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5 Safe And Tasty Water Alternatives For Dogs 

5 Safe And Tasty Water Alternatives For Dogs 

Dogs, being as clever as they are, know that in order to have a happy life, they must stay hydrated! But, sometimes they get a bit carried away and tend to drink whatever they come across.

Ideally, water should be the only fluid that goes into their belly as it is the only 100% safe option. However, we know that this can get a bit boring sometimes so we compiled a list of other safe options to bring some zest to their taste buds.

#1 Vegetable and fruit juices

Pups can enjoy fruity frenzies and vegetable adventures just like any hooman. Vegetables such as carrots, kale, and celery, and fruits like strawberries are really healthy dog snacks.

They are packed with nutrients, minerals, and tons of vitamins, which give our furry friends an extra boost of vitality. They are also low in calories and have no side effects whatsoever.

Some fruits and veggies like carrots, celery, beets, and berries can be juiced in a food processor and served to your pup. Others, like kale and spinach, have to be boiled in some water. But, once strained, the nutrient-filled water can be served and enjoyed.

Just don’t forget to let it cool down first.

#2 Coconut water

Fresh Coconut Water in a Glass

When it comes to coconut water, it ranks as one of the best water alternatives for your doggo. Not only is it extremely hydrating, but it is also packed with electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals, which help dogs grow big and strong.

All these nutrients can also cure skin issues, improve fur quality, and get rid of bad breath in dogs.

So, crack open a coconut, drain it in your doggy bowl, and watch all of those nutrients and coconutty breath do wonders.

#3 Nut milk

You may think that since dogs are mammals and they grew up on milk, it is safe to let them enjoy it even when they are big and strong.

Well, that is not the case. When grown up, most dogs develop an intolerance for milk, which causes them digestive issues.

However, nut milk is a whole other story.

Milk made from soy, coconuts, or almonds contains plenty of nutrients and absolutely no lactose. Not only are they packed with electrolytes, and improve immunity and prevent bad breath, they are also great at ensuring that your doggo reaches his daily caloric intake.

But, please, before you serve your dog any nut milk, make sure he is not allergic to nuts.

#4 Beef and chicken broth

Saucepan with bouillon with a ladle on the table

If you thought only hoomans can enjoy a good bowl of soup, think again! Doggos are also able to dive their taste buds into a symphony of flavors and healthiness that soup provides.

Beef and chicken broth are jam-packed in minerals and essential nutrients that ensure your four-legged friend continues to grow big and strong. 

With them being easily digestible, these broths provide a comforting hug to their tummies, soothing any gastric distress that might be bothering them. Just remember to make sure it is unsalted in order for it to be healthy and safe for your furry friend.

#5 Pedialyte

Consider this a secret weapon in your fight against dehydration!

If your pup has been feeling under the weather recently due to illnesses or he is simply dehydrated because of the hot weather, Pedialyte comes to the rescue!

Packed with electrolytes and essential fluids, it will swoop in to save the day, getting him back on his paws in no time. It will open up your dog’s craving for water and double his hydration intake

However, every hero needs guidance.

It is important to talk with your vet before giving it to your pup in order to determine the correct dosage and ensure that there won’t be any side-effects during its usage.

Drink Up!

Beagle dog drinking water

Water plays a key role in keeping our four-legged friends in tip-top shape! It not only ensures the proper functioning of organs and muscles, but it also helps regulate their body temperature. With every gulp, their body thanks you!

To reach the full level of hydration, your dog needs to drink about an ounce of water for every pound of his body weight each day. So, keep an eye on that bowl and make sure he has enough of that refreshing goodness.

Other fluids, such as the above-mentioned, are also completely safe to drink. They can serve as an occasional treat or even a trusty backup plan to boost your pup’s immune system. However, keep in mind that they should be given in small quantities.

Final Word 

Learning about all the benefits of hydration, it’s no surprise that our pups wag their tail in anticipation every time you pick up their water bowl.

From vegetable and fruit juices to coconut water, from nut milk to beef and chicken broth, and even the superhero Pedialyte, our furry friends have a whole array of hydration options that will get their taste buds dancing with joy.

We raise our bowls to you and wish you happy slurping!