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American Bulldog Growth Chart: Everything You Should Know

American Bulldog Growth Chart: Everything You Should Know

The powerful American Bulldog is a large breed which is very strong, tenacious, determined, and self-assured. Full-grown American Bulldogs can be a lot to handle for first-time owners.

He thrives in an active household with owners who are enthusiastic about fostering his athletic potential in weight-pulling, obedience, agility, hunting, agricultural labor, or Schutzhund. Although he is often composed and confident, he needs to engage in intense activity to keep healthy and content.

From cordial to standoffish, his behavior toward strangers fluctuates, and even the nice ones make watchful caretakers. To foster a stable, discerning temperament, early socializing is a must.

The American Bulldog is devoted to his family, and if left on its own for an extended period of time, he may turn to destructive behaviors due to separation anxiety. Dog aggressiveness is a potential issue, therefore from an early age, the dog should be well-socialized with other dogs and also cats.

Although American Bulldogs have high activity demands and need a knowledgeable, involved pet parent, their intelligence and compassion make them wonderful, protective family dogs.

As there are several varieties, such as the Bully and hence Classic kind, commonly referred to as the Johnson sort, the Standard or the Performance type, also recognized as the Scott type, and combinations of the two, they can have a variety of appearances.

American Bulldogs may form devoted family companions with careful training and care. This can be the ideal option if you’re seeking a kind, vivacious best friend.

To have a better overview of the size of this large dog breed, it is best that you take a look at the American Bulldog weight chart from puppyhood to one year.

American Bulldog Puppy Weight Chart

american bulldog puppy standing on a lawn

American Bulldogs are an athletic and powerful dog breed that is native to North America, as their name suggests. Even though they are bigger, they are connected to English bulldogs of the same name.

Because mature American Bulldogs may grow to be very large, it’s essential for owners to understand when their breed typically experiences growth.

The sturdy build and agility of American Bulldogs make them excellent agricultural workers and cattle gatherers. Some American Bulldogs are even capable of doing jumps upwards of six feet or above. They are also kind and clever, making them ideal family dogs and wonderful friends. 

The chart below illustrates how your American Bulldog’s weight and size change as they go through different developmental phases. As a result, you shouldn’t be too concerned if your dog’s weight differs slightly from the chart.

It’s crucial to realize that you should assess your American Bulldog’s overall wellness and health if you notice that his weight is significantly lower than what is indicated on the chart. Your American Bulldog can be overly thin and prone to major ailments.

You shouldn’t give your Bulldog’s weight significant attention if it is higher than any of the figures on the chart. A  few additional pounds outside the amount specified is quite okay.

The statistics on this chart should only be used as a general reference, so keep that in mind. You could know more about his general health if you’re a good dog parent. Always see your veterinarian if you observe anything odd or have any questions.

Age Weight in lbsWeight in kg
3 months 22 lbs - 42 lbs 11.3 kg - 19.2 kg
4 months 30.7 lbs - 58.1lbs14.1 kg - 26.3 kg
5 months 38 lbs - 66.2 lbs 17.4 kg - 30.1 kg
6 months 46.4 lbs - 77.3 lbs 21.1 kg - 35 kg
7 months 52.3 lbs - 88 lbs 23.5 kg - 39.5 kg
8 months 56.1 lbs - 96.3 lbs25.2 kg - 43. 5 kg
9 months 59.3 lbs - 101.9 lbs27.2 kg - 46.6 kg
10 months 62.1 lbs - 107.8 lbs 28.1 kg - 48.8 kg
11 months 62.9 lbs - 111.9 lbs 28.6 kg - 52 kg
12 months 63.8 lbs - 118 lbs 30 kg - 53.5 kg

Having A Newborn American Bulldog Puppy

The American Bulldog puppies still are developing at this point and need breastmilk to be healthy and nourished. However, they are still unable to hear or see. Only the sensations of feel, scent, and taste are present.

Because babies build their strength by breastfeeding, you may anticipate them to spend the majority of their time napping. Because their muscles require time to develop, they are also unable to walk.

Due to the high mortality rate of American Bulldog puppies, it is advisable to separate the puppies as soon as they are born in order to increase their chances of survival.

Once the puppies can use their eyes, they should be returned to their moms. This will lessen the likelihood that the mother may carelessly suffocate them to death.

Growth Stages Of The American Bulldog Puppy

american bully puppy standing on the road

Every pup has its stages of development. Development, in this case, means the complete physical transformation from a young puppy to an adult dog.

2 Week Old Newborn to 3 Month Old Pup

Throughout this stage, the American Bulldog pup will begin to open its eyes and use its ears, both physically and to hear. It will grow strong muscles that will enable him to run, interact with its siblings, and start standing up. Although it might be a little clumsy, its teeth will soon begin to erupt.

In addition, as its vision improves, he will slowly begin to be aware of his environment. He will also learn to manage his urine and bowels. Its balance will also grow better as he investigates and maybe causes trouble.

From Being 4 Month Old To Being 9 Months Old

Your American Bulldog is going to intensify his adult teeth when they emerge at this time. If you buy him some chew toys, you’ll notice that he won’t gnaw on valuable items that he discovers laying around.

One must become aware that because you are now the primary caretaker, quality time is essential to developing a deep attachment with your puppy.

From Being 10 Months Old To Being A Year and A Half

Throughout that time, the American Bulldog would reach reproductive maturity and experience profound biological changes, which affect both male and female dogs in distinct ways.

During the entire year, males are normally sexually active. On the other hand, female dogs who are approaching sexual maturity frequently experience the heat cycle once or twice per year, ranging from  two to three weeks.

This phase of growth is particularly significant since the experiences he has there, have a tendency to stick with him for the rest of his life.


Mostly around the age of 2, American Bulldogs should reach adulthood. They have completed the majority of their growth by this age and are lively and playful.

They still require enough calories to maintain strong muscles and bones. Additionally, healthy eating aka quality food and well-balanced nutrients will help prevent hazardous illnesses brought on by nutritional shortages.

The puppy will go through several physical, emotional, and psychological developmental phases as he grows into adulthood. It should mature mentally between the ages of 1 and 4, based on its temperament.

Final Size Of The American Bulldog

american bulldog standing on the lawn

As we have previously stated, around the age of two, the American Bulldog reaches its final size. In comparison to English or French Bulldogs, this breed is much taller. By the time they are adults, cute American Bulldog pups will weigh between 60 and 120 pounds and grow to be 20 to 28 inches tall.

American Bulldogs may be substantially larger or much smaller, despite the fact that these proportions are thought of as typical for the breed. They are considered to be large dogs, and their healthy weight needs to be in accordance with their height.

Male Vs Female American Bulldog Growth Chart

Unlike females, males tend to be somewhat taller and bigger than females because of the evident physiological characteristics. They also engage in stereotypically male activities like mounts and smell marking, which is characteristic for male dogs.

When questioned, they may exhibit greater aggressive conduct that is directed toward other males. 

Females can nevertheless engage in these behaviors in some situations, despite their smaller stature and lower propensity to mount other canines or scent mark the surroundings. Additionally, female canines frequently behave more affiliative toward males.

In the chart below, you can see the average recorded progress in the female American Bulldog growth chart, therefore you can have something to look at when raising your female pup.

Age Weight In kilograms

AgeWeight In kilograms
3 months 22.4 lbs - 31.7 lbs 10. 4 - 14.4 kg
6 months42.7 lbs - 59.1 lbs19.4 - 26.9 kg
9 months48.5 lbs - 68.2 lbs 21.9 - 30.8 kg
12 months 57.4 lbs - 85.4 lbs26.2 - 38.5 kg

The female American Bulldog’s weight at three months should fall from 10.4 to  14.4 kg, in accordance with its development.

The weight of your American Bulldog female is, on average, between 19.4 kg and 26.9 kg at the age of six months, depending on size.

If you are wondering what size an American Bulldog female should be at age one: Inputs are 26.2 to 38.5 kg.

The female American Bulldog will eventually reach her full size between the ages of 16 months and 19 months.

How Long Does It Take For An American Bulldog To Be Full Grown?

Male American Bulldogs at three months of age should range from around 11.4 to 19.3 kg, depending on their size.

At six months of age, the typical male American Bulldog weighs between  21.2 kg and 35.2 kg, depending on size.

What size an American Bulldog male must be at one year of age, is dictated by  the general size of the pup, as well as of the parents. However, the average adult weight is from 29 to 52.8 kg.

If you are interested at what age the male American bulldogs will eventually reach their full size, the answer is simple: between the ages of 16 months and 19 months.

There isn’t an ideal weight for a male American Bulldog, however, the bigger muscle mass the Bulldog has, the better.

How To Know If My American Bulldog Is Underweight?

white american bulldog lying in the grass

When you can see the rib cage when the American Bulldog is breathing, you know he is at his proper weight. Although overweight dogs would inevitably weigh higher than the suggested weight range, this is not the optimal size for them.

Because dogs who engage in daily, rigorous exercise will have increased muscle mass, you should also consider your dog’s age and amount of physical activity.

If your dog is relaxed, you should be able to see his final two ribs. His stomach should be tucked up so that it is higher than his ribs. On the contrary, when the  hip bones and the majority of the vertebrae are visible, the dog is underweight.

If you physically see that your dog is gaining weight, the best way to manage it is to cut down on treats and to give your pet more chances for a tiring physical activity.

American Bulldog Height

american bulldog walking in a meadow

The size of an American Bulldog depends on the specific breed. American Bulldogs from Scott often have a smaller size than those from Johnson. However, compared to English or French bulldogs, American bulldogs are taller.

The average height of an American Bulldog male, measured from the top of his shoulder is between 20 and 28 inches at the withers. By the time the pups are adults, the female’s adult size is relatively shorter, ranging from 20 to 25 inches, which is the average female adult height.

Is The American Bulldog A Healthy Dog Breed?

american bulldog watch over the house and sitting on stairs

It seems unlikely that the robust American bulldog has any health problems when one looks at him. A dog may greatly benefit from a nutritious diet and enough activity to preserve his excellent health, and yet every dog, regardless of breed, has possible health hazards.

These problems for the American bulldog that may affect its growth involve hip dysplasia and thyroid problems.

The lifespan of the American Bulldog usually ranges  from 10 to 15 years of age. That means, for a large dog breed, that they are a healthy one.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia, being one of the most prevalent skeletal diseases in dogs, only affects a small percentage of large breed dogs, including the American bulldog. Your dog will have difficulty moving if the hip points in his hips didn’t grow regularly over time.

If the disease is hereditary, you’ll probably notice symptoms before the pup turns one. But what does hip dysplasia have to do with the growth of the American Bulldog?

Well, to cut it short: thanks to hip dysplasia being as it is, it can affect the dog’s growth. For instance, while having hip dysplasia, the pup can have  slower growth, because of the painful hip joint which doesn’t let the pup move around, therefore preventing it from getting muscle mass and developing properly.

Reduced activity, particularly when it involves sprinting, leaping, or climbing stairs, a wobbling stride, soreness in the hip joints, decrease of thigh muscle mass, rear legs that are abnormally tight together, and strengthened shoulder muscles to assist support the dog’s burden, are also symptoms.

The diagnosis of hip dysplasia must be confirmed by radiographs, and the course of therapy will depend on the size, age, and severity of the disease in your dog. While some elderly dogs need joint replacements, young pups might benefit from hip rotation surgery.

Anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers are helpful in treating the problem, and weight control is essential to lessen the strain on your pet’s hips.

Thyroid Deficiency

The thyroid is an endocrine gland that dictates the functions of an organism. Many veterinarians say that the thyroid gland is the CEO of the whole organism, because it dictates the speed and the volume of the way things function in the body.

The genetic condition of hypothyroidism, which is caused by a deficit in the thyroid hormone, is common among medium and large breed dogs. His metabolism is slowed down because his thyroid gland isn’t producing sufficient amounts of the hormones triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4).

Having hypothyroidism and generally a slower metabolism means that there is a possibility that the dog will grow shorter than it should. 

The front of the chest and neck, sides of the body, sides of the thighs, and tail are among the areas that experience weight increase and hair loss as symptoms. Another symptom of hypothyroidism is a slower heartbeat, cold sensitivity, tiredness, and dry, thick, swollen skin.

Though the illness is irreversible, it can be managed with an artificial hormone treatment given twice daily. A blood test aids in diagnosis.

However, Fear Not, Because…

…The mere fact that a dog is susceptible to a condition does not guarantee that the dog will develop that health issue. Knowing everything your American bulldog could be susceptible to, can help you stay alert and keep an eye out for any symptoms of an illness he might be developing.

Additionally, if you’re looking for something like an American bulldog, choose a trustworthy breeder who is familiar with the history of his canines and can give you documentation of their genetic and medical histories. Dogs who have a record of hip dysplasia, for instance, won’t be bred by a responsible breeder.

Therefore, choosing a reputable breeder who takes great care of the litters as well of the parent dogs, will do the job.

Your American Bulldog size, and general well-being, both physical and emotional are  determined by those initial two months that it spends with the breeder. Choose your breeder wisely!

Note that, when your female American Bulldog is in a heat cycle, it can be more sensitive, therefore more prone to catch a cold. Please take special care of her when in this phase.

The things that you can do are  provide your dog with the best dog food and take very good care that the dog doesn’t go much over the average weight, in order to minimize any kinds of health illnesses that may go with obesity.

Final Word

American Bulldogs take pleasure in using their many natural athletic talents, which include agility, weightlifting, hunting, and agricultural labor. Even if you don’t support hunting or live on a farm, taking lots of regular walks will still be effective.

Growing young, American Bulldogs may either be exceedingly amiable or distant and even hostile. How much socializing they receive as puppies  greatly influences how amiable they are.

Unfortunately, bulldogs are sometimes grouped with the misunderstood Pitbull, giving this lovable and charming dog a terrible reputation for no good reason. Your dog may need extra attention and training to become a living illustration of how absurd these assumptions may be.

An American Bulldog growth chart is presented, in order for you to take a closer look while your pup is growing up. There are some differences between male dogs and female dogs, but that is almost obligatory between littermates.

A dog weight chart will give you the optimal guide for your pup’s first year of life, which is also known as the most crucial one in their lifetime. Therefore, it is most important to invest in your pup’s health in that initial year.

It is important to invest in great quality food, so your pup or your adult dog will be able to get all the valuable nutrients for the day. However, you shouldn’t over-feed them with treats, since they are prone to weight gain.

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