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Why Does My French Bulldog Throw Up After Drinking Water? 5 Answers

Why Does My French Bulldog Throw Up After Drinking Water? 5 Answers

Looking for answers to questions regarding health, like “Why does my French Bulldog throw up after drinking water?” is a sign of a good owner. However, it can be disconcerting seeing your Frenchie throw up immediately after drinking water.

Several health conditions have vomiting after drinking water as a symptom, so exhausting all the possibilities is a prime concern. Of course, some reasons are directly related to the French Bulldog breed, while others include behavioral problems.

Perhaps your dog dreads vet visits, or the vet’s office is pretty far away from your home, so you want to explore other factors that influence this kind of behavior. I will offer you all the answers in this article, so that you can make a decision by the time you have read it.

Bad Drinking Habits VS Health Problems

a black french bulldog drinks water from a bowl

Going overboard with eating and drinking will not come as a shock to dog owners. My Malinois drinks huge gulps of water in a matter of seconds, which is followed by a retching sound and most of the water vomited on the ground.

These actions are simply a matter of behavioral traits. Frenchies can be very hyper, and drinking water extremely fast and in amounts that would make an ox vomit can result in puddles on the floor right after the fact.

Within the domain of dog behavior, there are a couple of reasons behind this. One can be a stressed mind that needs an outlet for the pent-up energy, so overdrinking provides it. Another has to do with competition for water, and it applies if you have more than one pet.

If the water you gave your Frenchie is too cold, the low temperature might instigate throwing it up. Strenuous exercise before drinking too much water can also cause your dog’s stomach to expel water under the pressure of contracting muscles and abdominal organs.

Still, the possibility of an underlying health problem exists, which means several conditions may be the culprit for your French Bulldog throwing up right after drinking water. One of those is dehydration. If your dog has not drunk enough water, too much in a short period of time will cause vomiting.

French Bulldogs, like most other brachycephalic breeds, have more sensitive stomachs than other dogs, so multiple things here can apply to vomiting after drinking water. 

Before going into detail about the reasons for throwing up after hydration, it is important to note that dogs can willingly throw up (regurgitation) or by reflex (vomiting). The distinction is important due to the fact that regurgitation can signal a completely different problem.

1. A Foreign Object Or Food Obstruction

Despite their small size, Frenchies can swallow toys or bones that are big relative to their stomach size. Such an object can create a blockage in the upper digestive tract, causing both food and water to remain undigested.

Food that is not processed properly can create a barrier that prevents water from going into the small intestine, making the dog vomit immediately after drinking. Oftentimes, the blockage can cause gastric dilatation and volvulus, which is a serious condition.

Symptoms of blockage or GDV often involve a swollen stomach without pain at first, and the inability or difficulty defecating or urinating. If you suspect your dog’s distended stomach could be due to a blockage or GDV, immediately seek veterinary intervention.

2. Anatomical Abnormalities

Brachycephalic breeds can have several anatomical abnormalities due to their genetics. Those are largely deformities of the upper respiratory tract, which includes the mouth, esophagus, larynx, pharynx, and nasal cavity.

One of the more common causes for Frenchies vomiting water is laryngeal paralysis. The larynx is the voice box that is structurally composed of several plates of cartilage

Like every other organ, the larynx requires muscles to change shape and create sounds, so when the nerves innervating them become paretic or weak, the muscles relax, leading to a collapse of the larynx.

The paralyzed voice box does not allow water to be swallowed, so the dog will vomit immediately after drinking water without producing any sound. This means that the liquid never even reached the epiglottis (a valve that prevents inhalation of food or water).

Dogs with this condition often produce weird breathing noises, cough frequently, or gag often. Plenty of things can be behind laryngeal paralysis, but typically it is caused by injury, tumors, hypothyroidism, and Cushing’s.


A physical increase in the size of the esophagus results in the loss of ability to swallow food and water. The obstruction means that no nutrients are being carried through the esophagus into the stomach, and it all piles up in the esophagus.

While this condition is not that common in French Bulldogs, it can be the cause of vomiting immediately after drinking water. Congenital megaesophagus is inherited from the Frenchie’s parents, but dogs can have the acquired version of this condition, too.

The latter can be caused by foreign bodies, injury of the brain or spine, hormonal imbalances, toxins, and inflammation.

3. Pathogens In The Water

french bulldog drinks water

The vast majority of microorganisms thrive in water. If the water in the bowl has been sitting for a while, drinking from it might cause your dog to ingest bacteria. Bacteria are invisible even when in large concentrations, so changing the water in the bowl regularly is the best prevention method.

Still, even the slightest amount of microbes can cause your Frenchie to vomit after drinking water. The most dangerous of the bacteria ingested through water is the green-blue algae. The name is misleading, since these are not actually algae, but cyanobacteria.

Bodies of still water are the most frequent habitat of green-blue algae, so avoid ponds, small lakes, or creeks with a slow flow. The symptoms, other than vomiting, include disorientation, trouble breathing, neurological problems, diarrhea, and seizures.

4. The Good Ole Parasites

With the incredible rise in popularity of the French Bulldog breed, many new owners panic when their Frenchie puppy starts vomiting water after drinking. The largest number of cases where vomiting is the main symptom in puppies, the cause is parvovirus.

Thankfully, it is easily treated with dewormer, which is usually given by the breeder before owners even get their French Bulldog puppy. If you like DIY, we have some useful advice on how to handle parvovirus without a vet.

Having said that, adult dogs can also have parasites that cause water vomiting. One particularly tricky parasite that has this symptom is Physaloptera spp. Although extremely rare in dogs, its adhesion to the gastric mucosa of dogs causes chronic vomiting

If your Frenchie munches on dead insects around the yard or during walks, it is time you corrected this behavior because the Physaloptera nematode is found in crickets, cockroaches, crickets, beetles, and even mice and frogs.

5. Dehydration And Overexertion

the woman gives the dog water to drink from the bowl

French Bulldogs are not known for their high levels of activity, but too much of it can cause overexertion or dehydration. After an intense playtime session, you might offer your dog a bowl of water, only to see it disappear in a minute.

Overstimulation of the gag reflex through drinking water can make your Frenchie vomit it up right after the last gulp. Using a water fountain, or limiting the amount of water in the bowl, helps prevent your dog from consuming all of it in one sitting.

It becomes even worse when your dog sucks the water bowl dry after going for an extended period of time without drinking any. This is especially the case in the scorching summer days. Dehydration does not take long to happen when you have no water sources nearby.

Do not allow your Frenchie to uncontrollably drink water right after spending half a day playing in high temperatures. Use a hose to keep the water running, or pour smaller amounts into the bowl, allowing for gradual ingestion of it.

Other than vomiting water, clinical signs of dehydration include thick saliva, dry nose and gums, panting, and lethargy. If you notice one or more of these symptoms, do not wait for them to go on their own.

For severe dehydration, it is crucial to get your dog to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Vomiting water after dehydration only makes things worse, so do not wait a second longer to visit an animal hospital or vet office.

Intravenous saline solutions are administered to help your dog slowly replenish electrolytes and water content in the body without losing any water. Additionally, your vet will perform more tests to see whether there is an underlying problem that caused dehydration in the first place.


The most important thing in answering your question of why does my French Bulldog throw up after drinking water is to assess the symptoms. Figure out whether it is regurgitating or vomiting water, and be ready to go to the nearest animal hospital or vet’s office.

Keep an eye out for your dog’s water drinking problem by dosing how much water it can consume in one sitting. Avoid spending too much time outside in extremely high temperatures to avoid dehydration, and spread out the playtime throughout the day.

Lastly, keep the water in the bowl fresh and stay clear of dodgy still water ponds, shallow creeks, small lakes, etc. You never know what pathogens or parasites might be in it. Most of all, control what your Frenchie eats and have regular vet check-ups.