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14 Dog Breeds That Like Water, Or Better Said, Love It

14 Dog Breeds That Like Water, Or Better Said, Love It

Every dog has a distinct personality, and it happens that these dogs are marked as water lovers! How cool is it that these dog breeds like water, and see it as their own little hobby, just as we see crocheting, reading, or baking?

There are certain dog breeds that are naturally inclined to being in water, swimming, diving, retrieving from water, and even hunting in water.

Those dog breeds typically include all kinds of retrievers, setters, spaniels, and so called ‘water dogs’.

Whenever you are taking a walk beside a river, lake, or by the shore, you probably won’t be able to control these dogs and forbid them to dive in. Their urge to be in the water is far stronger than anything… well, except their unconditional love for their owner and their family.

Water dogs usually have a specific coat that helps them regulate their body temperature even when they are swimming. Their coat helps them protect their internal organs, and keep their body safe from getting hypothermia.

They also have unique ‘swimming paws’, known as webbed feet, and an extremely strong tail, which helps them to swim fast in the water.

What Are The 14 Dog Breeds That Like Water? 

Now, the time has come for us to talk a bit more about the specific dog breeds that like water, and like spending excessive amounts of time swimming, diving, and retrieving anything from water.

If you throw a stick in water, these dogs will come back with at least two sticks, some fish, and a king crab:

1. Labrador Retriever

happy labrador dog in the water on the beach

Although being one of the most common ones for households, Labradors were originally bred in Newfoundland as water retrieving dogs to aid fishermen in pulling in heavy nets of fish. 

Whether male or female, Labradors are excellent swimmers and they like fetching water toys and cooling off in the pool on hot days because of their thick, water-resistant coat.

They have extremely friendly attitudes, and they are happy to be involved in any kind of activity, especially if it has something to do with water, even if it’s just bath time.

The loyal Lab can also be seen performing as a service dog when it is out swimming, diving, and retrieving. They work very hard, but they’re also very kind and good-natured, so they’re great family pets.

Despite their extreme athleticism, they are susceptible to obesity, and therefore, they do need daily exercise and a balanced diet.

2. Golden Retriever

happy golden retriever dog jumping in water

The Golden Retriever was developed in Scotland in the middle of the 19th century as a result of a demand for dogs that were better at retrieving game, particularly from water.

It is thought that a yellow-colored retriever and the now-extinct Tweed Water Spaniel were the parents of the Golden. Following this, the offspring was mixed with the Irish Setter, the Bloodhound, the Newfoundland, and the Curly Retriever.

The Golden’s (no matter the type of Golden Retriever) high energy levels and unique posture make them excellent swimmers. 

They can swim effectively over great distances, navigate through waves, and stay afloat thanks to their long, strong legs, especially the rear legs, which have webbed feet. 

Their undercoat is wooly to provide warmth in chilly water, whereas their fur is water-resistant and shields against harmful particles.

3. Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Leaping In the Water

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever, sometimes known as the “Chessie,” is the only breed of retriever that was developed in the United States, and it is a cherished family pet. 

They adore the outdoors, especially swimming, and are exceptional hunters and retrievers. They benefit from having a thick, water-repellent double coat that is most usually brown.

A Chessie’s personality is quite pleasant and laid-back, which makes them excellent service dogs. Their personality is highly similar to the Golden Retriever’s.

4. English Setter

English Setter dog in front of a lake

The English setter, being one of the oldest existing hunting breeds, is a medium-sized dog with a long, smooth, white coat that contains different-colored markings. This coat does need to be groomed regularly, which takes some work.

They are seen as usually well mannered, gentle, and pleasant. They are regarded as the gentlemen of the whole dog kingdom because of their beautiful personalities. In other terms, these devoted puppies are wonderful companions, and they get along well with kids.

They will enjoy spending time with the whole family by the lake, river, or at the seaside, and they will help you make wonderful memories. They can also be used as working dogs because they are highly intelligent.

5. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Dog Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever walking by the lake

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is regarded as an enthusiastic, affectionate, medium-sized athletic dog breed, with a striking bright copper coat that was developed to aid in duck hunting. They are extremely perceptive, loving, and ready to serve.

And, if you enjoy swimming, scavenging, hiking, backpacking, and other outdoor activities, the toller might be the ideal dog for your family. 

However, beware of their infamous “toller shriek,” – a high-pitched yell that makes this dog a bad choice for people living and residing in apartment buildings or people with immediate neighbors who value their privacy.

Robinson continues by saying that a toller has to be exercised frequently, and generally enjoys playing fetch, given their appreciation of the outdoor spaces and their athleticism.

6. Portuguese Water Dog

Black Portuguese Water Dog playing in the water

Fishermen and swimmers will undoubtedly enjoy the company of an active, loving, and courageous Portuguese Water Dog. They are quite easy to teach, extremely intelligent, and generally healthy.

Robinson continues, “But, these gifted swimmers do need more activity than other breeds, and would fare well in a busy family with lots of joint playtime”.

In addition to protecting boats and herding fish into traps, they also retrieve damaged or missing tools and equipment. Also, they were sent out as messengers from one ship or beach to another.

Fishing boats were frequently accompanied by Portuguese Water Dogs as they traveled from Portugal’s warm seas along the coast to Iceland’s colder waters.

Breeders speculate that they may have descended from Kerry Blue Terriers, Irish Water Spaniels, or even Poodles. These canines are exceptional swimmers due to their background, webbed feet, and powerful stature.

7. Spanish Water Dog

Brown Spanish Water Dog on green grass outdoor

Spanish water dogs are a highly dedicated, energetic breed that was developed to be duck retrievers and herding dogs. They are friendly and sociable, and excellent with children, and if socialized as puppies, they may play harmoniously with other dogs.

Another distinctive feature of the Spanish water dog is its fleecy, curling coat. Although they are thought of as low care in terms of maintenance, the hair mat requires regular attention. 

Instead of attempting to brush the dog alone, it is advised for new owners to collaborate with someone who has knowledge in coat maintenance. Dog groomers are well educated when it comes to the specific coat of this dog breed, so you won’t need to worry.

8. Poodle

poodle dog on the sunny beach

Whenever I hear this dog breed’s name, I immediately think of a puddle of water. Classic or standard Poodles (as well as giant Poodles) are among the breeds with the highest intelligence, not to forget the most graceful and easy to train, and they need a lot of activity

Despite the fact that these dogs’ hypoallergenic coat is excellent for persons with allergies, proper maintenance is still necessary for all of these dogs.

It’s hardly surprising that the breed, which also appears in toy as well as mini versions, adapts rapidly to living in or near the ocean because they are naturally curious. 

In addition, the AKC points out that the name “poodle” derives from the German word “pudelin,” which alludes to the breed’s love of the water.

9. Irish Water Spaniel

A cute Irish Water Spaniel on the sand beach by the ocean at golden sunset

Early in the 1830s, an athlete from Dublin created the Irish Water Spaniel. Due to the breed’s propensity for hunting and retrieving birds in frigid waters like the North Sea, it gained popularity in England and Ireland. 

They performed their duties while remaining warm in chilly waters because of their water-resistant, curly double coat. Also, they are excellent swimmers, thanks to their stamina and webbed feet.

Being the tallest spaniel breed, these worker dogs are recognizable by their distinctive “rat tail.” Irish water spaniels have excellent swimming abilities, and are also quite playful, loving, and trainable

An Irish water spaniel with a desire to please is likely to communicate well with other pets and children.

10. Newfoundland

Newfoundland walking in the water

The Newfoundland breed was developed in Newfoundland, Canada, in the early 1800s as a service dog for fishermen. Fishnet pulling, wagon and gear lugging, and water saves were among their duties.

The breed’s webbed feet, robust body, and huge lung capacity make it an excellent swimmer. Also, they were kept warm in the chilly waters by their dense double coat

Newfies, one of the biggest dog breeds, are gentle giants that typically weigh between 110 and 160 pounds. They have a flat, coarse coat on the outside that makes them excellent swimmers in chilly water. They live less than other breeds, typically only reaching the age of 8 to 10. 

It’s also important to note that these large dogs frequently slobber, shed a lot, and are susceptible to ear problems. You should keep a close check on those fluffy ears to see any early indication of an underlying medical condition before it worsens.

11. Barbet

barbet on the lake tasting water

The Barbet is a French water dog that can be traced back to the 1500s. They were developed specifically to locate and retrieve ducks in ponds and marshes.

One of their aliases, “Dirt Dog,” refers to the breed’s propensity for swimming and willingness to get dirty. They have a dense, water-resistant curly coat, and webbed paws made for swimming.

The Barbet, also known as the French water dog, is another long-haired puppy that enjoys splashing around in the local body of water, and does well as a family pet. Yet, they work best for a busy family that enjoys going outside.

Since they were raised to be athletes, they demand regular, everyday exercise. Furthermore,  these dogs are clever, gregarious, and calm, and they make excellent pets.

Because of their rich, curly-hair coat, they will need regular combing in order to prevent mats, tangles, and debris accumulation.

12. American Water Spaniel

American Water Spaniel dog in water

The American Water Spaniel is a special breed that evolved in the Midwest, and is one of the American dog breeds. They were developed to aid in the hunting and retrieval of waterfowl in the Great Lakes’ chilly waters and marshy shores.

The breed may have originated from Irish Water Spaniels, Frizzy Retrievers, and the now endangered English Water Spaniel, though its exact ancestry is unknown. 

The water-repellent coat, robust frame, and cushioned, webbed paws of American Water Spaniels have been created for swimming.

Their small body enabled them to leap into waters without upsetting a boat, and their dense, wavy or tightly-curled coat protected them from chilly temperatures. These canines are not only excellent swimmers, but they are also competent divers and floaters.

13. Boykin Spaniel

Boykin Spaniel on the beach

The Boykin Spaniel, which was entirely created in the 20th century, enjoys both hunts and water retrieves. They are stunning, medium-sized, brown spaniels that also enjoy spending time with their owner, and they are very intelligent and compassionate.

Considering how athletic and active they are, these puppies need to be exercised frequently. They’ll thrive in a group of healthy individuals who can provide them with at least one hour of daily strenuous exercise.

Little grooming is necessary, although like the Newfoundland, a Boykin’s ears must be regularly checked for infection, especially after spending time in water.

14. Lagotto Romagnolo 

Lagotto Romagnolo sitting on a rock

The amiable, vivacious, motivated, and highly trainable Lagotto Romagnolo — which means “lake dog from Romagna”, hunts truffles and enjoys water. As long as they are socialized early, they are also considered to make excellent family dogs.

They have a need for regular mental stimulation through play or training for this intelligent breed, which is Italian in origin. Discover here what colors they are available in!

As they enjoy solving problems in particular, a dog puzzle toy could be a great method to provide them with the stimuli they need for brain development.

Final Word

I hope that you have discovered a bit more about the most popular dog breeds that like water. If you are an active individual yourself, or even better, have a family that enjoys various activities around water, any of these pups will be a great choice for you.

Consider the size of the dog, its activity levels, as well as the conditions you are living in, and try to decide which one is the best fit for you. Good luck!

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