each adult year, medical expenses, supplies, treats, food, grooming services, and license renewal will cost you anything between $695 and $2,100, with an average cost of $1,370. This boils down to a monthly range of $58 to $175, with an average of $114.

Once again, if you include insurance and additional services, such as dog boarding (assuming your pup is boarded for a week) and dog walking (five times a week for 50 weeks), the average cost rises to $7,215 (or $601 monthly). This means you can expect the yearly cost of owning an adult English Bulldog to be in the $4,970 to $9,725 range.

The total cost of English Bulldog ownership

An English Bulldog’s lifespan is around nine years on average (usually eight to ten years). Using the factors and figures we explained above, we can estimate the total cost of raising and owning one of these dogs to fall between $8,795 and $25,040, with the average cost being $16,135.

Adding a neuter/spay procedure as well as a pet health insurance plan, the average cost of ownership will rise to around $21,470 and will range between $11,995 and $32,510.

Finally, if you add 30-minute professional walks five times a week throughout the year and a week of dog boarding, the total English Bulldog price can be as high as $46,720 to $93,115, averaging at $68,190 for the nine years spent with your canine companion.

The cost of a British Bulldog – A summary in seven questions

1. How much do English Bulldog puppies cost?

english bulldog puppies playing outdoors

On average, a British Bulldog puppy will cost you $2,500 in the United States. Most dogs can be found between $1,500 and $4,500. The price, however, will vary depending on your location and type of breeder, as well as the pup’s bloodline, age, and color, among other things.

2. How much are dog supplies?

As a new English Bulldog owner, you can expect an initial investment of around $185 to $790 in supplies when welcoming a dog of this size. Each year, the cost to replenish some items should fall in the $75 to $330 price range. Prices for dog supplies vary depending on stores available to you, your location, brands you choose, and product quality.

3. Do these dogs need training, and how much will it cost?

Having a British Bulldog professionally trained is often recommended. Both private and group training lessons should cost around $900 to $1,200. For this dog breed, training should mainly focus on potty training, socialization, basic obedience, and positive leadership.

4. What is the cost of preventive medical care for a British Bulldog?

Preventive medical care should cost you around $400 to 800 for an English Bulldog puppy during its first year of life and around $380 to $725 for every adult year. This, however, does not include a neuter or spay procedure, which usually falls between $150 and $450.

5. How much does it cost to feed an English Bulldog?

If we take into account that an English Bulldog puppy eats around 140 pounds and an adult close to 230 pounds of dry food yearly, annual expenses should be between $105 and $330 for a puppy and $115 to $520 for an adult. Premium dog food brands and treats would increase the costs.

6. Should these dogs be professionally groomed, and how much will it cost?

Although grooming a dog of this breed is easy enough that most owners should be able to do it themselves, some prefer to have their dog professionally groomed. If you wish to take your pup to a professional grooming salon six times a year, expect to pay between $40 and $55 for each session. This price estimate can vary depending on the dog and the services required.

7. Are there any additional expenses?

Of course, there are! English Bulldog price can be substantially higher if you provide your dog with the following:

A dog microchip usually costs $25 to $50 on average in the United States and is implanted during a medical appointment. It will be placed under your Bulldog’s skin between the shoulder blades. Bear in mind that pups adopted from a shelter or bought from good breeders sometimes already have a microchip implanted.

The average annual price for British Bulldog accident and illness coverage plans is $565, while accident-only plans cost around $190.

Dog walkers generally charge $15 to $25 for a 30-minute group walk and $20 to $50 for a 1-hour long one. Prices vary depending on location, and private walks are always more expensive.

As a Bulldog owner, you should budget $25 to $85 per day for dog boarding services. Once again, prices for these services vary depending on location, the level of service, and the time of year, among other things.

English Bulldog puppies for sale: where to find one

english bulldog puppy outdoors

Basically, there are two ways of getting a dog of this breed, and they are quite different. The first one is the cheaper way that comes with a lot of risks, and the second is more expensive but has its merits. Let’s explore both.

Cheap Bulldog vs. expensive Bulldog

A cheap Bulldog can come with a lot of health issues unless you know that the person you are buying from is a responsible owner. Most of the dogs bought this way end up costing thousands of dollars in vet bills.

Although most pet stores sell British Bulldogs that are of the same price range, claiming they have good-quality Bulldogs, it is still far better to purchase puppies directly from reputable breeders.

This is because most stores get their dogs from puppy mills, where many of them are abused and inhumanely used as breeding machines. Aside from indirectly supporting puppy mills and their unethical practices, getting a puppy from these stores may cost you more money for veterinary expenses in the long run.

A well-bred English Bulldog may cost a lot more, but they have a longer life expectancy and are generally healthier. If you are from the US, it is wise to get an AKC-registered English Bulldog puppy. Always ask if the puppy’s parents have passed health screenings for different genetic issues, including cystinuria, progressive retinal atrophy, hip dysplasia, etc.

Bulldogs are wonderful companion dogs even though they are one of the most expensive breeds to own. This is why it is always better to get one from a breeder that genuinely loves the breed and wants to produce healthier pups that fall within the breed standard.

Blue English Bulldog puppies

Blue English Bulldog pupp

Photo from:@justice_journey_ebd_pups

The main thing that separates these dogs from the rest of their cousins is the color of their fur. In this case, you will see that they have a blue/grey coat.

When you rub a blue Bulldog’s fur, you might notice that it has a fawn undercoat. You may also notice that its footpads, nose, and eyeliner are also blue. However, the exact shade of blue will often vary depending on the type of blue British Bulldog you purchase.

English Bulldogs were originally built for bullbaiting, which required an aggressive dog. But, once the sport was banned, breeders focused on making them great family pets.

When it comes to the blue English Bulldog price, you might want to take a sip of water before we share the information.

Are you ready? Depending on where you are getting a blue English Bulldog, you might be expected to pay well over $5,000 for a puppy.

Merle English Bulldog price

The highest advertised asking price for a single merle-colored British Bulldog is a whopping $14,000! Merle-colored pups of this breed can also be found in the $4,200 to $7,000 price range.

Merle English Bulldogs are genetically identical to classic Bulldogs. They are the same breed and exist as a small subcategory of coloring. Their temperament, behavior, and exercise needs are exactly the same as those of a classic bulldog.

However, one thing clearly distinguishes them from their classic Bulldog cousins – their color pattern. Merle English Bulldogs can come in three varieties:

• A dilute merle: a pup with no dark patches on its coat.

• Cryptic merle: a dog that carries the merle gene but does not express it.

• Merlequins: dogs that have patches of merle pattern on their otherwise classic coat.

Lilac tri merle English Bulldog price

Lilac tri merle English Bulldog

Photo from :@rareexoticbulldogs

Lilac is probably the rarest color variation found in this breed. A lilac English Bulldog has had its coat color diluted twice – once from black to brown and the other from brown to blue.

This coat color looks like the result of mixing blue and brown hues, resulting in a beautiful purplish-grey color. If you rub a lilac Bulldog’s fur backward, you may notice a fawn-colored undercoat.

The nose, paw pads, and eyeliner of these dogs should be some shade of purple. They come in lilac and white in any design, with some tan points. When you add the merle coat pattern to the lilac color, you get a gorgeous-looking purple English Bulldog. The rarest of them can even come with frosty blue eyes.

As we already mentioned, these pups are very rare since lilac is one of the hardest colors to produce. Prices for these pups usually start around $4,500–$5,000.

Chocolate tri merle English Bulldog price

Chocolate is a color that doesn’t fit this breed’s standard. However, that doesn’t stop these pups from looking absolutely stunning!

They get their dashing color from the bb genotype. The coat of a chocolate tri English Bulldog is a rich, deep brown color, and its eyeliner, paw pads, and nose come in a brown or liver hue.

Chocolate tri British Bulldogs come in a chocolate and white coat color in any design with tan points. When you add the merle gene into the mix, you can probably see why these dogs are so attractive!

These dogs are extremely rare, so it is hard to estimate their cost. But, with that being said, some merle tri-coat pattern English Bulldog puppies have been valued at $9,500–$35,000.

English Bulldog price: final words

Cute English bulldog laying down on the grass

To help you determine the English Bulldog price and expenses, we’ve compiled a guide that contains all the primary costs that are necessary to ensure your dog’s well-being.

Be sure to take these considerations seriously before purchasing or adopting a British Bulldog, as they are crucial if you wish to have a healthy, happy, and comfortable puppy in its new home.

Furthermore, an English Bulldog should never be a financial burden on your or your family, so make sure to read through each section to better understand the costs that come with raising one of these dogs.

Also, keep in mind that the figures provided in this article are for informational purposes only. As a Bulldog owner, you should always find the actual costs that apply to your own situation before making a decision.

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