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What Things German Shepherds Love? These Are Its 6 Favorites

What Things German Shepherds Love? These Are Its 6 Favorites

I bet you can instantly say if your German Shepherd likes something or not. This dog will get super excited if he is doing something he loves, and will in the same way show you he is bored by walking away. Do you know what are the things German Shepherds love the most?

All dog owners for sure enjoy different kinds of activities with their versatile German Shepherds. I cannot think of something you can do without including your furry friend!

It is truly awesome to share life with a GSD. Living with this dog will enable you to see what your German Shepherd enjoys, and what things are not his cup of tea.

In this text I will focus on things German Shepherds love the most, so, continue reading to find more about them.

What Things German Shepherds Love?

The GSD is a dog of action with whom you’ll never be bored. All of us would like to know what our dogs are thinking about, and how they perceive our world.

Unfortunately, we can’t, but we can still understand some of their behaviors. For example, we can list things that are German Shepherd’s favorites for sure.

Let’s look at them.

1. Their Humans

german shepherd licking his owner face

If you ask people what would be a perfect family dog breed, I bet many of them would say German Shepherds.

Simply, these dogs are affectionate, loyal, and brave, and make a wonderful pet for people of all ages.

The American Kennel Club’s list of the most popular dogs for 2021 ranks this dog as a number 4. And the statistics haven’t changed much for many years! 

This is not surprising knowing all the great traits of this shepherd dog breed.

One of the essential things to know about German Shepherd dogs is the immense love they have for their people.

Love is even a small word to describe how much GSDs adore their human family!

A German Shepherd is a brave and confident dog, which will probably make you think this dog is perfectly fine on their own.

This is not completely true, since many of these dogs get so attached to their owners that they even develop separation anxiety when their owners are not around.

2. A Job

There is no better working dog than a German Shepherd.

This has been true for centuries, ever since this dog was bred for herding sheep and protecting the herds from predators.

Many modern German Shepherds dogs are not herding dogs anymore, but they still love a good job!

Watching all those movies where a German Shepherd helps detectives to solve some very important cases probably made you wonder: why are German Shepherds such good police dogs?

These dogs are hard-working, intelligent, and obedient. Professional dog trainers work with these dogs since they are so trainable and learn fast.

German Shepherds are also excellent as military dogs, search and rescue dogs, and as service dogs.

Actually, it is hard to find a job that a German Shepherd won’t be good at! This dog is not made to be bored; actually, if your German Shepherd gets bored, it might show behaviors you have not seen before.

3. Protecting Their Owners

German shepherd running in summer landscape

A German Shepherd is not only a hard working dog; it is also a big guard dog that will protect its family and its home till its last breath.

So, this dog will enjoy taking care of you. Even in the most ordinary situations, for example, while you are in your backyard resting, or doing some work in the garden, your loyal dog will follow you around to make sure you’re safe.

Also, a German Shepherd will bark a lot if it hears something suspicious. It might even howl, which will make all potential intruders go away!

This sounds so great, right? You will always be perfectly safe with a fine guarding dog like a GSD!

Well, yes, but this dog loves to protect its owners so much that it will even do this when it is completely unnecessary.

So, you should know that a German Shepherds is always on watch, but some of its alarms might be false.

4. Exercising

Another thing German Shepherds love and cannot live without is exercising. What kind of exercise? Any kind you can think of!

Since these dogs are full of energy, you can get really creative while choosing an interesting form of activity for you two, which will also be a great way for your dog to exercise. 

This dog will enjoy playing with frisbee, jogging with you, but also going swimming or hiking. When it is properly socialized, a German Shepherd will also enjoy playing with other dogs!

A good exercise and a time spent with you is probably the best possible combination for your GSD.

5. Interactive Toys

Top view of dog with toy lying on the grass in the park

Since German Shepherds are such intelligent dogs, they need constant mental stimulation. One of the best ways to provide your dog with mental stimulation is by giving it interactive toys.

German Shepherds love interactive toys! These toys make them entertained and mentally engaged. 

Even when you are not home, your dog can have fun with these toys for hours. So, I can tell you for sure that it is worth it to invest in some good interactive toys. You can find some great options on our list of the best interactive dog toys.

6. Games

One last thing that German Shepherds love like crazy are all kinds of games.

For example, fetch play sounds like the most common type of game for a dog, but it is still super efficient!

Playing fetch is a great way for your German Shepherd to burn out his enormous energy, and, also, to satisfy his prey drive. Although our German Shepherds are nowadays loving family dogs, rather than herding dogs, they still have not lost their natural instincts.

Another pretty basic game, but one that has a great impact on your dog’s well-being, is a hide and seek game. You can simply hide your GSD’s favorite toy and watch him having fun while he is trying to find it.

With this game, your dog is spending his energy, and he is mentally engaged at the same time.

Another great idea to play with your German Shepherd is tug of war. 

All you have to do is give your dog one end of the rope, which he will grab with his teeth, and you have to pull to get the rope out of his mouth.

This sounds so trite, but trust me, your German Shepherd can play tug of war for hours and never get bored!

Since German Shepherds love all kinds of games, you can use any item you find at home, and turn it into a fun game for your dog. You don’t even have to spend much money to see your GSD happy and enjoying you two playing together!

Final Thoughts

german shepherd running in the field

I hope this article gave you a fair insight into things German Shepherds love the most.

One of this dog’s favorites is just spending time with its owners, and protecting them. German Shepherds also love to work, to exercise, and to play with their favorite humans.

These dogs are versatile dogs who love to be active. The thing a GSD does not love is not having something to do.

Having a dog like this, a dog that requires much entertainment, your engagement, and your attention, might seem overwhelming. But, I assure you it is all worth it knowing that you have such a loyal, protective, and affectionate dog as a German Shepherd.