5 Things You Need To Know About The  Shar-Pei Growth Chart

Medium-Sized Dogs

The average size of a male Shar-Pei equates to around 18-20 inches at its peak paired together with around 63-66 lbs.

Low Energy Dogs

The Shar-Pei doesn’t need all that much exercise to be able to maintain proper muscle structure, surprisingly enough.

Health Problems Affect The Lifespan

Due many health problems that they may contract in their old age, the lifespan of a Shar Pei dog is short.

Diet Affects Growth

The Shar Pei puppy needs to have the necessary ingredients to facilitate the growth in the first place.

Genetics Are Important Too

Genetics are the main culprit of health issues, visual appearance, and overall growth rate in a Shar Pei dog.