Male Vs Female Australian Shepherd: What’s The Difference?

Those differences are distinguished in size, weight, appearance, trainability, loyalty and quietness.

MALE: - hyperactive - hate being left alone - more affectionate - question authority - slow learners - playful - docile - sheds normally - bigger in size

FEMALE: - laid back - prefer being alone - less affectionate - respect authority - catch on quickly - mature - stubborn with age - sheds more - smaller in size

Male Aussies have longer hair than females and are more cheerful. Their head is also more distinctly masculine.

The average male Australian Shepherd is more eager to learn and submit to training than female dogs. The main reason behind this behavior is that males are more motivated by treats and praise, so it’s easy to train them.

Male Aussies are more affectionate and stick to their owners more than girls. If you’re gone for a long time, they will truly miss you. Males are loyal and more reliable too!

Females cost less than males. Also, dogs that have been trained for work or therapy will cost more.

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