7 Reasons Why Schnauzers Are The Worst Dogs

They’re Annoyingly Friendly … Ugh!

If you ever doubt their friendliness, just remember that all dogs are sociable creatures and demand human interaction in order to thrive!

They Don’t Shed Like Other Dogs… Posers!

Schnauzers are absolutely the best dog breed if you don’t want a mess around the house. They won’t even shed a little bit!

They Like To Communicate With Their Owners

If you love your peace, you won’t get one. Schnauzers aren’t for people who dislike noise.

Schnauzers Are Mildly Aggressive

Schnauzers can be as aggressive as the next dog. Their growling (which happens often) shouldn’t be interpreted as aggression.

Schnauzers Need Extra Grooming

Dogs like Schnauzers need to have their coat brushed three to four times a week. It’s essential for keeping them knot-free.

Schnauzers Have A Stubborn Temperament

Schnauzers are smart cookies, and they will try to manipulate you into doing things their way.