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The 3 Best Border Collie Breeders In The UK

The 3 Best Border Collie Breeders In The UK

The Border Collie is a medium-sized, working dog breed that is believed to have originated in the 1700s in the border regions of Scotland, England, and Wales – its ancestor breeds are the Scotch Collie and the Bearded Collie, with a bit of Spaniel blood believed to be somewhere in the mix too.

Border Collies became extremely popular among the British gentry in the 19th century due to their incredible workability and high trainability – since then, their popularity has been steadily increasing and today, they are kept as both working dogs and loving family pets all around the world.

Border Collies were bred to work as sheepdogs, but their versatile nature and high intelligence enable them to work well with just about any type of herd.

In fact, Border Collies rank first on the list of the 20 smartest dog breeds in the world – according to a study published by Dr. Stanley Coren, a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia.

This highly intelligent dog breed is a good fit for families with an active lifestyle, and due to their natural herding instincts, they are very protective of their loved ones, which makes them excellent watchdogs.

That said, if you’re looking to buy a new Border Collie puppy in the UK, you’re probably on the hunt for the best Border Collie breeders in the UK.

Border Collie Puppies For Sale In The UK

Due to their high trainability, Border Collies are also utilized by police and military forces as excellent search and rescue dogs, and bomb and narcotics detection dogs – and they also make wonderful therapy and guide dogs.

It’s easy to see why Border Collies are so popular, and it would be safe to assume that due to their high popularity, there are tons of reputable Border Collie breeders in the UK – but unfortunately, that’s just not the case.

There are, however, tons of unreliable, questionable, and self-proclaimed breeders out there who sell their dogs on online classifieds websites, such as UKPets and OurDogs – but these so-called breeders should be avoided at all costs.

Unreliable and unlicensed breeders usually care more about the amount of money they make than the health, safety, and quality of the dogs they breed.

Pet stores, backyard breeders, and puppy mills also fall under the umbrella term “bad breeders”.

Finding a reputable, licensed, and reliable Border Collie breeder in the UK is not as easy as it first sounds – but that’s where we come in.

We’ve already done the heavy lifting and we’ve found the three most reputable Border Collie breeders in the UK in order to help you narrow down your search for your new best friend.

Rest assured that the breeders on this list were chosen via a strict set of criteria and that they are all equally reliable, reputable, and ethical – so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your new Border Collie puppy will be as healthy as possible when you buy them, and whether they will stay healthy in the long run.

So, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s dive in and check out who the three best Border Collie breeders in the UK are, shall we?

1. FreyasWay Border Collies – Reading

Our first pick on the list of the best Border Collie breeders in the UK is FreyasWay Border Collies, located in Sulham, Reading.

Who they are

Owned and helmed by Alison Roets – FreyasWay is a mobile dog grooming service that doubles as a Kennel Club assured breeder, and it produces high-quality Border Collies that adhere to both the Kennel Club’s and the AKC’s Border Collie breed standard.

Alison prides herself on the amount of experience, skills, and knowledge she has attained over the span of thirty years working as a Border Collie breeder and trainer – and her accolades pretty much speak for themselves.

Alison has been involved in dog therapy work, dog agility, and dog training almost her entire life – all of which have resulted in her achieving success with her high-quality therapy dogs, C-level obedience test champion dogs, and multiple top-level agility champion dogs.

Breeding program

FreyasWay’s selective breeding program focuses on utilizing only the healthiest stud dogs that are DNA tested for breed-specific hereditary illnesses. Illnesses that Border Collies are particularly prone to, such as PDA (patent ductus arteriosus), CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly), and other genetic ailments like hip and elbow dysplasia, PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy), and hypothyroidism.

The breeder follows the breed standard closely and makes sure that all of their Border Collie puppies are of sound health, temperament, and conformation – while retaining their inherent workability and herding instinct.

What they offer

The breeder makes sure that each of their puppies is thoroughly health checked by a veterinarian before being listed for sale – in addition to that, all puppies are given their first vaccinations, first deworming protocol, and are microchipped, as well as being socialized properly.

With each puppy purchased, FreyasWay offers a limited or full Kennel Club registration and an ISDS registration, a genetic health guarantee, a written pedigree, and a new puppy starter package with information on how to care for your new Border Collie puppy, as well as a lifetime of support from Alison herself.

If you want to buy one of FreyasWay’s Border Collie puppies, make sure to visit their website and get in touch with the breeder via phone or email in order to provide a new home to the perfect puppy for you.

Oh, and one thing that you’ll definitely need after you’ve bought your new puppy is a Border Collie growth chart – which will serve as a useful tool in helping you to determine whether your Border Collie puppy is hitting all of their developmental milestones.

FreyasWay Border Collies’ details

Location: Garden Cottage, Sulham, Reading RG8 8EG

Website: FreyasWay Border Collies

Facebook: FreyasWay Border Collies

Contact: +44 07 563-540-620

Email: [email protected]

2. Astra Border Collies – Much Wenlock

Our second spot goes to Astra Border Collies – a KC registered breeding outfit that’s located in Stanton Long, Much Wenlock.

Who they are

Owned and helmed by Janet Beale, Astra Border Collies is among the best Border Collie breeders in the UK for a reason – more than thirty years of experience in breeding and raising high-quality, ISDS and KC registered working Border Collies that perfectly conform to the breed standard.

During her years as a dog trainer and breeder in South Africa in the 80s, Janet Beale also competed with her Border Collies in the show ring, becoming the first lady to win a National Award with her first Border Collie, Buzz.

After her early success in South Africa, Janet went on to be just as successful with her Border Collies in Open Sheepdog Trials, Agility Trials, Working Trials, Obedience Trials, and FlyBall competitions in the UK.

Breeding program

The breeding team at Astra Border Collies makes sure to carefully choose their breeding stock via a strict set of criteria – with an emphasis on health and temperament above all else.

They also factor in all of the necessary traits that a stud or dam needs in order to be used in their breeding program, such as natural herding instinct, biddability, intelligence, trainability, etc.

Of course, they also make sure to health test their parent dogs for breed-specific genetic illnesses, such as TNS (Trapped neutrophil syndrome), CEA, hip and elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, PRA, etc. in order to consistently produce litters of healthy Border Collie puppies.

Janet also uses the state-of-the-art Puppy Culture Program – whelping and rearing her Border Collie puppies right in her own family home in order for her pups to reach the highest level of health and socialization possible prior to being adopted.

What they offer

Astra Border Collies make sure that each of their puppies is health checked, vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped before they reach eight weeks of age and are ready to leave for their new homes.

The breeder offers a KC/ISDS registration, a one-year genetic health guarantee, a written pedigree, and a lifetime of support for new owners.

In addition to that, each new owner is provided with a useful free training guide for their new puppy in the form of videos, as well as discounts on the Astra one-on-one sheepdog training sessions.

If you want to buy one of their Border Collies, make sure to check out their website and get in touch with them via phone. Then, you can place your non-refundable deposit of £200 and reserve a puppy for yourself as soon as possible.

Astra Border Collies is expecting two new litters of blue merle/red merle and black and white Border Collie puppies and these puppies will be ready for adoption in July 2022.

If you’re interested in learning what other colors Border Collies usually come in – check out our Guide To All The Border Collie Colors.

Astra Border Collies’ details

Location: B4378, Stanton Long, Much Wenlock, TF13, United Kingdom

Website: Astra Border Collies

Contact: +44 07 538-433-625

3. Bryning Border Collies – Lancashire

Our third and final spot on the list of the best Border Collie breeders in the UK goes to Bryning Border Collies, a KC registered breeding outfit that’s located in Lancashire.

Who they are

Bryning Border Collies is a family-owned and operated hobby breeding outfit that specializes in breeding and raising high-quality purebred Border Collies with an emphasis on intelligence, health, and trainability for all disciplines.

This hobby breeding outfit was officially established back in 2002, although for years previous to its launch, the owner owned, showed, and competed multiple working Sheepdogs and Border Collies in Obedience Trials and FlyBall at UK Crufts Championships, as well as at International Shows.

Breeding program

The Bryning Border Collies’ breeding program began with a group of quality purebred working dogs and a few show dogs that came from healthy working and show bloodlines.

The breeding team at Bryning Border Collies makes sure to only use parent dogs that are DNA tested and cleared for breed-specific hereditary health problems. This ensures that they produce litter after litter of healthy, happy, and well-tempered dogs – all the while,

focusing on preserving the innate working ability and herding instincts of the breed.

What they offer

Each one of their puppies is properly vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped, as well as given plenty of early neurological stimulation and socialization in order for their litters to grow into healthy and well-adjusted young pups.

Bryning Border Collies sells its pups with a limited or full KC/ISDS registration, a one-year genetic health guarantee, and a lifetime of support for their new owners.

The breeders currently have a female black and white Border Collie puppy available for sale and are expecting a new litter of Border Collie puppies, due sometime soon – so, if you want to buy a puppy or reserve one from an upcoming litter, make sure to get in touch with the breeders via email.

Bryning Border Collies’ details

Location: Lancashire, United Kingdom

Website: Bryning Border Collies

Facebook: Bryning Border Collies

Email: [email protected]

Honorable Mentions – Champdogs

The three Border Collie breeders in the UK that we’ve already provided you with are the most reputable and reliable ones. However, if certain circumstances prevent you from buying a puppy from them, you can always turn to other sources for your new Border Collie puppy.

Champdogs is an online classifieds website in the UK that provides dog breeders with a platform to showcase their dogs – all types of dog breeds and breeders can be found with a quick search here, including Border Collie puppies and their respective breeders.

That said, it’s crucial to note that as an online classifieds type of website, Champdogs contains both reliable dog breeders and unreliable ones – which type a certain breeder is, is up to you as an individual to determine, before committing to buying a puppy.

However, there are three breeders that operate via the Champdogs website that are worthy of being deemed as reputable and reliable, make sure to check them out if you cannot find a puppy from the breeders we have mentioned above.

The three most reliable Border Collie breeders in the UK on the Champdogs website are the following:

Lorianna Border Collies

Location: Kent, UK

Website: Lorianna Border Collies

Contact: +44 01 233-756-565

Email: [email protected]

BorderPride Border Collies

Location: Staffordshire, UK

Website: BorderPride Border Collies

Contact: +44 01 283-509-577

Email: [email protected]

Anadune Border Collies

Location: Cambridgeshire, UK

Website: Anadune Border Collies

Contact: +44 01 223-276-458

Email: [email protected]

What Is The Average Cost Of A Border Collie In The UK?

Now that you know which Border Collie breeders in the UK you can turn to in order to buy a healthy purebred puppy, you’re probably wondering how much a Border Collie costs in the UK.

The average pet-quality Border Collie puppy costs between £500 and £800, on the other hand, premium-quality working Border Collie puppies can fetch anywhere between £1000 and £2000.

Of course, buying a puppy is only the start of your financial expenses when you are considering owning a dog – you should always be prepared for additional maintenance costs for owning a Border Collie.

These additional costs include but are not limited to the following:

• Vaccinations

• Neutering/Spaying costs

• Vet bills

• Insurance

• Flea treatments

• Leashes and collars

• Food, treats, and food bowls

• Toys and beds

• Obedience classes and training

When you factor in all the additional expenses, owning a Border Collie actually costs between £100 and £500 per month on average.

In Conclusion

In general, Border collies are dogs that are highly active and are best suited for individuals who live an active lifestyle, or for people who will use them as working dogs.

Due to their high energy levels and high intelligence, Border Collies function at their best when they have a job to do, or when they are exercised for at least forty minutes per day – if they cannot find an outlet for their energy, Border Collies can quickly become unhappy and destructive.

On the other hand, when properly raised and trained, both male and female Border Collies are some of the best family dogs around, due to their natural protective instincts – they get along well with children and are known to be all-around well-tempered dogs.

They shed their characteristic double coat at least twice a year during blow season and require brushing at least once a week in order to keep their coats healthy.

If you’ve done the necessary research and you’re sure that the Border Collie is the right dog breed for you, then go right ahead and buy one – just make sure to stick with the three best Border Collie breeders in the UK we’ve provided you with and you won’t regret your decision later on.

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