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11 Jobs For German Shepherds At Home That Will Keep Them Busy

11 Jobs For German Shepherds At Home That Will Keep Them Busy

What do you mean by jobs for German Shepherds at home? Like, real jobs?


The job market is hard these days. Everyone’s looking for a job to do at home, even as a side hustle. 

Even German Shepherds are looking for some!

Hey, are there any jobs for German Shepherds at home? You know… something that will keep them focused?

Of course, there are! If you pay attention, you will hear about the top 11 pawesome jobs a GSD could perform at home.

These Jobs For German Shepherds At Home Will Help A Lot

german shepherd sitting near the open gate

Down below, you will find the top 11 jobs for German Shepherds at home that will keep them super busy. The German Shepherd dog breed is a breed that needs lots of tasks that will keep them busy. They’re hardworking, and they love to have their mind and body busy. 

Here’s how you’ll keep them entertained and happy, even when you’re not around!

1. Learning New Tricks

There’s a big difference between obedience training and teaching your dog tricks. Obedience lessons are a must, while fun tricks are just… fun! You’re not obliged to teach your dog tricks, but learning them is so much fun. 

Besides the fun factor, tricks are super stimulating, and make your dog think harder. If you guys master basic obedience lessons, you should definitely try teaching your dog tricks like balancing a treat on his nose. It will make him more obedient and eager to please you.

You might think that learning tricks isn’t a job. But, it really is. This will keep your GSD busy and his mind as sharp as a knife.

2. Playing Puzzle Games

german shepherd lying on the floor surrounded by toys

A dog’s mental stimulation is equally as important as its physical activity. German Shepherds are dogs that need at least an hour and a half or two of exercise daily. However, we can’t forget about those gray cells.

When you provide your dog with lots of interesting puzzle toys, you’re making him exercise his brain. And, that’s quite a job. Dog owners like to invest in such toys because they keep the dog busy when they’re off to work. 

Puzzle games work usually on the same principle: you hide the treat, and your dog will have to think it through as to how to get that treat and go through the obstacles.

3. Sporty Games

German Shepherds are highly active dogs. There’s nothing in the world they enjoy more than a good ol’ workout session. But, nobody really runs for two hours every day, right? What most dog owners usually do is take a walk, jog a little bit, and play some ball games with their dogs.

There are lots of other things you can do with your German Shepherd besides throwing the ball or playing tug-o-war. These dogs enjoy all kinds of agility courses. You don’t have to enroll your GSD into competitions to have him work out on a course.

Agility courses where a dog has to tackle obstacles like tunnels, poles, and ramps are incredibly beneficial. If you have the space, you should definitely build such a course in your back yard. 

4. Guarding Duties

german shepherd dog guarding around the house

German Shepherds were bred to work as herding dogs. Acting all protective and being a guardian of the flock was their primary duty. This trait has stuck with the breed, so today’s German Shepherds are highly protective of their family.

Guarding duties is one of the jobs for German Shepherds at home that brings lots of benefits. If you have a well-socialized and trained GSD that doesn’t show any signs of separation anxiety or boredom, you can order him to guard the home when you’re at work.

Chances are, your GSD will patrol around the house, watch through windows, and inspect any weird smell or noise. The guarding duties will continue even when you come back home, but your dog will be in stand-by mode.

Seems like a German Shepherd is protecting you even when he sleeps.

5. Emotional Support Animals

We live in a stressful era where everything can make us snap just like that. No wonder why so many people are having issues with controlling their emotions and channeling them the right way. Stress and depression can do terrible things to our well-being. 

That’s why having an emotional support animal is not so strange anymore.

Those dogs help us through a lot. When we’re out in a crowded space, when we feel terribly low, and when we have issues with getting through the day. They help us by simply being by our side.

German Shepherds are quite emphatic. Just how many times has your GSD nudged you with his nose when you were feeling blue? Dogs sense our emotions, and they will tend to make everything better by giving you some love. 

6. Service Dogs

german shepherd walking with a man across the road

Usually, dogs like Labradors and Golden Retrievers are being used as service dogs. However, this is not really a breed-specific job. Any dog can be a service dog if he shows the right amount of dedication and willingness to learn. 

Dog breeders can easily spot which dog is a good fit for a service dog, and which is more likely to succeed as a companion. 

Service dogs have to go through special training in order to become helpful to those in need. These dogs are usually of a huge help to visually impaired people, as well as to those with hearing or walking disabilities.

7. Picking Up The Mess

I hope you’re not really expecting that your dog will pick up the mess your entire family has left in the kitchen or in the family room. Dogs can’t do the dishes or tidy up the sheets. They can’t water the plants or iron a hamper full of clothes.

But, they can pick up their toys. Just as you teach your kids to pick up the mess they leave behind, you should teach your dog to pick up his toys once he’s done playing. This can be easily achieved by rewarding your dog with a treat every time he picks up a toy and brings it to his toy box.

Positive reinforcement does wonders!

8. Waking Up Family Members

german shepherd lying near the owner sleeping in the bed

This is a simple task that will make your GSD feel all proud of himself. Also, it’s really entertaining, and helps your GSD bond with other family members.

If you have a big family, this could be great Sunday fun for everyone. 

Send your GSD to wake up your kids if you’re preparing breakfast. Soon, you’ll hear chuckles and lots of tiny feet running inside the kitchen… all awake and ready to eat.

9. Grabbing The Papers / Mail

If you live in an area where real papers are still being delivered every day, you can teach your dog to run outside and grab the papers for you. This task will make your GSD think he’s very important by bringing you something you really enjoy. 

Show your dog a few times how it’s done. Take the papers and let him carry them inside. Use a keyword like “bring papers”, and reward him with a treat once he lays them down before you.

In case you’re not subscribed to a daily newspaper, your GSD can still fetch mail. Just make sure he doesn’t attack the mailman. You know about the eternal battle between dogs and mailmen, don’t you?

10. Help Carry Things

No, this doesn’t mean your German Shepherd should carry your groceries from the shop home. But, you can give him something light to carry while you’re headed home, like his bag of treats.

Dogs like German Shepherds will enjoy any task you give them, and helping you is the best task they can get. 

There were actually a few cases of super helpful canines that went to the store for their owner. This particular super doggo you’re about to see in the video isn’t a German Shepherd, but I see no reason why a GSD couldn’t do this, too, if you train him.

11. Fetching Items Like Keys, Phones…

Dogs that have no issues with staying home alone won’t react to the sound of you jingling the keys. In fact, some of them will be very polite and fetch the keys for you. 

That’s the proper way of desensitizing your dog. Make things that are potentially negative turn positive. When your dog brings you your keys or your phone, maybe even your glasses, you should reward him with a treat or a pat on the back. 

German Shepherds are intelligent dogs, and they’ll easily figure out the things you normally need when you’re going out.

Final Words

The listed 11 jobs for German Shepherds at home are some really helpful ideas.

No one is saying you should teach your dog how to cook you dinner. That’s ridiculous and impawssible! But, you can teach him nifty tricks and fun tasks that will make his time go by faster. 

German Shepherds must have something meaningful to do during the day; otherwise, they will become bored and destructive. 

These aren’t real jobs. Think of them as tasks your GSD would be thrilled to do for you.