How Do I Know If My Puppy Will Survive Parvo? 7 Facts About This Virus!

Puppy's Immune System

Dogs that are exposed and do not have proper immunity will for sure get infected.

Route Of Infection

A dog can be exposed by simply licking or sniffing the floor or something on the ground.

Incubation Period

This is the period from the first contact with the virus until the first symptom or symptoms appear.

Know The Symptoms

Fever, lethargy, depression, weight loss, and especially bloody diarrhea are the most common symptoms of parvo.


As soon as you notice eary symptoms of illness, take your dog to the vet.

Chances Of Survival

A dog that is left untreated or not brought to the vet while showing symptoms has a 90% chance of passing.

Parvo Treatment

If the dog gets help early, the experienced vet will give your pooch things to help them get better.