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9 Things Frenchies Love: Understanding Your Pooch 101

9 Things Frenchies Love: Understanding Your Pooch 101

If only our beloved Frenchies could speak! They would probably say that they love us a thousand times a day if they had the ability to do so.

However, while observing their body language, their reactions to certain things, and their excitement when you mention something, there are some things that they obviously do enjoy more than other things.

It is not a coincidence that your Frenchie tilts its head when you mention words such as ‘treats’, ‘ball’, ‘grandma’s house’, ‘dog park’, ‘walk’, etc. 

No… they don’t understand our language, but yes… they can associate certain words, a.k.a., sounds with certain activities that they just love to do.

What Are The Things Frenchies Love?

french bulldog cuddling with his owner on the bed

From belly rubs to chasing balls, this small dog loves spending time with you as well with other people and other dogs.

Frenchies are definitely one of the most social dog breeds, which enjoy spending time hanging out with others.

They are usually the most popular kid in the dog park… other dogs tend to love them even if they are usually smaller than them.

Besides that, we are going to talk about 7 more things that French Bulldogs love to do, and the ways you can improve that experience for them.

1. They Love Snuggling And Watching TV With You

Many people who are deciding upon owning a dog consider the activity levels of the certain dog breed that they are interested in.

This information is particularly useful when you consider the time you can spend with your dog on a daily basis… if you, for example, work a full-time job that is not a remote one.

Therefore, many people choose French Bulldogs since they are a dog breed that enjoys spending time with their owner while snuggling on the couch and watching TV.

In fact, many dog owners report that their beloved Frenchies actually carefully watch everything that is happening on TV, and react if a dog or a cat is displayed.

They often seem to wonder where that dog or that cat actually is, so they usually go walk and sniff around the TV, wondering where that canine from the TV hides.

They are not any kind of a high energy dog breed; therefore, they will be happy if they go out 2 to 3 times a day for a 10-minute walk… just enough to smell around and do potty, and they will love to spend the rest of the day snuggling with you on the couch.

They are a bit of a couch-potato type of dog, and for many people, that is just what they look for in a companion dog.

However, many dog owners employ dog sitters during the day, which is a great option if they are afraid that their beloved pet might be bored while they are away at work.

2. They Love Food Time And Treats

french bulldog eating a treat on his bed

One thing about them: they enjoy food even more than they enjoy naps. They will do literally anything in order to obtain a treat. They appear to be starving, and that the last time they ate something was ages ago as they gaze at you with their large, tearful eyes.

Each and every time they make this specific puppy face, it’s really tough to avoid feeding them their favorite foods and treats, but you must maintain your straight face since these dogs are prone to obesity.

Love-induced overfeeding of a French Bulldog puppy might result in major health problems, including obesity or heart trouble. 

Let them enjoy their meals, and make their meals extra special. Feed them the kibble that they love, but try to avoid giving them more than 2 meals a day.

Also, giving treats is definitely a good thing to do, but make sure that their activity levels are high enough so that they won’t get obese from the additional food.

3. Frenchies Love Going On Car Rides

You have probably seen many times Frenchie owners putting their Frenchies in backpacks or seats designed for dogs, and going on an adventure on a Harley, or simply putting them in the back seat of a car and driving around the country.

Frenchies somehow seem to have that love for the finer things in life; therefore, they will be happy to accompany you on a trip to a nice destination.

They enjoy spending time in the back seat, looking at their surroundings while they are given a ride. It probably has something to do with experiencing new smells and all of the excitement that comes with it.

They also enjoy getting attention from various people; therefore, being on trips such as these provides them with plenty of attention from other people.

I mean, seeing a Frenchie riding on a Harley and waving at you like this is definitely a cool experience!

4. They Love Sleeping… I Mean, Snoring!

french bulldog sleeping on the couch

One of the favorite things Frenchies love to do is definitely nap. They love getting comfy between a dozen pillows, on your lap, in their dog bed, wherever they can fit, and having a cozy nap.

You will probably hear them snoring a bit since they are brachycephalic dogs. As you know, they have the characteristic flat nose that gives them some problems with breathing.

Sadly, this is something that we, as humans, have done because of the breeding standards we have set for this dog breed. 

They might often experience problems with breathing, snoring, and coughing, especially if they get a cold. You might have problems sleeping because of their loud snoring, believe it or not!

However, this still remains one of their favorite activities since they are huge cuddle bugs and sleepy heads.

5. They Love Being Carried 

Well, since they are not one of the high-energy dog breeds, sometimes walking is just too much for them. Sometimes, they will just prefer to be carried around.

If they fulfill their daily need for walking and physical exercise, and you appear to be in the mood for walking a longer distance, you will probably need to carry your Frenchie.

They enjoy being carried because they can experience all the benefits of walking without expending their own energy to do so.

They love feeling as if they are your baby, and that you are taking care of them; therefore, carrying them around will be a similar experience.

6. They Love Going To The Dog Park

french bulldog in dog park with owner

As I have previously mentioned, Frenchies are one of the most social dog breeds that enjoy hanging out with other dogs and chasing them around.

Whenever you go to the dog park with your French Bulldog, you will notice that they will immediately run, sniff around, and try to say hi to as many dogs as possible.

They thrive when it comes to socialization and contact with other dogs as well as other humans (besides their owner), and this is the place to be for them.

Watching them enjoy these activities, playing around, chasing a frisbee (or at least trying to), running away from other dogs after stealing the ball everybody was running to get… you will definitely feel the joy that comes with owning a French Bulldog.

Aside from getting to socialize with their dog friends, this is one of the best ways for them to exercise because they are one of the low energy dogs that aren’t the biggest fans of running and doing any kind of exercise.

This is also a great way to form some kind of dog community for yourself, where you can meet other dog owners and organize playdates, or at least organize times of the day when a few of you can visit the dog park together in order to let your dogs enjoy each other’s company.

7. They Love Following You… Everywhere.

You will notice that wherever you go, your Frenchie will follow. No matter if you are going to another continent, or just if you are going to the bathroom, your French Bulldog will be inseparable from you.

This might be one of the ways in which they are seeking attention, they might be feeling some form of separation anxiety, or they might just be following you in order to protect you.

They might be hoping that you will be headed to the kitchen in order to give them a treat. 

Separation anxiety is also a pretty common disorder, especially with small dog breeds since they seek comfort, security, and affection usually from one person whom they form the strongest bond with.

Therefore, usually, the owner whom they spend the most time with will be their weak spot, and if they are separated from them for long periods of time, they might develop separation anxiety.

8. They Enjoy Bath Time

french bulldog bathes in bathtub

For some dog breeds, bath time might actually be comforting for many reasons. But, the number-one reason is definitely that act of physical touch because they love to be petted.

French Bulldogs perceive bath time usually as a period when they will get some extra attention from their owner, and also a great opportunity to bond with their owner.

We tend to give our dogs extra affection when we are giving them a bath since in the back of our mind, we think that this will be an unpleasant experience for them, so we tend to give them extra cuddles and affection.

9. They Love Interactive Dog Toys

We all know that Frenchies are playful dogs that love to explore various activities, and playing with interactive dog toys is definitely one of them.

This will give them needed mental stimulation because dogs that don’t do much physical activity still need to be mentally active. These games will keep them on their toes because they will need to put an effort into solving these toy puzzles.

This is a great way to keep your dog entertained and mentally stimulated if you are over-worked and just don’t have the energy and the time at the moment to fully commit to playing and engaging with them.

There are many types of interactive dog toys; therefore, I recommend that you read more about them in order to choose the right one for your Frenchie puppy.

Final Word

Among the things Frenchies love, netflix & chilling with you, and having treats and following you everywhere are their favorite activities.

They will be happy to be included in any kind of activity that will be done together with you. They love spending time with you, and will be happy to do almost any kind of activity.

Mental stimulation, cuddles, and physical activity, together with good dog food and treats, will be the winning combination for your French Bulldog puppy.