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Why Does My Yorkie Lick Me So Much? Learn 6 Possible Reasons

Why Does My Yorkie Lick Me So Much? Learn 6 Possible Reasons

A Yorkshire Terrier is a wonderful small companion – this dog is affectionate, and also loves to receive a lot of attention. So, why does my Yorkie lick me so much? Is this its way to give me kisses and show me love?

Yes, it might be! But, if your Yorkie licks you often, this could also mean some other things. I am sure your dog loves to lick all kinds of things, but, you might be surprised if in specific situations your Yorkshire Terrier starts to lick you, and especially if this suddenly happens so often.

You don’t have to wonder about the causes of this behavior in your Yorkie anymore, since I listed 6 most common reasons why your dog would lick you so much.

Continue reading to find out all on this issue.

Why Does My Yorkie Lick Me So Much?

Both male and female Yorkie are feisty, playful, and loyal, and this is why they make excellent family pets. Just like this dog makes a great addition to your family and your life, you want to ensure this dog is equally enjoying sharing life with you.

So, as a Yorkshire Terrier owner you would like to know whether it is a good or a bad sign if your dog licks you so much.

Let’s see!

1. Dog’s Way To Communicate

yorkie licking his owner's hand while sitting in his lap

Licking is one of the ways your dog communicates with you. From the moment they are born, one of the first things dogs can do is – licking. Even before they are able to see and hear, they start investigating the world around them with licking.

Female Yorkshire Terriers nurture their puppies by licking them from the very beginning. When a dog sees some new person, new food, or anything that looks tempting to him during the walk, the first thing he will do is – to lick it!

So, licking is a natural instinct of all dogs. Licking is not only the way a dog perceives the world around it; but also a way for a dog to communicate with its owner.

What do I mean by this? Well, if your Yorkie licks you right after you come home from work, this is probably your dog’s way to say: Hello, I missed you! 

If you are just taking your dog’s leash in your hand, and your dog starts licking you, he is probably super excited about your walk! 

If your dog licks your legs, for example, this could be a sign of submission. Yorkshire Terriers might not be able to speak human language, but they can still show you a lot using their tongues!

2. Showing Love

Let’s get to the reason all Yorkshire Terrier owners will be happy about – your dog is licking you simply because he is crazy about you!

So, in a way, licking is indeed a dog’s attempt to give you kisses. A Yorkie is a playful and energetic dog, but this dog will also always be up for cuddles!

A Yorkie is also a kind of dog that can get attached to one person especially. So, if you are asking why is your Yorkie licking just you so much, and not your other family members, you can be honored because you are the favorite person of this adorable puppy!

3. Attention Seeking

woman playing with her yorkshire terrier on the couch

So, Yorkshire Terriers want attention. Not in a way like all puppies need attention – this dog will want you around all the time at all ages.

Pay attention when your Yorkie starts to lick you excessively. Does this happen when you are doing something that does not involve your furry companion? If so, you might be dealing with attention seeking behavior in your dog.

If you react every time by giving your dog what it wants, you might encourage unwanted behavior in it. 

Of course our dogs need a lot of our attention and our time, but we need to teach them to be able to spend some time on their own. Because, we still need some moments for other obligations.

Therefore, in some cases, the best solution would be to ignore your dog’s excessive licking. Of course, provided that you are sure everything is in perfect order with your Yorkshire Terrier!

4. Wants Food

Your Yorkie licks you around your mouth? He might not be giving your kisses, but rather wants to show you he wants some food!

Your dog is used to getting food from you, so, licking you might be his way to ask for food for you. 

If you notice your dog doing this often, and that he is always up for food, even if it has just eaten a decent meal, you should be careful. Yorkshire Terriers are small dogs, and they might develop obesity, which can be very bad for their health.

Furthermore, you should always take care to give your pup a food of top quality. Bad dog food can also cause additional health problems in dogs. You can find some good options in our list of best dog food for Yorkies

5. Feels Your Emotions

yorkshire terrier dog licking his owner nose while cuddling

We all like to say how our dogs understand us the best. But, is this really true? Do we have evidence on this?

Many researchers have tried to figure out how much of human emotions our canine companions are really capable of understanding.

A study conducted in Italy in 2018 showed how dogs are sensitive to changes in human voices. This was confirmed by changes in dogs’ behavioral response, and heart activity.

So, if your voice sounds worried or sad, your Yorkie might actually be able to recognize this, and to see that you sound different from what he is used to! If at this moment your dog starts licking you excessively, this could be his way of comforting you!

Once again we can see how wonderful dogs actually are. Can you imagine a better friend than this?

6. After You Have Eaten Something Tasty

Let’s get back to food once again.

Your Yorkie always watches you while you are eating? And, after you are done with your meal, he starts to lick you all over your face?

Your meal was probably so good that your Yorkshire Terrier would like to enjoy it, too! Therefore, if you notice your Yorkie always licks you after you have eaten, this is probably his attempt to have a piece of your tasty meal.

Remember how a dog’s senses are powerful – they are able to smell things much more profoundly than us.

My Yorkie Licks Me So Much: Can This Be Bad?

yorkshire terrier dog is in the arms of its owner and licks her face

We have seen Yorkie’s obsessions with licking you can mean more than just one thing. But, can this excessive licking mean something bad in some situations?

Unfortunately, yes. If your dog licks you too much, this might be a sign of anxiety. You should try to figure out if there is something your Yorkie might be stressed or anxious about.

This could be some change that happened in your home recently. Or, your dog might be sad to be spending a lot of time away from you.

If you suddenly notice your Yorkie licks you all the time, but it has never done this never before, this might indicate some health issue in your dog, like allergies.

If you have any doubts about your dog’s excessive licking, you should visit a veterinarian. A check-up is always a good idea and the only way to be sure whether your dog is completely healthy. 


I hope all of you dog lovers have found your answer to the question: Why does my Yorkie lick me so much?

If you are lucky, your dog is trying to show you how much he loves you with his licks. Also, this might simply be his way to communicate with you.

Some Yorkies might lick you to ask you for food, or even to attract your attention. Amazing thing about this is that it can also be a way for your dog to sympathize with you!

Sometimes your Yorkies’ excessive licking might be a sign of anxiety or a disease. The best way to exclude this is by consulting with a veterinarian.

That is all for today. Now, I wish you many more funny moments with your energetic furry friend!