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Why Is My French Bulldog So Aggressive? 5 Common Reasons

Why Is My French Bulldog So Aggressive? 5 Common Reasons

Have you ever dealt with the “why is my French Bulldog so aggressive” dilemma? Despite the fact that Frenchies are naturally sociable, friendly, and affectionate, even to strangers – there might be times when these small canines put their hostility on display.

Typically, dealing with an aggressive French Bulldog is deeply rooted in some other problem, which is why addressing this behavioral pattern should not be done in a vacuum.

There are a plethora of reasons for aggression in this breed of dog. Throughout this article, we’re going to address the five most common reasons that are most likely to happen. 

If you’re a proud Frenchie owner, my advice is to sit comfortably for the next few minutes and enjoy the read!

Addressing Aggressiveness In A French Bulldog

french bulldog barking

Generally, these little canines are known to be one of the least aggressive dogs in the world. This is because they naturally make affectionate and laid-back pets that don’t display too many behavioral outbursts.

Still, some Frenchies may use aggression as a response to an inadequate environment or a hostile behavior. Every dog has its own tolerance threshold that should not be challenged, as you may face extremely unpleasant repercussions if you do.

What are the other reasons behind their aggression? How do we address them? And, what can we do to prevent them? All of these are questions that all French Bulldog enthusiasts need to know prior to buying one for themselves.

1. Lack Of Socialization

The first step towards making a decent pet out of your Frenchie is early socialization. Despite their naturally high social skills, these pooches require proper introduction to a new environment once they step into your home.

That being said, you need to create a positive, nurturing environment for your dog, as well as make sure you don’t push your Frenchie too hard. Instead, try introducing your dog to all family members gradually, step by step.

It is much easier to do it in the early stage of their life instead of trying to socialize an already aggressive dog

2. Poor Parenting

Knowing how to take care of a newborn Frenchie is of the same importance as knowing how to do it in later stages of his life. Bear in mind that this is an extremely sensitive dog breed that requires a lot of commitment and care.

Instead of applying harsh parenting methods to your Frenchie training, try the soft approach. One of the main reasons why these pooches act aggressively is because they are parented way too strictly.

Frenchies respond excellently to love-giving, game-encouraging, and treat-stimulating training patterns. Why not try it?

3. Separation Anxiety

french bulldog barking indoors

Separation anxiety is not that uncommon in Frenchies. In fact, this breed is known to be extremely clingy, dependent, and attached to its owner. Consequently, these pooches are highly likely to be destructive and aggressive when left alone.

If you have a strict business schedule to act upon – make sure your Frenchie doesn’t get anxious at times of solitude. 

Training them to endure solitude for a few hours during the day should be done during the early stage of their life. Use chew toys, TV dog shows, or interactive playgrounds in the process. 

4. Stress

There are numerous triggers of stress in a Frenchie. Number one is fears and phobias.

These pooches are not actually the bravest dogs in the world, which is why you should keep them away from loud noises, fireworks, firecrackers, or other, bigger dogs that have a hostile attitude.

Stress can also be caused by a change in their daily routine. Skipping their regular meals or neglecting their other needs, such as exercise, sleeping, or playtime can be extremely stressful for your dog.

Set up a good routine and stick to it. Otherwise, your French Bulldog may respond aggressively.

5. Pain Or Disease

Some Frenchies display aggression due to extreme pain in their body. This is a natural reaction that comes instinctively. They act aggressively to defend themselves from further pain and misery, especially when forced to do something they can’t.

Recognizing a disease or a pain in your dog should not be that hard, even to an untrained eye, as it never comes with one symptom.

The first red flag is their aggression as Frenchies are almost never aggressive. Furthermore, you should look out for symptoms such as lethargy, lack of mobility, lack of appetite, weird spots on their body, and excessive weight gain or weight loss.

How To Reduce Aggressiveness In A French Bulldog

french bulldog playing with other dog in the park

Early Socialization

In order to make sure the “why is my French Bulldog so aggressive” question never becomes an issue – you should subject your dog to early socialization training. 

This is one of the first things that every dog owner should implement after picking up their dog from a breeder.

Both male and female Frenchies are dogs that seek a lot of attention and maintenance. That being said, you should give them a proper introduction to their new environment, as well as introduce them to the rest of the family slowly.

Early socialization plays a crucial role in boosting your Frenchie’s self confidence. Therefore – you should never neglect it!

Positive Reinforcement

Frenchies naturally seek the soft approach. But, how do we do that? Two words – positive reinforcement! 

Instead of using orthodox training methods, try using positive reinforcement techniques instead. Pet, praise, and reward any time you can! Use interactive dog toys. Build an interactive playground. Spend as much time as you can together. 

In no time, you will see enormous progress in your dog’s behavior. Consequently, aggression will either be significantly reduced or completely eliminated.

Get Help From A Professional

If you’re a first time French Bulldog owner, and you just don’t know how to make a decent pet out of your dog – get help from a professional! There are numerous certified dog behaviorists who could help your dog reduce its high level of aggression.

Otherwise, you may subconsciously use inadequate parenting methods that will not only be unhelpful, but will also make your dog’s behavior even worse.

Subjecting your Frenchie to professional help is especially needed at times of ultimate aggression and self-destruction. This sort of behavior is highly critical as it may result in severe injuries, especially if you have small children in your home.

Keep Your Frenchie’s Environment Low-Key

If you notice that your puppy has been sleeping under the bed lately or hiding from anyone who enters your home – you may want to revisit its environment! 

These pooches require a low-key, nurturing environment where they can feel safe all the time. Even though they are naturally friendly and affectionate towards all members of the family (including other dogs), some things might just not work for them.

Removing the things that make them anxious, afraid, or stressed out is the best way to keep them from being aggressive.


“Why is my French Bulldog so aggressive” is not a dilemma that you will come across that often. This is because these pooches are known to be one of the friendliest breeds in the world. 

Still, some Frenchie owners may deal with this unusual behavior pattern. In those times – you should always try finding the trigger instead of resolving these issues in a vacuum. No Frenchie is aggressive by default. 

If, however, you fail to do so, then getting professional help is always encouraged.

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