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5 Suggestions On Helping Stray Dogs Go Through Another Hot Summer

5 Suggestions On Helping Stray Dogs Go Through Another Hot Summer

It pains me to see stray dogs going through hot summer days without any appropriate help. I try to do my best and give back to the community by setting up improvised shelters and food and water bowls, but I still feel that’s not enough. 

What can we do to make a difference?

How can we ease another summer coming along for those poor strays?

Of course, the ideal scenario would be delivering them to shelters and getting them adopted. But, the adoption line and the process itself is already too long. And, some strays don’t want to get caught either. 

We should always remember those dogs in need and do our best to help them push through another day.

If you’re a dog person like I am, and you’re always looking for ways to help out, I’m sure you’ll appreciate this word of advice. 

I have 5 tips you could use today to help strays in your neighborhood and prevent them from getting dehydrated or having a heatstroke.

1. Plant More Trees

Adolescents working in volunteer group

This is advice with long-term results. I know you might not be there when that tree grows to provide a big shade, but other stray dogs will be. Unfortunately, there were, and always will be, abandoned dogs living on the streets.

Such dogs, along with other wildlife creatures you may find in your neighborhood, could really benefit from another shady tree. 

Any neighborhood with more trees instantly becomes a pleasant place to live in. We all benefit from the shade, not to mention from the extra oxygen those trees produce.

Check in your community center where it’s okay to plant trees like oaks or birches. In the meanwhile, you can plant cypress trees in your backyard. They grow fast and still provide a decent amount of shade.

2. Leave Out Water Bowls

dog bowl of water in a public place

This is something I do all the time, even outside summer months. It costs you nothing, and it will help a dog in need. If you could add a kibble bowl, too… even better!

Stray dogs depend on humans to find food and water for them. Rarely do they find something on their own. Staying hydrated on hot days is a mission of its own. There’s no rain nor any puddles to drink from. 

Many dogs collapse because they dehydrate. Imagine yourself in the same situation. Where would you find water in a concrete jungle with no fresh water source? 


Ask around to see if it’s okay to leave water bowls in your neighborhood so they don’t bother other tenants. Find a shady spot… a place where a poor stray dog could rest for a while. 

Once they see there’s water waiting for them, they will come back. Helping such dogs is easy, and you even get a chance to call the shelter and arrange a rescue mission. 

3. Make Shelters

homeless dogs of different breeds in animal shelter.

Making shelters for stray dogs is a project that could use more than your own hands. Maybe include the entire community? 

Check first where it’s okay to put out such shelters, so they don’t make the neighborhood look like a ghetto. It doesn’t have to be a DIY-ed dog house. A shelter could be almost anything just to keep the pups from hiding under cars. 

Some people put out big cardboard boxes. They’re fine, but they’re not a long-term solution. Such shelters would be gone with the first summer rain. Stray dogs need something that will last. 

Setting up plank boards along your fence so they create some shade is a good idea.

If you have extra time and resources, you can build dog houses or kennels. It doesn’t have to be made entirely of wood. Wire cages will do, too, as long as there’s a roof to provide shade. 

Make sure your improvised stray dog shelters are well ventilated to reduce the risk of overheating. 

4. Stations With Refreshing Treats

dog eating a watermelon

All dogs love watermelons. It’s the pawfect summer treat! Watermelons consist mostly of water, which makes them ideal fruit to consume to stay hydrated. And, let’s not forget the many health benefits, too!

We all know how our appetite dwindles in the summer. No one wants to eat caloric, hearty meals. Dogs experience the same changes. They all prefer something that would refresh them and still provide some nutrients.

Fruits and veggies like melon, watermelons, cucumbers, apples, oranges, and peaches are very much welcome on those hot days. 

These don’t have to be frozen treats. It’s better to keep them fresh and serve in food bowls all over the neighborhood. 

I’m pawsitive no treat will be left to go rotten.

5. Ask The Vet To Help Out

vet holding a dog

Some vets do voluntary work on their own, and if you could find one, that would be pawmazing. 

Stray dogs need to be checked out, too! 

But, rarely does any of them want to approach the vet or even come to the shelter. 

If there’s a pack of dogs in your neighborhood that has been around for a while, then by using baby steps, you should start taking care of them. Little by little, you will gain their trust. Such dogs won’t ignore your helping hand whether it comes to receiving water, shelter, or medicinal care.

Summer is an especially tricky time for stray dogs because they experience a lot of injuries, from getting their paws burned to having a heatstroke or getting their wounds infected.

If you could arrange an occasional vet visit to the neighborhood so he can inspect the dogs and give them treatment, that would be ideal! 

Another great issue that comes with hot days are parasites. Ticks and fleas are everywhere! 

In case the dogs you’re taking care of are docile and show no signs of aggression, you could try giving them a flea bath or applying tick treatment. Of course, this calls for more helping hands, so make it a community thing. 

Organize a volunteer day where you and your neighbors give dogs their flea bath and refresh them at the same time. 
Having such events creates a spot for opening a Go Fund Me account for your four-legged friends. I’m sure there are good people out there who would show financial support, spread the word, or even donate food.