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The Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix Complete Guide

The Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix Complete Guide

Well, here’s an unusual mix that will make you intrigued. The Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix is probably not the most popular mixed breed in the world. Still, the puppy has a lot to offer.

The original idea behind crossbreeding these two working dogs was to design a highly active, agile, and reliable guard dog

The Cur GSD mix is an outstanding fusion of two dominant dog breeds. Both of these purebred canines are extremely athletic, and they make fantastic herding dogs, hunting dogs, and sporting dogs. Sit tight, because you’re about to meet them in detail!

Do Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mixes Exist?

Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix lies with tongue out
Photo from: @abe_and_rose

This is not only a good working dog, or a reliable hunter, although these two may be the two most important traits these puppies possess.

To stay there and say nothing else would be a huge mistake because this puppy has a plethora of other traits. For instance, The GSD Black Mouth Cur dog, aside from being an active dog, is an excellent family pet.

In fact, this dog breed is highly recommended to people who have an active lifestyle. If you’re into sports or various outside activities, then this dog breed is just for you.

However, this puppy should not be the first choice for inexperienced dog owners. This crossbreed is a high-maintenance dog, as it requires at least two hours of exercise during the day. Furthermore, The Cur GSD Mix requires firm leadership.

You need to act as the  pack leader in order to get your puppy to listen to you. Otherwise, this highly intelligent dog might ignore you or appear stubborn.

Being among the aggressive dog breeds is a natural habitat of this designer dog. Naturally, these canines are prey-oriented, as their ancestors have been long-time hunting and working dogs. 

Proper socialization is what you need to do if you want a reliable pet in your Cur GSD.

In fact, German Shepherds have been used for a very long time as K9 and law enforcement dogs.

What Two Breeds Make Up This Designer Dog?

Knowing that this dog is an offspring of a German Shepherd and a Cur is not enough. We need to know more in order to meet this puppy in detail.

This is an interesting mix, considering the nature of both of these purebred dogs. German Shepherds qualify among the most popular dog breeds in the world.

You can see this puppy literally anywhere – dog shows, military and police, on streets, or even on TV, as the German Shepherd is a pretty popular face on TV shows.

The reason why this German boy is such a star is because of its unique, charming nature, but also its meticulous, sharp look. If we look at the list of the healthiest dog breeds in the world, we can see that GS puppies are among them. 

This fact, aside from looking so sharp, is what makes them, and their offsprings, desirable for having as pets.

If you’re about to buy this hybrid dog – the chances that your puppy is going to have a long, healthy life are pretty high!

On the other hand, we have a Black Mouth Cur – a dog whose initial purpose was herding

Black Mouth Cur

Black Mouth Cur sits in a field

Being AKC recognized is not among Mouth Cur qualities. However, BMCs are long-term members of the United Kennel Club, which makes this purebred puppy quite reputable.

This puppy comes from the American south, but its true origin is still quite unknown. The rumor is that the breed originally comes from Asian Curs that had  been shipped to the soil of North America for herding purposes.

The Black Mouth Cur resembles a Mountain Cur dog, as both of these canines are working dogs and have almost a similar nature.

Nowadays, the Black Mouth Cur is known to be a purebred canine that has a high-energy character and an affectionate nature. This short-coated canine stands up to 25 inches in height while it weighs between 40 to 90 pounds.

The Black Mouth Cur belongs to the  large dogs club. Originally, it had a black muzzle with a red, brindle, cream, yellow, and brown coat. Even though their grooming process goes smoothly, these canines are shedders.

That’s why they require a weekly brush.

This dog breed is known as a working dog, but a dog’s high intelligence makes it perfect for dog shows, such as agility, obedience, or conformation. In fact, the breed is quite favorable for crossbreeding.

These canines are not that represented when it comes to crossbreeding. Still, there are puppies, such as Labrador Retrievers, that make excellent mixes with the Cur dog. Black Mouth Cur Pit Mix is another one.

 This is a pretty healthy dog, as its lifespan can reach up to 16 years.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd lying in a field

I’m sure you have already heard so much about the German Shepherd dog breed. However, there are things that are worth mentioning, regardless of how many times they have been said.

First of all, it’s good to know that this puppy, indeed, originally comes from Germany. It was initially used as a herding dog and a working dog. However, in no time, breeders realized the potential of this magnificent canine.

Pretty soon, German Shepherds were trained to be military dogs. Their high level of intelligence has  made them one of the most favorable dogs for breeding. To this day, German Shepherds are highly favorable among breeders but also among military and police personnel.

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Both long-haired and short-haired GSDs reach up to 26 inches in height, while they weigh around 65 to 90 pounds. The breed is slightly bigger than a Black Mouth Cur, but it is also more muscular and athletic.

German Shepherds are known to be brave and fearless dogs, which makes them excellent guardians of livestock and homes. However, more and more German Shepherds are becoming family pets that live indoors.

This breed is an excellent family dog, and it has a special bond with kids. Their  intuitive nature makes them outstanding nannies and therapy dogs. However, the breed requires early socialization, as it may display stubbornness and aggression.

This charming canine, although known for its black and cream coat color, comes in other color variants as well. The most popular are: white, black, blue, gray, liver, black and silver, black and red, and sable. The dog requires weekly brushing, as it has a medium-long, double coat.

The Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix Origin

Even though the origin of this hybrid dog is still pretty much vague, the belief is that this canine comes from the United States.

The idea of crossbreeding a German Shepherd with a Black Mouth Cur was to design a strong, fearless, and athletic canine that was  eager to protect and work. Generally, all types of German Shepherds are reliable guard dogs.

The fact that this hybrid canine comes from intelligent dog breeds, which  also happen to be great athletes, is amazing!

Both of these purebred parent breeds show excellence in agility and stamina.

In fact, both of these dogs have a great body physique that makes their training easy and their daily tasks bearable.

The BMC GSD Mix Appearance

Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix puppy lying on the grass
Photo from: @abe_and_rose

Bloodline plays a substantial role in this dog’s look. Generally, these dogs reach up to 80 pounds in weight and stand up to 25 inches in height

They have floppy ears and wedge-shaped heads. However, some mixes can have German Shepherd ears.

A medium-long coat is probably what you will get once you decide to purchase this puppy. Why? Simply because it is a  trait of the  GSD parent, too.

Generally, the Cur Shepherd Mix puppy is much more athletic than a Black Mouth Cur, as it additionally inherits agility and stamina from the  German Shepherd breed.

German Shepherds are generally more durable and have  higher athletic potential. These puppies need to have regular exercise every day. Otherwise, they become frustrated and self-destructive.

If you own a big backyard, a good idea would be to design an  agility playground for your puppy. The Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix loves being challenged, and it needs mental stimulation on a daily basis.

Generally, these mixed-breed dogs are excellent guard dogs, and they appear charming, well-mannered, and sharp. In comparison to other Black Mouth Cur Mixes, such as the  Black Mouth Cur Pitbull Mix – the Black Mouth Cur GSD puppy has great trainability potential.

Also, these canines have exquisite intelligence, which makes the overall obedience training go smoothly. Other than that – these canines are extremely attached to their  family.


Speaking of how big these magnificent Shepherd Curs get with utmost certainty is almost impossible.

It is because these puppies can weigh from 40 all the way up to 90 pounds. If a puppy has more genes from  a purebred German Shepherd, it will probably appear bigger.

They generally reach up to 25 inches in height.

Cur Shepherd puppies, however, are not strictly related to one shape or one proportion. On the contrary, their body shape varies with  respect to their DNA. This means they can be both large and small.

All you need to do is take care of its growth chart and a feeding chart.

Generally, the German Shepherd parent breed has a tendency to gain  weight pretty fast, which is something your hybrid puppy might inherit. The GSD feeding chart, as well as the feeding chart of a BMC GSD Mix, require special attention at all times.

Timely feeding, high-quality foods, and healthy snacks are three things you always need to take care of. These puppies need a lot of mental stimulation, which means the usage of snacks will probably be high.

That’s why you need to consult your veterinarian about the best possible dog food and snacks for your pet.

Even though these canines are not the biggest dogs in the world, they still belong to the  large dog breeds club. Their size helps them protect livestock and homes from bigger predators.

Coat Type And Coat Colors

This mixed breed has a short to medium-long coat. They are mostly year-round shedders, which means you will need to take care of your puppy’s grooming frequently.

However, if you keep your Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix inside a house, the chances of the  dog leaving its hair trails all over the house are pretty high.

Having a dog bed for your indoor pet would be a good idea, as these puppies can be easily trained to sleep in one place. This will save you hours of extra cleaning and vacuuming its hairs.

When it comes to pigmentation, these canines come in both GS and BMC color variants. 

That means their coat can be either red, brindle, cream, yellow, or  brown on the one hand, or white, black, blue, gray, liver, black and silver, or black and cream on the other.

There is a high possibility that puppies from the same litter will differ when it comes to coat color.

There is a pretty good chance that a GSD Cur Mix puppy will have the GS eye colors – which are brown, hazel, and amber.

When it comes to grooming, the best practice would be to give your puppy a weekly brush, as it will keep your puppy’s coat shiny and sharp. On the other hand, regular grooming will save you from extra cleaning, especially if your pet is living indoors.

Depending on a bloodline, your puppy can either have a short coat of a Black Mouth Cur or a medium-long, double coat of a German Shepherd puppy. In both cases, weekly brushing is highly recommended.

The GSD Cur’s Temperament

Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix looking at a woman sitting on a rock
Photo from: @abe_and_rose

Speaking about  the GSD Cur’s temperament is always interesting. That’s because this beautiful mixed breed has a unique temperament and reputable family dog traits.

The Black Mouth GSD dog requires early socialization and obedience training. Untrained puppies can become very aggressive to strangers or even to other members of your family.

‘‘How to socialize an aggressive dog’’ could be a pretty huge enigma, as these dogs can appear stubborn and disobedient at times.

If you’re eager to buy this German Shepherd mix dog, make sure you always search for the most reputable breeders.

There are a plethora of reasons why you should do that, but the most essential are: health tests, early vaccination and deworming, early obedience and socialization training, as well as a health warranty that any reputable breeder provides.

Generally, these dogs have a firm but gentle temperament, which makes them excellent family dogs. Their loyalty is at  a high level, which means they will do anything to protect you and your family. Still, the puppy needs proper upbringing and training.

Going through the socialization training is not that overwhelming, though. These canines are known for their exquisite intelligence, which makes the overall training process delightful, funny, and joyful.

Socialization And Trainability

As I already mentioned above – these canines need early socialization training. But what does it mean? Generally, if you want to socialize your puppy, you need to do it from the start. These vigilant canines are old enough at eight weeks of age to start learning things.

This is the perfect period to start implementing positive reinforcement techniques. That way, you will mentally stimulate your puppy and teach it good manners. Interactive dog toys, as well as healthy snacks, can be great positive reinforcement tools.

On the other hand, this puppy needs a lot of exercise during the day. Even puppies in their puppyhood or during  their juvenile phase  need at least one to two hours of exercise during the day. Being highly active and playful is just who these puppies are.

Both GSDs and Curs have  amazingly high potential when it comes to training. Still, the latter shows a greater potential when it comes to learning new tricks, completing tasks, or engaging in various dog shows.

German Shepherds’ impeccable temperament is what makes this mixed breed such a huge success when it comes to training.

On the other hand, improperly trained or neglected BM GSD canines are bad news. Most of the time, they show self-destructive behavior, which can lead to utmost aggression.

Is This Hybrid A Family Dog

To answer this shortly – Yes, these canines are, indeed, great family dogs. In fact, their dog parent – the German Shepherd, qualifies among the best dogs and the most popular breeds when it comes to family life.

Being a good family dog breed is one of the greatest traits of the GS ancestors. Throughout history, they have been  known as side-by-side companions, in good times and in bad.

Luckily, its offspring, the BMC GSD, happens to have the same traits. That’s why having this dog as a family pet is a great choice.

However, there are things to think about before making the Mountain Cur GSD your family dog. 

For instance, if you have a way too busy schedule or you’re always away – don’t purchase one! There are so many other smaller dog breeds to consider before buying this particular dog.

The Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix seeks active families who happen to have a flexible yet sporty lifestyle.

If you’re into hikes, long walks, or some other high-intensity activities – this is the perfect dog for you.

But, if you’re more into a simple, cozy life that  takes place mostly inside a house – this is definitely not a dog for you.

Another piece of advice that I can give you is – don’t purchase this puppy if you are a novice dog owner. This is a pretty high-maintenance dog, which means it requires an experienced dog owner. You need to establish firm but gentle leadership in order to raise this puppy properly.

Aggressive, Or Not?

Other than this specific dog breed, there are so many GS Mixes that will melt your heart. However, all of those puppies have one thing in common – they can become overly aggressive if they are not properly socialized.

Proper socialization and early obedience training are  key if you want your Black Mouth Cur Shepherd not to be aggressive.

Unfortunately, many first-time dog owners don’t realize the importance of timely puppy education. If you, by any chance, have a puppy that shows constant disobedience or self-destruction – seek immediate professional help.

Help from dog behaviorists or professional dog trainers is highly welcome in case your puppy displays aggressive behavior.

However, Black Mouth Cur Shepherds are generally well-mannered and socialized puppies. 

They are not hard to train, which means they will adopt socialization techniques easily. Still, socialization training needs to be constant, consistent, and long-term.

Socialization is important, especially if you have friends coming over to your house frequently or you enjoy long city walks with your puppy.

The Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix Around Kids

One thing is fur sure – the Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix’s relationship with kids is pawesome!

These dogs have a natural instinct for children, which means they won’t do anything to harm them. This is pretty much the trait of German Shepherds, who happen to be excellent nannies and therapy dogs.

GS dogs love children as much as they love other members of your family. If you’re wondering why your dog is sleeping so close to you, the answer might be – it loves you!

All they need is a proper introduction and a slow, step-by-step adaptation process!

Still, there are many breeders that don’t recommend this hybrid dog to families who have small children. This is because the dog has a tendency to play  roughly, which can eventually result in an injury.

If you’re, however, inclined to buy this mixed breed dog, you will need two things. The first one is early obedience training.

This implies training techniques, such as relationship-based training, positive reinforcement, and a timely approach. The best way to implement this training process is during the early age of your puppy.

The other thing that you can do is adapt your dog to other family members

Sometimes dogs bond with only one family member, which is not good in the long run. In order to get your puppy used to other family members, you need to do it as soon as your puppy comes to your house!

Health Issues In A Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix

Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix sleeping on the bed
Photo from: @abe_and_rose

Even though both GS puppies and BMC puppies are healthy dog breeds, there may be times when their offspring, the Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix, faces some health issues. There are some hereditary diseases, such as hip dysplasia, which these puppies are prone to.

Epilepsy and cataracts are less common, but they still might affect some German Shepherd mixes.

On the other hand, there are health conditions, such as bloat, that are the result of bad eating habits. That’s why the  proper establishment of a feeding chart is such a crucial issue when it comes to these dogs.

Some health problems, such as cataracts, won’t be that obvious. However, if you notice that your dog is acting weird all of a sudden, that could be a cause for concern. Regular vet check-ups, though, will save you from many unwanted repercussions.

In some cases, a late vet intervention can be fatal. That’s the case with bloat. In order to not let that happen – yearly vet exams are highly recommended. Additionally, prior to buying a Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix – make sure you choose a reliable breeder.

Shady backyard breeders generally don’t health-test their puppies, which can be a long-term problem for a new owner in the future.


Gastric Dilatation Volvulus, commonly known as – bloat, is a pretty serious health condition. This condition generally affects large breeds with deep chests. This is an issue that develops over time as a result of bad eating habits or poor-quality foods.

Symptoms of bloat are lack of energy, stomachache, lethargy, disinterest in any sort of activity, refusal  to eat, and decreased mobility. In fact, ‘‘will a dog with bloat drink water’’ is also a pretty debatable issue.

In order to prevent your puppy from bloating, you need four things. The first one is high-quality food. Don’t let your puppy eat your leftovers or junk food. Always choose easily digestible dog food.

Furthermore, many dog owners claim that elevated dog bowls prevent bloat in dogs. You may try this one!

Another thing that you can do to prevent your puppy from bloating is to divide  meals into several smaller portions. This is a great way to organize your puppy’s daily eating schedule.

The last thing that you can do as a responsible dog owner is to give your puppy timely meals. Try to give at least three smaller meals to your puppy during the day. This will reduce hunger and prevent your puppy from swallowing big pieces of food.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia in dogs, unlike bloating, is a hereditary health issue. This condition is related to young puppies rather than adult dogs. That’s why, when choosing a breeder, it is important to see if your puppy is hip and elbow dysplasia-tested.

Symptoms that are the most common for this disease are a bunny walk, dragging their back legs on the floor, lethargy, lack of energy, disinterest, or inability to move properly.

If you see that a puppy has difficulties doing  regular activities, such as running, jumping, or even walking – there is a high possibility that it suffers from hip dysplasia.

The thing that you can do is not overwhelm your pet with excessive training sessions, as dogs with hip dysplasia may develop further conditions or severe joint injuries.

The best and most common treatment for this health issue is surgery. However, this treatment is not cheap, as the average price for hip dysplasia surgery is between $1500 and $4000.

How Long Do These Cur GSDs Live On Average

Considering the lifespan of both a German Shepherd and a Black Mouth Cur, these puppies’ average life expectancy is somewhere between 7 and 15 years.

Generally, German Shepherds live up to 10 years, which is not a long lifespan if we take into consideration other large breeds. However, BMC canines easily reach up to fifteen or even sixteen years.

In order to affect your puppy’s lifespan positively, you should take care of its feeding chart, food quality, and a proper amount of exercise during the day.

Always try to stay away from shady dog food brands. Black Mouth Cur Shepherds are highly sensitive when it comes to food.


Black Mouth Cur is lying on the couch
1. Is Black Mouth Cur A Good Family Dog?

Yes. These purebred canines make reliable family dogs, as they are loyal, protective, and affectionate towards their owners.
Still, puppies need proper socialization, as well as early obedience training. Training supplements, such as interactive dog toys or dog training collars, are excellent tools that might help you train your puppy better.
Untrained Black Mouth Curs can be self-destructive and aggressive, especially toward strangers.

2. What Is The Difference Between A Black Mouth Cur And A Cur Shepherd Mix?

Generally, a Cur Shepherd Mix has a higher training potential, as the German Shepherd’s bloodline adds to their existing qualities. That’s why having a Black Mouth Cur Shepherd in your home could mean better manners and greater athletic potential.
On the other hand, both of these dogs need proper leadership. Owners need to show dominance to a dog, as they require a firm but loving touch. Some Black Mouth Curs or Cur Shepherds may appear stubborn and disobedient.
The main difference, though, is that the first one is a purebred puppy, while the other one is a hybrid dog. 

Final Thoughts

Having a Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix is a challenging but pretty awesome experience. These dogs require firm leadership and a sporting family. They need a high amount of exercise during the day, as both of their parent breeds are active dogs with  great athletic potential.

Even though this is not the puppy for first-time dog owners, being a Cur GSD owner is a joyful experience. These puppies’ loyalty and affection mean having a lifetime companion!

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