What Does A Normal Puppy Belly Look Like?  5 Things To Look Out For!

1. Stomach Inflation

The exact cause could be a multitude of things, from food poisoning and allergies to various illnesses and diseases.

2. Your Puppy Has A Hernia

While rare in young pups and more common as time goes on, a hernia can be a problematic experience if left untreated.

3. Your Puppy Is Just Fat

As your puppy grows, he’s likely to put on some weight. Pups are known to be notoriously hungry, much like any child.

4. Your Puppy Is Eating Too Fast

Your pupper doesn’t chew his food when he moves on to solids, or if he just goes through any sort of food way too quickly.

5. Various Infections And Inflammations

Conditions such as pancreatitis, liver disease or kidney problems can lead to this potbelly appearance.