Decoding: Are Bears Related To Dogs? Plus 5 Bearlike Dogs!

Both species belong to the Caniformia Sub-Order; they have sharp teeth adjusted for meat eating. They are organisms that have spines, both are mammals, and both bears and dogs are facultative carnivores.

Evolutionary Answer

Facultative carnivores mean they can eat meat, but not necessarily.  It is not a secret that some dogs look like smaller versions of bears, and the reason for that is that both of them come from the same niche of Caniformia.

Baby Akitas resemble Polar (Teddy) bears. They can have many colors, but white Akitas are incredibly fluffy and adorable. They have cute facial expressions; all you want to do is take them and smush them.


A Siberian dog that is known for having a blue tongue! Chow Chow is a furious and fierce dog that has an attitude. A lot of it!

Chow Chow

The Bush dog is like a miniature version of a brown bear. The color of his coat, the quality of his fur, the expression of his face – everything on him but his size screams that it is a small bear.

Bush Dog

The Tibetan Mastiff is a huge watchdog that loves to protect!  His big body, with big fur, makes him both adorable and intimidating at the same time.

Tibetan Mastiff

If you see a Great Pyrenees from far away, you will probably be scared for a moment. This dog is all white and huge. If there is snow around, it is easy to mistake him for a Polar bear.

Great Pyrenees