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Boerboel Feeding Chart: How Much Do These Dogs Eat?

Boerboel Feeding Chart: How Much Do These Dogs Eat?

Boerboels are large dogs, often categorized as giants. Its body is big, and its litters are big. Everything is big with this breed, including its appetite. Finding the ideal Boerboel feeding chart should be of top priority for every owner of this dog breed.

Boerboels are truly regal and majestic creatures. I guarantee you’ll love everything about them. If you submit them to training and early socialization, you’ll have an amazing dog breed that will stay loyal to you to the bone.

But, enough about how great Boerboels are! We already know that, right?

Let’s talk about their food requirements!

If you’re new to the whole dog-owning thing, then you definitely have no clue as to how much food a Boerboel needs daily. I bet you don’t even know what kind of food your Boerboel should consume.

Don’t worry – I’ve got your back!

Here, you have the ultimate Boerboel feeding chart that should guide you until you master your culinary skills for your pooch.

Boerboel Feeding Chart By Months

2 months2-4 cups3 meals
3 months3-5 cups2 meals
4 months4-6 cups2 meals
5 months5-7 cups2 meals
6 months6-8 cups2 meals
7 months6-9 cups2 meals
8 months6-9 cups2 meals
9 months7-10 cups2 meals
10-12 months7-10 cups2 meals
12-18 months (males) 8-10 cups2 meals
12-18 months (females) 6-9 cups2 meals

What’s The Average Weight of A Boerboel?

Before we get into numbers and start discussing the size of a Boerboel, first, we need to clear up some things.

Boerboels are pups from South Africa, but they’re so far away from being just pups. Given the fact that they were used for protection purposes against lions and hyenas, we can come to the conclusion that Boerboels are giant dogs.

And yes – they truly are.

Boerboels belong to the canine group of giant-breed dogs, just like the Great Dane and Mastiff-type dogs. In fact, a Boerboel is a South African Mastiff.

This dog’s name literally translates to “farmer’s dog”.

For male examples of the breed, you can expect them to weigh from 140 to 180 pounds. Some males even reach a total weight of 200 pounds!

Females are much smaller, at around 110 to 115 pounds.

How Much Should I Feed My Boerboel On A Daily Basis?

One thing you must keep in mind: feeding Boerboel puppies is not the same as feeding adult Boerboels. A puppy’s diet is much richer since it has different nutritional needs. For a growing Boerboel puppy, nutritional requirements are much higher.

They consist of foods rich in calcium and phosphorus, not to mention vitamin B complex, vitamins A, C, and D, as well as amino acids, real animal proteins, and good carbohydrates.

Down below, you will find a Boerboel feeding chart that will help you feed your growing puppy by months.

As for adult Boerboels, there is a slight difference in food needs between the two genders. Naturally, male Boerboels will eat more. They require two meals a day. You should divide around eight to 10 cups of food between those meals.

A female Boerboel’s optimum daily food intake is also two meals, with six to nine cups of kibble divided into those meals.

Don’t overfeed your Boerboel. I know they’re large dogs, and you might think they can take it, but even Boerboels are prone to obesity. Being gigantic doesn’t mean that your dog should be fat, too.

Since this dog breed is very prone to health problems like hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia, imagine how much damage extra weight could do on your dog’s bones. Not to mention heart diseases!

Limit treats, control meals, and keep an eye on your dog’s healthy weight.

Speaking of health problems… Every large dog is highly prone to developing bloat, or as I like to say, the tummy twist. Air gets trapped inside the dog’s stomach, which may end up being fatal. To avoid bloat, don’t feed large meals at once. Getting a puzzle-like feeding bowl is an even better idea!

What Type Of Food Should I Not Feed My Boerboel?

Boerboels are giants, and to move that 200 pounds of weight, they need only the good stuff. Your Boerboel won’t function normally if you force snacks down his throat, or put him on a grain-rich diet.

These large dogs need food designed with lots of proteins, as well as healthy fats, minerals, good carbs, and vitamins. Kibble fillers like soy have nothing to do in their diet, not to mention artificial flavor, colorings, and preservatives!

Let the focus be on natural ingredients instead of processed foods.

Still, not every natural ingredient is okay for dogs. Did you know that some foods can cause severe health issues to your dog? Some can even lead to fatal outcomes!

Dogs should not eat foods like jalapenos, prunes, poppy seeds, garlic, onions, blue cheese, spam, vienna sausages, etc.

If you really want to give your dog some human food, make sure it’s only a small amount occasionally. Foods like peppers, guava, papaya, brussels sprouts, broccoli, basil, artichokes, and more are totally fine.

Also, I want to point out that not every store-bought kibble is good for your Boerboel. Please, avoid recipes without real meat proteins.

What Should I Feed My Boerboel Puppy?

Do you know what body cells need to grow?

It’s not carbs. It’s not vitamins and minerals.

They’re all very much needed, but cells need protein in order to grow. Puppies, and humans, too, need to eat protein on a daily basis. That’s the only way they can grow up properly.

Besides feeding your dog raw food, which we’ll discuss later, you can also find good kibble brands that focus on real meat protein.

Puppies should have at least 22% worth of protein daily. But, for the Boerboel puppy, over 25% would be ideal. Large dog breeds need more protein. That’s all!

Besides a protein-rich diet, puppies should eat food that’s also rich in omega 3 fatty acids, as well as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and arachidonic acid (ARA). They make sure that the puppy’s brain is developing normally, along with sharp eyesight.

After being weaned, puppies should transition to specially designed large-breed puppy food of high quality. If you really must save some money, do it on other things. Don’t skimp on dog food!

What Should I Feed My Senior Boerboel?

With an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years, Boerboels will enter their golden years after their 7th birthday. Congratulations – now you have a senior Boerboel!

But, that doesn’t mean things will be left unchanged. Senior Boerboels, just like other dog breeds, need a different approach when it comes to their nutritional needs.

Just as you can’t feed your adult Boerboel puppy food, you shouldn’t keep on feeding your senior dog food for adult dogs. There are special formulas out there designed only for senior dogs.

In most cases, senior dogs end up having issues with their digestive system. Now, they need kibble that won’t fall hard on their stomach. They need something that’s easy to digest.

Don’t force your dog to have energy-rich dog food. They clearly don’t need that now.

What senior dogs need are chondroitin and glucosamine. They make sure that your senior dog’s bones stay strong and don’t break down easily. Also, they’re used to prevent conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis.

Which Dog Food Brands Should I Get For My Boerboel?

For large and giant dog breeds, I always recommend only a couple of dog food brands. I know their recipes are of top quality, and dogs will get only the best dog food possible.

You won’t find these brands in your local supermarkets. That’s not the place where you get good kibble for your Boerboel dog. Use specialized websites for pet supplies like or

Now, I know both of these websites may carry some questionable brands, but you don’t have to worry about that. Down below, you’ll find the top five brands for your Boerboel.

American Journey

American Journey kibble formulas always contain just the right amount of protein your dog’s diet needs. As I mentioned earlier, Boerboels need at least 25% of real animal protein. The AJ brand features protein from fresh meat, for example, salmon. Yummy!

Besides all the necessary goodies like antioxidants and omega fatty acids, American Journey contains no poultry by-products, which is always a great bonus.

Diamond Naturals

I was really surprised when I heard that Diamond Naturals tends to make dog kibble by using only fresh meat, such as pasture-raised lambs. Yes, we can say it’s “organic” if you want. But, no – it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Diamond Naturals kibble is still pretty much affordable, considering its premium quality.

This is a family-owned business, so you know they’re completely focused on creating only the best for your canine buddy.


I always recommend dog food with the top five ingredients coming from real animal protein. Merrick is one of those food brands that care a lot about their protein ratios. They have an amazing 60% of protein in their Grain-free Formula.

What makes Merrick so special isn’t only the high protein count. It’s the fact that they contain glucosamine and chondroitin for stronger bones. Adult dogs should start consuming them in time before they enter their golden years when everything becomes so fragile.

Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo formulas are usually focused on red meat protein. They tend to avoid poultry and grains; for example, their Wilderness Kibble. Boerboels are canines that really love their meat. What better way to satisfy their cravings than to serve them a bowl of dry dog food like the popular Blue Buffalo?

I love the fact that this dog food is rich in nutrients, but still sensitive to your dog’s stomach.

Taste Of The Wild

Not every dog food brand has recipes featuring roasted bison and venison. But, TOTW does!

Their formulas have an amazing 32% of protein. This makes it probably the finest choice you can make for the Boerboel breed. It’s free of fillers, but rich in superfoods, minerals, and vitamins.

I wouldn’t think twice about getting TOTW for my Boerboel for a second!

DISCLAIMER: All the dog food brands I’ve mentioned are for adult dogs. As far as I know, all of these brands have recipes for puppies and senior dogs of large sizes. If you need a formula for your young one or your old champ, make sure you check out their offer.

South African Boerboel And Raw Feeding

A lot of dog owners, breeders, and dog experts recommend a raw Boerboel diet. They claim it’s not only rich in nutrients, but it’s beneficial in many ways.

As you may already know, if you follow PupVine religiously, we talked about the Cane Corso raw diet earlier. Not many dog breeds are being raised on a raw diet like Corsos. Here, we finally have another dog breed that should enjoy eating raw.

Boerboels aren’t physically capable of digesting just any type of kibble. Their stomach doesn’t go well with fermented carbs that most recipes feature. But, what they do enjoy is a raw meal you prepared at home.

You can either come up with your own raw diet recipes, or Google some. Also, you can ask your vet for recommendations, or simply follow some pretty great recipe ideas that we have for you in the following headline.

But, for now, let’s focus on the many benefits of the raw Boerboel diet.

Immune System

When you feed your dog raw meals, you allow him to consume food in its natural state, meaning your dog will be able to get all the nutrients that will go away once that food is processed. This ensures more nutrients for your pooch; hence, a stronger immune system.

Think about it: will dry dog food help fight diseases better than freshly-made meals featuring raw meat, fruits, and veggies?


More Energy

Not that your Boerboel needs more energy, but still…

Feeding Boerboels a raw diet will result in increased energy levels. Your dog will be boasting with energy. He’ll feel much happier, and will be eager to do things instead of just snoozing on the couch.

Digestive System

A Boerboel’s digestive system can only benefit from a raw diet. By consuming this type of diet, your dog will get the much-needed fibers and have a balanced digestion. No more rock-hard stools or unexplainable constant doggy diarrhea!

But, I do have to warn you that you may encounter small white specks in your dog’s poop. Those are bone fragments, and they are completely safe. Still, I wouldn’t feed huge chunks of bones to any dog in order to prevent internal bleeding from ruptures caused by sharp, chunky bones.

Shiny Coat

A dog’s coat will always tell you if something’s wrong with your dog. If he sheds a lot, has dry, flaky skin, or a coat without any shine, it’s highly likely that the dog food you’re giving him doesn’t do its job properly.

Boerboels that are on a raw diet have a nice and shiny coat. Their skin is elastic and healthy. That’s all thanks to the high count of fatty acids that make the coat look shiny and the skin feel healthy.

One Downside Of Raw Dog Food

Lastly, I want to address the biggest downside of a raw diet that you should be aware of. It’s not the price since we can find food on discount.

A raw dog diet requires a lot of your time. You will need to either come up with a way to prep meals, or make some in advance. Otherwise, you’ll end up cooking all the time for you and your Boerboel pup!

Raw Food Diet For A Boerboel: Top Four Combinations

I know what you think: now, I have to cook for my pup, too? No, thank you.

Don’t be that person. Are you aware of how healthy a raw diet is for your Boerboel?

If you choose a raw diet, don’t quit at the beginning. The internet is full of useful recipes for your Boerboel pup. Also, you can always mix and match, and create recipes of your own.

Here, I have for you the top four tastiest raw food recipes for Boerboels. Keep in mind that all of these recipes are well-balanced, and contain a high protein count since our Boerboel really needs it.

DISCLAIMER: You can absolutely make these meals by using a slow cooker. It will save you a lot of time, and even make the food richer in flavor.

Chicken And Kidney Beans Meal

There’s really no strict recipe here. You just throw everything in your slow cooker and let it do its magic. Here, we use chicken, kidney beans, some delicious butternut squash, and peas. All of these simple ingredients are very rich in nutrients, and they will satisfy your dog’s energy needs.

This puppy stew is also very delicious, if you add some spices and herbs, you can totally eat it yourself!

Beef And Chicken Neck MashUp

Well, this recipe is not safe for humans since it’s raw-served.

You should grind a chicken neck so that there are no huge chunks of raw, meaty bones. Simply mash up both meat types into one mixture and add veggies of your choice. Broccoli is preferred, thank you very much.

Also, you can add oats or rice to prevent your dog from getting hungry too soon.

Pork And Fish Meal

Boerboels have high activity levels, meaning they need lots of protein to keep going. So, why not have two sources of protein in one meal? I love this pork and fish combination, even though it doesn’t sound so tasty.

Pork is easily digested, while fish (i.e., mackerel) is highly rich in omega-3 oils. This is a perfectly-balanced meal that you can serve, along with some sweet potatoes or squash.

Ground Beef And Eggs

No, we’re not making meatloaf! We’re making a super delicious and nutritious meal for your Boerboel. See – raw meals for dogs don’t have to be so expensive! We all have ground beef and eggs at home.

If you can choose, ask your local butcher to prepare ground beef from organs like a cow’s heart or liver. This way, your dog will get even more protein!


The Boerboel feeding chart is one of the most important guidelines you’ll need while raising your Boerboel puppy.

This isn’t your average breed of dog. Boerboels are true guard dogs. They are very dominant, and above all, very confident. The amount of food an adult Boerboel needs will surprise you!

As you can see from the charts listed at the beginning of this article, Boerboels eat a lot. Taking care of such a dog breed isn’t easy or cheap to begin with.

I’d like to recommend that you take this into consideration before you buy a Boerboel puppy. First of all, they’re not easy to find. Why would you waste your time on a dog breed you can’t find easily, and you won’t be able to take care of afterward.

Boerboels (or South African Mastiffs) will eat a lot and grow up fast. Their weight gain is among the biggest ones in the canine kingdom. But, that’s completely normal. The heavy weight isn’t because of supplements, treats, or unhealthy meals.

Boerboels are simply gigantic.

Their needs are gigantic, too.

If you can’t provide only the best dog food for your Boerboel, whether it’s kibble or raw meals, don’t get this dog breed. You’ll only make yourself and your dog feel miserable. Get this dog breed only if you’re 100% sure you can handle their munchies!

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