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7 Reasons Why Your Dog Steals Your Spot In The House

7 Reasons Why Your Dog Steals Your Spot In The House

Our furry buddies can be adorable, but they also might do some stuff that can get us mixed up, like jumping to sit in our place as soon as we get up. That’s why most pet owners end up asking themselves, “Why does my dog steal my spot”?

This type of behavior can be explained through a number of reasons; some cute, others not so much.

Trust me… you can get your pup the most comfortable dog bed, and it’ll still wait for a chance to get into your spot, no matter where you’re seated.

If you have ever wondered why your puppy loves to take your seat so much, you’re in the right spot.

1. Your Pup Adores You

dog sitting with his owner on the couch

One of the reasons why your four-legged friend is frequently stealing your spot is because it feels closer to you that way.

How adorable is that?

Well, it might not be so cute to you if you’re left without a place to sit. Still, this way, your pup is showing you all its love and affection as it misses you as soon as you leave, even if you’re just going to grab a fresh drink or some snacks.

As you already know, canines can be trained and taught all sorts of things, and they’ll quickly memorize the place where you sit, especially if you have your own spot in the house

Essentially, your family pet will always choose to sit or lay in the spot of the person they trust the most. If it prefers to take someone else’s spot in the house, I hate to break the news to you, but you’re not your pup’s favorite human (at least not anymore).

2. Separation Anxiety Hits Hard

woman with her adorable wire haired jack russel terrier sitting on the couch

Doggies like Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, German Shepherds, Labradors, Bichon Frises, Border Collies, and Aussies are among the most anxious breeds in the world, according to research done by Furbo.

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Of course there are plenty of other canine types that can go through phases of separation anxiety, especially if they’re left alone for a greater period of time, but the ones I mentioned above won’t stand being without their owner for more than a few hours.

If anxiety hits your pup hard, it’s natural that it will look for anything with your scent, including the place where you usually sit. This way, your doggie will feel safe and comfortable even if you’re not around.

But, why does the dog steal your spot if you’re already there? Because of the concern that you might be leaving again. Your pooch usually doesn’t understand that you’re up just to get something… they fear that you won’t get back to your seat anytime soon.

If you notice any sign of anxious behavior in your pooch, make sure to react in time by asking for advice from a vet or a professional dog trainer. This type of anxiety can be treated through certain medical or behavioral treatments.

3. It Feels Like Home

dalmatian dog sitting on a couch near his owner

You know that feeling during winter when you get into the house and feel the warmth and coziness of your place? Well, dogs go through the same thing by laying in your spot.

Who doesn’t like a soft, warm spot? I’m sure all of us do, and our furry friends love it, too. Therefore, you pretty much serve as a heater (just kidding).

This generally doesn’t represent a serious issue, but it might become a problem if you notice that your dog is feeling cold all the time.

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If your pup whines, shivers, or seems uncomfortable, and is always looking for a warm spot, you should either warm the house more or take the pup to the vet, just to be sure that there are no underlying issues.

4. Who’s The Boss?

golden retriever lying down on the couch in a cosy home

Canines such as Siberian Huskies, Boerboels, Mastiff types of breeds, and others love to be dominant, and they will do anything to become the leader of the pack.

If not properly trained, these dogs can consider their owner and family as a part of the “pack” as well, which is why they might become assertive at times.

Stealing your spot might not seem as a big issue to you, but it can be a sign that your pet is trying to impose dominance over you.

If you notice this type of behavior in other situations, the best thing to do is consult with a vet or a dog trainer who has experience with dominant dog breeds.

If you train your pup from early puppyhood and show your dominance in time, there should be no problem in the later stages of its life.

5. Seeking Attention

cute jack russel terrier on the couch

Your pup loves you unconditionally. This is one of the facts that cannot be denied.

“A dog is man’s best friend” is one of the most famous quotes about doggies that truly represents all the love and affection these soft balls of fur give to us.

All they ask from you is to give them cuddles and attention while you’re at home. If you pet your pup while sitting in your spot on the couch, don’t be surprised if it sits there and waits for more head or belly scratches while you’re away.

Also, if your reaction to finding the pup in your place is a snuggle or a pat on the head, it’s possible that your doggie will repeat the same behavior to get the same “reward” (attention, in this case).

Keep in mind that dog breeds such as Labradors, Aussies, Golden Retrievers, Frenchies, Chihuahuas, and Dachshunds are needy, so they might not only sit in your place, but also follow you everywhere, even to the bathroom.

6. Curiosity Stole Your Seat

jack russel terrier puppy sitting on the couch

Your dog might not be the one responsible for leaving you without a place to sit, but its curiosity is.

As a dog owner, you’re already aware of the fact that doggies love to sniff around and investigate every corner of the house. This also includes the place where you’re usually seated.

If we could understand what our pets are thinking while taking over our seat, we’d probably hear questions like “What’s so special about this place anyway?”

Sometimes, your pet might simply sit in your spot to check why you chose it. In case they like it, you’ll probably have to either say goodbye to it or find a way to place your pup elsewhere (good luck with that).

7. It Feels More Comfy

beagle sleeps on cozy sofa in an apartment

Were you ever left wondering “Why does my dog steal my spot?” Well, probably for the same reason you chose this place to be your own.

If you prefer relaxing on a cozy sofa, you can’t expect your canine companion to be satisfied with the floor (although some pups might prefer that, too). There’s a high chance that the doggie likes the comfort of your chair (or sofa) just as much as you, and doesn’t want to settle on anything else.

It can be that the sofa or chair you’re usually sitting on is cozier, placed in the warmer corner of the room, or lighter/darker than the rest of the house; it all depends on what conditions your pup prefers more.

If you don’t find this funny, I’m sure you’ll at least have a good laugh watching a Goldie being left without its comfy spot in this video.

How To Stop My Pooch From Stealing My Spot

small dog sitting on the carpet and looking at his owner

Seeing your furry buddy jumping into your spot like it’s fighting for its life is really funny, but should you allow it to do so?

Essentially, you can, but only if it happens occasionally and your pup doesn’t make a fuss once you move it away.

However, if the puppy shows aggressive behavior, it might be best to react in time and prevent more serious situations.

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This is the key point of healthy development for any type of canine. Without proper training, you can’t get a good working, military, hunting, family, or any other type of dog.

Not even the best family canine breeds like Labs, Goldies, Pugs, and Beagles are born ready for such a role. Although they might possess some positive traits, it still takes a lot of time and effort to brush up their skills.

So, if you don’t find your pup taking your seat amusing, you should definitely put focus on obedience training. In case you think that this might be too much for you or that you’re not able to train the dog yourself, you can always consult with a canine trainer or an expert who will provide you with great advice.

What I can tell you is that positive reinforcement works like a charm on any dog breed. It is the only way to keep your pup satisfied and willing to improve during training, no matter which breed it belongs to.

Finding A Cozy Spot For Your Pooch

A big number of doggies steal their owners’ spot in the house simply because they like the way it feels. It could be lighting, warmth, the material on the sofa/chair, coziness, or another reason that makes them want that place for themselves.

You have two options, more or less – either you’ll give up your seat or you’ll do your best to make another place comfy enough for your pup.

The best way to do this is by getting a dog bed that is big enough for your pet (if you own breeds such as Cane Corsos, Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds, etc.). Place the bed near your seat so the pup is always close to you.

If you add some of its favorite toys, and a pillow or a blankie with your scent, the doggie will feel safer. This way, you can also get your pet used to sleeping outside of your bed.

Final Word

If you were ever left wondering, “Why does my dog steal my spot?”, I hope this article has helped you understand what is going through your pup’s head when it jumps on your seat, like this mischievous Goldie did as soon as its owner got up.

If your pooch suddenly becomes too attached to you, follows you everywhere, and sits in your place, it might be that the two of you don’t spend enough time together, and that the dog wants nothing else but your love and attention.

However, in case you notice any other type of unnatural behavior combined with seat-taking, you should consult with someone who is more experienced, be it a professional dog trainer or a vet.


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