5 Reasons Why Dogs Eat Cat Poop

It Tastes Like Cat Food

A dog’s sense of smell is very strong, and although to us, cat poop smells awful, to your pooch it will probably smell like cat food or any delicious food your cat has eaten.

Your Dog May Be Bored

If they don’t get enough activity throughout the day or have no toys to play with, their noses can lead them to the litter box for some new amusement, especially if that amusement is delicious.

Free Reward

Eating poo from the litter box could be seen as a self-reward because every time they poke their nose in the litter they get a little poo surprise!

Hiding An Accident

If your pooch has ever been yelled at for messing up your carpet, they might learn to hide the crime scene evidence by eating their own poo!


Change of environment, being left alone for a long period of time or loud noises - dogs deal with stress in different ways and eating poo can be one of them.