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Why Do French Bulldogs Snort? 8 Reasons For This Weird Sound

Why Do French Bulldogs Snort? 8 Reasons For This Weird Sound

Having a Frenchie means having a lot of fun moments and cuddles with this fur of happiness. But, it also means getting to know some of this dog’s weird behaviors. One of them might be snorting. Why do French Bulldogs snort?

Future French Bulldog owners should know that Frenchies can produce other kinds of noise rather than just barking. Some of these noisy sounds might be gagging, snoring, snuffling, snorting, etc.

Occasional snorting is usually nothing to worry about, but, if you notice your Frenchie constantly snorting, there is obviously a reason for this.

Let’s see what might cause your French Bulldog to snort so much, and whether this can be related to a certain health issue.

Why Do French Bulldogs Snort?

french bulldog sitting in his owner's lap

If you are encountering a French Bulldog for the first time, one of the essential things to know is that this adorable pooch is a brachycephalic dog breed.

A brachycephalic dog is a dog with a flat face, a wide skull, a shorter muzzle compared to other dogs, and shorter nostrils.

In addition to French Bulldogs, the group of brachycephalic breeds includes the Boxer, Boston Terrier, Lhasa Apso, Pug, Shih Tzu, etc.

Brachycephalic syndrome can cause various breathing problems in dogs and abnormalities in the dog’s throat. 

Also, brachycephalic dogs can have a soft palate that obstructs the airway. Since these dogs also have narrow nostrils, this prevents them from breathing through their noses.

So, there is a high possibility that your French Bulldog will not be able to breathe properly. For this reason, he may make unusual sounds like slurping, whimpering, grunting, or even purring!

We know cats are the ones that actually purr, but even dogs can make sounds that remind us of purring. And, let’s not forget the farting – because this is something you will often hear having a Frenchie inside your home!

Together with all these weird noises, French Bulldogs also snort. Let’s see what are the main causes of these noises in Frenchies.

1. Overexcitement

Many French Bulldogs will snort when they are happy or excited about something. For example, when you cuddle him, or when you see him after a long day of being separated.

So, a Frenchie is a talkative breed, and snorting might be his way of telling you he is super happy! If you have not noticed any other symptoms in your small dog, and he seems totally fine, there is no reason to worry.

Sometimes a Frenchie will snort just because he is feeling good!

2. Allergies

Just like sneezing and coughing, snorting might also be a sign of an allergic reaction in your French Bulldog.

There are many allergens that might be the culprit of your dog’s allergy; dust mites, food allergies, flea saliva, etc.

If you suspect that your dog might be snorting due to an allergic reaction, you should contact your vet and arrange testing for allergies for your Frenchie.

3. Smoke Inhalation

Smoke inhalation can cause irritation in all dogs, especially in brachycephalic breeds like the French Bulldog. One of the signs of smoke inhalation in a dog is snorting.

Inhaling smoke in a French Bulldog can be very dangerous, and can cause pneumonia, thermal injury, and even carbon monoxide poisoning.

If your dog has been exposed to smoke for a long time, you should definitely take him to the vet immediately, as you cannot be sure how much damage the smoke has caused to your dog.

4. Trying To Clean Their Noses

french bulldog lying on the grass and snorting

Just as we blow our noses when we have a cold, snorting can be one way for a French Bulldog to clear his nasal passages.

Maybe dust got into his nose, or any other object while he was sniffing around, and this is bothering him now and making it hard for him to breathe.

In most cases, the dog will manage to clear its nose on its own. If a larger object is stuck in his nostrils, veterinary intervention will be required.

5. Sleeping Positions

Have you noticed that your French Bulldog sometimes snorts during sleep and sometimes not? Then the reason could be the position of his body while sleeping.

Pay attention the next time you hear your Frenchie snort. If you want him to stop, just get him to change his sleeping position.

6. Medicines

If your dog is currently taking certain medications, this could also be the reason why he suddenly started snorting.

Medications can cause the muscles around your dog’s sinus passages to relax, so that he starts making sounds like snorting.

In any case, you should not give your dog any medicine on your own. Always consult your veterinarian first.

7. Obesity

Obesity in dogs can lead to various problems. If your Frenchie snorts intensely, pay attention to his weight. Has the dog gained weight lately?

This could be the reason for the loud snorting. When a dog is overweight, excess tissue builds up in his throat and neck. Thanks to this, the dog’s esophagus gets blocked, and the dog starts making loud noises like snorting.

Owners of all dogs should take care of their dog’s diet and weight, but this is especially important with breeds like French Bulldogs, where excess body weight can lead to increased breathing problems that this dog is already prone to.

8. Health Issues

Snorting can also be a sign of different health problems in a Frenchie, especially ones related to breathing.

You should pay attention whether there are any additional symptoms besides snorting in your French Bulldog.

Gastrointestinal problems might be one of these symptoms. Also, if you notice black gums in your dog, you should take it to the vet immediately. Black gums might indicate a lack of oxygen in your Frenchie.

Should I Be Worried About My Frenchie’s Snorting?

french bulldog stretching on the bed

French Bulldogs are not the most vocal dog breed; as a matter of fact, many Frenchie owners might even ask themselves: Why doesn’t my dog bark?

But, this does not mean that this dog does not reproduce other sounds, because it does, and they might get pretty weird to hear! One of these sounds is a dog’s snorting.

Should you be worried about your Frenchie’s snorting? In most cases you shouldn’t worry, since snorting might be just a sign your dog is happy, or he might be snorting because he is sleeping in a certain position.

However, in some other cases snorting might be a sign of a health issue in your French Bulldog. If you notice other symptoms together with the dog’s snorting, you should ask a veterinarian for advice.

So, a Frenchie’s snorting might be completely harmless, but might also warn us about certain health problems in our dogs.

We suggest you start closely monitoring your furry companion from the moment you notice he has started snorting.

Can I Make My Frenchie Snort Less?

woman cuddling french bulldog lying on the floor

There is always something you can do! If you notice excessive snorting and noisy breathing in your Frenchie, we suggest you take your pooch to the vet’s.

Also, one thing all dog owners should do is to talk with the breeder about their puppy’ parents to find out more about their puppy’s genetic predispositions.

What you can do to help your adorable dog with a short muzzle is to avoid smoking around him, since smoke inhalation can cause excessive snorting in dogs.

Also, you should provide your Frenchie with enough exercise on a daily basis. This dog is considered a lazy dog breed, but this does not mean it should not exercise.

Lack of exercise can lead to obesity in dogs, and a fat Frenchie is more prone to different health issues, and weird noises produced.

Also, you should always keep your dog’s surroundings clean, since dust and dirt can cause allergies in your Frenchie.

Furthermore, using a humidifier is also a great idea to help your French Bulldog be able to breathe normally.


Why Is My French Bulldog Snoring?

Because they have an extremely small snout, French Bulldogs have difficulty breathing.

Because of this, they often snore while sleeping, and especially in the summer due to the high heat, they make even louder sounds.

The volume and frequency of snoring in French Bulldogs can increase further as the dog ages.

So, this dog is naturally prone to snoring, but some environmental factors, like allergies or smoke inhalation, can additionally worsen this problem.

How Do I Get My Frenchie To Stop Reverse Sneezing?

Just like snorting, reverse sneezing is something that can often occur in French Bulldogs. Contrary to a normal sneeze, a reverse sneeze involves sucking air into the respiratory tract.

This type of sneezing in dogs can occur due to various causes, such as tight collars, strong perfumes, intolerance to physical activity, or a sudden change in temperature.

The first and most important step in helping a dog with this problem is to find out what trigger is causing him to reverse sneeze.

What you can do is, after you notice a reverse sneeze in your Frenchie, hold his nostrils closed for a moment and, at the same time, massage his throat to calm him down.

Reverse sneezing usually does not represent any serious health problem and does not require a visit to the veterinarian. However, if you notice that this type of sneezing does not go away in your French Bulldog, you should consult a veterinarian.

Is It Common For Bulldogs To Have Trouble Breathing?

Many Bulldogs have trouble breathing – this is the characteristic of their breed. Breathing problems can even significantly decrease the lifespan of some Bulldogs.

This is why all Bulldogs owners should take their dogs to regular vet check-ups. Breathing problems are usually chronic and the dog will have them throughout his life, but there are ways to make things easier for our Bulldogs.

You should definitely avoid taking your Bulldog into smoky areas. Also, you should allow him enough exercise, and you should be careful at what time you take your Bulldog out, especially during the summer.

In addition to breathing problems, Bulldogs are also prone to overheating due to their genetic predispositions.

Final Verdict

There is not just one answer to the question Why do French Bulldogs snort?

Sometimes this is simply due to too much excitement, sometimes it can be your pooch’s way of trying to clear his nose, and in some cases it can be a sign of allergies or smoke inhalation.

If you are planning to get a French Bulldog, but the thought of having a small snorer at home scares you, be prepared for many additional sounds, such as snorting!

But, we think that all this is negligible compared to the love and friendship that a small French Bulldog can offer you.

Also, you can help prevent such noises in your dog, by ensuring that the dog sleeps in a sufficiently humid room, that it gets enough exercise, and that its bed, toys, and food and water bowls are always clean.

We wish you many beautiful moments spent in the company of an irresistible French Bulldog!

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