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9 Best Wolfdog Breeders In The U.S.

9 Best Wolfdog Breeders In The U.S.

When we talk about wolfdogs, we talk about the most controversial dog breed there is. Why? Simply because there are still many opinions as to why the wolfdog should not even be allowed as a pet.

However, we will break this theory up and see that this canine is simply a good behaving dog breed, and with proper breeding, it could be an excellent companion dog, too.

The wolfdog is a combination of a regular dog – a domestic dog with the gray wolf, or popularly known as the timberwolf. It is mostly used as a sled dog, or a working dog in the northern hemisphere or in the Arctic.

Among wolf pups, the most popular is the Czechoslovakian wolfdog, one of the oldest among this breed. It was put to use in the 1950s. It was initially designed as a crossbreed between the German Shepherd and the gray wolf.

The original idea of wolfdog breeders behind this was to design a dog with the most exquisite traits of the German Shepherd, such as its intelligence, obedience, and being a watchdog. On the other hand, the breeders wanted to implement the traits of the wolf, which are excellent vision, strength, and prey drive.

The wolfdog hybrid requires early socialization and lots of training in order to be a good, obedient companion dog. Once a dog owner establishes a good relationship with this canine and imposes the proper training process, he will get the perfect watchdog that is also categorized as a family dog.

Wolfdog Puppies For Sale In The U.S.

There are not many wolfdog breeders in the U.S. Actually, there are not many reputable ones, so you should be careful. Always check out the breeders you are purchasing your new puppy from because only the ones who put a guarantee on their dogs are the ones to make business with.

U.S. breeders mostly offer low-content, or mid-content wolfdogs. However, there are a few that breed high-content wolfdogs! Low content means the genes of domestic dogs prevail in the cross breed. Some breeders consider any wolfdog that has less than fifty percent of wolf genes to be low content.

On the other hand, wolf dog breeds that contain equal physical and genetic traits of both wolf and dog are considered as mid-content wolfdogs.

Dog breeders in the U.S. breed wolfdogs alongside other wolf-like dog breeds, such as blue-eyed Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, and German Shepherds. The reason is their similarity in behavior, strength, physical appearance, and character.

You should always focus on several things when picking the breeder, such as certifications, regular vaccine programs, regularly scheduled deworming, the wolfdog price, and the overall breeding program.

In the following part of this article, we bring you the top nine wolfdog breeders in the U.S.

1. Arctic Venture Kennels, Traphil, NC

portrait of a wolfdog

Arctic Venture Kennels is one of the best, if not the best wolfdog breeders in North Carolina. They have been in business for the last 30 years. Considering the traits of their wolf pups, they have bred true family pets.

Their breeding program is based on several things. The first and most important is socialization. These beautiful canines are trained from birth, and all of them have developed high-level social skills.

The dogs you get from this breeder will be happy to accompany you everywhere – on long walks, in parks, in the backyard, or indoors.

Current wolfdog owners who come from all parts of the States have purchased their puppies from Arctic Venture Kennels, but some got their canines all the way from Japan.

The wolfdogs in this kennel are mid-content wolfdogs, which makes them easier to train. They offer complete documentation, starting with the DNA certificate of your future puppy. Health certificates and all the documents from the vet are available, too, which include vaccination and deworming records.

When it comes to coat colors, the AVK wolf pups come in several variants, among which white and gray are most represented. The breeder puts a lot of effort into their training, and has all the resources to do so, considering its countryside site, where the puppies can exercise and run freely.

Location: Traphil, North Carolina, United States

Phone number: (336) 468-0212

Email: [email protected]

Website: Arctic Venture Kennels

2. Midwest Wolfdogs, Adrian, MO

wolfdog puppy

Although considered as one of the most dangerous dogs in the world, Midwest Wolfdogs in Missouri made sure that you get a reliable, family puppy.

Their clients are the best testament of this, and they happily present and publish their experiences. This wolf-like breed of dog is extremely intelligent, and Midwest Wolfdogs makes sure they exercise their full potential.

Physical appearance is another thing that the breeder puts an effort into. They make sure the canines’ posture is always well-preserved. The colors in which you can find this beautiful dog are white, light, or shadow.

The kennel’s manager, Scott, is known for being a true animal lover. Each dog is bred particularly, and the devoted relationship he has with the puppies is unique.

When you first visit their website, you will find many inspirational messages related to wolfdog canines, which shows how dedicated and in love with these puppies the breeder is.

Midwest Wolfdogs has been in this business for more than a decade – 2008, to be accurate, and a new litter was just released this year, during springtime.

The mission of this kennel is to provide future owners with healthy and nurtured wolf pups. Scott really wants to show that with deep love, beautiful relationships between a puppy and a human can be made.

Location: 490 Northeast County Road 10694, Adrian, Missouri, United States

Phone number: (816) 517-9348

Email: [email protected]

Website: Midwest Wolfdogs

3. Rare Breed Exotics, Napa, CA

wolfdog in grass

This breeder is probably one of the most reputable breeders of wolf puppies on the West Coast.

RBE kennel has devoted its breeding program to mid-content wolfdogs, as well as high-content wolfdogs.

One of the first things that you could see when you step on the Rare Breed Exotics doorstep is that wolfdogs and cats are happily living together. This shows a great amount of devotion and work on socialization, considering that wolf breeds are naturally not good with cats.

In fact, if you ask yourself, are huskies good with cats?, or any wolf-like breed for that matter, the answer would be a big ‘no’. However, this breeder has managed to develop high social skills with his wolf pups, so it won’t be strange to even see them sleeping in the same cradle.

The breeder has been involved with wolfdogs for more than twenty years, and the main motive for this is love.

They do thorough research on their potential buyers as they want to make sure the breed goes to a safe and nurturing environment. When it comes to payments, military personnel get a ten-percent discount. Deposits are also accepted. The breeder uses wire transfer, as well as PayPal paying options.

The waiting lists are usually long, so the best thing to do is hurry up and reserve one of these beautiful canines!

​Location: Napa, California, United States

Phone number: (707) 888-2559

Email: [email protected]

Website: Rare Breed Exotics

4. Bear Paw Farms, Rutherfordton, NC

wolf dog breed

This breeder is situated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and he has a spectacular farm for breeding wolfdog puppies!

This kennel is CKC registered, and aside from wolfdogs, they also breed German Shepherds.

The mission of the breeder is to always work on genetic improvement of their puppies in order to provide the best traits possible.

For this kennel, it all started out as a love story – the breeder, just a regular guy living in the countryside, adopted both German Shepherds, and later, wolfdogs.

Over the years, the German Shepherd happened to be a true companion and a working dog. The wolfdog also adapted to the family easily, and its traits were the reason why this kennel became the official breeding place in North Carolina.

The true bond that developed with these canines over the years was the starting point for this kennel. Dogs are socialized early, and they are true family dogs, so if you want to pick up a wolfdog puppy for yourself, do it here instead of going to other wolfdog breeders!

​Location: Rutherfordton, North Carolina, United States

Phone number: (828) 357-7125

Email: [email protected]

Website: Bear Paw Farms

5. Vegvisir, Hibbing, MI

chzechoslovakian wolf dog

Among the wolf-like dog breeds, the Czechoslovakian wolfdog is the most popular in this kennel. This is quite an unusual name for this U.S. kennel, but it has an interesting story behind it.

Vegvisir is the name of the Norse compass, and the dogs in this breeding house are registered under the name, Strazca Vegvisiru, which, when translated to English, means the guardian of the compass.

Jenna, one of the owners of this kennel, finds perfect symbolism in this name, especially because of the fact that these canines are indeed guardians and watchdogs.

The main reason why you should consider this breeder among other wolfdog breeders is the following certificates they have: AKC (American Kennel Club), UKC (United Kennel Club), and FCI (Federacion Cynologique Internationale). All three represent the level of reputation of a breeder and confirm the quality of the work.

When it comes to breeding itself, the Vegvisir breeding team has two main goals – to keep the coefficient of inbreeding below three percent, and to maintain the ancestor-loss coefficient above ninety percent. They want to make sure the pedigree is of high-quality, and that it does not collapse.

Another thing that makes the breeder outstanding is their dedication to Volhard’s aptitude test. All the puppies in this kennel have to undergo this testing once they are seven months old. With the results of this test, the breeder gets to know the puppy’s behavior better, and therefore, plans its breeding program according to the results.

​Location: HIbbing, Minnesota, United States

Email: [email protected]

Website: Vegvisir

6. Laurel Mountain Wolf Hybrid Puppies, Belington, WV

portrait of an adult wolfdog

This is one of the wolfdog breeders who breeds high-content wolfdogs. Situated in Belington, the owners of this kennel are dedicated to raising well-behaved wolf puppies and preparing them for their new home.

This breeder may be different from all the others mentioned in this article because none of their puppies are genetically dominated by a domestic breed. These puppies, or should we say, wolfies, are nearly actual wolves, considering their genetic representation and proportion.

All of the puppies originally come from two types of wolves – the Arctic Timberwolf, and the Mackenzie Valley wolf. The latter is considered as one of the largest wolves in the world, and both belong to large breeds.

All of the puppies are over 87 percent wolf. Usually, the rest of the genes represented at Laurel Mountain kennel belong to the German Shepherd.

This is a Worldwide Kennel club-registered breeder, and one of the most reputable in West Virginia. The motive for breeding these puppies was found in deep love towards wolf pups. The breeders claim that these high-content wolfdogs make the greatest pets among all dogs.

They are, by nature, shy, and their character needs to be adapted from birth. As the breeder says, love and affection are the two most important tools for raising a wolf. This breeder definitely abolishes the prejudice that people have about these types of hybrid dogs.

With proper socialization, these dogs show great affection and deep love towards the owner, and they also make excellent companion canines.

All of the puppies in this kennel are regularly taken to a veterinarian for medical exams, and the cost for each puppy is $500 U.S.D.

​Location: Belington, West Virginia, United States

Phone number: (304) 823-2361

Website: Laurel Mountain Wolf Hybrid Puppies

7. Mikai’s Pack, Tecumseh, MI

wolfdog in meadow

This wolfdog breeder’s specialty is the CSV (popularly known as the Czechoslovakian wolfdog).

This rare breed originally comes from Europe, or as the name says, Czechoslovakia, and it has a long tradition in Mikai’s Pack. The breed was originally crossed in the 1950s between a German Shepherd and a Carpathian wolf.

This was a dog used for the military due to its perfectly shaped body, high stamina, and enduring physique. The breeder made sure that all the bad wolf qualities were gone, and that you will get a reliable and well-behaved puppy.

According to Mikai’s Pack, the main reason as to why you should not doubt that this is a wolfdog and not a wolf is the fact that wolves are shy by nature, and they won’t show any sort of socialization, which is not the case with the puppies bred in this kennel.

They even disqualify dogs that show shyness because, according to their experience, this trait can sometimes be destructive and lead to aggression and unpredictability.

The mission of this breeder is for you to have a well-trained and well-behaved puppy that seeks human company, and is eager to adapt to new situations. These are quality dogs with a family trait, and they require daily exercise.

The breeder recommends Czechoslovakian wolfdogs to owners who love engaging in various outdoor activities and sports because the dog will accompany them and make the perfect combination.

Unlike many unreliable wolfdog breeders, they don’t want owners whose wolfdogs have been left at kill shelters after the first failure in communication, but instead, they want owners who are patient, dedicated clients who want to engage in a long-term relationship with their canine.

​Location: Tecumseh, Michigan, United States

Phone number: (517) 673-2019

Email: [email protected]

Website: Mika’s Pack

8. S.A.M., Colleyville, TX

two wolfdogs

The first thing you need to do if you decide to buy a puppy from this breeder is fill out their application form. That will show commitment and responsibility, which the S.A.M. kennel cherishes.

They want to research future owners and find out everything about the future environment of their wolf pups, which kind of makes them unique among many wolfdog breeders.

This research encompasses the number of your family members, basic household information, the number of pets you currently have, and your willingness to provide a safe home for your new canine.

These dogs are also Czechoslovakian wolfdogs. These canines are provided with lots of activities and outdoor training from an early age, considering their high-maintenance character. They will make sure their future clients get all the needed information about the breed, as well as tips for how to socialize an aggressive dog.

They recommend socializing the dog in its early stage of life since it otherwise will show suspicion to strangers and other animals if not properly trained. Properly trained wolf pups will remain playful and social, but they can be trained for obedience and hunting, especially given their high sense of smell.

​Location: Colleyville, Texas, United States

Email: [email protected]

Website: S.A.M.

9. Howling Woods Farm, Jackson, NY

wolfdog standing

Howling Woods Farm differs from other breeders in two things – they do not charge for their canines, except for the minimum donation they request, which does not exceed $30 U.S.D. This is used for dog kibble and maintenance.

The other thing is that this is a non-profit organization, and none of the breeders receive a salary. It is 100% run by volunteers with shared love for wolfdog pups.

The breeding organization wants to implement positive reinforcement in wolf hybrid breeding, and teach future owners about their beautiful nature. According to this wolfdog breeder, these dogs are not dangerous, and they are highly favorable to have in your home.

​Location: Jackson, New York, United States

Phone number: (732) 534-5745

Email: [email protected]

Website: Howling Woods Farm

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There are several things to know when choosing wolfdog breeders, such as their reputability, their certifications, their breeding program, and the puppy bloodline they prefer in the kennel.

Reputable breeders are usually AKC- or UKC-registered, and their client list is long. Do not make business with shady, unreliable breeders who do not disclose basic information, or won’t have any pre-communication.

Usually, wolfdog breeders are engaged in breeding mid-content wolfdogs, which may be the perfect combination for you and your family.

However, those who breed high-content puppies claim that there’s no reason to be doubtful – these canines are as affectionate and well-behaved as all other wolfdogs.

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