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9 Things Only German Shepherd Owners Understand

9 Things Only German Shepherd Owners Understand

There are certain things only German Shepherd owners understand.

If you’re one of them, you’ll know that these pups live to work, and not work to live. You’ll know that they’re even smarter than some humans. And, you’ll know that they follow you because they love you.

German Shepherds are complex dogs. But, in neither way is living with them boring or troubling.

Owning a GSD can be such a delight. Okay… a delight sprinkled with some dog hair, but still a sweet one.

These Are The Things Only German Shepherd Owners Understand

It may not seem like a lot, but trust me – nine is a totally fine number. The following things are straight-on true. This is what living with a GSD looks like!

1. Sharing Isn’t Caring

german shepherd puppy playing with toy in garden

No, sharing isn’t caring for German Shepherds. These dogs don’t like having another dog nibble on their chew toys. They’re quite protective of everything, including their belongings.

Also, German Shepherds are known as toy holders. Some dog breeds will gladly share their toys with the other dogs in the family, but not GSDs. These pups like to have things under control. What’s theirs is theirs, and no one will change that. 

Such behavior has a lot to do with the GSD’s dominant personality. Your GSD can easily assert dominance over you, too, so keep an eye on that. Otherwise, YOU might become a toy.

2. Chewing Stage Never Goes By

It’s one thing to have a German Shepherd puppy that’s teething, but it’s a whole new thing to have an adult GSD chewer. 

Unfortunately, German Shepherds are notorious for destroying toys and items they consider toys. Guess how long a standard chew toy will last before a GSD destroys it? Hardly an hour! That’s why you buy only the best chewies that will last longer. 

Even a trained GSD will try to nibble on something in the house just to scratch that itch and have his teeth busy.

3. You Have No Privacy

german shepherd lying on owner's knee and looking at monitor

Privacy? What’s privacy? When you have a German Shepherd, he will follow you everywhere!

German Shepherds are one of those dog breeds that don’t understand the concept of privacy. If they like their humans, they will go after them even into the bathroom.

Who told you that you could take a shower without your GSD? He must be there all the time in case someone breaks in and kidnaps you! Okay, they’re maybe a bit too dramatic, but the point remains: privacy disappears the moment a GSD steps into your house.

4. No Random Salespersons At Your Door

Although the time of door-to-door salespersons is over in most cities, there are still small areas where you might see them selling stuff out of their bags. With a German Shepherd at home, you’ll never have to worry about them knocking on your front door.

Sadly, this includes girl scouts and their cookies, so if you like thin mints, better stock up.

German Shepherds are highly territorial animals. They will bark like crazy if someone’s at the door because they don’t know their scent. An unknown scent equals a potential threat in their mind.

What’s not so great is that if you’re expecting mail or a package, you will need to be at home. Receiving them with a German Shepherd around is almost impossible.

5. Training Is Everything

german shepherd being trained by his owner in the park

Even a trained German Shepherd enjoys some more training, especially if it’s about teaching them to serve on different occasions.

German Shepherds are working dogs. They love being busy and fulfilling commands their human shouts out. This makes them feel valuable.

The importance of their training is already well-known. If you don’t believe you could do it yourself, then get a professional trainer. Every good GSD owner will tell you that without proper training, your GSD is nothing! 

6. Their Energy Bar Must Be Drained

No matter how tired you are, or how sleepy, a German Shepherd dog must be exercised every day. You’re the only one to blame for getting such an energetic dog breed. 

German Shepherds seem as if they have limitless energy bars. Still, they will be drained at the end of the day. They have to be! If you don’t provide two hours of exercise each day, you will end up with a bored GSD, and a bored GSD becomes a destructive one.

A good German Shepherd owner knows the right exercises for his dog. He knows that skipping a day in the park is not an option. He knows that morning jogs would be terrible without a GSD running next to him.

7. His Intelligence Is Impressive

german shepherd playing smart games in the park

As the third most intelligent dog in the world, the German Shepherd is an incredibly smart pup. Not only does he enjoy training, but he also wants to have a job to do. You can teach your GSD a lot of fun tricks and give him tasks that will make his days enjoyable.

Did you know that there are actual jobs you can give your GSD?

8. They’re Clingy Because They Love You

All that clinginess is because your German Shepherd loves you!

We’ve already mentioned how they know no privacy, not even in the bathroom. That’s because they love you so much. German Shepherds are super loyal like no other dog in the world. They may act all tough, but the truth is they’re big cuddlers and absolute sweethearts

9. And, They Shed Because They Love You Even More

Yeah, that’s not quite right, isn’t it? 

German Shepherds are terrible shedders. They have this thick, luscious coat that will shed all year round. And, the hair will be all over you! Well, that’s just something a GSD owner understands. After a while, you get used to the hair. 

I always say that as long as it’s not in my coffee pot, I’m okay with it.

Final Words

These nine things that only German Shepherd owners understand surely gave us a good laugh. 

Living with a German Shepherd can be so much fun. They’re a spectacular breed that will always do their best to satisfy you.

A German Shepherd isn’t as funny as a Frenchie, but they do have their bright moments.

If you’re so crazy about your GSD, you’ll definitely be familiar with all the fun sides of owning one.

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