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9 Ultimate Puppies That Don’t Roar, But Look Just Like Lions

9 Ultimate Puppies That Don’t Roar, But Look Just Like Lions

They don’t hunt zebras and wildebeests, and they don’t roar or sleep twenty hours a day, but these nine dogs irresistibly resemble lions. 

Their fashionable mane makes their head appear lion-like, which is the number one criteria for being put on this awesome list. Don’t worry… I’m not biased or anything, as there are other things such as their head shape, coat color, or their lion-like paws to seal the whole deal.

Be honest – have you just paused reading to take a closer look at your doggo and find the resemblance? Well, let’s see if you can find it on this list!

#1 The Chow Chow Deserves The Spot For A Reason

a dog that looks like a lion is lying on the pavement
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They may not be the hardest workers in the family nor do they distinguish themselves by impeccable intelligence, but there’s one thing you can’t take away from Chow Chows – their amazing, lion-mane-like hair!

That’s right! These Chinese boys are just too fashionable to be left out from being mentioned. 

All in all, Chow Chow canines can be extremely high-maintenance. Aside from their overwhelming grooming, it takes a lot of time to make decent house pets out of both males and females. That’s why I would recommend them only to experienced owners!

#2 If Lions Were Friendly, They Would Be Called Newfoundlands

Newfoundland dog lying on the pavement
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You may think that there are only black Newfoundlands on the market, but you would be wrong. There’s more than one color in this breed.

Beige and brown color patterns are quite common in these large Canadian boys, and those are exactly the variants that are reminiscent of the lion’s coat.

Still, their coat and their large head are the only things that make them qualify as these jungle kings, as Newfoundies are extremely friendly.

Unlike their wild counterparts, these doggos are naturally inclined to human species, as they have been raised, trained, fed, and entertained by humans for centuries. I know… the name itself doesn’t do them justice. The truth is that Newfoundlands are not actually a “new” breed.

They go way back to the 18th century, when the first sample ever saw the light of day.

#3 The Tibetan Mastiff Is Practically A Lion

Tibetan Mastiff is lying on the grass
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Okay, it’s not exactly a lion, as lions are generally larger, and their bite force is higher than in these Tibetan beasts. 

But, even then, it is unbelievable how much these large canines resemble lions. They have a long coat that is typically the longest around their neck. The biggest part of their body is definitely their massive head, which makes them quite intimidating.

But, beware, as mastiffs are not just intimidating by their looks. They are actually extremely hostile around strangers, enemies, and predators, which makes them excellent guard dogs.

Their coat helps them endure severe conditions, which is why these doggos are mostly found in mountain and country areas. After all, they’re called Tibetan for a reason!

#4 The Lion-Hearted Caucasian Shepherd Is A Dog To Rely On

Caucasian Shepherd Dog in the snow
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Here comes another vigilant lion-like dog! Unlike Tibetan Mastiffs, these Caucasian beauties are slightly smaller, and their coat is shorter.

Still, their big head, and lots of fur all over their body make them appear as true “kings of the jungle.” 

Caucasian Shepherds are designed to serve in the mountains, and they can be excellent dogs for guarding your huts. On the other hand, making them family dogs takes long-term training and an exhaustive process of socialization.

They’re not exactly the friendliest breed, nor do they make the best family dogs. However, with the proper approach, and an experienced owner, these large dogs can turn out to be delightful pets.

#5 The Shar Pei Is More Of A Groomed Version

Apricot Bear Coat Shar Pei portrait
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You must be wondering what the dog with the smoothest coat in the world is doing on this list. Am I right? 

Well, let me tell you one thing – those wrinkles, and their short coat might be disqualifying, but Shar Peis are here for a reason! Imagine a well-groomed lion, and compare it to this Chinese boy! Are you seeing the resemblance?

Excluding the wrinkles, these big-headed doggos have the nose of a true lion! And, their paws? If not clipped regularly, they can be extremely “sharp”. But, don’t worry. That’s not why they got the name! 

#6 The Teeny-Tiny Lion-like Pekingese 

cute dog with tongue out
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Pekingeses are probably the cutest lions that you’re gonna see, so better hurry up and reserve your spot at the finest breeders

All jokes aside – these ancient canines, indeed, resemble lions in their fashionable, long coat that can be fawn and yellowish, too.

Still, despite their irresistible resemblance, these are the kindest lion-like dogs that you will ever find. They just love spending time with their family, which makes them one of the most desirable small breeds in the world.

#7 Here Comes Another Mini Lion – The Pomeranian

cute pomeranian set around the garden
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Okay, it’s time to take back what I just said, as here’s another adorable lion-like dog that goes hand in hand with Pekingese canines.

Two things are certain – you will never hear a Pom roar or basically make any sound that’s even remotely close to a roar. And, you will never find this dog being too serious!

Poms are true masters of sassiness, which makes them perfect family dogs! Big families with small kids just love having these canines around, as they easily adapt to house life, and they equally connect with all family members.

So, I must disappoint many of you who thought Poms are “small lions” temperament-wise. Truth be told, they’re more of small Teddy bears! 

#8 Löwchens Are Lions By Their Mane, And Resting Tendencies

Lowchen-Dog is standing in the garden
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Well, despite the fact that their name means “the little lion”, Löwchens are far from being lionish, hunting-wise. They are, however, similar in two things. The first is their look – Löwchens are nothing but small lions in their appearance. 

The second is their tendency to rest most of the day. That’s right! If you’re planning to get one of these German canines, you won’t need to exercise them for more than thirty minutes a day. 

As much as it sounds odd for a German breed – this is a non-sporting breed that just loves spending its days resting and cuddling with its owner. That’s just who they are!

#9 Meet The Keeshond – The Silver-Coated, Lion-like Dog

Keeshond stands with tongue out
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If you’re looking for a lion-like breed that has it all – you’ve come to the right place! Keeshonds are not only good guardians and watchdogs – they’re actually pretty amazing family dogs, too!

They’re quite tolerant, have a great way with small kids, and their level of adaptability is pretty high. 

Keeshonds have long fur that has a structure similar to a lion’s mane. However, their coat is generally silver, gray, and black, which is why they can never be “mistaken” for them.

Final Words

Have you found your lionish puppy yet? 

Well, the list ends here, even though there are still a plethora of dogs that are waiting to reserve their spot on this list. But, I will stop here, and that’s the only fair choice, as these nine beauties are way beyond any competition.

Till next time, PupViners, and remember – having a puppy with a lion’s mane is not just an everyday grooming task, but a privilege!