Why Does My Dog Suddenly Hate His Crate?  9 Reasons And 4 Easy Solutions

1. Lack Of Exercise

If they lack exercise it might seem to you that your dog just hates the crate and wants to get out because something else is bothering them, but in fact, they are trying to tell you that they need to let their energy out.

2. Discomfort

If there are some changes to the crate your dog might not like it and feel uncomfortable. The more serious and important thing that can bring them discomfort is when there is damage to the crate.

3. Changes To Their Crate

You may think that you are doing your dog a favor by replacing their favorite toy or blanket with a new, better, and cozier one, but this can startle the dog a bit.

4. Changes In Environment

The placement of the crate should be set while they are puppies. An old puppy can get used to some changes quicker but the older dogs may struggle with it a bit.

5. Using The Crate As Punishment

This will make your dog have a negative association with the crate instead of it being their safe place. This will be especially confusing for the dog if you start this punishment after years of not doing it.

6. Being In The Crate For Too Long

If the dog does not have time to roam freely in their home but instead spends most of the day in the crate, it will surely make them hate crate time.

7. Separation Anxiety

Dogs can associate crate time with them being separated from you. You will notice that they will refuse to get into the crate even when you are at home.

8. Smell Of Other Animals

Most dogs will get used to the smell of the animal they are living with but can still have problems with that animal entering their crate. They might feel like their safe space has been compromised.

9. Age

As they get older they develop some health issues that can make crate time uncomfortable. Older dogs like to have the freedom to roam around the house and lounge anywhere they feel like.

1. Determine The Reason

You must find out if your dog is lacking something that you need to provide them or if they just came into that state of mind because of their age or personality.

2. Schedule Crating Time

Leaving your dog in a crate is never easy. For that reason, you should do it gradually and make the schedule as they grow up so it becomes comfortable for both you and your dog.

3. Make It Comfortable

The main thing you can do to make a crate more comfortable for your dog is to put blankets, pillows, or toys in. This is good to give them while they are puppies so they can get used to it.

4. Make Crating Positive Experience

Make the crate a safe, comfortable, and happy place. Playing with your dog or taking them out right before and after crate time will make your dog associate the crate with something good.