Why Do Dogs Rub Their Face? Find Out 7 Possible Reasons


1. Itchy Face

Dogs will rub their face in the morning to relieve themselves and clean eye boogers.

2. Allergies

Just like people, dogs can have allergies. Allergies in dogs manifest extra itchiness.

3. To Mark Their Territory

Even though we cannot smell their pheromones, dogs leave them because other dogs can.

4. To Sniff The Ground

Dogs are usually are interested in what could possibly smell on the ground.

5. Eye Or Ear Infection

Many things can irritate the dog's eye, so the solution to get it out is by rubbing their face on any surface.

6. Dental Problems

A bad tooth can be very painful, and your furry friend in need of help rubs its face in order to ease the pain.

7. Fleas Or Mites

If you have noticed that your dog has begun to rub itself and itch more than he usually does, contact your vet.