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Cane Corso Raw Diet: Feeding Your Dog The Natural Way

Cane Corso Raw Diet: Feeding Your Dog The Natural Way

A healthy dog diet consists of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, fibers, as well as probiotics, enzymes, and omega fatty acids. That’s a lot of requirements. Does dog kibble contain them all? Sadly, no. But, a raw diet does!

Today, we’re going to discuss why feeding raw food is good, and show that a Cane Corso raw diet is quite possible. Sure, a Cane Corso needs a lot of food to grow from a playful puppy to a mighty adult. But, with some quick calculations, you’ll see that feeding raw food to your Cane Corso is not that big of a deal. It’s affordable and convenient. Most importantly, it’s healthy!

However, not everything with raw food is good. This diet does come with some disadvantages. First of all, you need to have some time to prepare these meals. Then, you will need additional money. Lastly, it does involve math and calculations.

Are you ready to embark on this journey? Want to start with a Cane Corso raw diet? Then, keep on reading!

Cane Corso Raw Diet Feeding: The Benefits and the Risks

cane corso eats raw meat

Photo from: @tyeethecanecorso

You are what you eat. We all know this saying. So, if we take immense care of what we eat (hello, vegans), why don’t we care equally enough about our dogs?

Have you ever wondered what’s inside your dog’s food? I know, the stench is unbearable, and you can’t wait to move away from it. But, the pungent smell doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not tasty. Well, it’s hella tasty for our pups.

Just to be completely sure, I challenge you to read the back of your dog’s current kibble. If you find healthy ingredients, real animal proteins, and no fillers, I wouldn’t bother you anymore. You definitely know what your pup is eating.

But, how about if I told you that there is something even healthier than premium kibble? A Cane Corso raw diet is one of the healthiest approaches in feeding canines. You definitely know what you’re feeding your dog. Your dog will be eating trusted ingredients without any hidden surprises.

Trust me, dog kibble can have a thing or two that could surprise you unpleasantly. But, even a Cane Corso raw diet has some downsides.

The biggest one I’d like to point out is the price. Raw meals can be pretty pricey, and they’re not for dog owners on a really tight budget.

Think of it: you’ll be feeding a large breed like a Corso raw meals all the time. The bills can add up to a hefty number. Corsos love food. They’ll love this raw diet even more. Are you capable of feeding 3.3 pounds of such food every day?

A Cane Corso raw diet has lots of advantages and benefits, though. This is a natural diet for dogs, and a way back through history when Cane Corsos were almighty pups. But, let’s move onto the benefits.

It was proven that dogs on this diet have smaller stools (thank God!) since their organs use the most of the food eaten. While you have control of your dog’s meals, you also have control of their health.

Raw food makes a Corso’s coat appear shiny, and it’s skin feels elastic to the touch. Their teeth are much cleaner and less prone to cavities. Pups on a raw diet are boasting with energy. Enough said, don’t you think?

Still, I’d like to point out some risks that every owner opting for a raw diet should know.

You see, dry kibble is already processed and safe to use. After all, it does come from factories with strict health guidelines.

But, homemade or even pre-bought raw food can be fertile ground for bacteria developing, which leads to toxins for the dog and the owner.

Furthermore, if you’re not being cautious enough, or you’re buying pre-made raw dog food, you’re risking your dog of ingesting whole bones (i.e., chicken bones), which are a choking hazard.

Raw food is great, but it’s really a hassle to prepare such meals, especially if your time schedule is overbooked. Not to mention if you want only the best ingredients, you will need to pay more. And, that’s a huge risk to your bank account if you get me.

A healthy dog is a dog that eats healthy, taking the necessary enzymes to stimulate growth and improve its digestive system. Dog food should contain minerals for their bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles. This can all be found if you follow raw dietary guidelines.

Feeding Guide: Raw Food Percentages For The Puppy’s First 12 Months

cane corso puppy eats from a bowl

There are many approaches when it comes to calculating puppy feeding amounts. We decided that this one should be the easiest one to follow, especially if you’re new in the raw food diet.

AgeHow much to feed
8-10 weeks10%
10-12 weeks9.5%
3 months9%
4 months8%
5 months7%
6 months6%
7 months5%
8 months4%
9 months3.5%
10 months3%
11 months2.5%
1 year2%

*This percentage means how much you’re feeding your Cane Corso puppy raw food compared to the dog’s body weight.

After your Cane Corso puppy turns 12 months of age, he’s considered an adult. General guidelines recommend that dogs at this stage take two to four percent of food. We can’t say the exact percentage because not every dog is the same, and not every dog has the same lifestyle or habits. Of course, a lazy pup will need less food than an active, energetic one, or a pregnant female. Therefore, you must decide what kind of lifestyle your puppy has.

For more information on raw diet in general for puppies, check our article on how much raw food to feed a puppy.

Cane Corso Raw Feeding Chart For Adults

cane corso waiting for food

Photo from: @royce__valentino

Suggested diet:85-90lbs90-95lbs95-100lbs105-110lbs110-115lbs
Muscle meat:800-850g850-900g900-950g950-1000g1000-1050g
Edible bone:120-125g125-130g130-135g135-145g145-150g

Cane Corso Puppy Raw Feeding Chart

Here’s what a standard feeding chart for a Cane Corso looks like:

Suggested Food1-2 months2-3 months3-4 months4-5 months5-6 months6-12 months
Eggs:1 yolk1 yolk1 egg1 egg1 eggup to 4 eggs a week
Cheese:120-150g140-160g160-200g200-210g 240-250g250-260g
Vegetable fat:10g10g10g25-30g25-30g30g

Raw Dog Food For Puppies: What Does It Consist Of?

raw food in a bowl

Raw dog food meals consist of muscle meat, raw meaty bones, and secreting organs. You should limit your dog to only one meat source.

Let’s see… your dog should take in about 73% of muscle meat. I reckon 10% of it should come from fatty fishes and other healthy fats.

Muscle meat includes gizzards, lunges, trims, green tripe, the heart, and the tongue. Next, 15% go on RMBs or raw meaty bones. RMBs include animal heads, necks, wings, frames, backs, and feet. The reason why we call them raw meaty bones is because they have a certain percentage of bones and meat that appeal to dogs. For example, the biggest meat percentage is with front legs (85% muscle meat), while the biggest bone percentage is with animal heads (75%).

And, lastly, 12% go on secreting organs. Secreting organs are organs that secrete a substance. Those organs are the liver, the thymus, the pancreas, the kidneys, the uterus, and the brain. When making a raw meal with secreting organs, 50% of it should be liver, and the other 50% should be another organ.

Your raw feeding formula for an adult Cane Corso should be:

80% muscle meat + 10% RMBS + 10% secreting organs = one healthy raw diet meal.

If you want to add plant matter to your dog’s diet, you should decrease the muscle meat down to 70% and add 10% of plant matter. Or, you can go with 5% depending on your dog’s likings.

I recommend you steam and puree plant matter like cauliflower, kale, or broccoli. As you may know, these plants are gassy. Dogs don’t have enzymes that will break down their cell walls so to avoid discomfort (and nasty smell), do as I say.

Cane Corso Puppy Raw Feeding Amount For A four-Month Old Cane Corso

cane corso is waiting for food

Photo from: @canecorsoessex

Let’s say our four-month old Cane Corso puppy weighs 35 pounds. He’s a sweet fella, isn’t he? Dogs at this growing stage need 8% of their body weight in raw dog food every day. But, the puppy shouldn’t eat just one big meal. First of all, he may barf or develop bloat, second of all, he constantly needs food to grow. Smaller meals work the best! Until the puppy turns six months old, you should feed him two meals a day.

Let’s do some math!

That 8% of food is around 2.8 to 44.8 ounces in raw dog food. Of that, 1.93 lbs. or 30.91 oz. are muscle meat. Raw meaty bones are 0.48 lbs, or 7.7 oz. Liver (the first secreting organ) is 0.2 lbs. or 3.14 oz. The second secreting organ (i.e., the pancreas) is also 0.2 lbs. or 3.14 oz.

For example, to get the the raw meaty bone amount of 7.7 oz., you will need ingredients like:

– 1 12 oz. turkey neck consists of 5 oz. of bone and 7 oz. of muscle meat.

– 2.5 duck feet consist of 1.5 oz. of bone and 1 oz. of muscle meat.

– 1 duck wing consists of 1.2 oz. of bone and 1.8 oz. of muscle meat.

That’s 5 + 1.5 + 1.2 oz. of bone = 7.7 oz. of total bone.

Raw Dog Food For Puppies: Buy Or DIY?

There’s really no strict rule here. You can either buy or DIY raw dog food meals. The only matter is, does your budget approve buying over cooking.

If you want to experiment first with the new food, then we recommend you buy some premium-quality homemade raw dog food from trusted brands.

It’s easier to buy pre-made raw food, especially if you’re not so sure how to make a meal following the requirements from the above.

But, I have a feeling you’ll opt for DIY raw meals after the following section.

Delicious Cane Corso Raw Food Recipes Your Dog Will Love

chicken beef neck in a black plate

I’m sharing with you a couple of raw recipes I find to be very nutritious for a Cane Corso dog. I remember those Corsos I helped with used to love liver brownies no matter how yucky they sound to us. When you have some extra time, you can prepare meals for your Cane Corso if you want to follow raw diet guidelines. It’s not that difficult. Don’t think of raw meals as something you can’t make on your own. Here, we have some really cool recipes for you to try.

Beef and Chicken Neck Meal

I don’t have a fancy name for this one, but I do have one quite delicious recipe to enrich your Cane Corso raw diet.

To make this yummy treat, you’ll need:

– 2 pounds 90% lean beef

– 3 pounds chicken necks without skin

– 1 pound of beef liver

– 1 pound of chicken heart

– 1 pounds of beef heart

– some organic eggs without shells, of course

– 8 ounces of broccoli

– 8 ounces of kale

– 12 ounces of berries of your choice

– some salt to taste

You should grind the meaty ingredients or chop them finely if you don’t have a meat grinder. Then, puree the veggies and berries, mix them together, and distribute evenly into containers. You should freeze the meal into portions, so it’s easier for you to thaw it before serving.

Liver Brownies

Don’t worry… these don’t have any chocolate, but they do have liver, which gives them that gooey texture. For these brownies, you’ll need:

– 1 lb. of liver

– 1 cup of cornmeal

– 2 cups of wheat germ

– 1 tablespoon of fennel or anise seed

– 1/2 tbsp of salt

Grind or cut the liver nicely, and then mix all ingredients together. Spread the batter on a sheet, and bake at 350° for the next 20 minutes. After baking, cut them into chunks or cubes, and keep them away from your dog in the fridge. They love this recipe very much. You can’t allow them to eat too many of these brownies.

* This should be used as a special treat; not as a full meal.

Doggy Burger

As delicious as our burger, but your dog will get more nutrients from the following ingredients:

– 10 pieces of hamburger meat

– 12 cups of cereal

– 15 cups of uncooked oatmeal

– 10 boiled eggs

– 15 oz. of wheat germ

– 1 and 1/4 cups of vegetable oil

– 1 and 1/4 cups of unflavored molasses

– 1 tbsp. of salt

– 10 packs of Knox Joint gelatin

Mix all the ingredients, including eggshells to an even consistency. Once you’re done, shape it into a meatloaf. Then, cut the meat into patties or even meatballs. Whatever you like! I love this meal because it’s so easy to prepare, and it can be frozen to last your dog longer.

Cane Corso Raw Diet: My Experience

two cane corso dogs are waiting for their food

Photo from: @nihangs_corsos

Even though I’ve never owned a Cane Corso (I wish!), I’ve still had some experience with feeding them raw food.

Over the years, I’ve worked with a couple of Cane Corso breeders, on and off, examining their pups from time to time, and handing out advice. One of the breeders particularly grew on me because he wanted to raise Cane Corso dogs the natural way. This meant he wanted the dogs to be on a raw diet, but didn’t know how or where to start.

That’s when I came to help. As you’ll see down below, feeding raw meals (and creating them in the first place) requires a lot of calculations. Good thing I was good at math!

I had the first meals planned within a couple of days, and we were off. I must mention that I was involved in the meal making process. I wanted to learn firsthand despite the pungent odor.

The first results didn’t take long to appear. Those Cane Corsos got a shinier coat, they were boasting with energy, and all of them were at their ideal weight. Those pups were thriving!

That’s when I knew that feeding a Cane Corso a raw diet is the future. Or, a prosperous blast from the past.

A friend of mine is thinking of getting a Cane Corso dog. I told him he has my approval only if he thinks of trying the Cane Corso raw diet.

How Much Does It Cost To Feed A Cane Corso?

As you can figure out already, Cane Corso puppies and adult dogs eat lots of food on a daily basis. You will need to have a flexible budget if you want to own one of these gorgeous pups.

On average, Cane Corso dogs can eat between $1,200 and $1,600 in food. However, this depends on which food the dog consumes. Store-bought wet food is the most expensive. Of course, this will plump up the monthly bill. Dry dog food is in the same range as raw meals.

You will have to calculate a bit and see which diet works the best: kibble or a Cane Corso raw diet.


We all want our dogs’ immune system to be strong and their health issues to disappear. But, what kind of diet can help with that? We reckon it’s a Cane Corso raw diet.

After all, feeding raw food is a trip back to the roots… back to a natural lifestyle. Back in the days, do you really think the first canines used to eat kibble? No! They survived on meat. That’s why dogs are primarily carnivores.

The perfect meal for a dog should consist of protein and healthy fats, along with ground bone and vegetables stuffed with vitamins and minerals for proper growth. Protein, fat, calcium, and fiber should be the top four ingredients in every dog meal.

Sure, you can just pop on Amazon and order a bag of dog food. But, think about it thoroughly. Is store-bought food affordable? Does your dog like it? How is the dog’s digestive system?

Try feeding your Cane Corso a raw diet with freshly prepared meals. Chances are, your pup will love it and look forward to every meal!