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5 Reasons Why Your Dog Sploots

5 Reasons Why Your Dog Sploots

There are many things that our fluffy pawls do that make us think that they are the cutest creatures on earth. However, there is this one adorable thing they tend to do, making us grab our phones and fill up our camera rolls so that we can save this moment forever.

Today, we will understand the reasons why our dogs make a particular body gesture that makes them as adorable as ever: splooting.

What Is Splooting?

the dog is lying on the couch on its side

We might be used to our dogs laying on their side, so whenever we see something different, it sure does spike our interest.

Splooting is a pose your dog makes when he is lying on the ground completely stretched out, his hips and belly touching the ground, and his back legs stretched out behind him.

There are also some variations of this silly pose, such as when their legs are flat and stretched to the side or when just one leg is flat and stretched out.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s see the reasons as to why they do it.

#1 Reaching Zen

Just like we humans find relaxation in yoga or simply love a good morning stretch, our dogs love to stretch out their little muscles.

This cute pose allows the dog to align their spine, relieving tension or pressure in their lower back and hips. Since this does require some elasticity, you will most likely catch a younger pup doing it. However, don’t be so shocked if an older doggo gets into this cute pose as well.

#2 Cooling off

Panting may be the primary way a dog gets to regulate his body temperature; however, it is not the only way. Apart from zoomies and sweating, splooting is another way for your pup to cool off.

Laying on the cold ground with their belly helps the dog cool their entire body. Interestingly enough, by laying on their belly and lifting their legs, they also avoid touching any hot surface. 

Their little paws sometimes can’t really handle hot asphalt or tiles, so they put down their furry belly, lifting their feet and making their own air conditioner.

#3 A Natural Pose 

Corgi Puppy Sploot in grass

Some dogs are simply built for this yoga-esque pose. Breeds with short legs like Corgis, Basset Hounds, and Dachshunds have natural hip mobility, allowing them to ease into this pose with little to no effort.

Just remember, even if you do have breeds that are perfect for splooting, it doesn’t mean that they will actually do it. Every dog is unique and has its favorite stretch or pose, and splooting simply may not be their bowl of water. 

#4 Dysplasia

Certain joint problems may also lead to splooting. Dysplasia, which is a deformation in the ball and socket of the hip joint, is one of them. 

If you suspect your dog of having dysplasia, splooting isn’t the only symptom. Bunny hop running, stiff walking, and hesitation to play also serve as symptoms. It is also usually found in larger dog breeds.

Treatments for this condition can be through medicine, supplements, physical therapy, or even surgery.

#5 Arthritis

pit bull lies on a stone wall

If you have noticed your older dog in this adorable position, chances are that they aren’t just discovering it now. Rather, they may be showing signs of arthritis.

Arthritis is a health issue that can cause the bones and joints to rub together because of tissue damage or cartilage loss.

This is a very common thing in senior dogs and every pet parent who has one should be on the lookout. If your dog has difficulty getting up after lying down, doesn’t feel like walking or playing, or is overall stiff, consider taking him to the vet for a checkup.

To Sum Up…

Though splooting can be a sign to take your dog to the vet, it is mostly pure enjoyment for both our fluffy pawls and us. If your dog has ever experienced your joy after seeing his little toe beans, he will likely do anything to show them just to see your smile one more time.

So, the next time you see your doggo in this incredible pose, join him in a moment of pure bliss and appreciate the little trick that he might be doing just for you!