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Relief For Sexually Frustrated Male Dog: 11 Ways To Help

Relief For Sexually Frustrated Male Dog: 11 Ways To Help

Destruction. Nervousness. Pacing. Whining. Howling. Barking. Lunging. Fighting Masturbation. Snapping. Growling. These are only some signs that your male dog is sexually frustrated. So, how do you help him? Where do you find relief for a sexually frustrated male dog?

Your Fido might also show he’s not interested in participating in a daily routine. He might act too territorial, lick female urine, urinate himself in the house, or mark territory outdoors.

None of these signs are encouraging. If you see your dog acting this way, you clearly have an unneutered male dog that’s going through a rough patch. Add high levels of testosterone to the equation and the end result will be a reactive dog.

When they’re puppies, a dog’s needs are upon humans. But, once a puppy grows up, it switches focus to a dog making its relationship with humans secondary.

Many dog owners want to play breeders, so they allow their pups to experience intercourse before they get fixed. This is a completely wrong approach since dogs get to see what they’re missing, which will make them even more frustrated.

When a dog catches onto a certain behavioral pattern, it will become his habit and a standard part of his daily routine. Such behaviors are difficult to drop. However, this doesn’t mean that if your dog exhibits these behavioral patterns, he shouldn’t be neutered. Neutering will help you with your dog’s behavior, and hopefully, this would be a relief for a sexually frustrated male dog.

Intact male dogs have different instincts, and they act differently than neutered males. Their main need is to breed, and also act territorial by defending their area from other dogs. However, not every dog is the same. Some dogs exhibit these patterns more than others. Still, it all depends on whether a female dog in heat is near.

Such behavior is indeed problematic. This is not only a behavioral problem, it’s also related to the dog’s health, hormone levels, and dominant behavior.

Dealing with male dogs that act like this can be seriously difficult, especially if you’re a first-time owner. To guide you through this rough patch, you’ll need to understand your dog’s behavior first, where it comes from, and where to find relief for a sexually frustrated male dog.

6 Signs You Have A Sexually Frustrated Male Dog

jack russel terrier on a chair

1. Irritability.

When your dog is irritated for no apparent reason or due to provocation, you can say he’s sexually frustrated. This behavior leads to hostility, and it may end up in severe aggression if not treated immediately.

2. Acting restless.

Sexually frustrated dogs often end up acting restless. This behavior is characterized by actions like running in circles, pacing, or climbing surfaces. Don’t be surprised if you catch your male dog mounting furniture, visitors, family members, or even other animals.

3. Licking or scratching its genital area.

Male dogs have their genital area swollen or exposed. They lick or scratch it because they’re trying to find a way to relieve themselves from sexual frustration. It’s one of the most obvious reasons for sexual frustration, so you better act immediately upon recognizing these symptoms.

4. Bossy attitude.

Is your dog giving you an attitude that bothers you? Is he acting rebellious or doesn’t want to listen to your commands? Then, he’s definitely sexually frustrated. Be careful because this may lead to aggression.

5. Acting aggressively.

Aggressive behavior is a clear sign that your dog is frustrated. The reason why he reacts with aggression and excessive barking is that his testosterone levels are extremely high and act as stimulating factors.

6. Masturbating or humping.

Yup, dogs can masturbate. Seeing your Fido having some playtime with himself is a definite sign of sexual frustration. Add humping people and furniture to the story and you’ll have a diagnosis.

Humping is a traumatizing behavior, especially if kids are involved.

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How Do You Stop Your Dog From Humping People?

mixed-breed dog sits next to owner

Okay, so your dog humps all your visitors, sometimes even your family members. Well, that’s a bummer! Dog humping is something quite embarrassing, but it’s not that funny. Actually, being humped by a dog can be stressful and traumatic, too, especially if kids are involved.

When you see your dog exhibiting such behavior, here’s what you can do:

1. Get a water spritzer.

This may not be the happiest decision, but spritzing your dog with water may help your puppy calm down. He’ll turn his focus to you and wait for your further actions. Don’t ever hit your dog for doing it. Just scold him and say “bad dog”.

2. Give a silent treatment.

A silent treatment tells your dog that he has done something unacceptable and you won’t take it. Dogs are social creatures. They don’t like to be ignored. So, the next time you see your dog humping people, remove him and take him somewhere where you can ignore his presence.

3. A “no” is a “no”.

Yelling “no” would be enough for your dog to stop humping unless he’s really clingy. All puppies can act clingy, but you have to set a boundary for different behaviors. Dog humping is a clear no, and your puppy should be aware of it.

Don’t think that your dog won’t like you all of a sudden for prohibiting this behavior. It’s simply wrong, and he needs to be taught what’s good behavior and what’s not.

How To Help Find Relief For A Sexually Frustrated Male Dog: 11 Things You Should Try

sad dog on couch

1. Give interesting toys.

Turning the focus away from frustration or something that’s bothering your dog should be done as soon as you notice your dog is in agony.

Handing out interesting toys and puzzle games can turn your sexually frustrated male dog into a calm pupper. These toys can be plushies, chew toys, or toys that require puzzle solving in order to get a treat.

Playing with toys will help your dog relax and focus on the important things. Also, some toys will help him get tired and waste his energy, which only means he won’t have the strength to chase female dogs.

However, dogs are known to have something called neophilia. It’s preferring new things over old ones. You’ve probably seen this pattern.

When a dog leaves his favorite toy all of a sudden and switches his favorites, that’s neophilia.

But, that doesn’t mean you should always buy new toys for your dog. Instead, rotate old toys, hide them away for a while, and bring them out when you notice he has stopped playing with the current ones.

2. Reinforce good behavior.

Sure, humping is a natural and normal dog behavior, but it, too, can be curbed. Although humping is a dog’s instinct, it can still be managed with proper dog training. Use direct trigger words like “stop”, “no”, or “enough” to remove your mounted dog from someone. The next time you see him doing it, say cue words and reward your pup if he stops.

You can also turn his focus on fulfilling some tasks or commands. A trained dog will always listen to commands because he knows he’ll get treats and praises.

3. Make short breaks.

If your training isn’t going so well, you can always give your doggy time-outs, especially after humping someone. Just grab him by the collar and put him in another room to calm him down.

These time-outs should last for about three minutes, but they can be longer in case you notice your puppy still hasn’t calmed down. Once your dog has enough time to think about his actions, you can give him some attention.

4. Keeping the dog active.

There’s a link between a dog’s inactivity and him humping everything that’s in his area. Your pup should use his built-up energy to exercise. Sexually frustrated male dogs are usually very stressed, and what better way to relieve them from stress and frustration than by working out?

In addition, a dog that works out is a dog that sleeps calmly at night. You can play games to tire him out, go for a hike together, or go for a scent walk down the dog park.

But, still, you shouldn’t over-exercise your dog. Let him do activities that won’t harm him according to his age, size, or physical ability. Old dogs often have joint issues and suffer from other injuries, so make sure you let him work out according to his needs.

5. Neutering.

Here’s what the vets claim neutering male dogs will do:

• Minimize their aggression

• Stop unwanted pregnancies

• Curb mounting

• Decrease the risk of getting testicular cancer

• Reduce the number of abandoned dogs in shelters

Having your dog neutered may also cut down on roaming and wandering away. The reason why dogs usually run away is to chase a female in heat.

Besides minimizing these unwanted behaviors, neutering has other benefits from a medical point of view.

But, you can’t neuter all dogs of all ages. One study found a link between joint issues and cancers and neutering at 6 months old. It strikes larger breeds, like the Golden Retriever, Pitbulls, or Labradors.

Always check with your vet before you opt for neutering.

6. Choose chemical castration instead.

Chemical castration is still a way of controlling a male dog’s hormones. It’s a simpler procedure, and it doesn’t require hospitalization or going under the knife. The vet applies it in the form of an injection.

However, this is not a permanent solution as chemical castration wears off after 30 days. If you don’t like your pooch going under the knife, this could be the answer.

It’s another way of reducing a dog’s hormones, but only in the form of an injection. The formula called Zeuterin gets administered into both testicles, and the testosterone level gets reduced by 50%, while surgery offers 0%!

What’s good about this procedure is that a dog that has gone through it will stop feeling anxious after a month.

7. Keep the female dogs away.

two husky dogs on the beach

Male dogs get sexually frustrated when they sense a female dog in heat. Their mating instincts will get triggered, and they will begin to whine, try to mount, and act restless.

Let me tell you something… you will go through lots of stress during those days. The heat period or estrus cycle can last from 2 to 4 weeks.

In case you have multiple dogs at home, and some of them are not spayed females, you better keep them separated unless you want dog pregnancy. Put your female dog in a different room, or keep your male dog in a crate kennel, or in a different room.

The good news is you won’t have to do this often as female dogs go in heat only twice a year. Yeah, only twice a year…

8. No urine scent in the house,


Female dogs in heat can mark their territory, too, but they’re not doing urine marking to protect their area. They’re doing it to spread the scent and attract male dogs. Male pups get aroused by the scent, and will exhibit sexual behaviors. Also, they can respond by peeing, and that’s something you will want to prevent.

To get rid of the smell in case your dog urinates in the house, you will need an enzyme cleaner. Soap and water are not enough. You may extinguish the smell for you, but dogs have a much better developed sense of smell. They can still smell the ammonia under the soap scent.

9. Avoid female dogs in heat.

You won’t find relief for a sexually frustrated male dog if you take him to hang out in the park with the girls. Keeping female and male dogs separated during the heat period in your home is quite easy.

However, once you go out with your male dog, you will need to put him on a leash. Dogs can smell female scent from afar, so you better keep him close to you so he doesn’t wander off.

Also, keep him away from female dogs in the park. Not all females appreciate being smelled or mounted. Some of them will bark at your dog strongly and say no. This can also happen when the female is in the first stage of her heat period, or in the proestrus cycle. Girls are not ready to mate in the proestrus cycle.

So, you better watch carefully where you take your sexually frustrated male dog for a walk. A leash must always be on; no exceptions!

10. Mask the female’s scent.

You will need to mask a female’s scent in order to control your dog’s sexual frustration. However, all masking products have short-term use.

Still, they work well for occasions like dog shows or training. Most of them are made by using ingredients like olive oil or castor oil, beeswax, almond oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter, and peppermint oil. We may not smell the scent, but male dogs will.

So, if you have a male and a female under one roof, invest in good enzyme cleaners. They will save your nerves!

11. Opt for soothing meds.

Sometimes, the situation can be very critical, and you won’t be able to calm down your male dog without using medications. If your male dog shows signs like panting, shaking, pacing, acting destructively, barking excessively, or defecating around the house, he’s experiencing anxiety.

Consult your vet to see if he needs meds or not. The most common meds used to control anxiety are sertraline, paroxetine, alprazolam, lorazepam, and diazepam.

However, these drugs shouldn’t be used that easily. Puppies, old dogs, and dogs suffering from certain health conditions should not use them. You can’t buy these meds over the counter, and you shouldn’t because of the many side-effects.

Also, if it’s not really necessary, don’t drug your dog. We know they’re meds, but dogs are still dogs, and they thrive when they’re left as they are. Medications may only mess up their behavior and result in gloomy, depressed doggos.

What Pushes Dogs To Exhibit Excessive Sexual Behavior?

dog in a field

Intact male dogs are always looking for their perfect mate. These dogs are far more territorial than neutered dogs. Still, most intact males won’t find this to be a problem.

After all, neutering, along with spaying, are fairly new procedures. Dogs have lived for centuries around humans and other dogs without being fixed.

But, in case your dog humps everything he approaches, including other dogs (no matter which sex), or if he becomes aggressive if you try to stop him from humping, or if he acts dominant, you’re quite in trouble. You need to find relief for the sexually frustrated male dog immediately; otherwise, there will be consequences.

If your dog is aggressive about its sexual behavior or if he is acting territorial, not only does he need relief, but you also need to find the cause of his problems.

Medical reasons

Excessive sexual behavior can be caused by some medical reasons, and your vet will need to examine your dog. Lots of problems occur because of the dog’s hormone levels. Also, allergies, urinary tract infections, hormone imbalances, and priapism can lead to aggressive sexual behavior and frustration.

Behavioral reasons

Numerous behavioral problems can lead to excessive sexual behavior. Still, not all of them are linked to the dog’s sexual urges.

Many dog breeds, especially small dogs like Chihuahuas, Poodles, Jack Russells, or Yorkies have the behavioral pattern of humping anything just because they’re bored, stressed out, or excited. Don’t be surprised if a pup that spends most of the day alone at home also exhibits this type of behavior.

In case your pooch humps and mounts dogs you meet at the park, it doesn’t have to mean that such behavior is linked to the dog’s intact status. It can mean that the dog thinks it’s fun, or it may be a way of showing off dominance.

It’s not linked to the dog’s size either, since many small dogs like Chihuahuas hump large dog breeds like the Great Dane. It may look ridiculous, and it’s a behavior that needs to be stopped immediately!

The same goes for your dog being extra aggressive or territorial. This usually happens because dogs think they’ll get anything they want if they act aggressively. It’s sort of bullying but done by dogs. Once your dog meets a firm dog owner, this kind of behavior should stop.


The last source to fight sexual frustration is getting your dog fixed, or neutered. Still, neutering doesn’t correct excessive sexual behavior since male dogs can get neutered only as grown-ups. By that time, any dog could form a habit of acting this way. It then becomes a force of habit rather than a hormonal cause.

Neutering will remove your dog’s need to breed, and thus, remove the biggest cause for acting sexually frustrated, dominant, and aggressive. Still, your dog will need to go through training and corrective lessons in order to behave normally again. Neutering will do 90% of the work, but the remaining 10% is up to you. You must devote yourself to training after neutering, or the entire job would be for nothing!

Final Words

dog lying in grass

Photo from: @aikothelappie

Be honest… what was the first thing that came to your mind when we said we’ll be finding relief for a sexually frustrated male dog? Don’t be embarrassed if you thought of getting a female dog for that pooch. A lot of people think this, too! But, you don’t put out a fire with more fire.

You need to control it, extinguish it, and find what caused it.

The reason why your dog is sexually frustrated can lie in multiple sources. Behavioral issues that come with heritage are not that common.

Usually, sexual frustration with male dogs is due to medical reasons, or as a result of neutering. When a dog has a hormonal imbalance, he’ll act differently, and he’ll have issues not only with sexual frustration, but with other behaviors, too. In fact, he’ll have issues with adapting to the outer world.

Neutered male dogs are quite similar, but their condition will change over time. Do you understand now why everyone recommends neutering? It not only cuts down the number of unwanted dog pregnancies, but it also helps dogs control their urges and reduce potential health risks.

However, the biggest reason for sexual frustration will always be behavioral problems caused by boredom, lack of attention, stress, or trying to find a source of fun without any success.

Many dog breeds become frustrated because they’re not stimulated enough. Their mind wanders off to the dark side, and their urges come to the surface.

No matter why your dog needs relief for sexual frustration, the important thing is to know how to approach such dogs and how to deal with this frustration.

Don’t hit your dog. Don’t lose your temper. Otherwise, you’ll wonder why a dog that has been following you around, sleeping close to you between your legs, and preferring you over everyone (even your husband) is now avoiding you and disliking you.