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Black Samoyed: More Rare Than A Black Yeti?

Black Samoyed: More Rare Than A Black Yeti?

Have you ever seen a Yeti? Neither did we. A black Yeti? Wow, that is some hardcore imagination working around the clock. Do not say it!

You said it… Black Samoyed. The story goes like this.

Purebred Samoyeds are Siberia’s smallest tough dogs you could imagine. Double coat, white herd dogs that can pull Santa’s blingiest sleigh come in several different colors but black is not one of them.

What color options do you have if you are looking for a sammy?

According to the American Kennel Club, there are several tastes of Samoyed:

– Biscuit

– Cream

– White

– White and Biscuit

All of these are considered breed standard colors. The most common coat color is white and that is what they are known for. Excellent camouflage for the snowy regions of the world or your white armchair cover.

The Black Samoyed Dog Is Not A Samoyed Dog

cute smiling samoyed

If the AKC says it is white, and we confirmed that a fluffy, mischievous, long haired, white dog from Siberia is a Samoyed, what the heck happened to that black “Samoyed”?

One of the tell tale signs of whether it ACTUALLY is a Samoyed or some other breed/mix breed is the size. According to the Samoyed growth chart, this is a medium-sized dog that oozes glorious indifference.

It is a good watchdog and pulls sleds. Sheds loads, is very feisty and unruly and loves to get dirty in the first available puddle of mud.

Of course, being a working dog, it also loves to relax after a hard day’s work. So, the black coat your usually white Samoyed has might be just a peeling mask or mud bath.

The breeder you got your black Samoyed puppy at is not telling the truth, we are afraid. That is, if it is entirely black, not white fur with a couple of black hairs. Let us explain.

Evolution made sure that fluffy dogs in snowy areas should have white or whitish coats. You already know that snow is white, so it does not come as a surprise. It has all the main spitz features: upright ears, lavish double-coated long hairs and a mistletoe tail (curled over the back).

Accordingly, a black Samoyed cannot be a Samoyed unless you used a coloring shampoo. What you saw is probably something that looks like a sammy but has other dog breed features. Here are some that could tickle your fancy while looking at alleged black Samoyed puppies.

Samoyed Puppy Dilemma

A good decision might we say. Samoyeds all over the world applaud you for this choice of companion. But news travels fast and they found out it was a brother from another mother.

Do not worry! We approve of this. As Bob Ross would say “There are no mistakes, only happy little accidents.” Well, a black Samoyed is a happy little accident.

By now you should be aware that someone selling a black Samoyed puppy is not selling a purebred. If you still wish to buy one, there is nothing wrong with it but your local rescue might have some of those still “in stock”.

Even if you want to raise your Samoyed from the beginning we advise going to certified breeders and weighing out your choices in person. In the end, you might still choose the black Samoyed just for fun.

Dog Breeds That Resemble A Black Samoyed Dog

The next step while gauging your next cute dog is putting a finger on what dog breed(s) it actually is. We assembled a list of all the Pawer Rangers that could trick you into thinking they are Samoyeds.

1. Most Likely A Eurasier

eurasier puppy

A sturdy medium-sized dog with a double coat that is just slightly shorter than a Samoyed’s? I see how deep this trickery goes! Wait… It pulls sleds and herds and… Oh you!

It has an undercoat just like the Samoyed and lives comfortably in colder climates. It is part of the “herding dogs association” and his love for the family is only rivaled by a golden retriever.

IT COMES IN BLACK! You looked for a Samoyed and got the next best thing, a Eurasier. There are more colors to choose from: red, fawn, sable, wolf grey.

Extra features: black markings and spotted tongues in different styles.

The breed is affectionate with family, does not like being a “lone wolf” and separated from its pack. Full grooming experience guaranteed, just like with a Samoyed. You might have to turn down the entertaining evening with guests – it does take well to strangers.

It is an energetic, highly intelligent dog breed with an average barking inclination. There will be howling too. Hey, you wanted a vocal dog.

Good news though, it will not drool excessively and your kids will have a great time with it. The Eurasier is a sucker for kids.

2. It Herds Like The Belgian Sheepdog

Your sheep will not appreciate this impostor. The Belgian sheepdog is a good guard dog but you can tell he loves herding sheep. It is just a gut feeling.

Oh my god, this fellow is a show ring of color variations. Black, silver, gray, brown, fawn, sable and everything in-between. It has that classic shepherd dog stance with a long coat (particularly fancy in black), pointed ears and a piercing gaze.

It is fine… Your guests can come back now. It can tolerate them. For a while… Then he will start herding them towards the door. You got to love this guy. Does the dirty work for you.

The breed is known for its highly energetic lifestyle, so secure a large yard, regular nature trips or something similar to keep the Belgian sheepdog from renovating your home until beams are exposed.

Grooming is not as intense as with the Eurasier or Samoyed and drooling is virtually non-existent.

3. If It’s Large And Judgy, Then It Could Be A Siberian Husky

siberian husky in snow looking up

A Siberian husky will sing you the most eardrum-shattering songs of his people. This is not a joke. I repeat. This is not a joke.

The husky is slightly larger than the Samoyed and comes in the following colors: black, gray, silver and all shades of these combined with white.

It is very gracious in its stride and silly at the same time. You have to own one to know what we are talking about.

Loves pulling sleds and being close to its family. Unlike the previous breeds we have mentioned, this one loves other dogs. They will often set a more naive dog up for a mess they made.

They love exploring and roaming around. This makes them potential escape artists if you do not provide them with sufficient physical and mental exercise.

Talking to them is fun. You actually can have a conversation with a husky. You might not have a clue what it is about but still enjoy it.

Prey drive is off the charts with this breed. Hamsters, guinea pigs and similar sized pets will perish around a husky. For huskies, chasing smaller animals is like herding for the sheepdog – there is nothing more satisfying.

Make it rain! You will be able to build new furniture with the hair that comes off of them. Do choose the color of your husky to go with the home feng shui.

If you expect them to guard you, we recommend getting a parrot instead because they simply do not care. But they will eventually replace you as hosts of guest evenings (especially karaoke night).

4. One Samoyed Dog Pulling Your Sleigh? It’s An Alaskan Malamute

alaskan malamute

Closest to a family wolf you can get: large, strong, on the more serious side but playful when necessary. It will shed moderately. The Malamute is a true working dog’s dog that will be affectionate with the right leader and never leave your side.

Kids are safe with it, and if you are a fair ruler, the kids will be treated like your true descendants! A puppy Malamute requires boundaries and rules from puppy size to adulthood, so be prepared.

Colors are always a combination of white or gray with agouti, silver, red, sable, seal etc. A pure white variant exists too.

These dogs are unruly and training them to do tricks will not happen. Way too serious a breed to do hoop jumping or roll-on-the-floors.

If you want a more robust, imposing Samoyed with more color options and decent watchdog instincts this is the dog for you. Unless you are a new dog owner – you will become an owner if not set in the ways of dog owning!

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5. Pomeranian Samoyed Impersonator


Pocket-sized protector of the home – the Pomeranian. We know you heard about these Godzillas in a hamster’s body, and we love them too. If you wanted color choice, wow, you have struck the motherlode! Simply google all the options because this article cannot have that many words.

It is an active dog but, thanks to its size, can get the needed level of exercise inside bigger homes too. Bonus points for celebrity breed vibes! Great fashion accessory in your bag or in a pot at home.

Only for your pleasure, the Pomeranian will quickly learn and perform anything you teach it. Do know that, if you teach it roll-on-the-floors, it will collect all the crumbs and dust due to the long double-coat.

Get yourself one and put an end to that Malamute’s iron fist rule.

If you like the appearance of the Pomeranian Samoyed impersonator, then you may adore the Pomeranian Husky mixed breed!

5. The Garden Variety Mix Breed

Local rescue centers might have the perfect dog for you, so you should not miss the opportunity to save a life and enrich yours at the same time. Samoyed breeds mixed with other similar breeds will definitely be a good combination, especially if the other side of the mix is a more easily trainable type.

The samoyed’s coat should not be the end all in choosing the right pooch for your life. We highly encourage seeing for yourself what a mix breed can do for you!

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So, To Conclude

Hopefully, you have made a decision by now. Everything written in this article should help you narrow down the right fit for your family.

Gaining a lifelong companion will surely improve your and your family’s quality of life, and in the process you will create memories that otherwise would be wasted without a dog.

A black Samoyed, pink Samoyed, or any other breed from the list brings a different feeling to a home. Yes! This is our unconditional affirmation that you looked for while looking at Samoyed photos.

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