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11 Reasons Why Pugs Are Ugly For Real

11 Reasons Why Pugs Are Ugly For Real

Ugh! Don’t you just think that Pugs are ugly, for real?

They almost look like some mixed breed dog… as if they weren’t purebred at all! With their flat face, small, rounded body, and curled up tail, Pugs are truly ugly dogs. Those poor things really got some bad cards to play with.

One look at their smushy snout and wrinkly, weird face, and you’ll be absolutely disgusted… eek!

Purebred Pugs can come from the best breeding programs, but they still won’t look cute or graceful like their buddies, Poodles.

These doggos are not pretty, not even from the inside. I’m about to prove to you that Pugs are ugly like no other dog breed. If you stay tuned, you’ll even have a huge surprise at the end!

1. Their Smushy Face Is Really Disgusting

funny pug lying down on the wooden floor

Who could love that smushy face?

Pugs are known as smushy-faced dogs, but there’s a medical term behind it. They’re brachycephalic dogs, meaning they have a smaller nose, and thus, breathing issues. Their brachycephalic buddies are French Bulldogs, Pitbulls, and Shih Tzus.

Pugs look like someone hit them in the face with a brick, leaving their muzzle permanently flat. Their small, button nose almost looks like it has been pushed in, like when you step on a rubber toy. You’ll be waiting for it to pop back out, but it will never happen.

Pugs have droopy lips that aren’t even lips to begin with. They’re more like flat flaps covering their ugly teeth. We’ll get to their teeth soon.

A Pug‘s face isn’t kissable at all! A lot of dog breeds actually have an existing muzzle, a perfectly kissable one, but not our pugly buddies.

You wouldn’t like to kiss a Pug’s smashed face because it looks constantly wet, with that small, ugly tongue flapping out… eww!

2. Their Bulging Eyes See Right Through You

cute pug lying on he couch

When a dog owner wants to bond with his dog, they usually cuddle or look deep into its eyes, trying to find signs of approval.

Some dogs, for example, Golden Retrievers, have warm eyes full of love. They’re an equivalent of their character.

But, what about Pugs? Are their eyes warm and inviting?

A Pug’s eyes see right through your soul, but not in a good way. They’re big, round, and bulging. And, they look at you as if they know what you did last summer!

Big and round eyes are usually our favorite traits when we talk about human eyes. Still, that’s not the case with dogs like Pugs. Everything about these doggos is very small, but their eyeballs are simply too big for their skull. They look like they’ve been mistakenly put into those eye sockets.

Better think twice before you gaze into your Pug‘s eyes. They know all your darkest secrets, and they will make you uncomfortable.

3. They Have The Ugliest Underbite

pug dog with an open mouth and his tongue sticking ou

Dogs can’t have perfect teeth. Well… they are dogs, after all. Still, some pooches have pretty, pearly-white teeth, while others have tiny, needle-point teeth.

Guess where Pugs belong?

That’s right… they don’t have the popular pearly-white teeth!

Pugs are one of those dogs with a terrible underbite. This structure is mainly because of their brachycephalic face. They only have a couple of visible teeth that bite into the upper lip. Their permanent grin is what you see when you take a closer look.

Sadly, those teeth didn’t grow evenly. There are noticeable gaps between them, and some are really wide. As you can imagine, it doesn’t add up to their cuteness factor.

Pugs are dogs that are prone to dental problems, probably more than other breeds. If there was a canine dentist, then the Pug would be his trademark logo.

So, if you’re getting a Pug, better be aware of the many dental problems they face.

4. Their Tail Reminds Us Of Pigs

pug dog in the park

Dog tails should be long, fluffy, or bushy… right?

Well, not really. The fluffiness of the tail depends on the coat type that the dog is featuring. Dogs like Samoyeds, Chow Chows, and Pomeranians have an incredibly rich and thick coat, and thus, a thick and fluffy tail, too.

A dog’s tail is very important because it tells us a lot about their mood. For example, when German Shepherds tuck their tail between their legs, that means they’re intimidated by something. The same goes for many other breeds, such as Huskies and Labradors.

But, what about dogs with a curled up tail? What about Pugs?

Pugs must be distant cousins of pigs because they have exactly the same shape of tail. It doesn’t wag. When Pugs are happy, they move their behind, mimicking wagging, but it often goes unnoticed.

The reason why Pugs have a curly tail is actually their spinal deformities affecting the wedge-shaped lower vertebrae and the bone and cartilage of the tail.

5. Their Skin Rolls Are Not Beautiful

pug dog lying on the bed in the apartment

Don’t get me wrong… I’m all about body positivity and embracing different body shapes. But, I draw the line at skin rolls… not because they’re not cute, but because they can be a reason behind several skin-related health problems.

Skin rolls are more common with obese Pugs. We’ll move on to their weight issues soon, so stay tuned. These rolls are simply layers of fat and skin folding as the dog sits. And, since Pugs are very small and have a coat that is close to their skin, these roles are more noticeable than with some other dog breeds.

Skin rolls can cause health issues like yeast infections, chafing, skin fold dermatitis, etc. And, it’s nowhere near a pleasant experience!

Every Pug owner must be aware of the numerous Pug skin problems.

Regular hygiene is what solves those issues. Pugs must use mild cleaning products – shampoos and gels that soothe their skin and don’t cause inflammation or itchiness. Check out the best Pug shampoos here.

Now, you’ll think twice before you touch those rolls, won’t you?

6. Their Little Ears Are Too Small To Be Liked

pug dog running in the park

Pugs are one of those breeds with a high rate of becoming ill with certain ear problems. Those issues may even lead to deafness if not treated.

That’s the deal with dogs with floppy ears. They have more chances of developing infections than dogs with pointy ears do.

A Pug‘s floppy ears are definitely not cute. They’re small, triangular-shaped, and velvet to the touch. Also, they are not the same color as the rest of their body. If it’s a fawn Pug in question (one of the most popular Pug colors), their ears will be black, almost appearing like they were dipped into black paint.

I don’t find that attractive at all.

Those floppy ears are also not firm at all. They’re very soft, and they make you eek when you touch them.

Nobody likes touching small, soft Pug ears. Ugh… they’re the worst!

7. Their Wrinkles Are Gross

pug dog lying down on the floor

I know everyone says we should take care of our senior pups and befriend them, but come on! Who on Earth likes wrinkles? No one wants a wrinkly face to wake them up in the morning. Wrinkles are not cool, okay? And, dogs shouldn’t have them… period.

Unfortunately, Pugs are one of those pups that look old and wrinkly no matter if they’re not senior dogs.

Ugh… imagine the bill you’ll have at the end of the month for all those anti-aging creams and lotions. Your Pug is fighting a battle already destined to lose. Pugs and wrinkles simply go hand in hand, and you’ll have to embrace it.

Okay, you’ll have to do much more than just embrace it. You’ll also need to clean those wrinkles with appropriate solutions to prevent bacteria and yeast growth. Trust me… there is nothing worse than a smushy face covered in a stinky infection. Ugh…

8. Their Rounded Shape Is Not Attractive

pug dog in the park in autumn

Pugs are in shape. Well, only if round is the shape they’re after. These aren’t fit or muscular dogs. Pugs are dogs with spinal issues that ensure a small size and a somewhat unusual body shape. 

They look like loaves of bread on tiny legs. There’s a fine line between a Pug and an obese Pug. As you can imagine, obesity is a major problem with Pugs. And, fat Pugs aren’t attractive at all.

No one would want a fat Pug that has trouble with mobility. Imagine these sturdy bodies running or jumping up and down. It’s hilarious! Their tiny legs surely take a lot of pressure. I wonder why they don’t look like toothpicks!

The bottom line is: Pugs have a terrible body shape. I mean, there’s nothing cute about their small, round body made for cuddling. Don’t we agree?

9. They Snort And Snore Like Crazy

pug dog sleeping in the bed

Well, this is an obvious reason why Pugs are ugly. Snoring, sneezing, snorting, and making all kinds of sounds while breathing is not attractive in any way.

Why would you like to get a dog that breathes so loudly? Imagine sleeping at night. Everything is peaceful, and then something like a chainsaw under water starts breaking your silence. Immediate heart attack! Well, that’s living and sleeping with Pugs.

These dogs don’t know about good manners. Don’t they know it’s impolite to snort and snore? And, what about that heavy breathing? Can’t they control themselves?

Of course they can’t! They’re Pugs, after all. Thanks to their brachycephalic face, all these dogs do is drool, snort, and breathe like something’s stuck in their nostrils.

I wouldn’t like living with such a dog. I prefer my peace and quiet, thank you very much. And, neither should you. If you appreciate sleeping in complete silence, then you should definitely skip Pugs because, you know… they don’t know how to behave.

10. Their personality Is Just As Ugly As Their Outer Appearance

pug dog laying and rolling on the floor

Pugs are simply the worst dogs of them all.

No one likes a dog that focuses entirely on their humans. They’re such clingy creatures. And, they’re not even that funny to have around! I mean, acting all clownish is so overrated!

Pugs are ugly inside and outside. There’s really nothing special about these dogs. Not even the fact that they’re friendly towards everyone. Why would a dog act friendly towards strangers? Aren’t they supposed to be… I don’t know, maybe protective?

Well, Pugs desperately want to be everyone’s friend. Their desire to be out and about, meeting new people all the time, is absolutely ridiculous. They can’t be everyone’s friend, for crying out loud.

But, those are Pugs… incredibly friendly, almost making you puke from such friendliness.

These dogs think they’re so much better than everyone else with their charming behavior. Well, I know they can’t charm me. What about you?

11. They Have The Most Boring History

pug dog standing on the bench in the park

Pugs look like they’re 100 years old!

Well, they are ancient… that’s for sure. This dog breed dates back to the year 400 B.C.

Originally from China, Pugs became known in the rest of the world sometime in the 16th century.

I mean, they’re super old. What’s there to like? Aren’t we past those old breeds and into new, hybrid ones?

These old dogs from the first Chinese dynasties aren’t our cup of tea anymore. We prefer something contemporary… something that’s trending, like Maltipoms or Yorkie Poos!

Send the Pugs back to the past, please.

Final Thoughts

I hope you had a good laugh today because the claim that Pugs are ugly is absolutely ridiculous.

Pugs are one of the sweetest creatures in the canine world. This whole article is just for laughs. No dog is considered ugly. Even the most unusual breeds are pretty in their own way.

I can only hope that none of you found this article insulting or over the top. This is only for fun because let’s face it: Pugs are one of the cutest small dogs, and you’d be lucky if you had one as a pet.

So, next time someone says to you that Pugs are ugly, or calls someone Pugly-ugly, you give them a mental slap and list all the good things about these small pups. And… there are lots of great things about this dog breed.