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Shelter Received 2 Boxes Only To Learn There Is A Sweet Surprise Iniside One Of Them

Shelter Received 2 Boxes Only To Learn There Is A Sweet Surprise Iniside One Of Them

We all love surprises, especially those that make us so happy that they can brighten up our day. That’s exactly what the folks at The Animal Rescue Center of California experienced when they received two boxes at their office in Coachella, California. 

As soon as they opened one box, their faces lit up with joy when they saw tiny baby cats inside. One of the employees did not wait a moment but immediately found a foster parent who was waiting for them at the Cat Clinic, 30 minutes away from their location. 

That elderly lady named Dani was an expert in fostering kittens, and she immediately fed these hungry babies and continued to care for them. 

The people from the rescue center were overjoyed, but even greater satisfaction overwhelmed them when they opened the second box.

Furry Surprise

When the turn to open the second box came, it was as if they felt that something beautiful was waiting for them inside. As soon as they opened it, they were greeted by the sweet sight of a tiny rescue puppy. 

It was a little six-week-old doggo whom they named Griffin. Griffin was found in a field in Thermal, and he was a Chihuahua mix weighing only 2.75 lbs. He was very underweight.

Aside from that, this poor puppy was all covered in ticks, so they first properly cleaned him of those tiny intruders and gave him a good bath. After that, they fed him well, so his strength started to return a little and he began to show his true colors.

Griffin showed that he is a happy and playful puppy and quickly integrated into the company of other ARC dogs. Although they were all much bigger than him, it was no obstacle for this brave little boy. 

He was even more than equal to them, and he soon found his best canine friend, who was perhaps the biggest dog in the room. That dog was an eight-month-old Staffordshire mix named Mackenzie, who weighed 75 lbs

The folks at The Animal Rescue Center of California even posted a video about the duo, titled “Two Puppies, Two Different Sizes.”

“Both of these ARC puppies were found on the street and are now thriving. Mackenzie is the last puppy of The Coachella 6 and she is playing big sis to our latest rescue, Griffin, who we believe to be about 6 weeks old. Enjoy some puppy love!” they wrote in a Facebook post

In a very short time, Griffin became the favorite ARC puppy, managed to find the best canine pal several times bigger than him, and even became famous on the Internet.

He was only missing a forever home, but he didn’t have to wait long for that either.

New Box Of Joy

A woman named Susan recently moved from Michigan to Coachella, California, to be closer to her children who all lived there. 

Although she found a job in her new city and was close to her family, she still missed something. Susan has always had a dog and quickly realized that she also needed a furry friend in her new home

One day, she came by Griffin’s Almond Butter smacking video posted by The Animal Rescue Center of California. After watching it, she knew right away that Griffin was the ideal puppy for her.

She soon contacted The Animal Rescue Center of California, and this time, a box of joy arrived at her address. Once again, that sweet little dog, Griffin, brought happiness from the inside of the box, this time to his new family

“As soon as we put Griffin in Susan’s arms we knew he was going to love this family and there is no doubt that they love him. welcome home, Griffin,” ARC wrote in their Facebook post

This little doggo caused immense delight when he emerged from his box of joy to so many people. Now, it was time for him to enjoy surprises from his new family, who would shower him with unconditional love every day. 

This furry boy deserves nothing less.