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The Top 5 Ethical Border Collie Breeders In Ontario

The Top 5 Ethical Border Collie Breeders In Ontario

The job of a herding dog is never easy. But, for a Border Collie, there is no such thing as a difficult task.

Chances are that you live in Canada, and that you have been looking for the perfect canine companion. Whether you are looking for a guard dog, a herding dog, or just a lovely four-legged friend, a Border Collie is definitely a good choice.

Finding Border Collie breeders in Ontario is usually done through internet search and referrals. But, there are different types of breeders, and you might stumble upon many unprofessional and unreputable Border Collie breeders.

To save you time, we did some research concerning the most ethical Border Collie breeders in Ontario. Now, it’s up to you to find the right breeder and get in contact with them.

Border Collie Puppies For Sale In Ontario

two border collie puppies

Looking for a Border Collie puppy is fun. But, what many don’t realize is that searching for a puppy shouldn’t be a priority. A future Border Collie owners’ primary task should be finding an ethical Border Collie breeder.

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Most people think that the first step in getting a puppy is to find one. And, when they finally find a cute Border Collie puppy, many don’t pay attention to whether the breeder is ethical or not. Unfortunately, most people are lured in by cheap prices and advertisements.

Border Collies are often crossed with Australian Shepherds and Rough Collies. So, if you’re searching for a purebred Border Collie, the best thing you can do is avoid breeders who aren’t registered with a national kennel club (like the CKC).

There are some amazing Border Collie breeders in Ontario. When you are purchasing a purebred Border Collie puppy from an ethical breeder, you can expect to get the best puppy that comes with all documentation and veterinary records.

Let’s see what these Border Collie breeders in Ontario have in store for you!

1. Asset Kennels.

portrait of a border collie

The first reputable Border Collie breeder in Ontario who we want to mention is Asset Kennels. Being in good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club, Asset Kennels carefully breeds purebred Border Collies within the breed standards.

Alongside Border Collies, these breeders produce healthy American Shepherd Puppies. All of their dogs are bred primarily for health.

Asset Kennels’ working Border Collies show excellent temperaments and high trainability. After all, these purebred dogs are extremely intelligent, and the Asset Kennels’ team knows exactly how to bring out their full potential.

Their puppies are AKC-registered, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and health tested for genetic diseases.

This amazing Border Collie breeder offers lifetime support to future Border Collie puppy owners.

Asset Kennels’ details

Email: [email protected]

Phone: Cell: 613-661-1815 | Home: 289-203-9664

Website: Asset Kennels

Location: Canfield, Ontario K9A 4J8


2. Hollowshot Border Collies.

border collie photographed near flowers

Hollowshot Border Collies are extraordinary little sheepdogs. This wonderful breeder brought her Border Collies from England over to the USA, where she continued maintaining their high-quality bloodline.

Their Border Collies show incredible results in CKC conformation and herding trials. Not only do they make loyal companions, but they also show amazing skills in herding livestock.

Hollowshot Border Collies are health tested for hereditary diseases, and have undergone OFA X-ray elbow and hip clearances. Therefore, their puppies are certified, regularly checked by a licensed veterinarian, and ready to go!

Border Collie puppies that are ready for their new home come with pedigrees, AKC papers, veterinary records, and health guarantees.
These reputable breeders also offer rehoming adult dogs. Their Border Collie mothers retire at four to five years of age, and they make great family dogs.

The Hollowshot team offers tips and advice for new Border Collie parents. So, if you have any questions, make sure to reach out to them!

Hollwshot Border Collies’ details

Email: [email protected]

Phone: Cell: 1-705-933-4811 | Home: 1-705-696-1926

Website: Hollowshot Border Collies

Location: Cobourg, Ontario, Canada


3. HiQ Border Collies.

Border Collie schaut nach oben

Since 1988, HiQ Border Collies has been breeding high-quality purebred Border Collies. Their outstanding pooches are famous for participating in canine championships across the world!

Bred to be healthy family members, HiQ Border Collies grow up in a loving and caring environment. Surrounded by children and other animals, these sheepdogs have developed the best personalities.

Due to the fact that the HiQ Border Collies’ team are members of the Canadian Border Collie Association (CBCA), every puppy from their litter comes with a CBCA certification. Each year, they plan puppy litters, and make sure that all of their puppies are health tested.

Every HiQ puppy is backed with a health guarantee and is tested for hereditary, breed-specific diseases.

Not only does the HiQ team thoughtfully select high-quality dog parents, but they also carefully select new homes which their Border Collie puppies go to. So, before reserving a puppy, you must fill out a puppy questionnaire.

The HiQ Border Collies’ crew regularly posts photos and updates on their Facebook group, so make sure to check them out!

HiQ Border Collies’ details

Email: [email protected]

Website: HiQ Border Collies

Location: Caledon, Ontario Canada


4. Southview Border Collies.

border collie lying on floor

The lovely Southview Border Collies’ breeders strive to bring out the best in these fun-loving and hard-working Border Collies!

These ethical breeders strive to preserve the pure Border Collie breed. Therefore, the Canadian Border Collie Association (CBCA) stands behind every Southview Border Collie puppy. Thoroughly tested for genetic health diseases, each puppy comes with a two-year health guarantee.

There are plenty of Border Collie coat colors and patterns in store for you! The Southview Border Collie breeders offer Collies in red and white, black and white, gold slate, merle, and blue merle coat colors.

Future Border Collie parents are required to sign a non-breeding contract, and to have their new puppy spayed/neutered within its first year of life.

Their Border Collie puppies are high in demand, so make sure to reserve your new furry friend!

Southview Border Collies’ details

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 905-960-6522

Website: Southview Border Collies

Location: Sunderland , Ontario, Canada




5. Newhope Border Collies.

border collie with snowy background

Dating back to 1975, the Newhope Border Collies’ team has been producing top-quality Border Collies. If you are looking for an amazing

Border Collie breeder in Ontario, the Newhope team is the one for you!

These purebred Border Collies are bred to be both affectionate family companions and hard-working farm dogs.

Alongside Border Collies, Newhope breeders develop Irish Red and White Setters. They breed for health, temperament, performance, and good looks!

All of their Border Collie parents and puppies are thoroughly checked for genetic diseases. They undergo X-ray hip and elbow clearances. Moreover, Newhope Border Collies puts their puppies through an eye examination by the CERF.

This means that all potential buyers will receive a healthy Border Collie puppy with all its veterinary records and documentation.

Their puppies are trained, and they get along well with all family members — especially children!

If you are interested in purchasing a wonderful Border Collie pup, make sure to contact the Newhope Border Collies’ breeder.

Newhope Border Collies’ details

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 905 768 5587

Website: Newhope-Crossfire

Location: Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada.


Border Collie Puppy Price

A Border Collies’ price can range depending on the breeder and the location. You can find Border Collie puppies from $600 to $4,000.

Be aware that finding cheaper Border Collie pups might come with an unpleasant surprise. Most backyard breeders and puppy mills breed dogs for quantity rather than quality.

As a result, these puppies suffer from health issues, and are often kept in bad conditions. We advise you not to buy from such breeders, and not to support such businesses.

Don’t be fooled by classified ads as they most likely advertise low-quality Border Collie breeders.

Border Collie Ontario Rescue

Border Collie Ontario Rescue is a voluntary, non-profit organization whose main focus is to rescue Border Collies across Ontario, Canada.
They make sure these rescue dogs are kept in great living conditions, treated well, and trained until they are adopted by loving paw parents.

Alongside the Border Collie’s welfare, BCOR strives to educate the public about this lovely purebred dog.

As a non-profit organization, they mostly rely on support from other dog lovers who help provide these dogs with all the necessary care.

If you are a Border Collie lover, stop by at the BCOR website and check out what they do in order to give abandoned Border Collies a new chance!

Final Thoughts

border collie dog wearing a collar

The Border Collie holds the world record for the smartest dog breed. This know-it-all shows its intelligence by memorizing over a thousand words and commands.

Moreover, this purebred dog is famous for its strong work ethic and outstanding sheep herding abilities.

Getting such a hard-working dog is a very big step in your life. Before making a decision, you should do some serious thinking. Having such a highly-trainable and intelligent dog can be a lot of work.

This dog requires a lot of exercise, constant mental stimulation, and plenty of space to run around. It’s the ideal family member for those who live on a farm, or families that have a spacious back yard.

Finding a reputable Border Collie breeder in Ontario is made easy with this article. We are glad to be a part of your Border Collie puppy journey, and we hope that you choose the right Border Collie breeder!

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