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13 Undeniable Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

13 Undeniable Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Every dog lover can name at least five reasons off the top of their head why dogs are better than cats. The truth is, there are a million reasons why someone would love dogs over cats and vice versa.

If you’re a dog person who’s looking for a new best friend, but you’re still not sure whether to stick with dogs or try something new like cats, we’ve got your back.

After these thirteen undeniable reasons why dogs are better than cats, you’ll definitely be able to make up your mind.

1. Dogs Are Easier To Train

German shepherd puppy sitting and training with the owner

Let’s face it: dogs are simply easier to train.

I mean, when was the last time you saw a trained cat? Those hilarious potty-trained felines don’t count.

Sure, puppyhood it’s tough, but it does get easier. A lot!

You can teach a dog tricks, commands, manners, and behavioral patterns all for the sake of protection, safety, obedience, and fun. In fact, dogs love training because it gives them much-needed mental stimulation.

Also, teaching them tricks or commands makes them feel like part of the pack.

On the other hand, cats can be trained, but they prefer not to be. Why bother doing tricks for a treat when they can simply steal one out of your hand and run away with it?

2. Dogs Are Protectors

Barking dog on the leash outdoors

Raise your hand if you’ve heard of a protective cat. Yes, that’s right, you haven’t. It’s up to dogs to do that important job. It’s in a cat’s nature to run away when something strange pops up on their radar.

Dogs will protect you from strangers and burglars. It doesn’t matter if your dog is as big as a Great Dane or tiny like a Chihuahua; it will bark. It will bark so loud it would be impossible to ignore.

What makes dogs such amazing protectors is their sixth sense when it comes to rescue. There have been numerous cases when a family dog saved his hoomans from a burning home. Do you know what a cat would do? Sleep!

3. Loyal To The Bone

two adorable little puppies in the car

Photo from: @retrieverworldd

It’s not a cheesy statement: your dog is truly your best friend. While dogs tilt their heads side to side, trying to understand what you’re saying, a cat would give you an empty stare and slowly move away.

Dogs are social creatures and genuinely better pets because they care how you feel. It’s a proven fact that relaxed dog owners have lower blood pressure and a longer lifespan, even if they live alone.

4. Dogs Keep You Fit

Owner and Labrador dog walking in city

An essential for owning a dog is being able to take them for walks. Taking a walk means having a low-impact cardio workout that does miracles for your legs, midsection, and lower back. Oh, and it also helps your dog to get rid of accumulated energy.

Dog walking is a commitment, but you can only benefit from it.

It’s a win-win situation you wouldn’t have if you were a cat lover.

5. They’re Hilarious Creatures

Beagle dog

What’s certain about owning a dog is that you will laugh a lot. They’re goofballs you need in your life. Whether you’re laughing at something funny they do unintentionally or simply sharing a laugh together, chances are you two will have a blast.

One pilot study showed dog owners laugh more than cat owners or any other pet owner. In fact, it appears that cat owners laugh less than other people, even less than people without any pets.

The point is: cats are downers.

6. Dogs Are Keeping Up With Technology

Girl taking selfie with Samoyed dog

Dogs are highly intelligent animals able to read and perform actions written on a board, such as “sit” or “speak.”

What do cats do? They shred toilet paper into pieces and walk away like nothing ever happened.

Can cats pose and take selfies? Definitely not, but dogs can!

7. Love Comes In All Shapes And Sizes

amusing Chihua Hua on girls hands

Did you know there are 190 different dog breeds registered by the American Kennel Club? And no, we didn’t even count the many crossbreeds and mixes!

As for the feline world, there are only around 50 cat breeds.

Dogs are versatile from this point of view. You can have a tiny Chihuahua roaming through your home or a Bernese Mountain Dog casually sleeping next to your feet. There’s a size, shape, and personality to suit anyone!

8. Heroes Wear Fur Coats

Shepherd dog sniffing a trail

True heroes wear a fur coat and respond to the name Fido or Rex. Yes, we’re talking about dogs. You can definitely say dogs have a nose for situations that demand a hero. Most heroic acts are kept away from peering eyes.

Dogs sniff bombs, hunt down fugitives, and participate in finding missing people. A dog’s sense of smell is among the best in the animal world! Long story short: they’re the heroes we overlook.

However, there are cases when dogs rescue humans from burning buildings or life-threatening situations. You’ve probably heard of such dogs on the news. They’re all the rage.

Lately, there’s been a study being done at the University of Pennsylvania. The scientists are teaching German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers how to sniff and find ovarian cancer. Wouldn’t it be amazing if they succeed?

9. Miracleworkers: Dogs Prevent Asthma And Allergies

cute puppy

Research conducted on mice showed organisms exposed to allergens like “dog dust” are less prone to developing allergies and asthma later in life. It’s highly likely kids exposed to such conditions won’t have problems with these health conditions.

Wouldn’t life be easier if everyone had a dog?

10. Litter Box? What Litter Box?

Dog peeing in the park to mark territory

Let’s be honest: nobody, not even cat lovers, likes litter boxes.

No matter how well-trained your cat is, the litter box will always smell. Don’t get us started on the pesky litter flying all over the home! You’ll find it in places you’d never think of. Oh, and the agony of finding the perfect spot for the litter box!

Just… No!

Dogs are easy to train, and it’s highly likely you’ll be able to house train your new pet dog to pee and poop outside. Most dogs stick to a schedule, so you’ll catch on pretty soon. Most of the time, they use their daily walks to do their business.

Be that as it is, it’s always better to deal with number twos outside your home. There are handy poop-scoopers or poop bags that will make the doo-doo disappear.

11. Man’s Best Friend Has Potential!

beautiful little girl hugging loyal dog in nature

Emotional support animals are a thing these days. From support peacocks to real aiding dogs, people have a lot of love for these important pets. Still, we can’t help but wonder: are there support cats? Do cats care about anything other than themselves?

Well, at this point, you’ll only get a long meow and an eye-roll or two from your kitty cat. Of course, they don’t give a whisker; they’re cats!

Dogs have been helping people for as long as they’ve been on Earth!

They help hoomans with many things other than their general emotional state. Dogs are support animals for sick or disabled people. They help on farms gathering livestock, serve and protect in police and military forces, and offer comfort for people in distress.

What’s so amazing about our canine buddies is they can even sniff seizures before they happen and warn their owner about them! We don’t see any cats doing this.

12. Dogs Adapt Better Than Cats

Little baby boy with boxer dog lying at home

Dog ownership can be tricky from time to time, but it does have some mellow periods. Even when you hit a bump in the road down the highway called life, your dog will be right there, sitting shotgun, watching over you.

Cats? They’d probably hide under the bed.

In general, dogs are more adaptable than cats. Whether you’re making small changes like introducing new people or big ones like switching homes, dogs seem to take change easier than our feline friends.

Naturally, some dogs can be a bit anxious or aloof with new changes, but they all seek cues from their owner that will help them adapt.

Let’s imagine you’re bringing in a new addition to your family: a baby! Dogs usually feel so excited and can’t wait to discover what’s mingling under the blanket. It’s in their DNA to act protective, so no wonder they always act like big brothers or sisters.

The family cat would probably snort and walk away feeling jealous. They like being the center of attention, and that’s exactly what’s changing here.

13. Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun!

Golden Retriever Looking Out Of Car Window

A cat person can do only a few things with their cat, other than cuddling. Cats usually like to play with string, chase light, or their fuzzy toys. But, the thing is: they do it to amuse themselves, not to entertain you or even play with you.

Dogs, on the other hand, love playing with humans and generally love social interactions. You can easily set up a playdate with your dog to play fetch, tug-o-war, or fetching a frisbee. What’s even better is you can do this anywhere you want: your own backyard, city park, or somewhere else in nature.

We don’t see any cats roaming and chasing string in the park, do you?

To Sum Up…

Comparing cats and dogs is like comparing apples and oranges. Each animal has its own qualities. Who knows, maybe you love dogs more but taking care of them doesn’t suit your lifestyle? Perhaps you’d be better off with a cat?

But, if you’re a dog lover to the bone, we’re sure these reasons will persuade you into finally getting a four-legged buddy!

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13 Undeniable Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

13 Undeniable Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats