13 Odd Dog Behaviors And Their Meanings


It’s just very likely that there’s something wrong with him internally, much like how us humans can get a flare-up in an organ or feel a sharp internal pain.

Your Dog Starts To Yelp For No Reason

This behavior is normally caused by some form of anxious response for your canine companion and this is their way of dealing with the stress.

Sudden, Unprovoked Or Constant Barking

This can be due to a variety of reasons depending on his upbringing, but it’s usually tied in the way you approach him.

They’re Afraid Of People All Of A Sudden

It could be that he has gotten himself injured though a splinter of some kind, some unexpected impact or a cut that may have occurred in a more vulnerable area.

Your Dog Is Licking His Paws Too Often

The reason why is either their unusual nature, or the loud noise that they produce which scares the dogs. It could also be newcomers to the household.

Your Dog Is Hiding From… Something

It means that something has irritated his anus, or anal sac to be more precise and he’s trying to scratch it. The usual culprits are allergies, a poor diet, accidental injury or even worms.

Your Dog Is Rubbing His Butt Across The Ground

If you’ve moved recently, the new environment may still be unknown to him and he still may be adjusting which is causing these outbursts. It could be fear and this is his defensive mechanism.

Your Dog Is Acting Overly Aggressive For Seemingly No Reason

Various internal issues, be it some form of illness or disease, other underlying health issues or potential parasitic infection may cause your dog to feel this way

Your Dog Appears To Be Lethargic Or Unmotivated

The answer to the problem is usually tied to his gut in this case, namely some form of parasite or simply a severely upset stomach.

Loss Of Appetite

Dogs try to eject build-up stress by chewing on stuff, and, if they haven’t been trained properly, they tend to develop more destructive tendencies.

Aggressive And Excessive Chewing

The most common culprits are, once again, tied to potential health problems, be it low electrolyte count or a heavy case of diarrhea.

Your Dog Is Drinking Too Much Water

The cause for this may again be a mix of fear, stress and anxiety, especially separation anxiety.

The Dog Is Too Clingy

For adult dogs the cause is usually some form of illness or underlying health issue. It could also be the ultimate culprits - stress and anxiety.

Your Dog Can’t Control His Urination