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8 Things Pitbulls Love: Make Your Pooch Happy

8 Things Pitbulls Love: Make Your Pooch Happy

These wonderful and loving canines have many activities that they like to do. Two things in common with all of these activities are affection and physical activity!

Our beloved Pitbulls love spending time with us doing whatever, but there are a number of activities that they like, and a number of activities that they love.

Being a Pitbull lover all of my life, understanding how these beautiful dogs function, and understanding their needs, desires, and the activities that make them truly fulfilled, I have decided upon making this list of activities for all Pitbull lovers and owners.

What Are The Things Pitbulls Love?

Anything you give to these dogs, I am sure they will love. Be that a walk in the park, a cuddling session, their favorite treat, or their favorite toy, these dogs will deeply appreciate your devotion to making them happy.

They have such a forgiving and tender heart that they will be thankful for anything they get from you, be that a meal, fresh water, a toy, or a pet.

There are many things that Pitbulls love, but these things stand out from the rest!

1. Pitbulls Love Cuddling

owner petting and hugging pitbull dog indoors

Sometimes, I think that our beloved Pitbulls would survive more days without food and water than without attention, love, cuddles, and scratches. 

In my opinion, Pitbulls are one of the most affectionate dog breeds out there in the whole dog kingdom. They feel emotionally and physically fulfilled when they receive pets from their beloved owner.

I know… these dogs have the reputation of being monsters, killing and fighting machines, but quite the contrary – these dogs hate being all of that. The only thing they truly enjoy is being cuddled by their owner.

This is one of the ways that they manage to feel safe and secure because they search for comfort through physical touch, which charges their emotional comfort batteries, too.

Another thing that they love about cuddling is the fact that they are the bodybuilders of the dog kingdom, which means that they have strong muscles that need to be relaxed from time to time. Cuddling is a great way to release the tension that they store in their strong body!

At the end of the day, Pitbulls are creatures with emotions that seek comfort, just as much as we do. There is something about feeling better about yourself while you are cuddling with someone you love, and our beloved Pitbulls have that same need.

This is a way of forming a strong bond between you and your Pitbull dog, and creating a safe environment for your dog. Some might find them clingy, but I find them just adorable. What do you think?

2. They Love Playing Fetch

When you think of a Pitbull, you think of a strong, muscular, and powerful dog breed that has high energy levels as well as a need to be physically active for a few hours a day.

Playing fetch is a great way for your dog to release all of the accumulated energy that their powerful body stores.

Thanks to their high prey drive, Pitbulls love chasing things. However, many Pitbull owners report that their dog’s favorite activity is usually playing fetch.

Frisbee, a tennis ball, a stick, or anything that can be thrown – they can carry it back, and it will be the best experience ever for our Pitbulls.

Spending time with you in nature, or at least in a nice dog park will be both mentally and physically healthy and beneficial for your Pittie.

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3. Pitbulls Love Going To The Dog Park

man and his pitbull in dog park

Our beloved Pitbulls are social beings that want to be in the company of other canines, too. No, they won’t attack every single dog that they approach, and they don’t actually want to fight them.

Quite the contrary – they are loving dogs that enjoy the company of other dogs as well as other animals.

Because the Pitbull has the power to physically harm other dogs, there is often considerable prejudice against them today. Ineffectively controlled strays and violent dogs are unavoidable in dog parks.

Numerous Pitbulls prefer to be with canines that they are familiar with; however, they also easily make new friends. 

It’s really beneficial for both of you to find or start “playgroups” where your dog could routinely visit with other canine “mates.” The additional socializing will be helpful for you and your dog.

Pitbulls are highly active dogs that require a lot of exercise and off-leash time, and they typically do perform well in off-leash dog parks.

If you prefer to take things slowly in life, avoid getting a young Pitbull because these youngsters will have crazy amounts of energy.

4. They Love Spending Time With Kids

This information is completely old news, but it is so beautiful that it is completely worth mentioning. Pitbulls are one of the most valuable and sensitive dogs in the world when it comes to young children!

These dogs were once actively employed as nanny dogs because of their tender heart and motherly feelings towards children, no matter if the dog is a male or a female.

They bravely guard children, and are extremely protective of them. They also have this great ability to sense who is good for them and who is not, and act accordingly.

Pitbulls have all of the patience in the world when it comes to children. You can often see children drawing all over them, pulling their ears, tail, and paws, and sticking their little hands into their mouth, and you can see the Pitbulls being totally tolerant of those behaviors. 

There is something in their personalities that makes them somehow childlike. Maybe it is their unconditional love and their goofy personalities that make them need all of the love and attention. 

Whatever it is, they share it with children, and maybe it is one of the reasons why they love spending time with kids.

5. They Love Meeting New People

woman petting pitbull in the garden

We can conclude that Pitbulls are the friendliest and kindest dogs that have a soft spot for their owner no matter the type of Pitbull you have. However, when raised properly, Pitbulls will have a soft spot for… well… everybody.

You will get the chance to chat with many people you encounter when you take your well-behaved Pitbull out into the world. 

Showing off your Pitbull with pride that loves to engage with other, even unfamiliar people will give you the chance to participate in stimulating dialogues and contribute to correcting Pitbull misconceptions. 

You will undoubtedly meet new people when you are actively influencing others’ opinions. Your Pitbull will also get many more belly rubs, and get even more socialized.

6. They Love Being Groomed

Pitbulls are the type of dogs that just love every form of physical contact. Knowing that, we can conclude that grooming, for them, is a way of getting more pets!

Pitbulls are known for loving any kind and form of affection, and believe it or not, many of them actually think that grooming is a sign of affection.

Being shampooed and brushed is actually a full body experience for them, where they are being petted all over their body.

If you want to do a favor for your Pitbull, get a good Pitbull brush (designed for short-haired dog breeds that moderately shed), and brush them for at least 10 minutes a day. They will enjoy every second of it!

Maybe their need to be close, and to receive attention and cuddles is a result of their love for being groomed. You will rarely see a Pitbull that doesn’t enjoy grooming!

However, nail clipping and ear cleaning might not be their favorite grooming methods, but most Pitbulls even enjoy these because they just like being involved in everything you do.

7. Pitbulls Love Going For Walks

woman walk an american pitbull terrier dog on the road

Just as any other dog breed, Pitbulls love meeting other canines, and experiencing new things in general. 

Daily walks are necessary for keeping this dog’s mental health in check. I advise you to constantly change the routes that you take with them because they might just get bored of constantly going on the same walk.

You will like exercising together with your pet if you also enjoy staying in shape and being active in general. Don’t leave your Pitbull behind while you go for a jog, even more so in the early mornings and evenings. 

Keep in mind that running might involve short bursts of energy on short tracks, movement in general, as well as longer periods of running if you do the track with your dog.

It’s okay if you just want to run around the block for thirty minutes. On the contrary, if you want to go for some sprints, why wouldn’t you bring your dog and compete against each other

Without a doubt, your Pitbull will be the winner, but you know it is worth trying. This is a great chance for you and your beautiful Pitbull to get more exercise and strengthen your relationship.

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8. I Mean, They Also Really Love Belly Rubs!

I purposely left the best for last. Pitbulls, a.k.a., belly-rub lovers have an activity that is above all of the already-mentioned ones… belly rubs!

There is something about them rolling around your floor on their back and hinting to you that they want to be petted.

Many dog breeds actually hate belly rubs because exposing their belly (in dog language) means showing that they are submissive.

Pitbulls don’t have a problem with showing their submissive side to their owner, people they love, as well as other dogs; therefore, they also love being rubbed on their belly.

This is nothing more than a sign of affection to them, which they enjoy. However, keep in mind that there are many dog breeds that don’t enjoy belly rubs, so pay attention to your dog’s body language.

If your Pitbull does not find belly rubs that satisfying, they will let you know by using their body language. However, the chances are low because most of these folks really enjoy being cuddled in any possible way, and at any possible time.

Sometimes, I would say that Pitbulls were bred to be rubbed on their belly!

Final Word

There are many things that Pitbulls love. Being such goofballs as they are, there won’t be a time when they are not in the mood to play or cuddle with you. 

Things that they love are pretty much everything that they can do with you. However, there are several things that they especially love.

Playing fetch, having the possibility to roam freely around the house, the yard, or a field, and getting cuddles, belly rubs, and hanging out with other dogs are merely just a few of the things that they truly enjoy.

This dog breed is highly affectionate, and wants to participate in every single activity that you are doing. Therefore, they will be happy merely to be included in whatever it is that you are doing at the moment.

Their tender heart will be grateful for every moment spent with you, and I am sure that your heart will be fulfilled by being in their company.